"from the writer of School day."

A person walks around in an empty house in the dark with a few boxes around the room.

"Comes another horror slasher story."

A person wearing a goblin mask jumps out at the person and she screams.

There's a bunch of kids sitting on benches. "Did you hear what happaned?"

"Yeah. That new girl was killed last night."

"It started to tear them apart."

"Run. He's the Killer!" Jen shouts as she runs through woods.

"Wait. Come back." the person behind her shouted.

"Maybe it's her father." a cop said.

"Then the horror starts."

Jen runs through her house screaming, Goblin chasing her.

A note lays on the table and Jen approches it. On it is 'Are you scared yet?'

The group is in a darkned school and on the other side of the teacher's mailboxes, Goblin jumps up. And evreyone screams.

"Are you scared yet? SLASH. Read it soon."

A knife blade slashes down, ending a scream.