Nightshade 2 Novel

Nightshade 2 Script


Scott Short Benjamin McKenzie (The O.C.)

Ashleigh MacDonald Anna Paquin (X-Men trilogy, Darkness)

Len Pothier Noah Taylor (Tomb Raider, Almost Famous)

Daniella Becker Winona Ryder (A Scanner Darkly, Alien Resurrection)

Michael Brown Joe Pantoliano (The Matrix, Daredevil)

Curtis Coates Jake Gyllenhall (Donnie Darko, Jarhead)

Steve Alan Ritchson (Smallville episode Aquaman)

Johner Danny Masterson (That 70's Show, Dracula 2000)

All the rest No-named first-time actors. Basically, their role in the series is very small so I won't bother giving them real actors and actresses. (However, since Johner had a larger role in the first script, but only has very small in this entry, I listed him too)

Nightshade Vengeance Album

1. Lock It Down Digital Assassins
2. Fatal - RZA
3. Painted On My Heart The Cult
4. Slow Motion Nickleback
5. Rescue Me Unwritten Law
6. Superman's Dead Our Lady Peace
7. Going Down Alice in Videoland
8. Connected - Hoobastank
9. Mouth - Bush
10. Wake Me Up Inside Evanescence
11. Fall to Pieces Avril Lavigne
12. Drowning Crazy Town
13. Never Say Goodbye Jacksoul