Why do they run?

Iím just gonna catch em in the end

Why donít they just give up?

Itíd make it a hell of a lot easier

But no,

They have to run

Trying to save themselves

And failing miserably

I like the ones that just give up

They just stand there

In shock

Frozen with fear

I go easy on those ones

But the ones who run

I have to make them suffer

As the blood spurts everywhere

Intestines spill out

Heads fly off

Sometimes I wonder

Would they still run

If I wasnít wearing this mask?

Probably not

But without the mask

Iím not me

Iím vulnerable

The mask is my identity

Shielding me from the world

I hate chasing them

Itís just a waste of time

But Iíll get them

Sooner or later

I always do

And then theyíll suffer

No-one will believe

Who was the murderer

And the name Michael Myers

Will belong only to campfire stories

For now, Iíll make this one suffer

For running away

Sheís running to the house

Almost got her

Almost thereÖ