A group of people are sitting around in a bar at night, a young man with red hair is sitting on the counter talking to them all:

Ted: There is an old legend around this town, about a killer who was buried, but never stayed buried.

A dark shape moves silently through the forest:

Ted: Few had seen him and lived to tell about it. Even fewer have tried to kill him with no success.

A boy looks wide-eyed in fear, as an unseen person slashes him up:

Peter Christy (Counselor) lands a few solid punches on the man, but he just hacks into Christy's shoulder blade with a machete:

Ted: They say.. he's just waiting out there. Waiting for the next counselor to come his way.

Two girls walk into a room to find a male counselor hung upside down and disemboweled:

A short dorky boy opens a door, to be greeted with an axe to his face:

Ted: They say he died as a boy, but he keeps coming back.

A deputy fires his sidearm at the large hulk walking at him:

Rob Dire (A counselor) fires a 12 gauge shotgun, tearing in his hip, knocking the man back:

Ted and Steve (A counselor) both ram pitchforks in the man, trying to push him out the door:

A young girl stands with a machete gripped in her hands as the man appears behind her:

Ted: He's waiting out there... watching.. just waiting for anyone to enter 'his' wilderness.

Friday the 13th

The famous Chi chi chi cha cha cha is heard.

Coming this October.