The Real Jason Explanation

I am Ben Davies and this is my explanation for Jason Voorhees of Friday the 13th fame.

First and foremost,Jason and any of the other characters I mention are not my property. They are the property of their respective creators and directors.

Jason Micheal Voohees was born on Friday the 13th,1946 to Elias(last name unknown)and Pamela Voorhees. Pamela and Elias were not married and Jason was born badly deformed.Elias ran away with a beautiful,young mistress and left Pamela to care for her young,retarded son.

To make ends meet,Pamela lived and worked at Camp Crystal Lake as the cook.She only brought her son out of their cabin a few times as she didn't want him to be ridiculed by the other children.But as small kids tend to do,Jason was scarred by the taunts.Because of Pamela's busy schedule and their remote living space, Jason never went to school,therefore,had no friends.He also never learned to speak clearly.

One day, the taunts became too much for young Jason.Jason took some clothes and some food and ran away into the woods while his mother was working.

When Pamela returned home she noticed Jason was missing.She immediately called the police department. Pamela noticed that only Jason's swim trunks were missing from his drawers.The police asked some of the children who said that they saw a young boy swimming that day but never saw him come out of the lake. When the two counselors who were supposed to be watching the lake were asked, they didn't know anything.They admitted to making love while they were on lake duty.The police surmised that Jason must have went for a swim and drowned.The police spent 4 days scouring the lake to find young Jason but could not.The police closed the case but Pamela did not.She continued working for another year and secretly looked for Jason by night.

Two years later,on Friday the 13th,Pamela entered a cabin at night.She grabbed a butcher knife from the drawer.When she came up the stairs she saw two people making out.She quickly dispatched the young lovers and hid the bodies.She then escaped to her cabin and waited.

In 1959,an attempt to re-open Camp Crystal Lake was made.Pamela heard about this and not wanting to be disturbed,she torched the cabins.

In 1961,another attempt to open the camp ended when Pamela poisoned the water.

In 1979,Steve Christy dropped 25,000 dollars to reopen Camp Crystal Lake. Pamela decided that this Friday the 13th Jason's birthday present would be redemption.Pamela gathered her resources(and a few weapons) and decided Crystal Lake would pay for taking her son.She slaughtered the counselors and Christy.Only a girl named Alice survived.Alice decapitated Pamela. Little did anyone know that Jason saw his mother die.

Jason knew nothing of life and death.All he knew was his mother could no longer show him the love he craved.This drove the normally passive Jason over the edge.

Jason stalked the girl who had ended his mother's life.When he found her Jason avenged his mother with a well-placed icepick to the skull.Jason collected his mom's head and made it the macabre centerpiece in his cabin of horror which used to house their simple life.

Five years after Pamela avenged her thought-dead son,Paul Holt decided to open a counselor training center across from "Camp Blood"(the name the locals gave Crystal Lake after the initial death of the two counselors in 1958).Jason,resenting the new transgressors and wearing a sack over his face to conceal his deformities,slaughtered them like sheep in the style of his demented mother.The only girl to survive suffered from hysterical shock after Jason attacked her,and therefore could not tell the story of what had happened or give a description of the killer.

One day later,Jason stole some clothes from a couple near Crystal Lake and killed them.He returned to find that a young girl who had escaped his grasp some years earlier had returned with some friends to fight her demons.Finding a hockey mask to wear over his deformed face,Jason killed her friends then attempted to kill Chris but she thwarted his attack with a hatchet to the head.

Believed dead,Jason was taken to the morgue.Jason was only unconscious.He made his way back to the area around Crystal Lake where he found the Jarvis family living.Young Tommy Jarvis was around the same age as Jason when Jason ran away.After Jason dealt with the youths who had rented the Jarvis's guest house,he set his sights on the Jarvis family.Making short work of Mrs. Jarvis,Jason stalked Tommy and his sister.Using clippings he had found from a young man who was hunting Jason,Tommy made himself look like a young Jason and made Jason remember the torture of his childhood.Capitalizing on this,Tommy murdered Jason in self defense.

With Jason dead,Tommy attempted to put his life together by going to an out of the way mental home.After the murder of a young inmate there by another,one of the paramedics went insane and began killing patients using Jason's persona.Tommy killed the imposter in self-defense.

Still haunted by Jason,Tommy attempts to cremate Jason,but he and his friend screw up and resuscitate the killer.Jason makes his way to Crystal Lake(now renamed Forest Green)and disposes of the counselors and a few others,including Tommy's friend Alan Hawes.Tommy, who like everyone else,believes Jason drowned,attempts to restrain him underwater and succeeds. With Jason behind him,he and his girlfriend Megan start a new life together away from Jason and the surrounding legend.

A young girl with strange powers accidentally unchains Jason from under Crystal Lake while mourning for her father.Jason, very angry,kills Tina's mother and her greedy doctor as well as a group of partying teens.

Tina re-restrained Jason under Crystal Lake. Jason got free.Continuing his appointed rounds,he patrols Crystal Lake, but the people are afraid. Jason lives in peace until the FBI learns of Jason's crimes.

The FBI sends a decoy in the visage of Elizabeth Marcus.The FBI believes they destroy Jason with a napalm missile but in reality it was a teen playing a joke.The real Jason remains at Crystal Lake waiting for his next opponent named Creighton Duke.Creighton knows everything about Jason including his half-sister Diana and her child Jessica.Looking for Duke,Jason kills his sister.Jessica's ex-husband keeps her away from Jason until they all make it to the Voorhees house where Jason crushes Creighton Duke.Jessica stabs Jason in the heart,ending the reign of terror forever.But Jason awaits his next opponent in hell.His next opponent is Fred Krueger.

Now you may be wondering what happened to Part 8 and the body-hopping and hellbaby. Well in my Jason explanation he never took Manhattan.He never hopped one body.Those are not Jason's powers.

Again, I do not own any of these characters or events.Their individual writers and directors do.