Halloween 7:The Night Of Thorn

I started writing this script about five years ago, after I saw both versions of Halloween 6. I wanted to make my own part 7 that I thought the fans would like. I stopped writing it for about 2 years then a few weeks ago I started up again and just finished. Now half of this stuff was written years ago and the other half of it I had in my head. I haven't read any of your scripts and I haven't stolen any ideas from you guys. So if you happen to come across an idea in my script you already have in your own, it's completely coincadental and I appologize. But I promise you I didn't intentionaly steal any ideas from any of you.

I really would like some feedback from you about this as this is my first full length script. please e-mail me at jeanneandjeff@hotmail.com Thank you.

DISCLAMER: I don't own the Halloween series or any of the established characters. This is purely a work of fiction and made for fun.

UPDATE: Hey everybody, after reading my script again I realized that I had a huge error in it. One of my characters fires four gunshots in Haddonfield in the middle of the night and no one seems to notice. Ooops. So I rewrote that part a little. Hope you enjoy.

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