WARNING: I suggjest you read Needful Things by Stephen King before reading this. Not only are there spoilers in this story, but you well be very confused while reading it because I make several refrences to the events in the first one. And, you won’t find any help in the movie version, because the book and the movie are very different.

Disclaimer: All the Halloween Characters are the property of Dimension FIlms. All the Needful Things characters are owned by Stephen King. And, Dr. Eddie Fitzgerald is the propert of Jimmy McGovern, Granada Television and A&E Television.

When I first read Needful Things, I was amazed by the character of Leland Gaunt. Needful Things was like Fantasy Island, exept Ricardo Manteblant is Satan. I realised that this little shop of horrors could be anywhere. My town, your town, even little Haddonfield, the luckless-town wich plays host to Michael Myers. As I toyed with this idea, I realised that King himself had put Needful Things in a familar setting: his verry own Castle Rock, Maine.

Soon, I began to think up how Gaunt and his wears could affect characters both dirrectly and indirectly appearing in the series. As I began to write, it all began to fit together.

So, the story focuses on characters from all 6 (sorry, 3 is in another plaine of existance, since Halloween is a movie there) who’s lives are affected not only by Mr. Gaunt, but from situations not occuring. History did not unfold the same way it did in Halloween 4-7, but the characters are still there. How there lives were affected by what didn’t happend. Jamie and John Strode leading normal lives together, Rachel, Tommy and Brady growing up and getting real jobs, Laure plagued by her internal deamonds in the same city they originated from. It’s very odd at first, but the differences should sink in quickly as you read.

Also, I threw in the character of Dr. Eddie “FItz” FItzgerald, the brilliant yet vulgar criminal psychologist who can read people’s minds through a shrewd insight,from the British TV show Cracker to simply screw around with people’s minds, since that’s what he’s good at (No one expects you to have seen the show, but that’s okay, I explain it all). And, I threw in some of my own patented characters from my previous scripts: Jeffry Gaunt (hard to make it work, yes, but I think I slipped past the name game well) and Deputy Frank Gellar (it wouldn’t be a party without the grump now would it?)

Now that the ground rules have been explained, read on.

The Author would like to thank:

Stephen King: For being a littirary genious and writing such a wonderful character as Leland Gaunt

John Carpenter and the cast and Crew of the Halloween movies: For making the transferance so much easier

JH: Yoga, Saint, maker of clown cop sounds.

Sumbudy: For coming up with this site in the first place.

Cody: For putting up with all my directions on how to post this story.

Balfour Collegiate and Dr. A.E Perry Elementary: For being the Blueprint for Haddonfield High School.

Jesse: For lending me that copy of Needful Things wich brought me to Stephen King in the first place.