Halloween 6 1/2: The Lord of the Dead:

               Well, folks, here it is: my freshman scriptwriting effort. I'm worried that
               maybe my timing for its publication is a little off, now that HALLOWEEN: H20
               has hit theatres everywhere and audiences seem to be falling in love with
               it. As of this writing, I have not seen H20, but rumors have given me a bad
               feeling that my script and the movie have a striking similarity toward the
               end that's going to look worse for me. I swear on a stack of Bibles that I
               conceived every aspect of the story months ago, back in 1997 (when the story
               sets), and any similarity between my script, H20, and any other fan scripts
               (none of which I've read except for Dusty Fincher's HALLOWEEN 5: A NEW EVIL,
               of course) is strictly coincidental.

               In regards to the script itself, let me say once again that it sets in 1997,
               so don't be confused when I refer to the events of HALLOWEEN 4 as *nine*
               years ago instead of 10. The story picks up where HALLOWEEN: THE CURSE OF
               MICHAEL MYERS left off. Go back and re-watch the ending if you have to.

               Also, I have to say that this script is meant to be read in one sitting,
               just like a film is meant to be watched in one sitting. I know that
               script-readers have a tendency to read a little here and a little there,
               like a novel. If you do, that's your prerogative, and I don't blame you for
               not staring at a computer screen for an hour (that's how long it usually
               takes  me to read the whole script) and have eyes like an albino rat when
               you're finished. But the fact remains that even though this is in literary
               form, it is not a novel, and it really is meant to be read in one gulp, and
               I urge you to at least attempt it. If you turn on the lights around you,
               this reduces computer screen glare, so it won't bother your eyes as much.
               Also, (heh-heh) I'd like to believe that my script will make you want to
               turn the lights on anyway, at least a couple of times.

               I also want to say something about the mechanics of my writing. As said,
               this is my first script, and all through the drafts I fluctuated between
               describing the camera choreography in minute detail to describing no camera
               choreography at all. So if you notice inconsistencies in this arena, just
               try to go with it. However, I tried to make sure that in every scene, there
               is at least an acceptable visual description of what's going on. If a scene
               confuses you in any way, just let me know and I'll fix up any major problems.

               Well, I've rambled on long enough. Proceed to my script: HALLOWEEN 6 1/2:
               THE LORD OF THE DEAD.

               If you dare . . . >:)