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Hey, there a story on this site that you really like and would recommend to others? Then
this section is for you. Since I don't want this site to become a negatory zone, please only
send in POSITIVE REVIEWS. If you don't like someone's story, email the author and tell them why. Now, all you gots to do is write a little (or big) review and send it on to me. Just a note: If I do get any negative reviews, then they won't be posted. Even if they are meant for one of my fics :) But if that's the case, then I will have seen it and will reply if its constructive.

SEND 'EM IN!!!!!!!!!!!

Review for "Big Trouble in little Haddonfield"

I must admit, I didnt really like Halloween 6, but... I actually LIKED
this story! I like how JH made fun of Thorn in everyway he could, I
liked the dialouge, it seemed natural and fluent not zombie like. But
what astonished me most was the bastard Dr. Wynn. I just hate his
character, I really do. No no, I dont mean JH's version of his
character, I'm talking about him in H6!! God could he be more cruel??
Whoops, getting off topic ;)
Great work JH!!

Review for "Halloween III: The Fury of Michael Myers"

Woo-wee! I love this story! It was a way better rendition of the 3rd
Halloween movie! (Season Of The Witch). I love the plot: 2 years after
that horrific night in Haddonfield, Laurie goes to college, only to
discover that MICHAEL has yet again broke loose! And guess what?
Good ol' Michael is coming back for Laurie! What I really love was how
the beginning for this (the ambulance scene) paid homage to the
ambulance scene in H4! Great work Sidney!!!

-----the girl next door

The rating system:
* Poor
** Fair
*** Good
**** Very Good
***** Excellent

Here are my reviews:

Halloween III: The Fury of Michael Myers ****
An excellent followup to Halloween 2 with Laurie once again being
stalked by The Shape. Some scenes are related to the first one (which
kind of annoyed me) and some of this script has some black comedy. Good
story. I recommend this to all Halloween fans.

Halloween 4: The Untold Story **
Ok followup to The Fury about the shape once again stalking Laurie
Strode and this time she IS ready! Good story, but the last 1/3 of the
movie was kind of strange.

Halloween 5: A New Evil *****
An excellent followup to Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers (not
The Untold Story) about Michael Myers, once again, trying to kill poor
Jamie Lloyd. Great script format and excellent plot. Pure gold all the

Halloween 3: The Resurrection of Michael Myers ***
Good story which should've been the actual Halloween 3. Good story but
bad format. Overall, I enjoyed reading it.

An excellent story which happens right after Halloween 6. Michael Myers
continues to stalk the Tommy Doyle and Kara Strode. Yes, the evil of
THORN finally dies in this one and so does Dr. Wynn. Awesome plot and
great deaths.

Those are my reviews for now. Expect more after I read Halloween 6 1/2


Hi! Hope yer having a good day. I wanted to give some reviews, since I
have a lot of catching up to do.

As for the best Halloween fanfics, I had a hard time choosing between:

Lord of the Dead, A New Evil, and Nightmare's Reality.

Lord of the Dead: simply excellent in atmosphere, tension buildup, and
plenty of good scares along with a fantastic ending involving one of
Haddenfield's luckiest lawmen! It is certainly gets my rating of four
skulls! Each Kill is done very well.

A New Evil presents a twist in the Halloween mythology, involving Jamie in a
demented position. I liked the final chapter a lot! The chase in the hall
of mirrors was creepy! A good ending with an opening for a follow up. The
chemistry between Loomis and Meeker works very well, as does Tommy and
Rachel. Good dialogue, and excellent horror build up around Jamie and
Loomis' continuing hunt for the boogeyman. I also liked the freakiness of
the scenes at the supermarket. A four skull rating. Good job!

Nightmare's Reality also presented a new angle with the story of Michael
Myers. It was a movie within a movie, good scares mixed in with some tongue
in cheek moments (Michael watching his own movie) and good interaction
between characters. In the grand tradition of Hollywood, you can even watch
two different versions! It was also fun to see familiar characters all
rolled up into one story (Laurie Strode talking to John Carpenter, etc)

I can't help it. I get very enthousiastic over this site. I always enjoy
reading the contributions so everybody keep up the good work.

Hats off to Halloween 1998, also a story with plot twists, a new Strode
character to root for, a cameo by Tommy, etc. There are plenty of memorable
characters in this one as well, Michael's stalking was a chilling build up
as he took out most of the other cast, and a tense final confrontation. An
excellent story.

Devil Incarnate is yet another good story with a chilling ending and
excellent chemistry with Tommy and Kara. It is a good follow up of their
previous adventures. The question still lingers in my mind: What happened
to little Stephen!!?? A four skull rating

I can say for sure I've never seen bad Halloween fanfiction, but I will
happily admit that, as much as like my Escape from Haddenfield story, it has
got to be simply the dumbest story I've come up with. But then, this is the
one I'm doing for kicks and giggles, so I throw caution to the wind and type
away on it. How do I come up with such clam chowder? Lack of sleep from
working third shift helps. You know, I haven't a clue how long the story is
going to be! I just type away when I get the chance. :)


First we have is HALLOWEEN 1998
This is a great story. The new Strode character, I thought was an
excellent idea. It kind of made me laugh because he was fighting
(Michael) someone he hardly knew! I love the characters, and the ending
was chilling.

I love it I love it I love it I love it! It has a great setting and some
funny lines, and pokes fun at H6! I wondered how Dusty got there, but
all my questions were answered in.... ( by the way i give this 2 thumbs

Hehehe. That is all I have to say about it. In the begginning Dusty gets
a visit from the Joe Chappelle and explains why he is
there. Then he traps SIDNEY in Halloween 4! (the whole scenes in H4 were
pure gold) I love it! I give this Two Thumbs up

Um ok, I dont like H6 PERIOD. But, these fanfics having to do with that
movie aren't that as bad as the movie! I liked this one a lot, great
intensity, lovely characters, good plot. I give this two thumbs up.

I would like to review some more but I'm, getting tired of typing!

----Brady-ye-who-was-Dumped-By-Sidney....Er... Rachel

PS The thing with my name was a slip up...hehe.... yeah.... a slip

Jamie Lloyd and Michael go on a killing spree in Haddonfield.
A truly great version of Halloween 5. A little low on the deaths
but very good!

Yes! This story picks up in the year 1979.
Michael goes after Jamie Lee Curtis more
paranoid than ever. Truly one of my favorites!
A classic in the making!

This one takes place a year later with
Jamie Lee Curtis being chased again
by that UNSTOPABLE monster. Kind
of a dissapointment at the end but still
real good.

this one takes place after Halloween 6
with Michael after Kara and Tommy
again. Excellent! A lot of violence with
a very high body count. Very cool!

The story continues with Tommy killing
all the Thorn cultists. Disappointment
without Mike, but still good. This is a
mix between Raw Deal, Evil Dead,
and Die Hard. Action movie fans will
love this one.

It’s 1999 and tons of teens decide
to party at the Myers’ house. Big
mistake. Uses a lot of Friday the 13th
formula and not the Halloween kind.
Still very good.

Michael goes after teenager Jamie Lloyd.
Excellent! A very high body count! Followed
by two sequels.

Michael goes after Kyle Strode and it
becomes a massacre! Very good.
Recommended for major fans!

THORN ****
A young kid begins failing
all of his subjects until some
killer begins stalking and
killing all the teachers and kids.
This was incredibly awesome!!!!!!
Very original and very fun to read.

Good Halloween story which should
have actually been Halloween III.
The title says it all.

Yes! This the best spoof yet!!!!!!!
Dusty Fincher ends up being in
Halloween 6. Oh God! It’s scary
and it’s funny! A CLASSIC!

Magnificent sequel with poor dusty
stuck in Halloween 6 forever! AHHHH!!!
Then Sydney ends up being in Halloween 4.

Those annoying cops are now
in there own movie! Very funny!
So funny you’ll be wetting in

Self Explanatory.

Garrick Parker

Well its about time I jump on the bandwagon and write some reviews. I've been itching to do this for a while, but my stupid lazy mind wouldn't permit me, soo…

Let's start out with one of the most reason fics to come on, TRUE NIGHTMARE. Very reminicisnt (sorry, I don't know how to spell) of Wes Craven's New Nightmare; bluring the lines between reality and fiction is a very interesting concept, which was displayed here and in NIGHTMARE'S REALITY, an equally creepy and interesting fiction.

Okee doke Mr. McVee, what do we have next?


Halloween 5: A New Evil, ya dingbat. This has my vote for overall best fanfiction. Intriguing plotline, interesting and sympathetic characters, and very very creepy scenes (eg.. the hall of mirrors). It's the BLAIR WITCH PROJECT of fanfiction. Check it out, for hardcore fans.


If ya want a recommended reading list, see the three aforementioned fictions, Crimson Moon, Destiny of Michael Myers (very very well written), The Thorn Series (the Porky's of fanfiction), The Halloween 1998 series, and I could go on.

The Shape vs. Obi Wan was very entertaining and I nearly pissed my pants laughing ("YIPPE!!!!"). I await the sequel.

If that's not enough, I urge you to read the "MY WORST NIGHTMARE" trilogy. My Worst Nightmare, My Worst Nightmare 2: The Revenge of Joe Chappelle, and MWN20: Twenty Years Later. All three fictions are stringed together by one intriguing story line: various fanfiction artists trapped in a Halloween Movie, preferably ones that sucks. (although being trapped in Halloween 4 was a mistake thanks to the low intellegence of Mr. Crapola (er..)Chapelle)

For another piss-in-my-pants hilarious fanfiction, check out Santa vs. The Shape. Some of the COMING SOON projects have me on the edge of my seat waiting for fanfictions. Chiller, The Showdown, Halloween: H2035 AD, and others have me waiting.


And always remember

"You can be young once, but you can be immature forever."


I thought it was finally time for me to write a review. It has been a long ime coming.

Diary Of A Cult- 1/16 of a star This is the worst story ever written. It was written by me. Truly horrible. It was so forgetable that I had to read it myself just to remember the plot. Bad plot, bad writing, bad cast. It was my first attempt and my biggest downfall. And it was so short, and yet so boring. Halloween- Michael under the big top I wrote this as well and I really want it to be read. PLease, I urge you all to read it and E-Mail me with your input.

I would also like to use this forum to anounce my new series I will be releasing on a weekly basis on this site. Episode 1 is under consrtruction. It is called "The Justice Squad" It involves my own super hero creations to fight serial killers like Freddy, Jason, and Michael.

Bye~~Jø§hüå (Davidson)

Halloween 5: A New Evil (****)

I loved this script. I think that it is the best part V on this site. The ending could have been better but the rest is pure gold.

The Devil Incarnate series (*****)

Out of all of the series' on this site, this is the best. Part 1 was the best but the other were also great. Part 2 was full of action and shooting. Part 3 had oodles and oodles of bodies in the basement.

Thorn series (****)

As good if not better than The Devil Incarnate. It just needs some more sequals.

What Really Happend That Halloween Night (****)

This creates a perfect segway into part 2. This should have really happend in H1.

Halloween H19: The Compound for Distilled Water (*****)

Hilarious! That's all I have to say about this one.

My Worst Nightmare (*****)

This whole series is great espeially part 3. It was definately the best.

Mystery Halloween Theater 3000 (*****)

As a fan of MST 3K I am a huge fan of MHT 3K. I have been wanting to read part 2 but for some reason I can't get to it.

The Michael Myers Project (*****)

This was how I pictured it when I origanally had the idea for it.

Night of the Freaked Out Maniac (*****)

It isn't finished yet but from the first part, it is great. I eagerly await part 2.

Crimson Moon (*****)

I liked this just as much as From Dusk Till Dawn. And I really liked that movie.

Joshua Davidson

Hey there!!! I thought this would be a good time to send in more reviews. We've had quite a few submissions since I first sent in my reviews.

#1 Well, let me start out with Cody's latest. "Stephen King's MIST" has grabbed me and has me on the edge of my seat. Even though part 1 is not yet "scary", it has been slowly building up to something terrifying, tossing out little hints of terrible things to come with the dream sequence and a very cryptic ending statement!! I can't wait to see part 2!!!! Steffy, Dave and Billy are great characters and Cody has done an excellent job of making them a typical family about to be put in an unusual situation!!

My score: Two and a half Skulls for excellent build up.

#2 "My Worst Nightmare MWN20" by SMG. Another fun addition to the "Worst Nightmare" series. This story was a hoot, and it inspired to want to quickly write up a silly sequal of my own. I've been dreaming and scheming of a way to do one of these, and maybe it's appropriate for me to do one now since Halloween 5 has been asking for it for a long time. You know, I think EVERYONE aught to give it a try to poke fun at the infamous Joe Chapelle in some way shape or form. I laughed when Michael stabbed Molly til she changed into a duck (Wether you're a Molly fan or not, ya gotta admit that's pretty damn funny!) I have to admit, I also thought it was a bit of a dark comedy, but it was funny and that's what matters. :)

My score: Two Skulls and three :):):)

#3 "Destiny of Michael Myers". This is quite a controversial, entertaining, vastly epic tale that covers just about ANY loose end from the Michael Myers Saga. J. Smith really went in depth with these characters. I still get choked up when I read Jamie's death scene. What grabbed about this horror story was not the terror of Thorn or Myers, but the horror that came from the harshness of reality, the horrors of being on the run, to have an entity chasing you across America like Thor did to Tommy and Kara. I was also shocked by the grittiness, the mature themes presented in the story, like John Tate's thoughts of suicide, Billy's drug use, etc. I was more horrified by Danny's involvement in a gang than I was of Michael chasing him. What I guess I find scary about this story is that there are people actually LIVING like this somewhere in the US, that there probably IS a gang of unwanted kids in Chicago trying to survive through drugs and prostitution. This story inspired me to try to be gritty with "Halloween: The Darkness and the Light". The ending was very emotional. Great characters, especially Kevin Myers with his inner turmoil and John Tate and Billy with their incredible friendship, and Tasha with her fear of an unknown future, etc.

My score: Four Skulls!!

#4 "The Sandman" by Jack McVee. I really like this concept, and I think he'll win for best non-Halloween villain in the next contest. The Monster is great, especially unique with his choice of weapons!! Ginny is an excellent heroine, and I also enjoyed how Jack takes several small moments in the story to make fun of celebrities and shrinks. The chase through the hospital is simply EXCELLENT!!!!

My score: Three and a half Skulls!!!

#5 The "Paul" series. I'm taking all of Jack's "Paul" stories and putting them in this review, because once again he has created a unique kind of monster. Sometimes, the monster hiding behind a pleasant "Father Knows Best" face is more horrifying than a decaying beast. "Paul" shows us an exagerrated but undeniable truth....that EVERYONE has a darkside, and that normal humans are capable of greater evil than any "Boogeyman". Julia is another incredible heroine created by Jack, overcoming great odds to survive. I ESPECIALLY liked "Deliver Us From Evil". It had a real kickass chase scene. It makes me look forward to the further adventures of Julia just like Kyle Strode!!

My score: Three and a half Skulls!!

#6 "Needful Things 2" by Wynn. A very good crossover that proves once again that the monster doesn't have to be an ugly Demon. A good cast of characrters set out to prove that regular people can be manipulated into commiting heinous acts.

My score: Three Skulls!!

#7 "Chainsaw Massacre: Bloodline" by Horror 5. VERY disturbing. It made me want to check out the actual movies, and all I can say is MY GOD!!! Very intense and demented kind of horror, and Horror 5 did a fine job of creating and duplicating that terror from the TCM films!!

My score: Two and a half Skulls!

#8 "A dark Comedy with Bright Colors" by Brando. An adventure that is best described as a real ACID TRIP!!! This is a story I could see being directed by David Lynch or some french existentialist!!! Bizarre fun, with its own twisting brand of comedy. I recently watched "The Doom Generation" and "Nowhere", and this story definitely fits into that style!!

My score: Two and a half Skulls!

#9 "True Nightmare" by Codebreaker and JH. Most of the credit goes to Codebreaker. I filled in the blanks to a story he created, but I'm proud of my work. Codebreaker did a good job with creating a "Halloween" atmosphere with good characters and action sequences. Sure, I may have gone "over the top" with the dueling Shakespeares and Cara's death scene, but it was a hoot!! Ya know what suprised me the most? I got a lot of responses from people who felt sad at Amanda's death scene, which goes to show even two dimensional characters can be likeable!! :):)

My Score: Three Skulls

#10 "A Very Paralell Halloween" by J. Smith. MUNDOO BIZARRO!! A story that provides an interesting Halloween twist. What if Michael were NORMAL but was stalked by his whole family!? A good story seen from Kara's perspective. An evil Dr. Loomis? A diabolical Laurie Strode? A ditzy Rachel Carruthers?? Anything's possible in this world of opposites!! If this story doesn't shock you, nuthin will! :)

My score: Two and a half Skulls!

#11 "Diary of a Cult: The Remake" by Joshua Davidson. I really like this concept. In the original, it was a bunch of excerpts in a diary. In the remake, there are a few more action sequences involving The Diary being found at an archeological sight, setting the stage with good atmosphere. I've gotten Davidson permission to do a version of this story. I've been working and fixing a few details, and it'll probably take a while, but I think "Diary of a Cult" has great possibilities. I very much would like to encourage Joshua to continue with his remake.

My score: Two Skulls!!

#12 "Halloween 8" by Silent Bob. I know this version was in the treatment section, and that SB has changed it a bit, But it was an enjoyable story with multiple endings. Good work with John's character!

My score: Two and a half Skulls!

There are so many more stories to talk about, but I'll stop here for the moment. Keep up the good work, everybody!!!



My review is for SMG's work on Halloween H2K: The Rage of Michael Myers, MWN20: 20 Years of Suffering In These Movies, and the Horror version of MTV'S The Real World.

First I will start with H2K: The Rage...This script was pretty good, although kinda short. It was somewhat corny (the end scene with Laurie & Jamie saying, "Do you think it was a coincidence?" John "What?" "That Michael fell on your mom's car") and confusing (why did Laurie kill herself, if Michael was unconscience, why not finish him off; this time she knew it was him). The beginning with Tommy and Kara went no where [although it could set up a sequal]). But there were good points too. I thought Celeste's chase scene was great, it should win "Best Chase Scene." The ending was good, it set it up for a sequal.

***1/2 (3 1/2) out of ***** (5)

Next is MWN20. This was quite funny, esp. the part with Molly getting her skin cut up so much revealing her duck self. Though short, it was funny and is a competitor for funniest spoof.

**** (4) out of ***** (5)

MTV's The Real World Horror Version was a very clever idea. It was put together rather well. Another funny script it was very kool. This should definately be right up there with other top funny scripts. So overall, SMG is a pretty good newbie!

****1/2 (4 1/2) stars outta ***** (5)

Gellar 4Ever


* - Bad

** - So so

*** - good

**** - Very good

*****- Excellent

First there's Halloween 5: A New Evil by Dusty Fincher

This is my favorite story on the whole site. I thought it was great. It had great dialogue, great charcters, and tension buildup. I highly recommend this to other readers. Great job, Dusty. *****

> Halloween '98: The Last Night HE Came Home by Sidney Prescott_98

This was an exceptionally well story that introduces a new charcter, Kyle Strode. It was a pretty good idea. This story wasn't boring at all, and kept you interest. But I still wonder- How is Kyle Strode related to Michael? Why would Michael want to kill someone who isn't blood-related? Anyways, it was still a good idea. Great work, Sid. *** and 1/2

My Worst Nightmare by Dusty Fincher

This was a really funny story. I thought how Dusty gets trapped in H6 was brilliant. Other readers must agree with me, since there's quite a lot of sequels. Another good story, Dusty. *** and 1/2

My Worst Nightmare 2: The Revenge of Joe Chapelle by Sidney_Prescott98

Another good and funny story. This one answered a few questions about the first one. I like how Sidney was transformed to Rachel Corruthers. Great job, Sid. *** and 1/2.

I Know Bla Bla Bla by J. Smith

I think this is the funniest spoof on this site. It was hilarious, that's just all I can say about it. I HIGHLY recommend this to readers. *****

That's all for now, I will send other reviews for Halloween 3: The Fury of Michael Myers, Halloween 4: The Untold Story and Halloween 6 1/2: The Lord of The Dance.......I mean Dead.


Review for Wes Craven's New Legend by J. Smith

I thought it was okay.The exploding head bit,though borders on the edge of ludicrious.In the first part we are introduced to Danielle,Zachary Ty,and Rebecca Gayheart-one of which'll probably die in part two.The death scene at the beginning feels a bit rushed,almost "tacked on". Still,the whole premise is quite intresting,and some of the characters prove charming,and even a little funny.


Hannibal Lecter

Lord of the Dead by Nathan Nosalik

One of the First stories put up on this site and still one of the best. This script is all about atmosphere. If there's one thing I REALLY love in a horror story, it's a creepy atmosphere. The other is characters you can believe, which this has too. I'm not too big on the movie "Halloween 6" (as you can tell in My Worst Nightmare :), but fan fiction is another thing all together. This is a creepy, entertaining script in the Halloween tradition.

Nightmare's Reality by Code Breaker

One of the more original stories I have come by on the site. Code Breaker has a way of making his characters realistic, with three dimensions. The script takes a great idea and throws in some good scares for a great story.

Halloween: Revival by JH

This story is what Fan Fiction is all about. You take out all boundries from your imagination and you can craft a story like this. If this was the next real "Halloween" movie to be put in theaters, many, if not all, would cry foul. But as a fanfic, it has all fans really want in a story. Great storytelling with an out there plot, the characters and their feeling is what puts this one over the top and it's evident that I'm not the only one who feels this way, seeing as how it won Best Overall Fanfic on the Halloweeny Awards.

True Nightmare by Code Breaker and JH

Yet another great "what fanfic is all about" stories! The plot is all Code Breaker, and you can see the JH touch all over the dialoge. What a great combination! Code takes his Nightmare's Reality idea and takes it one further by inserting HIMSELF in a Halloween story. With a great villian, and an all around great premise and story this story takes itself near the top of my favorite stories list.

The Destiny of Michael Myers by J. Smith

Probably one of the most well written pieces of fan fiction I've ever read. The characters are top notch and you care for them. All you Halloween 6 and Thorn haters (I myself am in this group), get over it for the duration of this truly great story. You can tell J. Smith put a lot of time and effort to make a very intriuging multilayered plot and make it all make sense at the end. Check it out. It's worth it.

A Very Parallel Halloween by J. Smith

Yet another of my favorite "what fanfiction is all about" stories. One gang is against the other with Michael Myers as a GOOD GUY! Now that's one of the wierdest moves I've ever seen and I love it! See Michael walk, talk and have feelings in this weird dream world as you'll see the all your fav Halloween Characters take on roles you'd NEVER think you'd see.

Clown Cops: By JH

Who woulda thought that two goofy characters from one of the more hated Halloween movies could make such an entertaining series? Well, apparently JH did and we can all be thankful! Funny funny funny! That's all I ask for in a spoof and this one delivers big time.

My Worst Nightmare Series by Various Authors

Little did I know that a spoof I wrote as a lark for a message board would turn itself into a full fledged franchise. New layers keep getting added with each story. The first was a mystery of how I was trapped in H6. The second told us it was Joe Chappele (the CAD!) It got even funnier when Chappelle started trapping people into movies they actually liked (what a moroon!) And while mine was the first, there were several that I think surpassed it in humor, action and pure entertainment value. If ya need a laugh, check out the whole series. With all the authors that did one, you're sure to find at least one that's funny :)

Big Trouble in Little Haddonfield by JH

Aha! Good ol' Jack Burton, one of my favorite characters of all time, comes to Haddonfield. This story captures the fun that was BT in Little China perfectly to a T! I can picture Jack saying and reacting the way he does in this story. What we have here is a quirky, funny, action filled adventure story for all ages and sizes. Man, what a fun story.

Urban Legend 2 By JH

A new twist on a familiar movie (I'm one of the three people in the U.S. that liked it, thank you very much). This was just fun, because it shows you another scenario that could have happened as opposed to what we saw in the original film. Very interesting concept and perfect as Urban Legends tend to get mixed up in the retellings. And the best part: He's gonna have an Actual part 2!

Wes Craven's New Legend by J. Smith

I loved Wes Craven's New Nightmare. Code Breaker's Nightmare's Reality was in this same vein. These kind of stories are just always cool to see and this one is no less interesting. It focuses on Danielle Harris and what happens when an Urban Legend killer starts stalking her in real life. But there's something odd about this killer. What is it? I dunno, we'll just have to wait until the stories finished to find out I guess. I, for one, can't wait.

Scream 3: Welcome to the Final Act: By Jack McVee

What a great idea! Fashion a Scream story and instead of having the same old characters back, add Halloween Fan Fic Board members and authors to the mix. A great recipe for fun! Thanks for giving us this, Jack, it was really fun. Anxiously awaiting the rest of the Scream 4 story!

Jaws 5: Undertow By Cody Hamman

I've been a HUGE Jaws fan since I was little. It has been the one movie that TRULY scared me. Now, any Jaws fiction, I'm willing to read, but when it's as close to the original movies feel as this one is, now that's an added bonus! Some great new characters and a couple of returning ones from the movie with an interesting love plot to tie them together. What can I say, I love the characters in this story, and that's usually enough to make me love a story, but since it's JAWS, I love it even more. Can't wait to read the last part, Cody!


Hi I am the watcher and these are my opinions on some of the scripts that this site offers.

( Rating System 1,2,3,4,5 )

October 31st the Harvest by Jimbo Jones is a fine script to say the very least. It featured alot of original carictors wich is something I like to see in Halloween Fan Fics and it also had a very detailed Story line. I bealive this script also staid close to the Michael Myers charictor. I give October 31st a 5.

Halloween h2k evil never dies is another script that I enjoyed reading. With a little touch up work I think this script could be made into a real Halloween Movie. I give it a 3.

Halloween : True Nightmare is another fine script and I think the reason behind that is because it is made by the two best horror writers on the whole website JH and Code Breaker. I enjoyed the way that JH and Code Breaker molded there two styles together to make a fun and very enjoyable script. my hats off to Code Breaker and JH. 4

The Real World Haddonfield is a script that I think didnt live up to its full potential. I think this script could have been one of the funniest all time spoofs but was simply to short. However what SMG did have in the spoof was well done and exelent. Mabey someday SMG could do this script again and make it longer. 1

CLOWN COPS is the script in wich I think JH proved that not only can he write Horror scripts with the best of them but he can be funny in a script as well. 4

Halloween Revival this is what horror scripts are all about. This is JH's best work and I am very pleased with what he did in this script. The only thing about this however that I didnt like was the lack of Michael Myers. Call me crazy but I dont think Michael Myers himself was on screen enough in the movie. I do however like the fact that Halloweens 4-6 where tied into this movie and Jon got to finaly meat his Neice . I give it a 4 3/4

Ceberouse. This movie is the first Screen Play attempt of TB and I think he wasnt bad for a first timer. THis movie had its ups and downs. First off I didnt like the fact that Ceberouse the killer in the story was controlled by the mayor of this town and I was pleased to see that Ceberouse eventualy lashed out at the mayor. I also was surprised by the end of the movie in wich the main charictor Tim learned Ceberouse was his uncle. This Movie also had an intresting referance to Friday the 13th in the name of the town "Voorhees" 3 1/2

Jason escapes from hell: Pinhead vs Jason is a decent script that like the Real World Haddonfield didnt get to see its full potential. I think this script could have been one of the best on the site if it had only been longer and explained what happend to Jason inbetween battles. This was more of a short Story and not a script. However when Cameron did have events take place in the story they where very enjoyable and very detailed. 2

Ceberouse 2: The Second installment in TB's Ceberouse series is the best installment in TB's Ceberouse series. In this script you realy See TB grow as a writer. Now one of the things that confused me throughout the whole story was, if Ceberouse got shot to death at the end of the Ceberouse Series then how did he return? well at the fantastic ending of the movie it was revealed that Tim the main character from the original movie had now dawned the mask much like Tommy Jarvas did at the end of Friday the 13th 5. 4 1/2

Ceberouse 3: One thing I like about TB is that he toys with your mind then hits you with somthing that you totaly dont expect. I mean look at the endings of Ceberouse 1 and 2. Did you expect any of that to happen? Well TB did it again in Ceberouse 3. Not only did Ceberouse 3 have some ligitimately Scary parts like the whole backyard Weedwacker thing and the whole thing with Mrs.Barento and the fence but Ceberouse 3 also had another Surprise ending wich left the door for a Sequal open. 4

The Watcher

Hey there, kiddies. Here’s my first set of reviews. Only three, but who cares. I’ll get some more together later…


By J. Smith

This is definitely one of the best spoofs on the site, following Julie James and her hopelessly stupid friends as they are iced off in a closed shopping mall. It doesn’t really take itself seriously at all, which adds even more to the hilarity. It’s funny, short, and worth your time.

3.0 out of 5.0


By Cody Hamman

The very beginning of the script is foreboding and atmospheric, leading into a very tension-filled sequence in which things rapidly transform from normal to nightmarish. The opening also clues you into the killers’ ruthlessness in an effective way. Next you meet the cast that you automatically know are screwed, and you can feel how vulnerable they are out of their usual environment. The good and realistic dialogue helps to characterize them. Otherwise they are a little flat, which is the case for a lot of scripts. Anyway, on to the action. The story was really quick-paced with intense chase sequences that put you in it. It was also very entertaining, especially the cannibalistic family that is violent, ironic, and downright bizarre. At one point (after you realize that they are all completely insane) one of the family members comments about a relative they killed who was “too weird for this family”. Cody’s formatting also deserves to be mentioned. I think he was basically trying to recreate the feel of the films and definitely succeeded.

4.0 out of 5.0


By Daniel Strickland/Codebreaker

Firstly, the few and minor problems with the script: The subplot with the cops might have slowed it down a little, and the second half kind of seemed rushed. But that’s pretty much where the flaws stop. THE REPORT is often bizarre and shocking, which adds quite a bit of credibility to it and the author. The two main characters, Mary (the killer), and Larry (the interviewer), both hold your interest with smart, realistic dialogue and somewhat unpredictable behavior. You’re torn between what to think of Mary, almost forgetting that she’s a serial killer…until she acts out on an unsuspecting family. The plot is simple, but still original and creatively executed with a disturbing atmosphere and some good comedy bits, mainly by Mary. The script is definitely worthy of your attention.

4.5 out of 5.0

--ScreameR 9

Once Again it is I the WATCHER rating the site's best from 1 to 5. I was bored and I decided to rate 4 of the scripts I read recentaly.

Halloween: The Destiny Of MIchael Myers by J.Smith

This script is what fan fiction is all about . This script completely took Fan Fiction to another level and I have to give J.Smith Madd props for doing so. She not only recreated the whole Halloween aspect but made up her own facts about Myers and gave even more information behind the whole THORN cult. The only thing I didnt like about this movie was the ending. I think J.Smith could have picked a better death for Myers then to get shot. Although the ending is bellow average the rest of the movie makes up for it and I realy enjoyed reading it and I also loved the way this movie used Danny Strode. ( 5 )

Ceberouse 4: the End of an Era By TB

The Finale enstallment in the Ceberouse series was the best . Not only was it brutal and gory but had some great death scenes and a good story line. This movie tied in very good with the first 3 ceberouse movies and I totaly loved the Fact that Ceberouse got away at the end. TB says this is the last ceberouse but I think he will make more. Thats probaly why he let Montego live. ( 4 1/2)

Monoco:Blood And Everything by BUG

Short but Not Bad. I liked the atmosphere that Bug was trying to create in this Fan Fic. I enjoyed it but Like I said I thought It could have been longer. The Sequal should be good and I am intrested to see how they use Frank, Ahsley, and Billy in it. This Movie had some good death scenes. ( 3 )

Halloween 6 1/2: The Lord of the Dead by Nathan D. Nosalik

I think this script was realy good in the beggining but I sort of lost intrest in it at the end. It was pritty scary and there where a few points in the Script where I couldnt get my eyes of the computer screen. All and All not a bad script. Deserves props. ( 3 2/3)

First story I'm reveiwing is the Paul series.


excellent! loved the entire series. you should make a number four.


another really good story. it takes a while for it to get going but once it does, it's terrific. i read the trailer for number 2 and it looks like it's going to be awsome.

that's all for now.



By Jeff Long

One of the best factors of this story is definitely the setting, a new and seemingly cold high-tech school, and the atmosphere generated by it. They give the story an edge, but the rest of it isn’t much different from your average horror movie. It’s got the barely there plot and a few too many clichés, but it’s still a good read if you’ve got some time to kill (no pun intended).

2.0 out of 5.0


By Jeff Long

Looking for a sequel that surpasses the original? This one should be considered. The plot, like most horror movies, is basically a rehash of the first installment. But SCHOOL DAY 2 takes it up a notch with various cool deaths, including two scenes in a swimming pool and library. Another nice factor that deserves to be mentioned is the high body count. I’m definitely interested in seeing how this series develops.

2.5 out of 5.0


By Dan Kingston

As the title suggests, this is your standard horror flick that with a few slight twists in the plot that I won’t spoil now, as they would take a while to explain. Anyway, the setup is: A film class is assigned to go to a place called Camp Acorn Groove for the weekend where they must watch a ton of scary movies and write a report on them. So the very, very hormonal students go to the camp and proceed to talk about the horror genre (and the sex acts they’re looking forward to). This, of course, all changes when they are knocked off by a killer wearing a clown mask who has a sick infatuation with slow and creative deaths. It was a little too clichéd and I thought the killer was somewhat obvious, but it’s still a fun SPLATTER story with some cool death sequences.

2.5 out of 5.0



It starts out good enough, getting the point across that serial killer Ceberouse is a force to be reckoned with. As the story progresses and Ceberouse plows through his victims without a cause, you can kind of feel how fearful the people of Voorhees are of him. The dialogue was all right but a little fake at times, and some of the characters weren’t too bright either. The very high death count is a redeeming quality though, and should hold your interest.

2.0 out of 5.0



The storyline with Jamie, John, and Laurie uniting has potential, and would be greatly improved if it were explained more clearly. The scenes with Tommy and Kara were improbable and ended up going pretty much nowhere. But on the finer side, the deaths were decently carried out, and the ending was cool, possibly setting up for a sequel.

3.0 out of 5.0


By Project X

NIGHT OF EVIL starts out with a gripping opening, leading into a very suspenseful, atmospheric, and realistic story. The characters are developed well and are given smart dialogue, making them likable. Project X also gives excellent detail to this story, contributing to the atmosphere and realism of the characters. One very minor complaint would be the very ending that felt slightly tacked-on, but without it, I’m sure the story would have sounded less original so it’s probably a good thing. Overall, this would make a great Halloween movie and a fun read for any fan of the films.

4.5 out of 5.0

--ScreameR 9

The Report (by Codebreaker)

This story is simply EXCELLENT!!! A five skull rating for the sheer complexity of the plot and characters. Mary is an excellent, multi-dimensional killer with incredible depth to her humanity and her darkside. Her relation with Larry is a rollercoaster ride of great chemistry.

Plus, great chemistry with supporting players Bobby and GW, two cops with as much vulnerable detail as Larry and Mary. I simply cannot say too much more about this. It is an excellent tale of a cold blooded killer with a life away from the knife, a twisted tale where the audience can be sympathetic and horrified simoultaneously with her. What amazes me is that I can have more sympathy for her than Larry who is supposedly more of a victim in this story. Their relationship is twisted, yet we cannot turn away from it.

Excellent job.


Review for

Hellraiser: Resurrection

by Scarecrow Cenobite

One of the types of horror stories that always freaks me out are the "Hellraiser" movies. It's one thing to watch a slasher movie, laugh, write stories, picture ourselves in the hero's shoes. I would be reluctant, however, to ever picture myself in a Hellraiser situation. Most scary stories deal with immediate terror, etc. The Hellraiser Universe deals with the visions of eternal horror.

Scarecrow has expanded on this universe with his own look into "The Politics of Hell". Behemoth vs Leviathan. Two dark horrors in a civil war, with innocent souls caught in the middle. The imagery of the big showdown was fantastic!!! And the characters were very well done, especially the evil ones. I could see glimpses of humanity in the cenobites, almost pitying them as lost souls who accepted their fate.

I also liked the two warring philosophies. The Cenobites dwelt on the pleasures of pain, while the cultists of Behemoth thought that fear was the ultimate power.

The ending suprised me, though it was appropriately inevitable. Like I said, I could never willingly picture myself in the hero's shoes. The dread I felt reading this story is a testament to its effectiveness. It's one thing to be chased by a knife welding maniac. It's quite a new level of terror to be trapped in a dimension of pain, to be the plaything of dark eternal creatures!!

If there is a sequal in the works for this, I certainly look forward to it!! It is an excellent story! I'd give it six skulls if my rating system went that far!!


Review of "709"

by Project X

This is a tremendous tale of paranoia and suspense revolving around a stretch of road with a terrible history. The suspense and levels of gore in this story are fantastic, and will, IMO, rival those likely to be seen in the new "Hannibal" movie. Barry is a good lead character, and the killer is quite demented. Without the extra Epilogue, this is a terrifying tale. The epilogue adds a little more dimension, a sort of "mini-sequal", giving an extra plot twist just to unbalance the reader's assurance that all is wrapped up predictably.

Probably the only criticism I could give the story is:

1) The characters do the dumb thing of getting seperated, but they rationalized it in ways most "movie teen victims" could never do.

2) I picked up on the one clue that revealed the ID of the killer, but it was just a theory until the killer was revealed. It was a real subtle clue, and, like I said, the epilogue unbalanced me enough so I could not just predict what would happen next.

3) The character of Betty sort of disappeared at the end. The epilogue left me asking questions, but then sometimes a good horror story should do that. If all the answers were made clear, it wouldn't be as enjoyable. I've seen many good slasher films that did NOT set up for a sequal, but left enough mystery that the audience had to use defer to their own imaginations to solve the remaining puzzling questions.

All in all, a good, suspenseful story that nearly left me wondering who was the killer, and who would fall under the knife next!! I didn't mind the gore, though I must admit it was pretty graphic. Not exactly your run of the mill slasher.

Three skulls. :):)

Review of:

System of a Down

by Jon Burleson

The story struck me as being quite an action thriller. Great cliffhanger at the end, with a brutal villain (Jamie). Serj, our hero, lives life with enough human weakness to make him a more enjoyable character. If there was one thing I always hated about movie character heroes, it was when they were so sure of themselves and had solutions to problems because the script said so. Serj has solutions because of past experiences(and tragedies) against the cult, yet was still scared enough to feel the conflict of trying to fight the cult.

A good build up, with a good climactic battle. I give it Two and a half skulls. :)


School Day 2- Two and a half skulls for this continuing adventure of the Grim Reaper. Some very ingenius ways to kill have popped up, including a deadly toilet seat. Jeff and Allison find themselves back in the clutches of the scyther himself, the imfamous Dillon! Excellent bodycount, a suspenseful chase in a new school setting, though ending sets up for sequal (not necessarily a bad thing) This is a great story for those of us looking for a good old fashioned bloodbath!!

School Day 3- Two and a half skulls, for new adventures for Jeff the hero, new ways to kill, and several plot twists near the end, including a complete suprise as to who survives. Another gruesome body count and a scene with dueling Grim Reapers!! (I won't explain what happens, you'll have to read it for yourself). The end still catches me by suprise, and it makes me wonder how School Day 4 will be.

Slash- Another good thrill chase that keeps ya guessing the ID of the killer. Interesting motif for the killer (goblin costume) and I liked the way the scares were set up with cryptic notes. Good climactic ending near the cliff! Two and a half skulls

Keep up the good work. The writer claims to have written several more sequals, and I'm curious to see how these will go!



SCHOOL DAY - by Jeff Long

“Write what you know” is probably the phrase that triggered Jeff Long’s “School Day”. The reason I’m saying this is because the situation is very realistic (sans the killing). I am willing to bet that at least some of these characters and their traits are based off of actual people, including Jeff. Jeff is our hero in this macabre, fast paced story about a killer who strikes in an empty school during a snowstorm. I think something that hooked me in from the get-go was that I could relate to a lot of the situations. I remember in my freshman year of high school the meaningless conversations and threats of social upheaval. Jeff uses this element very well in this story, especially with the dialog. The technicalities aren’t as well set up as the entertainment value, and I think that’s something that could improve on, but overall I really enjoyed it! It was something that when I first read it, I couldn’t stop reading. Albeit, it was predictable, but paced so well that before you could say “Attack of the Pre-teen Menace” the Grim Reaper has struck again. I didn’t find it hard to adjust to the lack of description in the story, because I just pictured my high school with the necessary adjustments - yet another element that Jeff pulls off (though I’m not sure if it was intentional or not). I think Jeff’s greatest accomplishment at the end of the story is that you will look forward to reading School Day 2.

NIGHTMARE ON ELM ST - DREAK SEEKER Prologue - by Breanan Stewart

Very interesting! Very dark. I liked how the set up was very layered, like a painting. He introduces to us the subject then adds to it. Set up: pretty straight forward - a teen driving. There was a nice mini-setup to Krueger himself (some exposition then the manifestation of the character himself), also appreciated! I can see this prologue serving as a template for the rest of the story, with the setup and revalation. Brennan Stewart is a talented writer with good craft. I can’t wait to read the rest. Oh! Creepy ending!!