Halloween:Legend Of Michael Myers

Here is the trailer for my version of Halloween 8, Halloween: Legend of Michael Myers. There are a couple new characters mentioned in the trailer, Sidney and James. They are college students doing a documentary on Michael Myers. (Sound familiar?) The rest of the characters you already know. --screamer09


The camera pans through dark abandoned hallways as the narrator speaks.

NARRATOR:There are some things that aren’t forgotten…

Frame of Laurie’s face, frame of Tommy’s face.

NARRATOR:There are some things that don’t die…

Frame of James’s face, frame of Sidney’s face.

NARRATOR:There are some people…that can’t hide…

Flash of The Shape lunging through a door and attacking an unseen victim.

NARRATOR:And there are some secrets…that are never meant to be revealed…

Flash of Sidney reading something at a desk, flash of Laurie approaching the Myers’ house.

NARRATOR:…But they are…

A series of brief clips:

John and Molly smiling at somebody.

Kara and Tommy walking in a park.

Sidney looking across a restaurant, noticing Tommy watching her.

Laurie opening a door and entering a dark room.

Sidney running with a long steel pole.

A flashlight illuminating tombstones in the rain.

Faces peering down into a well.

Sidney saying, “What are you scared of?”

A shot of the abandoned Myers’ house.

Kara and Tommy turning around and looking at something.

A figure crashing through a window.

James asking, “Who’s Michael Myers?”

The Shape walking down a passage.

Tommy yelling, “Kara!”

A car swerving and crashing through a guardrail.