Another Murderman Massacre

Fade in to a panning shot of police cars on the lawn of the house the last murders took place.

Reporters voice-...Murder rocked this small town...

Flash to darkness

Male voice- Mike what are you doing? This has gone to far!

Fade in to Mike holding Julie hostage with a knife to her throat.

Mike- Not far enough Tom...

Flash to a close up of his eyes.

Mike- Do it tommy, Kill her, do the right thing and KILL HER!

Quick cut to Tommy holding up the gun.

Tommy- Your right Mike, I'm gonna do the right thing.

Cut to black.

A gun shot.

Glass shatters.

Fade into Tommy's bed room as he wakes up from a nightmare.

Tommy-(sweating)Just a dream...its over...

Closet door behind him slowly creeks open and out steps a a black boot and the glimmer of a sharp blade...

Quick cuts of The Murderman chacing different victims, a loud scream fades us into the title...


Fade in the word- "soon"

And we fade out.