Note: some scenes may be cut from the main script. I don't own the Halloween series or any of the established characters.

Camera leads you down a long dark street on Halloween. At the end of the street we turn and see the myers’ house.

Narrator- everyone thought he was dead

Camera leads us to the front door

Narrator- he striked again

Camera leads us inside. We go up the stairs.

Narrator- at the end he was killed……….. OR SO WE THOUGHT!

The Halloween theme starts playing as we r lead down the hallway. We come to a door at the end. It bursts open. There is a terrifying scream.

Narrator- This Halloween…

(Different scenes r rushing by)

Michael grabs Brooke from behind

An ax hits the wall

Amy screams

Kyle falls from a window

Michael raises a kitchen knife

Narrator- …Michael is back for more

Scenes r flashing

Michael is walking down the street with a large chef’s knife

Jared runs down the hall

Chris turns around quick

A hand grabs Kendall

Alivia is on the roof being chased by Michael

Michael grabs Tom

Michael raises knife. As it comes down the the scene fades to a black screen and the word HALLOWEEN appears in red. Then a hook slices through the screen and the words EVIL NEVER DIES appear in silver.