The Adventures of the Masked Crackhead

Okay, this is my new series about a bum-super hero I started making comics about when I was 10. No offense to any real life homeless people, and the word crackhead here means "bum." I have around 6 more comics to base episodes on, so I hope to start to churn more out. Hope everyone likes it. I don't own the characters in this story, however, I did create them... So if these characters do appeal to anyone (highly unlikely, lol!) gimme creative copyright credit! The title "Masked Crackhead" was originally created by my friend Javier. The actual character was developed by me, and also by my other friend John Gaynor. Thanks guys, enjoy.

Episode 1: The Masked Crackhead and the Plan to Totally Demolish the Sun

Episode 1: The Original Comic