Open on a yacht sailing through the water.

Cut to a fog bank.

Cut to a tropical island.

Narrator: "He was stranded."

Cut to an Indian Village. Scott, a translater is standing in front of them as a man, Joe, introduces himself.

Scott: They're afraid of the island. they say it's occupied by dangourus creatures.

Joe: Can they draw a picture?

an old native tribesleader bends down in the dirt and uses a rock to draw a picture in the ground. when he's done, Joe sees its a picture of a Tyrannosaurus rex!

Narrator: His family went to go looking for him.

David: I need to hire you you bring us to an island here.

He points on a map to a boat owner, Aaron.

Aaron: There's nothing there.

David: It's an uncharted island.

A female, David's age, walks over from the other side of the dock.

Joanne (In a British accent): Hey, that's in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle.

Narrator: But what they found...

Shot of a small boat in a body of water on a misty overcast day, rocking gently back and forth.

Narrator: was something unexpected!

a loud roar emits from someplace on the island and the group steps out of their tents, eyes wide.

"Isle of Mist"

A Novel by Jeff Long

Coming October 2002