Halloween: Nightmare's Reality


Hi, I'm Code Breaker. Don't worry, I'm not a hacker, it's just a pen name. Ok, before
you being reading, I would like to say that this screenplay that I made was based on
a small idea. Think about this. What if what we saw in Halloween and Halloween II was
based on a true story? What if the reason why Halloween 3-6 sucked was because the
real Michael didn't kill after his demise in Halloween II? What if he came back, this
time, in our reality? In this screenplay, we'll find out what might happen if this was

                                Halloween: Nightmare's Reality
                                        By Code Breaker

OPENING SEQUENCE: Black background. Background music Halloween theme, a major
hip dance mix of the theme. We see a poster of Halloween 7, then 6, then 5, then 4, jump
to 2, then to 1.  The credits roll during the fading in and out of the posters. Then the screen
goes black and shows white lettering that says:
                           Los Angeles
                        March 23, 1978

We hear voices but the screen is blank.

Mans Voice: QUIET ON THE SET! Ready? Donald?
Donald: Yes I'm ready.
Man: Jamie?
Jamie: Ready when you are, John.
Man(John): Ok. Nick, you ready?
Nick(voice muffled by a mask)Yeah. Let's finish this scene!!!
John: Places everyone. Laurie you have something to say to Jamie?
Laurie: Yes. Don't forget, when you look at Loomis, act as if you just been through hell.
Jamie: Ok, I'll remember.
John: Ready? And ACTION!!!!


Screen fades outside the doorway of the Doyle Master Bedroom. We see a young woman step
slow out of the doorway. Her left arm covered in blood. We then see a shadow fall over her. We
see the Shape come from the doorway. He spins her around and begins to strangle her, shaking
her like a rag doll. We then see a man come up the stairs to see what is happen. The woman
rips the mask off of the Shape's head. The woman falls to the floor. The Shape grabs his mask.
The man pulls out a six-shooter and aims it at the Shape. The Shape pulls the mask over his
face. The man shoots the Shape. The Shape falls into the doorway. The woman wails covering
her ears. The man runs up into the room.


The Shape is standing in front of the opened balcony doors looking at the man. The man lifts
his gun and begins to fire. One shot after another, the Shape is knocked off the balcony. We
can hear the body hit hard on the ground outside. We cut back to the man holding the gun.
He pulls the trigger to catch an empty bullet. The man is Dr. Sam Loomis. Laurie, the
woman, moves her hands down from her ears. She looks at Loomis. She's nearly in tears.

Laurie: What's the Bogeyman?

Loomis turns to look at her.

Loomis: As a matter of fact, it was.

We see Loomis walk over to the balcony. He stands looking down. Then he looks up and around.
Laurie begins to cry.

John: CUT!!! That was perfect!!!

We see a young John Carpenter jump out of his chair. He runs over to the balcony and looks

John's POV: Nick in a crash pad.

A young Nick Castle pulls off the mask. His hair is messed up. He'd dressed in a mecanhic's suit.

Nick: Yeah! How did that do?
John: Perfect.

John turns around to the cameraman.

John: Did you get it?
Cameraman: Yes. We got it.

John heads out of the room. Everyone behind him.


John walks out to the center of the lawn and stops he turns to face the group.

John: ATTENTION!!! ATTENTION EVERYONE!!! We got to do one last thing before we can
finish the film. And that's paint, furnish, and fix the Myers house. In order to do that, we'll begin to
work on it tomorrow. Everyone will get a chance to do a job. I would like to thank the owners of the
houses we used to here for the Doyles and the Wallaces.

Everyone begins to laugh.

Donald Pleasence stands to young Jamie Lee Curtis' right while Laurie Strode stand to the left of

Donald: I don't know. WAS IT JOHN??

Everyone laughs again.

Laurie: Ms. Curtis, I don't think it was, but its the only way to finish the movie.
John: The electrictions, carpenters, and I will work on the inside of the house while everyone
else will work on the outside of the house, painting it white.

A young P.J. Soles stands next to Laurie.

P.J.: That won't be hard. I have a father who paints for a living. He taught me a lot about painting.
Something to fall back on if this movie doesn't work out.

Laurie looks over at P.J. and smirks.

John: I also like to thank Ms. Laurie Strode for helping us with this film. Do you like to say
something to the crew?
Laurie: Sure.

Laurie walks up to the spot where John is and trades places with him. She looks at the cast
and crew.

Laurie: What you've been doing is replaying the past. The night of Halloween where a madman
was on the loose. You have played real people. People who were killed. People who died. And
I was the only one he was after. I'm sure you realized that you had filled the shoes of dead people
for a bit of time. And it was hell for me. I was stalked and nearly butchered like Annie, Linda,
and Bob. But I got off easy. Loomis saved my life twice. He died in that blast at the hospital, but
Michael still survived. Even though And what you all did here was to tell a true story. A group of murders, one after the other. I hope you all learned that. Even if you play a person, doesn't mean that person never existed. May you have a nice time and hope to see you again.

Everyone cheers and claps. John walks up to Laurie.

John: Go on home. And thank you.
Laurie: Thank you.

Laurie walks off and the crew begins to pack up their equipment. Laurie gets into a 1958
Plymouth Fury and drives off.

Fade to black.

Cut to:
White lettering:

                           October 31, 1998


The store is full of movies, posters, toys, and books. It's kind of a collector store. We move from
behind the shelf full of laser discs. We see Larry Strode behind the counter. He's looking up at a

Larry's POV: Television set with movie playing.

Larry is watching the director's cut of DAWN OF THE DEAD. We see Larry again, we can also
hear the film playing in the background.

Fran(from the movie): It's really all over.

At the same time as a gunshot goes off, a hand comes up on Larry's shoulder. Larry spins
around in fright. A girl is standing next to the counter

Girl: Hay little bro.
Larry: Shit, Jamie, you scared the hell out of me!
Jamie: Sorry. I came by to see how you were doing. How's business been today?
Larry: Sold a guy a copy of HOW TO BUILD A MONSTER by Tom Savini.
Jamie: Is that your copy of DAWN OF THE DEAD your watching?
Larry: No. It's the store copy.
Jamie: I also came by to say Happy Halloween and Happy Birthday. You do remember it's
your Birthday do you?
Larry How in hell can I forget?
Jamie: What time you getting off?
Larry: I called everyone I know who works here to see who would watch the store until closing
time here at the mall. But everyone is planing to go to Halloween parties. I'm stuck here until
closing. You're gonna have to tell mom to postpone my birthday until tomorrow. I'm off that
entire day.
Jamie: That's very shitty. You have to work during your birthday and it's a Saturday.
Larry: So, it's like going to school in the summer. Either way, I'm stuck here.
Jamie: See you later.
Larry: Have a nice time at Jake's house.
Jamie: Ok, I will.

Jamie leaves the store and Larry turns back to the TV set.

Cut to:


We see people heading in and out of the building.


We see a man who's rapped in bandages. A television is on. We cut to the front of him the only
thing we see is his eyelids. We hear the television in the background. Then we cut to the screen
of the television.

Announcer: Welcome Back to Hard Copy.
Terry: We've all grown into the Halloween film series. From 1978 up till now Michael Myers has
haunted us all. But did you know that Michael Myers, Laurie Strode, and Dr. Loomis are all
real people? Well we dug deep and got the hard truth about the film series. Here's the scoop
on The Halloween Epic.

We see the chase scene from the Wallace house to the Doyle house.

Laurie(on television): TOMMY!!!(bangs on the door) TOMMY, IT'S ME!!!

Terry: Do you know who this masked murderer is? That's right it's Michael Myers from
Halloween. He stalks down his family through the Halloween series. But here's something that's true. In 1977, Laurie Strode was stalk by Michael Myers in Haddonfield. The people there would not allow the film to be shot in their town. Laurie Strode written the script after John Carpenter read what
happened to her in a magazine.

John: Well, when I spoke to her I asked her, "Would you like your side of the story made into
a film?" and she agreed. She helped Jamie Lee Curtis act as if she was Laurie. They both did
a good job.

Terry: According to John, she work on the set as supervisor of the first two movies. Every part
that happen to have Jamie Lee Curtis in it, she would get the exact details in the entire movie.
From the scene at the school, to the ending of the Television Version of Halloween 2, Laurie
helped supervise the casting as well as set detail. Jamie Lee really looks like Laurie.

Jamie: I owe her a lot. That was my first film and she put me in her place. She taught me to
be her. And I think I owe her a lot.

Terry: At the end of part 2 we see nothing of Michael or Dr. Loomis. Dr. Sam Loomis died in
the explosion, ending his life and hopefully to stop Michael.

We see the scene from the movie Halloween 2. Loomis holds up the lighter he got from Ramsey.

Loomis: It's time Michael.

He lights the lighter and room explodes. We see a news clip of Michael being loaded into the
back of an ambulance.

Terry: Michael, of course, survived with heavy burns. He has been transported to every hospital
for the treatment of his burns. He's been in a coma throughout the entire time. And during that
time, Halloween progressed from the two films into a series with lots of fans. Even on the
information super highway.

We cut to a computer screen. We hear and see Terry type down something on the screen.

Terry: Ramsey, you have a nice time talking to other people about Halloween?
Chief... This is Ramsey:(on screen) Yes.
Terry: What about other horror films?
Chief... This is Ramsey: I like other horror films, but they just don't go well with a Halloween
Terry: Would you go see Halloween 7 when it comes out in theaters?
Chief... This is Ramsey: Would Michael stalk his family?

We cut back to Terry. We cut back to Michael's bandaged face. We can hear in the background
the television.

Terry: Laurie Strode didn't want to be interviewed for this story, but she lives in Los Angeles.
She has two kids. One is Jamie, the other is Larry. Larry works at the Suncoast Entertainment
Store in a shopping mall called the Galleria in Los Angeles.

Michael's eyes pop open.

Cut to:


We hear Marilyn Mansion's version of Sweet Dreams finishing up in the background. We see
Larry in a back room, picking up a box and carrying out to a shelf where masks are. He begins to
pack up the masks. New music plays in the background,
Blue Oyster Cult's (Don't Fear) The Reaper.

Shopper: Hay! Hay wait!

A shopper come up and stops Larry.

Shopper: I wanted to get one of these.
Larry: Sorry, sir. Go ahead.

The shopper looks at the masks. Larry looks at his watch.

Larry's POV: Watch

Watch reads 9:44 pm.

Shopper: Got it. Is it...? Yes! It is! It's here!
Larry: You found the mask you wanted?
Shopper: Yeah.
Larry: Ok, let ring it up and send it on it's marry way.

Larry comes up behind the cash machine. The shopper come up in front of the sales table. Larry
rings in the price and picks up the mask, about to put it in a plastic bag. He looks at the front of the mask. It's Michael's mask.

Larry: I got a question for ya?
Shopper: What?
Larry: Who's Michael Myers?
Shopper: Who's Michael Myers? The psychopathic murderer from Halloween.
Larry: My mom never let me watch Halloween or any of the other films.
Shopper: Well, who's your mother, Joan of Arc?

Shopper begins to laugh.

Larry: No, she's Laurie Strode.

The shopper stops laughing. Larry puts the mask in the bag and hands it to the shopper.

Shopper:(shaky) What town does your mother come from?
Larry: I don't know. She never told us.
Shopper: Us?
Larry: My sister and I.
Shopper: What's your sister's name?
Larry(a little confused) Jamie.

Shopper takes the bag. And hand Larry the money.

Shopper: Keep the change. And hope Michael doesn't find out where you work. If I were you I
would move to China.

The shopper grabs the bag an exits the store. Larry walks back to the shelf where the masks are.
He's still confused.
Two boys enter the store. Larry begins to put up masks.

Boy 1: Hay Larry!

Larry turns in surprise. Goes back to putting up masks.

Larry: Hay! Marty! Dan!

Marty(Boy 1): You ready to split?
Dan(Boy 2): I can't wait.
Larry: You two may have to go without me. I got a lot of masks to put up for next year.
Dan: What? And leave you here alone?
Marty: Not no, not hell no, but NO HELL NO!!!

Dan and Marty laugh. Larry grins.

Larry: One day, you two will be comedians.
Dan: What about you Larry?
Larry: I'm thinking of writer. Maybe director.
Marty: Your writing is good. Dan, a while back, Larry written this script and sent it to a motion
picture company, they liked it and they made a great film out of it.
Dan: What was the name of the script?
Larry: A Hallow Darkness.
Dan: What was the name of the film?
Larry: Madman in the dark.
Dan: What was it about?
Marty: It was about this dude, when he was six, he killed his parents on July 23. He was insane,
he heard voices telling him to do it. He was sentenced to a institution for 14 years then was transferred to a Maximum Security prison for the rest of his life.
He breaks out of the prison and heads back to his home town...
Dan: It sounds like Halloween.
Marty: Hold! Here's where the good part comes. He kills four kids and takes a 1973 Ford truck a
hunts down this boy, who he believed was his brother. But as it turned out, the killer had a older brother who died. And the boy he was stalking looked like him. The killer stalked the boy using the truck, trying to run him over. But the boy was a quick thinker. He ran onto a bridge, grabs
a rope and ties it to the side of the bridge. The killer tried to run him over. The boy jumped and
the rope caught him. The truck goes fling over the edge of the bridge and crashes into a river that was flooded. The next day, they pull out the truck and the searched it.
The body of the killer was gone.
Dan: DAMN! You wrote that? That sounded like it kicked ass!
Larry: All it takes is a good idea. It evolves from the idea to a plot, then the character's form, after
that the setting and so on.
Marty: It racked number 2 on the box office charts.
Larry: Yeah. Some people have been asking me if I'm gonna write a sequel or another script.
Dan: Are ya?
Larry: Not until I get some new ideas.

Cut to:


We fallow the shopper to the elevator doors of the mall. We close up on his hand as he presses
the up button. We see the doors open and then see the shopper get in.


We look down at the shopper. He holds his bag tightly. He pushes the second floor button. We
look at the shopper in his face.

Shopper: I'm sorry for the kid. My god have mercy on his soul.


The doors open revealing the shopper. We see Michael Myers, still dressed in hospital clothing
and face still rapped, standing behind the shopper. Michael puts his hand around the shopper's mouth, muffling his screams. The doors closes.
We still hear the muffled screaming of the shopper. Then his screams go to a higher pitch, then
slows to a stop. We pan down to see blood come from underneath the doors.


We see Jason, wearing a blue janitor suit, finish locking the doors to the mall.

Jason: Hell won't be able to get out of here tonight. Happy Halloween.

He puts the keys in his pocket and walks away from the doors. We fallow him. He enters into a
janitor office. We pan back to the elevators. We hear a small ding from the elevator bell.

Cut to:


We see Larry and his friends outside the store. Larry is locking up the door to the store.

Marty: I hope we'll get out of here.
Larry: Don't worry. We got five minutes left.


Larry and friends come up to the door. Larry pushes on it. Door will not move. He tries again.
Still won't move.

Larry: OH, Great!
Dan: I guess your watch is slow.

Close up on Larry for a moment. Begins to walk off.

Marty: Larry?
Dan:(To Marty): Where's he going? Larry wait up!

They begin to run to catch up with Larry.

Marty: Where ya going?
Larry: I'm gonna get Jason.
Dan: Who?
Larry: Jason. He's the janitor. He works here 24 hours a day. He has the keys to the exits. Maybe
he'll be a good gentleman and let us out.
Marty: What do you want us to do?
Larry: Wait at the doors. I'll be right back.
Dan: Don't say that!
Larry: Why?
Dan: Horror movie rule number 3: Don't say "I'll be right back." If ya do, you won't be back.
Larry: You got to stop watching those horror films.
Marty: That's what Bob said in Halloween and he got pinned up onto a door like a portrait.
Larry: Guys, you know my mom won't let me watch any of the Halloween films.

Dan and Marty stop, Larry continues.

Dan: One day, you'll see that life is a Halloween film!!!!!
Larry: The day that comes true is the day I die!!!

Marty and Dan begin to walk back to the doors.

Marty: Nice try. "One day, you'll see that life is a Halloween film!"
Dan: It's true.
Marty: Since when?
Dan: Since today. Earlier on Hard Copy, they said that Halloween 1 and 2 had happened a while
ago. And check this, Larry's mom help supervise the first two films.
Marty: Including the TV scenes?
Dan: Like YEAH! And guess what? Michael's here in LA.
Marty: How do you know?
Dan: I'm a hacker. I got into Medical History Computer. I looked up Michael Aubury Myers and
got a list of his medical file, his medical history, hospitals he's been in, hospitals where he's going to, and a Current Place of Treatment.
Marty: Where is it?
Dan: Mercy Hospital Burn Unit, here in LA.
Marty: Damn. Is he out of the hospital?
Dan: No, his current state is Comatose.

Cut to:


We see Larry walking down the hallway. He turns to one the doors.


Larry walks into the office.

Larry: Jason?

Not reply.

Larry: Jason? You here?

Still no reply.

Larry: Heeelluuu?

Larry walks over to a door marked "Restroom." He knocks on the twice.

Larry: Jason? Are you in there?

The door cracks open a little. Larry looks down to see a small stream of blood coming from the

Larry's POV: Small stream of blood.

Larry looks back up at the door. He pushes the door open. Larry face goes into a surprised and
shocked look.

Larry's POV: Jason's dead body.

Jason's stomach has been ripped out. Intestines are everywhere. We can also see his rib cage. His
heart has been ripped out and has been put into his mouth. His head has been cut off and has been sat in his lap. Jason's janitor suit is gone. We see Larry covering his mouth. Larry runs over to the desk and barfs into the trash can next to it. He catches his breath and then he moves over to a board that holds the keys to the mall. He looks at the board. The board has two key holders. One of the pieces of tape that has writing on it says "Store's gates" and the other piece of tape says "Entrances." The keys to the "Entrances" holder are gone. Larry grabs the keys to the "Store's gates" and runs out.

Cut to:


Cop cars are around the scene of the crime. Police and Detectives go around the scene. Detective
Linsy Wallace is interviewing a hospital nurse.

Nurse: He ran by and he grabbed me. He held a scalple to my throat.
Linsy: Then what?
Nurse: He took the keys to my car and he threw me ageinst the wall. And when I came too, you
the police got here.
Linsy: Alright. Thank you. Go on home and get some rest.

The nurse walks away. A police officer walks up to Linsy.

Officer: So, what's strange about this?
Linsy: There's nothing strange about this. Except he let that nurse live while he killed 4 doctors, 2
head nurses, 5 nurses and 3 patients
Officer: Look, Detective, this has to be someone crazy. Thinking he's Michael Myers.
Linsy: It IS Michael Myers.
Officer: This is reality Detective. We are not in a movie.
Linsy: Michael Myers IS real. That the first two Halloween films were based on a true story. And
I happen to be one of the lucky ones.
Officer: Well, if that rumor that he tries to kill his family members is true, where would he go to
kill them? At home?
Linsy: He'll kill them one by one, whoever is closest to where he is. The question is, WHERE has
he gone?

Cut to:


Larry sits on the counter of the regester. Dan stands next to the gate, which is closed and locked,
looking out.
Marty is pacing back and forth.

Marty: That is impossible. Larry, are you sure that Jason was dead?
Dan: That was no ordinary murder. That was a Michael Myers.
Larry: What the fuck are you talking about? Michael Myers isn't real. He's a fucking film

Dan and Marty look at each other.

Dan: Do you want to tell him or do you want me to tell him?
Marty: I don't want to tell him.
Dan: Niether do I.

Marty and Dan pause for a moment.

Marty: Flip ya for it.
Dan: If you think you're man enough.

Dan and Marty stand in front of each other. They take each others hand(as if they were gonna
shake hands).

Marty: On three. THREE!!!

Dan and Marty begin to turn each others hand.

Marty: Damn, you're strong.
Dan: Stronger then you.

Dan then lifts Marty over his back and flips him over his sholder. Marty lands on his back on the

Larry: You ok?

Dan takes Marty's hand and helps him up off the floor.

Dan: Go head.
Marty: You suck.
Dan: Suck less then you.

Cut to:

Michael's POV: Outside in the mall.

We look out as Michael as he walks up to the Suncoast Entertainment store. The we cut back into
the store to the boys.

Marty: You're mother helped out on the film and she went through everything that night in both
parts of the film series.
Larry: Wait a mintue... You said Halloween right?
Marty: Yeah.
Dan:(looking through the door) Uh, guys....
Larry: That's being shown at the theatre here in the mall.
Marty: What for?
Larry: It's the re-release for the 20th anniversery. They showed parts 1 and 2.
Dan: Uh, guys.....
Marty: Can we get in there?
Larry: I think so.
Dan: GUYS!!!!!!!

Larry and Marty turn to look at Michael Myers as he walks up to the door. He carries an ax.

Larry: RUN FOR IT!!!!

They run as Michael swings the ax, breaking through the first layer of the glass door. They get to
the backroom.

Marty: There's no way out!!!

Larry closes and locks door. Michael breaks throught the second layer of glass. He's in the store.

Michael's POV: Store

We head look through Michael's eyes. We look around to find the kids. We look up to see the
door. We jump from Michael's eyes and see him walk up to the door. He takes the ax and begins to break down the door with it. We jump to inside the backroom. We face the door as it's broken down by Michael with the ax. Michael get's into the room.
Michael's POV: Backroom.

We look around to see the kids are gone. We look down this hall to the door at the end. We see
the door swing slowly back from being opened.

INT: MALL, Second floor.

We see Larry and his friends run up the stairs to the second floor.

Larry: It's clear.

The kids run from the stairs to the Sears in the mall. Almost there, Larry slips backwards. Falls
and lands in a pool of blood. The pool of blood comes from the elevator. Larry's shoe hits the
down button. The elevator opens to show the shopper, now reduced to a pile of guts and parts. Larry looks on in horror and screams. He jumps up, nearly slipping on the blood and runs. Catches up with Marty and Dan. Dan tries to unlock the door to Sears.

Marty: Come on, Dan. We don't have all night!
Dan: The door is stuck! It won't move!

The three try to open the door. Then we cut to behind them back at the stairs. We see Michael
come up the stairs and stop to watch them. Larry, having a bad feeling turns around to see Michael standing at the stairway with the ax in his hand. Michael pauses for a moment. Waiting.

Larry: Oh, shit!

Michael begins to walk towards them.

Larry: PUSH!!!! Come on!!!

Michael's POV: Larry and Co. trying to push the door open.

Michael gets closer, and closer.

Larry: Keep trying!

Larry turns around and attacks Michael. They both fall to the ground. We see the ax slide across
the floor. Larry gets up. Michael begins to sit up. Larry kicks Michael in the face, knocnking him back
down. Then, Marty and Dan get the door open.


Larry grabs the ax and runs for the door. Michael get's up quickly and chases after him. Larry
squeezes through the door as Dan and Marty close it. Michael sticks his arm through the crack before they can close it. They try to close it.

Marty: GET THE GOD DAMN DOOR!!!!!!!!!!

Larry is on the floor. He looks up to see the problem. He gets up. He picks up the ax and attacks
Michael's arm. Larry hits Michael's arm, giving it a small cut. Michael pulls his arm out of the crack and the three lock the door as they close it. They look up.

The boy's POV: Mall

Michael is gone from the entrance to the store. Marty turns to Larry.

Marty: You ok?
Larry: Yeah.

Wipes blood off of face. Looks around the area of the store they are in.

Dan: That was a rush. A good one, too.

Cut to:


We look down at a map of the area. Linsy is pointing out to police officers. Asignning them to
certain spots on the map.

Linsy: Alright, Beckly, you get the old Russlevillie area.
Officer Beckly: Gotcha, Detective.
Linsy: Offier Cooks, you get the downtown area. That includes the Galleria, you understand?
Officer Cooks: Yes, ma'am
Linsy: Officer Kara and I will go look for Laurie and her family. Officer Kara, you ready?
Officer Kara: Ready when you are, ma'am.

The group breaks up. A nurse comes up to Linsy.

Nurse: Detective Linsy?
Linsy: Yes?
Nurse: I have to tell you something.
Linsy: What is it?
Nurse: I was taking care of Myers. Today when I left him in his room, Hard Copy came on.
Linsy: Yes, so?
Nurse: On Hard Copy, they said that the Halloween Series was real. Are you little Linsy Wallace?
Linsy(with a small sad look) Yeah.
Nurse: Look, um.... They said that Laurie lives here in LA, and they said that her son Larry works
at the Galleria.
Linsy: The Galleria?
Nurse: Yes.

Linsy gets a surprised look on her face. She turns to a police car with Officer Cooks inside.

Linsy: COOKS! WAIT!!!

Cooks can't hear her. She runs after the car. The car speeds off and Linsy slows to a stop.

Linsy: DAMN IT!!!!

Linsy's POV: Police Car driving off

Cut to:


Larry is dressed in new clothes. His hair is wet. Dan hands his shoes over to him.

Dan: Here you go.
Larry: Thanks

Marty comes around with a towel in his hands. Hands it to Larry.

Marty: That was a good idea. To change your clothes. How are you gonna pay the store?
Larry: Three letters, I O U.

Dan picks up the keys.

Dan: Are there any maps of the mall in any of the stores?
Larry: Um...... There are booklets for emergency uses. It has maps in it in case of the "Big One"
Dan: Is there one here?
Larry: There's one in every store, Dan.

Larry and Co. walk over to one of the counters in the store and pulls out the booklet. He flips
threw the booklet and finds a map of the mall. Larry flips it to one of the maps with numbers on it.  Points it outto Dan.

Larry: There you go.

Dan looks at the map and looks at the keys. The numbers on the keys match the same numbers in
the booklet.

Dan: The numbers match. That means if we need to get into the stores, then we'd have to match
the numbers on the door locks.

Dan hands the keys over to Larry. And extra ring on the set. Keychain has writting on it.

Larry's POV: Keychain

The keychain reads "GMC JIMMY". Larry looks at Marty, then at Dan.

Larry: We have a mode of transportation.
Dan: A GMC Jimmy? Here in the Mall?
Larry: Yeah Dan.
Marty Why do they have a Sports Util. in the Mall for?
Larry: It's for the Newer Year Model. Every year, several companies would do a "Battle of the
Vechiles" type of job. They would bring in new cars and trucks for the "War". It's a way to advertise their companies and new vechiles.
Dan: And they leave the keys here?
Larry: Yep. The keys are usually are on the Entrances keychain. But Jason must have put this one
on the stores. May god rest his soul.
Marty: How do we get to the Jimmy? And where is it?

Larry picks up the book and keys.


Larry walks up to the doors and looks out.

Larry's POV: 1999 GMC Jimmy.

We see the GMC Jimmy far away from the entrance, too far to make a run for it. We look at
Larry for a moment.

Larry: Dan, get a backpack. We're gonna need some stuff to use.
Dan: Ok.

Dan and Marty run off. Larry backs up from the doors and runs off.


Cut to:


We see Larry and Co. picking out "weapons" to use if needed.

Cut to:


We see Cooks pulls up in the car. He gets out and walks up to the door. He looks in. He puts his
hand on the door. It moves. He opens it a small bit and sticks his head in.

Cooks: Hello?

There's not reply. He walks through the door and beigns to walk towards the center of the Mall.
He looks for a moment. He turns back around and heads for the door. He pushes on it. Doesn't move. He pulls on it. Doesn't move. He turns around.
We look on as the Shape hits him in the head with a sleage hammer. We look in through the
outside of the doors. We see the Shape hit the body of Cooks with the sleage hammer many times.

Cut to:


We see the three pack up a few things. Larry packs up the manual.

Larry: Ok, guys get downstairs.  I've got an idea.

Dan and Marty head downstairs. They walk up to the doors.

POV: The doors with a hole in it.

They see a huge hole the size of a person.

Dan: I don't know, but I think we have a problem.

We look on as Larry heads downstairs. We see him enter the sports section of the store. He pulls
out  a canue. He passes a display forair tanks. Larry picks up an air tank. Pulls out a roll of Duck Tape.

Larry:(voice sounding like Red Green from "The Red Green Show") Now it's time to use the
handyman's secret weapon, (pulls Duck Tape to the length of his arm) Duck Tape.

Tapes the tank to the back of the canue. Then he pulls on it to check it to see if it's secured. It is
secured. He puts some "Turtle Wax" car wax on the bottom of the canue. He then pushes it over to the lane with the door in view. Larry takes out an Hachet. Then he puts his bag in the canue. Dan and Marty comes running up from the doors.

Larry: Get in guys!
Dan: Larry! Michael's inside!.
Larry: How?
Marty: He punched a hellava hole in the glass.
Larry: Get in.
Dan: But...

Dan and Marty pile into the canue. Larry gets in the canue, near the tank holds the hachet ready.
We see the Shape come out down the lane, behind the canue. Larry looks up to see the Shape.

Larry: Hi Mike. Fuck you.

Michael begins to walk toward the canue. Larry takes the Hachect and breaks the valve at the end
of the tank. The canue begins to move. Michael then begins to fallow at a fast pace. The canue squeezes throught the hole Michael made.

Background Music: "The Hunt" by Goblin from the DAWN OF THE DEAD soundtrack

We look down at the canue as it speeds from the entrance of Sears. We the look out in front of
them from the canue.

Dan: OH SHIT!!! IT WORKS!!!!!!!!!

The slow to a stop next to the GMC Jimmy. Larry takes the Hachet and puts it in his bag. He
pulls out the keys and runs over to the driver side of the Jimmy.


We see Larry open the passenger side and the backseat passenger side doors for Marty and Dan.
They both climb into the Jimmy and closes the doors. Larry starts up the engine to the Jimmy and revs the engine a few times.

Larry: Ok, guys. You may want to buckle up.

Larry floors the gas and they speed off. The Jimmy first speeds towards Michael. Larry jabs the
wheel hard to the right. The Jimmy nearly fips as it speeds past the Shape. The Shape grabs ahold
of the Jimmy as if roars by. The Shape gets draged by the Jimmy, now doing 70 MPH.

Larry's POV: The Mall through the windsheild.

We look in at Larry for a moment. Then, the hand of the Shape breaks in, and begins to choking
Larry. Larry lets go of the wheel and grabs the Shape's arm, tring to fight back. Marty grabs the wheel as the Jimmy beigns to roar out of control. The speed of the Jimmy roars up to 100 MPH. We then look at the Jimmy as it roars by.

Larry's POV: Windshield

We see the Shape's other hand slam a butcher knife into the windshield, tring to kill Larry and
Marty who are in the front. Dan pulls out a Switchblade and tries to cut the Shapes hand. We get a look at the front of the Jimmy,seeing Larry, Marty, and Dan on the inside and Michael on the outside.

POV: Movie Theatre

We look through the doors at the Jimmy. We look at Larry with a surprised look on his face. He
slams on the brakes hard. The Shape falls to the front of the windshield, loosing both grip on Larry and knife. The Jimmy slams into the doors of the theatre. Then it slams into a wall. The Shape falls off and Marty goes flying through the windshield. The Jimmy's engine cuts off. All is quiet for a
moment. Then we hear coughing. It's from only one person.


We see Larry lean back from the steering wheel, coughing. We quits coughing. He turns around
to check on Dan.

Larry's POV: Dead body of Dan.

We see his Switchblade sticking out of his chest. Larry turns away in fright and sickness.

Larry's POV: Dead body of Marty.

There is a small blood splat on the wall near Marty's head. Larry gets out of the Jimmy, his head
cut from a peice of glass. He looks under the Jimmy, looking for Michael. But he isn't there. Larry takes his bag and limps away slowly.

Cut to:


We look in at Laurie(now around 40 years-old) as she drives up to the Galleria Mall. The car
roars by and we look at the outside of the Mall. She pulls up beside the Police Car. She gets out and looks into the car, no one inside. She runs up to the doors and looks in. She pushes on the door. Doesn't move. She looks in.


She looks at the interior of the Mall, she sees a small ploom of smoke comming from off the side
of the mall. She looks down and sees a blood splat on the floor. We look at her.

Laurie: Oh, god.... LARRY!!!

She begins to bang on the door. She tries to open the doors again, with no success. She turns
around, putting her back against it.

Laurie's POV: The Cars.

She first looks at the Police Car. Then she looks at her Mustang.

Laurie: Hold on, Larry. Mom's comming.

She runs over to the Police Car and opens the door. She reaches for the CB radio. She pushes in
the button.

Laurie:(Into CB radio) Hello? Hello? Is anyone on here?

Nothing but static. She pushes in the button, again.

Laurie: Hello? Somebody answer me! GOD DAMN IT!!!!!!

Then someone comes onto the CB.

Linsy:(On CB) This is Detective Linsy Wallace of the L. A. P. D. Who is this?
Laurie:(Into the CB) Linsy? Linsy, it's me! Laurie!!!
Linsy:(On CB) Laurie? Where are you?
Laurie:(Into CB) I'm at the Galleria. Somethings going on inside. I saw smoke. I'm gonna have to
get inside.
Linsy:(On CB) Laurie, don't!!!!! Michael could be in there!.
Laurie:(Into CB) What?
Linsy:(On CB) Laurie, Michael's alive. He broke out of the hospital and ran. He maybe in the
Mall. Don't go inside!!
Laurie:(Into CB) That gives me more reason to go in!

Laurie throws in the CB radio and runs over to the Mustang. We look back into the Police Car at
the CB radio on the seat.

Linsy:(On CB) Laurie? Laurie come in! LAURIE!?!

Cut to:


We see Larry climb up the lane of the Statium Seating of the theater. He get's up to the seat's
where the projection booth window. He pulls out the Hachet and breaks it in. He clears the glass and climbs into the booth.


Larry looks around for something to use.

Larry's POV: Film Rack.

He looks at the films on the rack. He comes across one film. The tape on the film says
"HALLOWEEN". Larry picks up the film and begins to load it up into the projecter.

Cut to:


We first look at the outside of the doors.


We then see some lights come on. Laurie's Mustang breaks throught the doors. Glass flying
everywhere. The car stops and Laurie gets out, with a gun in her hand, ready for use.

Cut to:


We see Michael walk in, searching for Larry.


Larry turns on the projecter and HALLOWEEN rolls.


Michael stops and turns around to see the film rolling. It's the beginning of the movie, outside the
Myers House. The film rolls. Larry looks out from the booth at Michael. Michael tilts his head, as if trying to understand it. We watch the scene where we look from Michael's eyes as he walks upstairs.


Larry ducks back down and looks up.

Larry's POV: Ladder and Hatch.

We look at the hatch. Larry gets up and moves over to the ladder and begins to climb it.


We look on the screen as Judith's death scene plays. Michael turns around and looks up at the
sattered glass booth. He moves up to the booth and looks in.


We see Larry running for his life. He stops, nearly falling throught the skylight at the center of the


The door is kicked out. Laurie readys her gun. She slowly moves out. We look back at Larry, still
a little shaken. He pulls out the hachet and ready's it. We look back at Laurie doing a search and destroy. We see the Shape come up behind her. Then he moves away. We look back at Larry.

Laurie:(off screen) LARRY!!! LARRY CAN YOU HEAR ME????

We look back at Laurie as she makes her way to the skylight.
Cut to:


We see Larry walk over to the skylight, hachet still out. Then we see Laurie heading toward the
skylight. We jump back to Larry walks over the skylight slowly and stops in the middle of the skylight. Laurie comes out and sees Larry out in the middle of the skylight.

Laurie: Larry, sweetheart...

She's about to run to him.

Larry: NO!!! This thing can only sapport one out in the middle.
Laurie: Larry, your not thinking.....
Larry: Yeah, Mom. It's the only way to stop him. The only way I can think of.
Laurie: Larry, please.... It's not worth it.
Larry: Mom, Loomis died to save you from Michael. Now, it's my turn to save everyone from

We can hear the sounds of Police sirens from a distance.

Laurie: Larry, that's the police. Come on, you don't have to risk yourself.
Larry: My friends died because of that fuck face! If I don't end it, I would never forgive myself.
Laurie: I know how you feel, Larry. I know you must fill like hell. The same thing happened to
Larry: I know, Mom. Dan and Marty told me.
Laurie: Loomis believed that if he could stop Michael after Midnight. November 1st. We can wait
till Midnight to stop him.

Larry looks at his watch.

Larry's POV: Watch

It reads 11:58 pm.

Laurie: Loomis only injured him. That's why he was in a coma. Loomis' theory could work, but
we need the police's help.
Larry: Mom, I can do it. We've got 2 minutes left. Go down and get the police.
Laurie: I'm not leaving you here!!!

Michael comes up behind Laurie.

Larry: MOM! LOOKOUT!!!!!!

Laurie turns around aimming the gun. Michael knocks it out of her hand. He grabs her neck and
begins to strangle her. Larry moves as fast as he can over to Michael and Laurie. Larry tackles Michael hard. Laurie falls back from the tackle. Larry punches Micahel hard.


Laurie crawls away from them, trying to find the gun. Larry picks up Michael and drags him onto
the skylight. Larry gets on the skylight, ready to try his plan. The hachet lays on the skylight. Michael pays more attention to Larry now. Larry looks at his watch.

Larry's POV: Watch
Watch reads 11:59 pm, switching over to 12:00 am, November 1st, Sunday. Larry picks up the

Larry:(singing to himself) Happy Birthday, to me.... Happy Birthday, to me...

Michael gets up, ready to kill Larry.

Larry:(signing to himself) Happy Death Date, dear Larry Strode...... Happy.... Death... to...

Michael tilts his head.

Larry: See you in hell!!!!!!!!!

In slow motion, Larry brings the hachet down into the glass of the skylight. We hear the glass
cracking and breaking part. The glass gives way from underneath Larry and Michael.

Laurie:(off screen) LARRY, NNNNOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Michael and Larry fall downward to the ground. We look at Michael as he hits the ground, his
mask splits open and his brains fly out of his head. Blood looking like a drop of paint splatered everywhere. Back on the roof, Laurie looks down.

Laurie: LARRY!!!!

We pan down and look at Larry. Laying on his side, blood pouring from his head. Laurie runs
over to the roof's entrance to the mall.

We see her run over to Larry. She holds him in her arms.

Larry: Well......... Loomis' idea....... worked.
Laurie:(beginning to tear up) Oh, Larry, sweetheart...
Larry: Take care of... Jamie, Mom.

The police begin to enter the mall.

Laurie:(near tears) Larry.......

Larry's head falls over, lifeless. Laurie begins to cry.

Laurie: (crying) Oh..... no......

Background music: The ending of "My Own Prison" by Creed
Music: "Should have been dead on a Sunday Morning, banging my head. No time for moarning,
ain't got no time......."

We look down at Laurie and the lifeless body of Larry, once her son. Then we fade to black.

Cut to:


Background music:"Trigger Hippie" by Morcheeba

A yellow light flashes as the bus moves. The song "Trigger Hippie" plays from the beginning of
the scene to the end. We close up on Larry, brused, battered and bleeding. He sits in the middle of the bus. Also on the bus, is Michael's victims from Halloween 1 & 2 & 7. There is no driver on the bus. The way they look, they look like lifeless dolls, facing towards the camera. Larry looks over to
his left to see Loomis sitting next to him.

Larry: Dr. Loomis?
Loomis: Yes, Larry. I'm Dr. Loomis.
Larry: But.... You died.... In that explostion....
Loomis: Yes... I know. You didn't go out a good way yourself.
Larry: Where am I?
Loomis: The Afterlife. You know how there are rumors of ghosts and the so called "Life After
Death" thing?
Larry: Yeah?
Loomis: Well, this is it.
Larry: Where are we going?
Loomis: Well......... We are going nowhere. The afterlife. You get used to it.
Larry: Is this Heaven?
Loomis: No.
Larry: Is this hell?
Loomis: No.
Larry: Then what is it?
Loomis: It's.......... It's........ A bus ride.

Larry turns from Loomis and looks forward. As each time the light flashes, his flesh melts, his
eyeballs disappears, his clothes rot. All that is left of Larry is his Skeleton. And then when the light flashes He's covered with flesh and clothes then the light goes out and comes back on to show his Skeleton again(This repeats continueously). Then we pan back to look at the victims of Michael Myers. Then we fade to black as the song ends. We hear the sound of people. White lettering reads:

                                         Los Angles
                                April 23, 1999

Man: Alright, quiet on the set. Jamie, you ready?
Jamie: Yeah, John.
Man(John): Edward?
Edward: Yeah.
John: Laurie, got anything to say.
Laurie: No.
John: Ok, and....... ACTION!!!!!!!!!

We fade in to the broken skylight of the Galleria Mall of Los Angeles.

Laurie: LARRY!!!!

We pan down and look at Larry. Laying on his side, blood pouring from his head. Laurie runs
over to the roof's entrance to the mall.

We see her run over to Larry. She holds him in her arms.

Larry: Well......... Loomis' idea....... worked.
Laurie:(beginning to tear up) Oh, Larry, sweetheart...
Larry: Take care of... Jamie, Mom.

The police begin to enter the mall.

Laurie:(near tears) Larry.......

Larry's head falls over, lifeless. Laurie begins to cry.

Laurie: (crying) Oh..... no......

Background music: The ending of "My Own Prison" by Creed
Music: "Should have been dead on a Sunday Morning, banging my head. No time for moarning,
ain't got no time......."

We look down at them.

John: And CUT!!!!!!!! That was perfect!

Edward Furlong sits up from Jamie Lee Curtis' lap.

Edward: Was that good? Do we need to do it again?
John:(off screen) No. It's perfect.

We pan over to see John Carpenter standing beside the camra. John and Laurie walk over and
help up Jamie and Edward.

John: That's a rap!!!!!!

Everyone cheers.

John: Laurie, you want to say something?
Laurie: Yes John.

She walks over next to John.

Laurie: The last time we did this, was 21 years ago. My son, Larry, died to stop Michael. I hope
you all know. That this the last time, I will do this. I want the story to end here. John, I hope you tell everyone who sees this movie, that is based on a true story.
John: You have my word on it.
Laurie: May you have a nice night. And have a good time later on aswell.

Everyone cheers. Laurie walks out of the mall to her car. She stops. She slumps down to the side
of her car and cries.

The screen fades to black.

White writting:

                                     The End

Credits roll to "Twisted" by Stevie Nicks and Linsy Buckingham. The Halloween Theme at slow
pace is optional.