Black Screen.

Narrator: One Halloween night, little Michael Myers stabbed his sister to death. 15 years later... he was back!

Scene 1: Lindsay and Tommy running out of the house.

Narrator: He killed almost 16 people that night....

Scene 1: Jimmy slipping on the blood

Scene 2: Janet being stabbed with the needle.

Fade In To Myers House.

Narrator : Last Halloween, HE came home.

Scene 1: Michael jumping out of the mirror at Bill

Scene 2 : Sarah running up the stairs.

Scene 3: Nora seen hung from the ceiling

Narrator: Sara survived that night ( Shows a picture of Sarah) But this Halloween... anything can happen!

Scene 1: Sarah: Do i have to come?

Holly: Yes.

Sarah: But it's Halloween.

Holly: And..?

Sarah: It's just awkward ya know?

Holly: Sarah get it over it. He's NEVER coming back!!

Cut to: Holly running down the hall screaming.

Scene 2:

John : Run!!!!!!!!!!!

Scene 3: The group are standing in the mansion's living room when the lights go out.

Cut to:

John: Run!!!!!!!

Cut to:

Sarah: Michael's here!!!!

Cut to:

Michael running after someone.

Sarah screams.

(The scream lingers until the words: "Halloween : Michael's Revenge " appears)

Halloween: Michael's Revenge