The Method Actor

Here is the trailer for something that I've been working on, on and off, for a while. The scenes and dialogue are like in real trailers, in the final script, they may be switched around a bit, but they appear like they are to help make the story clear for the trailer. But of course, you already know this, so here goes...



On the TONIGHT SHOW. Jay Leno sits at his desk.

JAY: Ladies and Gentlemen, one of the most popular actors of our time or any time, Bobby Greenwood!

A shot of BOBBY GREENWOOD walking up to Jay and greeting him.

Various clips of the interview...

JAY: Now, you have a unique way to get prepared for whatever role you do, you spend time with people who may have the same job your characters have, ect..... Mind telling us what the next big role is?

BOBBY: Well, I'm going into serial killer territory next time...


CLARK GENTRY, an FBI SPECIAL AGENT is talking to a detective on the scene of a crime.

DETECTIVE: We brought you in because we thought you've had some experience with this type of kill before.

CLARK: I've run across it before, yes.

CUT TO: In an INTERRIGATION ROOM, Bobby Greenwood sits on one side of the table as a man in CHAINS sits at the other, two armed guards behind him.


CHERRY: Let me just say that it's an honor to meet you, Mr. Greenwood.

BOBBY: It's always a pleasure to meet a fan.

CHERRY: What do you want to know?

BOBBY: Nothing specific, just be like you usually are.

CHERRY: And that's supposed to help you be like me? 'Fraid it'll take more than that.


Clark talking to Bobby.

CLARK: Why exactly did you interview Kenny Cherry?

BOBBY: Just some research for my role, that's all. I do it on all my films.

CLARK: I see.


Kenny Cherry and Bobby in the interrigation room.

CHERRY: And of all people, why talk to me?

BOBBY: Cause you are the best.

CHERRY: Not many people would call me the best anything.

BOBBY: You were the best killer out there....


Bobby walks up to a young girl admiring his car outside a store.

CHERRY: (VO) I've killed a lot of people, Mr. Greenwood. That's usually enough to earn you the label monster. But for some of the public out there, one act earned me that title...

The girl looks up as Bobby approaches. She's all of five years old.

GIRL: Hey! You were in that movie where you played Jim Carrey's daddy!

Bobby smiles.

BOBBY: That's me.

GIRL: Is this your car?

CHERRY: (VO) Poor little girl. I like to break things and see how they fit back together sometimes. She didn't fit back together all that well. And I hate to be stingy. So I gave her back and spread the wealth amongst most of her close relatives.... wish I could have been there when her mother recieved her eyes in the mail...

Bobby smiles at the little girl.

BOBBY: Sure is! Want to see the inside...


Back in the interrigation room. Cherry looks at Bobby hard. Bobby is completely calm and unnervous around the serial killer.

CHERRY: You're made of tougher stock than a lot of people I come across. Your portrayal of a serial killer should be a sight to behold. I have a distinct feeling that it will be one of the more accurate ones to date.

CUT TO: A scene of Clark chasing someone down up the stairs at an apartment complex.

BOBBY: (VO) Why so terse, Clark? You still don't think I'm responsible for those grisly murders, do you?


Clark at a CRIME SCENE. Another young detective is with him.

JASON: 'Bout the sickest thing you ever saw, huh, Clark?

CLARK: Sadly, no.

CUT TO: Scene of Clark and Jason chasing someone through an alleyway.

CLARK: (VO) No one believes it could be him. America loves him. But I know. He's got the perfect job to hide behind.

MAN: (VO) You've got no proof or anything, Clark. You've only got a hunch.

Scene of Clark SHOOTING his GUN at someone.

CLARK: (VO) The man is one of the greatest actors alive. Of course he can fool you into believing anything you want to believe.


Clark entering the cell of Kenny Cherry.

CHERRY: If it isn't my captor. You were good at one point. You caught me. But it seems there's another one out there right now just like me.

CLARK: Why do you think I'm here.

CHERRY: However, I don't think I can be much help to you. See, I've been in here for ten years, thanks to you, no less, and the only thing I know about out there is what I see on the news. And what I see is that you people have no idea what you're facing.


Clark, laying in bed with a woman, CHRISTINE.

CHRISTINE: You are good at what you do, no doubt.

CLARK: Yeah, blessing and a curse. That whole thing.

CHRISTINE: Just remember how many people you are helping being as good as you are.

CLARK: I do. I have to.


Bobby goes to visit Kenny Cherry one more time...

CHERRY: I've seen your latest work. It's simply some of your best stuff yet.

BOBBY: But I haven't put a new movie out yet.

CHERRY: I'm not talking about acting roles.

Bobby's expression doesn't change. He's got a complete poker face.

BOBBY: I have no idea what you're refering to.

Cherry smiles at him.

CHERRY: No worries. My lips are, as they say, sealed...

A black screen comes up....


A shot of CLARK GENTRY...

Black screen...



Black screen...


A shot of KENNY CHERRY smiling at Bobby...

Black screen....



Coming soon (hopefully)