Michael Myers Strikes Again

Micheal Myers had been killed over the years but the thing that kept him alive was a mystery. Judith Myers was the key. She was his first victum but the thing was, why his haunted house want her dead? Why was she so important? She had to die that night in 63. And why was Laurie so important? It was as if he was the only one to exist in HaddenField. Laurie,Jamie,Rachel were all clueless to why they would fall victum to this man. This insane man.

Dr. Loomis may have been the only man who could anwser these questions besides Micheal himself. But with him roaming speechless every Halloween night looking for unsuspecting teenagers to strangle or stab to death would be his realease. He was a monster. His parents raised to be a good child but the house turned him bad. Murder was his power againest his family. That would be how he showed the world. Myers was evil.Robbing meny parents of there children,remorseless,he carried out his craving for murder. The one thing made him tick moving,like a tornado over Haddenfield,killing and distorying everything in its path.

The question was who was Micheal Myers? Why was he killing people? What would he gain from doing that?

Well it's simple he was a weak little boy who allowed himself to surcome to the evil in his house, helpless againest it. He was a victum of the evil,just like the people of Haddenfield were victum to the butcher knife that ripped into there flesh every Halloween night. The very thing that cost the Myers the lose of there little boy,that cost them there daughter and there granddaughter,cost the other residents the same thing. The chance for a happy home life. Because no man women or child would ever be safe ever on Halloween night.

Dr. Loomis was dead,he could no longer save the town. But the people who remember him should be able to learn what he knew because,as they say,what is hidden in the dark will come to light someday.

Happy Halloween or night but lock your doors and windows tight or you may wake up with one less family member tonight.

The End