School Day 5~ I'll say this much. Each of these School Day stories get more and more creative, outrageous, and make Jason Vorhees look like an amatuer. This time, the next generation of victims (Lisa and Sheldon) go up against the scythe. Carpenter once created (accidentally) the notion that "Sex kills". IMHO, this series has created something similiar. "Going to the Bathroom kills". Ya notice, in almost all of the SD stories, the person taking a whizz gets hacked (In this case, Ellie the major witch of the cast)

But, as far fetched as some of the story gets, it never fails to suprise and come up with new angles on the "Grim Reaper" killer. I won't give anything away, but there is a GREAT resurrection of an old character. Not since Jason got struck by lightning has there been a more wild and crazy reason to bring back a familiar face

My score: 3 skulls

PUSH~ Now HERE's a twisted tale!! Bizarre, surreal, repugnant, yet like a car wreck it causes you to read on to find out how it ends. Reminded me of the warped killer in "The Cell". Pierce is a twisted serial killer with a weird relation ship with his sidekick, Carly, and all his victims. I wondered what would happen to Kathryn, but I also knew that the story was probably destined to end the way it did. Excellent use of the atmosphere, very in-depth characters. Pierce will not be long forgotten after you read his shocking adventures.

My Score: 4 skulls

Invisible Killer~ Very unique premise. A father and son go on a camping trip, only to find themselves and others stalked by a vicious unseen force. It'll suprise you to find out who (or what) is doing all the killing. Excellent scenes of gore and violence, and a climactic chase to keep you on the edge. Can't say much more without giving things away. Read and judge for yourself. Only real flaw: The characters make some bad decisions about dealing with the problem, but you'll find that in nearly any Horror movie.

My Score: 3 Skulls

Scream 4: Return to Woodsboro~A fascinating direction is taken with this Scream version. The Ghostface is back, terrorizing the next generation of Woodsboro citizens, especially Sidney's Daughter Maureen. Lots of clues, plenty of action, very good characters. The ending is a fantastic plot twist to end all plot twists. I wondered at certain points about how the killer could pull off some stunts, but the ending made it very clear. Sidney doesn't do as much, since the story revolves more around Maureen, but that is a minor detail. The people are well written, and the story is excellent

My Score: 5 Skulls

Friday 13th X~ I have to say that this has been quite an engrossing story, one that TB has been sending little snippets to me for the past month or so. Yet another fun filled adventure involving Jason Vorhees. The story plays out like a classic, traditional slasher, bringing back Tommy Jarvis to confront his old nemesis one last time. There are a few plot twists as well, and a scene where Jason SPEAKS!! Great death scenes, good characters, and a shocking ending that makes me wonder if TB is going to resolve it with part XI.......

I think it's pretty neat how this story continues the saga of Tommy Jarvis, who is not always given the same attention as Sidney Prescott, Laurie Strode, Nancy Thompson, etc. He is a horror icon like the others, and, IMO, one of the better developed heroes in a horror franchise. A good story with good characters

My Score: 4 Skulls

Diabolik II: The Coco Nut Monkey~ Anyone who's seen the MST3K episode "Diabolik" will understand this one. A funny parody sequal where the Master Thief escapes death traps and the law through sheer luck. Good goofy stuff from Josh Davidson.

My Score: 3 Skulls

The Sun Also Sets In Haddonfield~ J Smith took the Halloween Universe (Minus Michael) and creates quite an interesting tongue-in-cheek soap opera. Good humor, and interesting developements with the Halloween characters who no longer fear the boogeyman. Laurie is quite a shock, very different from her days as a goody two shoes teen, very manipulative and vicious. Her search for fame knows no bounds. Even Kara is viciously competative. Another plot involves Brady and Dimonico trying to break up Rachel and Onward. Guest appearances by an assortment interesting characters. What makes this so compelling is that, despite the humor, the story shows an ugly reality, with shallow people trying to pretend that the world is shiny and clean. Jamie Lloyd seems to be the only sensible character, yet nobody listens to her reasoning. I think you will especially get a kick out of the trio of Rebecca Gayheart characters. It'll be very interesting to see how this turns out.

My Score: 5 Skulls

Sean Cunningham's New Friday~ Another J Smith story, this one's a parody of "New Nightmare". The subject of this "movie-becomes-reality" tale is Adrienne King, heroine of the first Friday 13th. Good crazy fun, with an assortment of crazy characters (including the diabolical TINA!!!). The only thing that worried me about this story was some of the controversial sex scenes, but they too are played up with humor, and I haven't heard anyone at the site comment about them, so I am at ease. A good story with a lot of fun moments.

My Score: 4 Skulls


A Review by Scarecrow for

School Day

By Jeff Long

I had heard a lot about this series so I was intrigued to read it. When I finally got around to it I found it a very fast paced and gripping tale. Description isn’t too important; the setting is a place we all have been to, school and we can imagine it to suit our backgrounds. Perhaps it would have made a better script but that’s a minor quibble. The story itself is excellent with many characters seeming just like people I know! The Grim Reaper was a great idea and comes off with some good kills though they do get a bit repetitive towards the end. With tighter writing, more deaths and greater plot emphasis this would have got top marks. As it is I give it a rating of Three Hooks out of Five.


Halloween 7: The Night of Thorn

Here's an interesting sequal, taking place on the same night as H6. Shortly after escaping Smith's Grove, Kara and Tommy find themselves being chased by Michael. The character of Lonnie returns as a police officer. Good scares at the police station and at the Myers house. A new Thorn Leader comes into play, but the identity of this new leader I shall remain mum about so you can be suprised for yourself. The story continues heavily into the Thorn storyline. The only thing that I thought could've been better was the confrontation between Tommy and the Thorn Leader (The conversation sort of lasts a little long, but every detail is made clear). Good story, with good chase scenes. Good chemistry with Tommy and Kara.

Three Skulls

Haddonfield Hallow II

The story starts out with the shocking suicide of a semi-familiar Halloween character. The rest of it deals with Laura, the heroine who must cope with old family struggles and the shock that her dad will be marrying Laurie Strode. Good story, and characters are well developed. Fantastic climactic fight.

Three Skulls

The Necrophelia of Michael Myers

Now HERE is yet another bizarre treat from Brando, whose off the wall humor always suprises me. I enjoyed this story a lot, though I gave it two and a half skulls only because of some of the twisted bizarre subject matter (The title says it all and THEN some!) I never knew Crispin Glover could be so bizarre!!! You might like it, or you might find it too wierd.

Two and a Half Skulls

Halloween 5: The Evil Within

An excellent recounting of the last moments of Halloween 4. I gave it two skulls only because it was a brief descriptive moment covering the final attack on Rachel and Jamie in the truck. There will probably be more to come with this, so I am more than ready to change my rating for this to something better :)

Two Skulls

Halloween 8 by Robbie Red 666

An excellent start up that continues the saga three years after H2O. It's a bit brief, and the author will likely have more added to it later, but I thought it had a great chase scene between Laurie and someone dressed like Michael Myers. Is it the REAL Myers? Or someone with something to gain by attacking Laurie? Read it, and come up with your own theory!

Two and a half Skulls


A Review by Scarecrow for

Scream 4: return to Woodsboro

By 666

I just finished this script and can I say no piece on this site has surprised me more! Though the build up is fairly slow when it gets going the pace just keeps on increasing. There are more twists and turns than even I had imagined and your never quite sure who’s gonna be next for the chop.

I was a bit put down by (spoiler removed) but it made sense to the plot. Also there were few deaths until the finale. But these are minor quibbles from me and I think that in the end it was very good. The point was to entertain and surprise; two things it does excellently. So in the end I’ll give it an excellent Four Hooks out of Five.

A Review by Scarecrow for

Halloween: Legend of Michael Myers

By screamer009

This Halloween script is yet another fan version of Halloween 8. As with many of these scripts it ties elements from through out the series and attempts to explain some of the more obvious continuity errors. These are not criticisms, just establishing the type of story you can expect.

The start of the tale is very well written; there is a lot of tension and though you don’t get to know them too well you do feel sad at the demise of the Doctor and Nurse. Yes, Michael Myers is back and he wastes no time in upping the body count; this script has some impressive kills and Michael really does shine. Laurie Strode also returns fearing her brother may not be dead after all upon hearing the news of the murders. She speculates that the person she decapitated was not Myers which is where I found the story lacking. It gives no real explanation as too it was in H20, if not Myers, and as too where Michael has been all this time. It’s a small point yet one what leaves the reader feeling slightly cheated.

Still, the script is very well written and does have enough tension to keep you reading. The characters that die come as a shock and you’re on the edge of your seat wondering you will get the chop next. This is one of the better H8 scripts I have read and overall gets a score of Four Hooks.

A Review by Scarecrow for

School Day 2

By Jeff Long

The Grim Reaper is back! And as with most sequels it is basically a rehash of the original. With reasons for the murders given before the killer need not worry about motive and neither should you. Just sit back and read as a much older Jeff is once again hunted down after writing a sequel to his original horror story. The kills are a lot better with some quite fun ones thrown into the mix and the tension is higher than before. Still, it seems lacking in some respects and is too like the original to go up a grade. But as Three Hooks it is still excellent and the cliffhanger ending leaves you waiting for the inevitable School Day 3.


4 REVIEWS FROM SCREAMER009: School Day 3-5, Scarecrow’s Legacy of MM


By Jeff Long

This series is turning into the “Friday the 13th” of the site, with a constant variety of deaths, resourceful gory details, and some excellent action sequences. I enjoyed the references to the story’s two predecessors, and also the setup of the victims—er, characters—having to stay behind at the camp. On the critical side, a few clichés are present, and I think the author should spend a little more time on editing—it gives the story more credibility. Like any horror story, a couple of the characters were utterly stupid: They run away to the highway, and when no cars stop for them, they run back to the camp where the killer is waiting. I guess I don’t have to tell you what happened to them but they deserved it. The story is pretty on par with SCHOOL DAY 2, and is a fun addition to the series.

2.5 out of 5.0


By Jeff Long

In a nutshell, SCHOOL DAY 4 is a bunch of people getting killed off one by one in a news broadcasting building, an interesting setting that had the same cold atmosphere the original did. First a few things that didn’t work: It had the exact same formula as the past entries. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it makes the story predictable. I strongly recommend using more character development. I know it’s usually weak in all slashers, but the reader doesn’t care who dies and who lives. Now what did work: Even though the setup is getting repetitive, I still really like how the Grim Reaper stalks all his victims and gives them fresh, gruesome deaths. I also enjoyed the new elements of paranoia between the characters, which wasn’t really used in the first three stories. The scenes interspersing is also nice, making things more suspenseful, and it was cool how it coincided with SCHOOL DAY 3. All in all, it wasn’t the bad entry you might expect a third sequel to be. It offers more of the same that makes the series so fun to read, but it would be nice to have a wider range of plot, characters, etc. and not be so by-the-book.

2.5 out of 5.0


By Jeff Long

Taking place in the same location as the first SCHOOL DAY, this story is pretty decent and I can definitely see the author’s writing developing. The violent deaths are still intact, as well as the dark atmosphere. There’s some more character development this time around, and there are a few plot twists too (some justified while others aren’t). Some parts of the story are way too rushed, and the editing is lacking. Overall, I enjoyed the latest effort in the series, but the author might want to take it up a notch.

2.5 out of 5.0


By Scarecrow Cenobite

This story takes on a different direction from popular Halloween tradition, a risk that can truly make a story original or one that can defile an established theme. And while LEGACY OF MICHAEL MYERS has some appealing new plot ideas, it delivers them in somewhat of a flawed style. The script is short, which is a good quality as long as it doesn’t hurt the story’s delivery. But for the most part it does—major plot twists are carried out in a few sentences, cardboard cutout characters are introduced and dispatched, and some points are flat out damn confusing. The script could have used some more descriptions that are drawn out so it doesn’t seem like it’s just going through the motions. It also takes away from the potential atmosphere and suspense the story could have, as well as the setup for a good mystery. On the plus side, the dialogue is carried out very lively and interestingly, I liked the idea of having more than one villain, and the script has an excellent cliffhanger ending! Overall, the delivery of new plot points was cool but flawed, and my advice for the sequel is to just slow things down and draw them out a little more.

2.5 out of 5.0


A Review by Scarecrow for

School Day 3

By Jeff Long

You’ve done the original, part two was basically a remake so when it comes to 3 you have to do something different. So this time an older Jeff and Ryan are now teachers who, along with their students have gone to a summer camp; the set up is complete and the carnage can begin! There is slightly more description than before, something that benefits the story, and the deaths are getting more creative. The Grim Reaper is beginning to become Jason-like in his use of props in order to pull off some creative kills. On the down side the characters don’t seem as real and aren’t portrayed as well as usual and you don’t care too much for there fates.

Also the Grim Reaper, as most horror killers eventually do, is becoming less human. He survived the battering at the end of Part2 and here he takes a lot of punishment too. Still its nice to read that his costume is still half burnt from the bomb; the little touches help you enjoy it. In the end this is at least equal to School Day 2 and so deserves its score of Three Hooks out of Five.

Oh and by the way, look out for the really cool bit with duelling Grim Reapers! It rocks!

A Review by Scarecrow for

School Day 4: Career Day

By Jeff Long

School Day is now officially a franchise! A fourth story and the Grim Reaper is still cutting his way through a path of bodies and this time he attacks a TV station where Allison (School Day 1 & 2) works; a good idea, a shame then that this is the weakest so far. Its not that the writing is any less good but things are beginning to become cliched and you feel you’ve read it all before. I’d like to emphasise it isn’t a bad story but if you’ve read the previous three there is nothing new here.

I don’t want to sound too negative, I really enjoy this series but I have to be honest with my views, if there is to be another story then some fresh blood is needed. On the plus side the description is still improving and at least we have returned to the task of having to guess the killers identity. So, though it scores Two Hooks out of Five I have high hopes that the next one will redeem the series.

A Review by Scarecrow for

School Day 5: School’s Out

By Jeff Long

It is ironic after my negative reaction to School Day 4 that the next sequel should only prove to be far superior but in fact turn out to be the best yet in the series! Throughout this series Jeff has shone his improving writing skills and with this story he does his best yet. It is filled with twice as much description as most other School Day stories and really sets the scenes well.

The story returns, as all horror franchises usually do, to the location (in this case the school) where the first one was set this time with a new generation of potential victims. Once again we get to know the characters and feel worried for their safety; this increases the tension as we wonder who will survive till the end.

Of course I can’t review a School Day story without mentioning the Grim Reaper. The killer is put to excellent use in this chapter, he doesn’t appear for a while as the character build up, and when he does he simply stands and watches. Not until about a third in does he claim his first victim who is a character we have come to care about in there few appearances. The kills are well described and there are some interesting one sin the mix. Also, following the last two films we are once again forced to try and guess the Reapers identity as well as how many of them will appear this time.

In the end it is well written and well presented. As with the other School Days it perhaps uses a few too many cliches but is still an excellent read. If you have read no other of this series at least read this one. It is truly Jeff’s best piece yet and as such deserves its Four Hooks out of Five.


2 REVIEWS FROM SCREAMER009: The Boogeyman and follow-up 101


By Dan Kingston

This story is a great tribute to a variety of horror films, while at the same time offers the reader an appealing scary thriller complete with some nice plot twists, suspenseful death sequences, and four, count ‘em FOUR, different endings. The central storyline follows a group of teenagers trying to figure out who is under the Boogeyman’s mask, and why they are killing off their friends. In the process, we get to learn more about a few of the teenagers. For the most part they’ve got good dialogue, although some of the lingo comes off as contrived. But they do show emotion and are dynamic, not flat. As a result you’ll grow more attached to them as the story carries on, and you’ll find yourself a little sad to see a character you actually cared about get murdered. In the end, the teenagers fight back for a change, going as far as luring the killer to them so they can kick the shit out of him with an assortment of weapons. Speaking of weapons, I liked the dragon’s tooth, but I wish that more detail could have been put into the deaths. Another complaint I have is that the story doesn’t really try to add much new material to the genre and the reader might see some heavy influence from other films peeking through from time to time. Of course, this is just a minor problem I had and with a little more atmosphere and description added in, THE BOOGEYMAN could be a definite top contender in the recent onslaught of original horror stories on the site.

3.0 out of 5.0


By Dan Kingston

In this sequel set ten years after the original, Dan churns out even more horror film and musical references in the continuation of the Boogeyman story, as well as some more great plot twists, romantic subplots, and a disturbing ending that could only mean one thing: a third installment. The story itself surrounds a new batch of teenagers, along with survivors from the first-one of which is trying to escape her traumatic past, while the other has made a movie series out of his experiences. As the plot develops, we learn more about past events involving the murders, which can seem confusing if you don’t pay close attention. Unfortunately, THE BOOGEYMAN 101 suffers from the same secondary flaws as its predecessor. It would do the story a lot of good to add in more detail. More detail means more atmosphere, and more atmosphere means a more memorable script.

3.0 out of 5.0


A Review by Scarecrow for

Halloween 7: Night of Thorn

By Jeff Geisbauer

As you have probably guessed from the title we have an alternative Halloween7, however this isn’t another version of Laurie facing her brother but, in fact, a direct continuation of The Curse of Michael Myers. Interestingly this sequel follows along the lines of the first two films in that it takes place on the same night that part 6 ended; with Tommy, Kara, Danny and Stephen driving away from Smiths Grove. Its odd that this the only script I’ve seen with this premise considering the ambiguous end of ‘Curse’ and the obvious questions needed answering.

So, too the story. This is indeed a very good script with tension being built up suitably every time before Michael strikes; lots of questions are answered and we get to see the fate of Doctor Loomis. Also, all the characters are very true to what we saw on screen and are written well enough for us to care about what will happen to them. Michael himself gets the chance to develop more as a character; once again he begins to exhibit some hidden emotions and as Tommy says he truly is "the biggest victim" of them all.

In the end this is an excellently written script which kept me on the edge of my seat. There are twists and turns that keep you constantly guessing as too what will happen next; my only gripes with it are a few clichés that aren’t easily forgiven and a few dull kills. Other than that it is a brilliant piece that fully deserves the Four Hooks out of Five that I have awarded it.

A Review by Scarecrow for

Halloween H2K : The Legacy of Michael Myers

By Scarecrow

Yes, I am reviewing my own story. And why not, I’ve given distance from the time I wrote it and now I can look at it objectively. First off, I wasn’t surprised to find it wasn’t as good as I thought it was when writing it. But then, I didn’t think it was that bad either; I set out to write a ‘different’ Halloween 8 and that’s what I ended with. The decision to kill Michael in H20 was made and it cheapened the film to say otherwise and so I needed to come up with a new angle. Obviously the Thorn business had never been resolved so I had a starting point and with a cast already ready to be used I was off. Halloween with no Michael must seem terrible. But then, they claim he wasn’t in H20! Michael’s time has past and its time for new blood so I came up with the copycat. It didn’t turn out the way I wanted, he wasn’t menacing enough and built no real tension but I feel at least the mystery was there. In the end I would have to give my piece Three Hooks and learn from my mistakes. Now I’m off to write the sequel…

-Scarecrow Cenobite

A Review by Scarecrow for

REVENGE: School Day 6

By Jeff Long

Once again we are presented with another chapter of the ever increasing School Day saga, a saga that is threatening to grow longer than Friday the 13ths! Following the apparent final death of Dillon and his fellow killers we are left wondering who could be at it this time; however the series has reached a point where we will be assuming its Dillon until otherwise proven wrong.

The opening scene sees the death of an old character and following that all the previous stories begin to get tied together. This is very much the ‘fan story’ of the series and those who haven’t followed previous events will probably be slightly baffled by it; still it keeps those who do get it interested and involved as to what will happen next. The kills come thick and fast in this one that definitely is seeking to build up a high body count though some of the tension that the last story gained is lost within this chapter.

The characters are alright and you get to know a few of them; the best are definitely the ‘tough guy’ bunch of Caleb, Chad and Travis who sadly don’t appear much as they were quite fun to read about. Though the use of the names of all the ‘Friends’ characters though explained does still seem tacky but that’s a minor quibble.

In the end Jeff has presented us with another tale of the Grim Reaper and has added a few more twists to these increasingly bizarre story line. It comes across as a bit rushed but none the less it is still a good read and gets a deserved Three Hooks out of Five.

-Scarecrow Cenobite

Hellraiser: Banishment

by Scarecrow Cenobite

Well, I must positively to say this story did grip me. It was like reading a Lovecraft Tale. There was no immediate terror, but plenty of good old fashioned horror as the story built up to it's conclusion. Lovecraft tales also usually involve some kind of situation in the past tense, or from a thirdperson's observation, and there were elements of that here. The expansion of the Hellraiser Mythology was pretty incredible. Like I've said with the previous Hellraiser, this tale is one of those tales that revolves around Damnation, eternal horror. That in itself presents all sorts of dread and horrible contemplation to the reader. The story expands on the war between Behemoth and Leviathan. Strangely, it explains the origins of Lucifer, too. There's a lot of religious symbolism going on, which is fascinating.

I liked the mystery involved as the stranger reads the ancient texts discovered by the somewhat egotistical academic lead character. There were no monsters present, no chases, etc. The story revolves around the translating of the texts, but the story translated is too cool. The foreboding feeling at the end makes you scream for more.

That may be one of two difficulties with this story. It ends shortly after the translation, leaving you wondering. How will the story play out? There's a hint of things to come, and I certainly encourage Scarecrow to do a sequal to continue the adventure. Will the story pick up right after this one? Will it take place six months later? Twenty years later? I'm still on the edge of my seat!

The other detail that might be a problem is that the translated story is a little difficult to follow. The readings of the history between Behemoth and Leviathan and their followers was just a little confusing since all these characters were suddenly introduced and you have to keep track of who's side they're on. Characters like Angelique, Francis, Taurann, the First Cenobite, etc

Despite the difficulties, this is a fascinating further look into theHellraiser series. Twisted, demented, and imaginative. My Score: Four Skulls


Farscape: Dreamer

by CodeBreaker

Here's an interesting combination of "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure", "The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty" and "My Worst Nightmare". What if you could enter your favorite TV Show and actually affect it? That's what happens as Jacob "dreams" himself into a sort of paralell universe based on the show Farscape.

The fate of the show is in his hands as his appearances and disappearances affect the characters on the show. A very enjoyable read. My only difficulty is that I don't get to watch the show as much. I've only seen a couple of episodes. I am familiar with Moya, John and the character played by Lance LeGault (Colonel Dekker from "The A-Team"), and I know about Peacekeepers, but I still have a little trouble keeping names and faces straight. Still, it is only a minor inconvenience while reading, because we can still enjoy rooting for Jacob, and the action is pretty neat. Jacob even gets to ride his wheels in the halls of the living ship. That's what I call excitement! We've all had that same fantasy in one way or another, to affect our favorite movie/TV show. This story is bound to inspire others to do the same, just like we writers have done with the "MWN" series. It helps however, to watch the show and become familiar with it.

My score: Three Stars


A Review by Scarecrow for

Highlander: Fight for Survival

By Dusty Fincher

Before I start reviewing this story I better set it into context; I have only seen the first film, none of the sequels, no TV show, nothing else. I know nothing of them other than my friend insists Highlander 2 is the best. So I read this story purely as a follow up to the original and will be reviewing it as such with no bias as to what happens in the real sequels.

I agree with the author that I could see no way for a sequel to be made after watching the first but he does come up with an excellent way for continuing the story which makes sense with what we saw on screen. In fact the whole story is a brilliant follow up and kept me on the edge of my seat throughout; it contains humour, suspense and excellent action sequences, everything that made the original brilliant.

The opening sequence introduces us to a new villain with a twist who starts off gaining our support before we realise just what lengths he is going to. All the characters are well drawn out and I found my self identifying with a young girl who is thrust into this amazing new world.

I could go on listing my favourite points and what I found exciting but there really would be no point. You have to read it for yourself as it truly is a brilliant piece; I’m glad I am able to give this work my first score of Five Hooks out of Five. Now stop looking at this review and go read it.

A Review by Scarecrow for



As you can probably guess from this review I’ve been looking through some of the older fiction on the site of late. In doing so I came across this story and I have to say its one of the best ones I have read; an original killer with an interesting twist as too his motive.

Ceberouse is very well written with a lot of good, tense scenes and the beginning that depicts his escape from death row is especially well done. His appearance is described well and is an original costume for a movie psycho; he also has something of a unique character compared to others where he does display some emotions at points within the script. Though the main character of Tim doesn’t get much time to develop we still get enough information to care for him; the same goes for a few of the others too. The kills are well done with some truly brilliant ones thrown in (all I’m saying is my fave involves a bone). All in all a decent story which gets a good Three Hooks out of Five.

A Review by Scarecrow for

Hellraiser 6: The Hell Seeker

By Bodzilla

How can I resist writing a review for a Hellraiser story, my favourite ever horror series? Though this will make me a little more critical because I’m rather passionate about the series so bare that in mind whilst reading this review.

This story is Bodzilla’s version of the upcoming Hellraiser: Hellseeker but doesn’t borrow anything from that other than the name and the increased presence of Pinhead following Inferno. To be honest I found the story lacklustre and not in keeping with the Hellraiser mythology; however what Bodzilla does do brilliantly is too invoke atmosphere and the horrific elements of the Hellraiser world. His descriptions are often quite visual and really draw you in. He fully understands the concepts of Hell and puts them across excellently; I actual found myself quite chilled by some of his wordings. The main human characters are also quite well done (a priest named Doug Bradley? Hmmm…) and you do get to feel sorry for them. The Cenobites are what let this aspect down with Pinhead especially going to far from his personae; not even in the travesty Hellraiser III would he refer to someone as a ‘bitch’. The time line is also confusing, when is it set considering it has one of the older Cenobites who dies in Hellbound?

This is all just fanboy obsession and like I said Bodzilla’s real skill lies within the scene setting and descriptions of horror. If his story skills improve he could truly be a great writer; as it is he gets a well deserved Three Hooks out of Five for The Hell Seeker.

-Scarecrow Cenobite

SCHOOL DAY by Jeff Long

A good script full of scares and good times. I like most of the death scenes and Mr.Oldman was a great touch. The script had a good story line and kept you guessing about the killers Identity untill the very end. 6.5 out of 10

SCHOOL DAY 2 by Jeff Long

A good script but deffinately not as chilling and scary as the original. There were some good death scenes and a large body count made up for the story line it lacked.3 out of 10


Ryan's Reviews...

* What The Heck Were They Thinking?

** Um....Remember The Time People Had Good Handwriting?

*** Neato!

**** Tite Yo!!!

***** SWEET!!!!!!


Halloween 8: Season of Fate **



A Review by Scarecrow for Ceberouse 2


Unlike the author I quite liked the first Ceberouse but I have to say it wasn’t the best piece I’d read and it only just managed to get the Three Hook rating. Still, the sequel is far superior and a lot longer than the first with some really good twists in the plot as it goes along. The main character this time round has shifted and the story focus’ on the life of a survivor of the previous story. Lisa has obviously been effected by the events and this isn’t helped by her horrid family. I actually hated her father with such a passion and turned each page hoping that it would be the one he died on. A very good character then and a great piece of writing in making me feel so strongly about the people involved. The kills are excellently done again though none particularly stick in your mind. Still, there is lots of suspense and TB makes you want to read on; it may look long but I finished it in one sitting and the time passed by quickly. In the end this is a very good piece with a suitably down-beat ending which will definitly leave you in shock and wanting to read the next sequel to find out what happens next. Ceberouse 2 gets a final score of Four Hooks and just misses out on a Five.

Blood Trail

By corey turner and halloween1986

The term short but sweet could be applied here. Though it isn’t very long what we do get is quite good, especially as a first piece. We get a suitable set up of the basic premise and a brief intro to the characters before the main story thread begins. As an intruder wanders a characters house the authors build up a good bit of suspense and show what they can do when they really try. After this the script seems to rush into things and even though the tale is told not much suspense is created. Still, its an interesting first work and shows potential; with more development and practice a very average piece could become very good. Three Hooks.

Acton, New Jersey


Friday the 13th meets Silence of the Lambs? No, didn’t think you could imagine it either. Yet that is part of an interesting premise that TB has come up with and for the largest part he pulls it off remarkably well. Dekrah is very complex and, like Hannibal, quite a sophisticated serial killer. Locked up for the murder of his fiancé the film deals with his escape and the subsequent ‘game’ he plays with his pursuers. He leaves a trail of bodies starting from his own cell leading all the way to the town of Acton where the real action takes place. The kills are well done and we usually get to know the characters well before there deaths which helps us to feel for them. He may be sophisticated but he uses the old tried and tested ways of killing; this time the killer wears a Paintball mask which is definitely new. This mixing of formats is pulled off very well and makes the script all the more interesting to read. TB has once again created a fantastic set of characters and I feel that, like the Ceberouse series, this will really take off. With a strong idea backed up with a good plot and excellent writing skill this piece gets Four Hooks out of Five! In Hell They Just Call Them Dogs

By Brando

Brando is one twisted as fuck dude.

Read this.

Five Hooks out of Five.


Reviews by MysterioMan007

Halloween H2K: Legacy of Michael Myers

By Scarecrow Cenobite

This was a fairly interesting story about the next generation of the Thorn legacy. It assumed Michael died in H2O and carried on with the Thorn subplot concerning Danny. There was a large amount of action in this story and if Tommy wasn’t completely crazy after H6, he would be after this. There was also a nice connection to Halloween 3 when a relative of Conal Cochran’s turns up in the Thorn cult. I even saw little elements of Scream in this one, since we don’t really know who the faux Michael Myers is until later in the script. His motive was very funny, I thought, and the action was intense. Not a perfect story, but not a bad one, either.

*** out of 5 stars

Halloween 5: A New Evil

by Dusty Fincher

This is, as far as I can tell, probably the oldest script on the site, but it didn’t stop me from getting intersted in it. This one assumes that after Halloween 4, Jamie Lloyd became evil just like her uncle. However, Michael also survived H4 and is coming back. Michael and Jamie both go on a killing spree and are opposed by Loomis, Meeker, Tommy, and Rachel. I thought this was a great way to go with the series. It continued the story that the makers of the series decided not to pursue. This one was fun from start to finish and look forward to reading the sequel.

**** out of 5 stars

Halloween: Revival

by JH

This is one entertaining story about Rachel Corruthers being cloned to fight Michael. Dr. Onward, a boy that grew up in the Haddonfield Clinic, grew up to be a genius, so he naturally clones Rachel, who he had a crush on as a youngster. John and Molly, as well as many other old favorites are onboard as well, and this story involves the government, evil doctors, etc. It had a lot of funny moments as well and a few plot twists along the line. One of the better Halloween stories I have read on the site. Good work, JH.

****1/2 out of 5

Halloween: The Destiny of Michael Myers

by J. Smith

This is probably my favorite story on this site, and apparently, many felt the same way. It won a Halloweenie for best overall fanfic. I can see why. This story makes you happy, sad, scared, angry, and depressed all at the same time. The characters were very well written, and the thought of Danny in that gang is just so memorable. Thorn is controlling everything in this story, and while I don’t care for Thorn one way or the other, they added so much to this story that I didn’t mind them being there. Great, great epic story.

***** out of 5

Halloween: Evil’s Game

by Jordan Santos and Donny Nuclovic

This is a good script about Lonnie Elamb (the boy who picked on Tommy Doyle in Halloween) all grown-up as an FBI agent when he is assigned the Michael Myers case. He sets out to find Michael, and in breaking with Halloween tradition, old Mikey actually kind of toys with Lonnie’s mind, a la “Silence of the Lambs”. I thought it was very well done, especially the final confrontation between Lonnie and Michael. Very well worth your time.

**** out of 5

Acton, New Jersey


Here is a story about a man locked up in a mental institution after killing his girlfriend. A year or so later, he breaks out of the institution and comes back to the house he first killed in. Some teenagers took the keys to the house from the realty company and are crashing there, preparing to have a party. Little do they know that Dekrah Highland is coming to Acton. I thought this was a good read. However, the script belongs to Dekrah Highland. He is a strange, mysterious individual who speaks about things that people just don’t understand. He is very smart, very cunning, and very violent. I found myself rooting for him during the entire story:) It is worth a read just for Dekrah.

*** 1/2 out of 5

Halloween Destiny: True Evil Never Dies


I was impressed with what TB did with some of the characters. The opening sequence is pretty much unforgettable, as is his portrayal of Danny, who actually seemed like a character instead of the cardboard version I considered him in Halloween 6. I thought Kara was a bit out of character, but it has some really good spots in this story. I think this was the first fanfic I’ve read where I was actually interested in Danny, mine included.

*** out of 5


Halloween: The Victims of Michael Myers

By GDawg6788

An interesting premise involving Michael's further escapades in Haddonfield. He is out to kill the remaining family members, plus a few suprise deaths (Certain characters die that I thought would make it. We see the return of several familiar faces. I give the story two and a half Skulls, the main technical difficulty being waaaay too much exposition. Everyone seems to know what's going on, and certain unpleasant solutions are promoted.Michael has a little difficulty killing in this one, but that heightens the suspense. Who will live? Who will die? You will be suprised

Halloween: Evil's Game

By Jordan Santos and Johnny Nucolovic

Here's another interesting version of what H8 could be like. This time,Lonnie Elam returns as an FBI agent haunted by his childhood encounter with the shape. An excellent cat and mouse chase ensues, Michael displays some cunning. Stephan becomes the target of Michael's mayhem, and a shocking end leaves us craving for more. I give it Three and a half Skulls

Halloween: Prophecy of Michael Myers

By Mysterioman007

Another H8 variation that plays with familiar elements. Laurie Strode,Tommy Doyle, Thorn, etc. There is an added twist. Lonnie and Tommy are rivals for Kara's affections. Michael is after his family again, creating a few more suprises. Tommy certainly gives an over-the-top performance inthis one!! A story earning three Skulls

Halloween: The New Evil

By Yates386

I give this story four Skulls for such an interesting variation, introducing a new cast of characters and the return of the incredible Dr Loomis. Don't be fooled by any assumptions you make as the story goes on, you'll be theorizing and guessing up until the shocking end. Quite a few gruesome surprises, plus a good but subtle message about abuse. Excellent job.

Silent Hill

By Jack McVee

I give this one five Skulls though it be incomplete. Anyone who's ever seen or played the game can feel the shivers, taste the suspense, and will freak out in this experience that plays like a Hellraiser film. Jack is certainly correct in saying that this game would make one hell of a movie! Now, I've never seen how the game ends, so I'm riveted in my seat, waiting to see what happens to our heroine. It's an interesting change to make the main protagonist a sassy woman with attitude. The demented world with its abundant variety of creatures creates the despair and hopelessness and terror that makes the games very popular. Excellent excellent story!!!


1 REVIEW FROM SCREAMER009: Mysterioman’s Prophecy of MM


By Mysterioman007

Characters from past films merge together in this latest rendition, all of them in Haddonfield as Halloween rolls around. The majority of the script’s first half is somewhat sluggishly paced, dedicated to fill any plot holes and character development. But once it picked up, I found the story pretty compelling. The large scope of characters is given lively, fun dialogue that flows well, and they have good chemistry together. While it would have been nice to see more atmospheric imagery in the script, a few parts-like the resurrection scene-were enjoyably chilling. A few other things worth mentioning are the nice plot twists thrown into the story, the character-driven subplots, and also the decent body count. Overall, PROPHECY is an engaging script and I’m looking forward to its sequel.

3.0 out of 5.0


Reviews by MysterioMan007

Hack N Slash

By Screamer009

This was a funny spoof of horror movies, mostly of the 90’s (Scream, Urban Legend, I Know..), but still makes fun of Friday the 13th along the way. It centers on Lisa, the virgin heroine, who goes camping with her friends at Skunk Lake. There are several hilarious moments with Ana Rexia that had me laughing out loud and some even funnier moments when Joe Chappelle keeps interrupting the movie because the actors question the lines stolen from other movies. And who can’t like a script where Jean-Claude Van Damme himself gets killed in the opening scene? Very funny.

*** of 5

Silent Hill

By Jack McVee

This was an unbelievable story. Having never played the video game, I didn’t really know what to expect when I started reading this story. But the whole thing blew me away, especially by the descriptions of the locations and action. The atmosphere is creepy as can be, and the characters are quite interesting. Although I have read only the first 2 parts, I am waiting with anticipation for the ending. I’m guessing it will be good since most video games have a good ending, so I’m going ahead and reviewing it. I usually don’t read in one sitting, but once I started, I just couldn’t stop with this one. Fantastic script!

***** out of 5


By Screamer009 Someone is killing the teenagers of Columbia Falls, leaving numbers carved into their bodies. As Jane tries to figure out who the killer is, a town secret comes to the surface. The number thing was pretty freaky. You know whom the next victim is going to be, and in sticking with horror movie rules, most of them don’t seem to care. Interesting story that ends in a showdown at a church and an extra twist at the end.

**1/2 out of 5

Holding On

By Jon Burleson

This was the story of a kid named Darry Mills that was a pretty emotional story. It flashes back and forth during different periods of his life, which hasn’t really been a bed roses. His family is the definition of the word dysfunction. A lot of the bad things in his life were mostly results of his father’s actions as an abusive drunk. It was a pretty dramatic and emotional tale and if you ever get the chance, you should read through it. Liked it a lot.

*** out of 5


A Review by Scarecrow for

Scre4m Again


As is rather obvious by the title, this is TB’s sequel to the Scream Trilogy. Taking place a number of years later it returns to the original town of Woodsboro where a new spree of killings are beginning; none of the original cast bar Gale Weathers returns and this helps the script to get its own identity.

The is script makes references and a few jokes at other horror films expenses (including ones from this site!), something I feel was missing in the sequels to the first Scream movie. The humour is good when featured and the characters are developed well so you care for a few of them. Some, Jason for instance, are a bit shallow though and you feel could have been interesting if developed a bit further.

The kills are well done and it is quite suspenseful, however, the conclusion isn’t as satisfying as it could be. The actual idea is good enough but it hinges on concepts that the reader may find hard to except from what we’ve seen of the characters before. The killers identity’s were cleverly hidden but the confrontation appeared weak. Over all a good script and enjoyable read but you do feel it could have been so much better given a little more work. Three Hooks.

Look Out For: A mention of a script from this very site.

A Review by Scarecrow for


By Jack McVee

Have you ever watched a TV show episode and thought it might make a really good full length film? Well, obviously Jack has as "Paul" is a direct take of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Episode called "Ted"; it borrows characters and ideas and expands them into a full horror film. The script is well done and the characters excellently written though most of this is the work of the Buffy writer. However what Jack HAS managed to do is pull off a fairy successful conversion in altering minor details and injecting a few horror cliché elements to separate this work. He has shown he is skilled in adaptation of material; this would entertain horror fans not keen on "Buffy" whilst the original episode really wouldn’t. Therefore he deserves credit for doing this and having the guts to having this approach to a piece. "Paul" gets Two Hooks out of Five as Jack doesn’t quite let it live to its full potential but its still a great read, especially for those who don’t like Buffy!

Look Out For: Jack accidentally refers to a character as "Wil" the name from the original Buffy episode!

A Review by Scarecrow for

Deliver Us From Evil: Paul 2

By Jack McVee

As we all know, superior sequels are an unusual thing to find in a horror movie series. Yet with "Deliver Us From Evil: Paul 2" Jack has shown a lot of more of his own skills and made a far tighter and tension filled story. Julia Summers is back and suffering nightmares to a point where reality and her dreams are mixed (causing some confusion early on) and she fears she’s becoming a real life Laurie Strode. However, she has reason to worry as killings are starting again and the cast begin to drop like flies.

This time there is a lot more original material but it still has several homage’s and makes reference to other horror movies in the ‘Scream’ way of things. Jack has improved as a writer and builds up some nice scares and occasionally shocks the reader with certain revelations. Still, it isn’t a perfect piece but you will find a lot worse. If Jack continues to improve at this rate he could become a top notch author; as it is he gets a score of Three Hooks for "Paul 2".

Look Out For: A take on the "I Still Know" trailer.

A Review by Scarecrow for

He Knows When You’re Alone: Paul III

By Jack McVee

Ever read something that, upon finishing, made you just go "Huh?". Well, this would probably be many peoples reaction to Paul III, possibly one of the all time strangest sequels to a horror story. This isn’t to say it’s bad, just…. different.

Paul returns as a clone with an array of new powers including being able to animate dead corpses! He destroys his creators before heading off in search of Julia Summers who once again but do battle. It could have been the same old but Paul’s new abilities add a whole new dimension to this and really grip the readers interest at times.

Julia has come a long way since the first "Paul" and isn’t nearly the same person yet we still recognise familiar character traits within her. She’s been through a lot and you get the feeling that by the end of this it will be make or break for her. And I’m not saying which.

In the introduction Jack says this is very gothic; at times it is but in the middle section and towards the end it actually becomes more of a dark comedy with some true laugh out loud moments. Comparing this to the previous Paul stories is useless really as it is so different but it is a good read in its own right. An entertaining piece I give it Three Hooks but it does come close to Four.

Look Out For: A cameo by Satan as well as various horror movie villains!

-Scarecrow Cenobite

==ProfessorVod's Reviews==

Title: Scream 4 Return To Woodboro

Author: Robbie Red 666

Review: What a brilliant peice of writing! I loved the twist in the plot. One of the few things I've read which had me screaming for more (no pun intended).Score: 91%



What the Scores mean

0%-20% Never gonna happen

21%-40% Terrible story

41%-60% An idea's there, but the story isn't!

61%-70% The idea's there, and there's a good story too, but its still missing something.

71%-80% The story is good, maybe a few minor improvements, but still a story to be proud of!

81%-90% The story is great! No need of improvements

91%-100% Stories that reach this mark stand out for brilliance! They earn the "VOD SEAL OF APPROVAL"!

-Professor Vod

A Review by Breanan on:


The Series part 1

By Scarecrow

This series is a great tribute to the HalloweeN horror franchise. While we’ve seen flops from movies that become series, this story line has so much potential, that I don't even know quite where to begin. Captivating and awesome writing, the author would probably win some kind of award if the circumstances were right.

The series picks up precisely where HalloweeN 5 left off and brings back the character of Tommy Doyle to the crime scene. Also joining the cast is new comer Debra Loomis, niece to the comatose Dr. Loomis. This story is set up to answer question that every true Halloween fan has asked themselves at one point in time. What happens after Halloween? Does the horror stop? Or is it only just beginning? My advice because I don't want to put spoilers in here, is read it!! I give it * * * * + 1/2 stars out of five. Like the old saying goes, "You’ll be hooked!"

-Breanan Stewart

Halloween 6½: The Lord of the Dead **** of 5

by Nathan D. Nosalik

This was a very entertaining script that was to have took place after Halloween 6. It concerns Michael returning to find Stephen, and also has Tommy and Kara looking to protect their adopted son. With terrific atmosphere and likeable characters, I found this one really compelling. It had enough twists and a final confrontation that left you breathless, not to mention an original ending. Great story.

Gothic Cycles **** of 5


This is in the series section. This review is for the first 7 chapters. JH almost never fails in his writing (at least what I've read), and this is no exception. The opening of the series with Leopold cast a great tone for how I interpreted the series as it went along. There's vampires, werewolves, etc. Characters such as Hadrian, Mel, Leopold, Azaera, Dr. Golim, Stephanos, Nadja, Jamie, and Miles (comedy relief) stood out for me as really interesting. The only thing that prevented this from getting 5 stars was that I had a hard time keeping up with all of the many characters, but that kind of started to fade somewhere along the line. All in all, JH has created a very interesting world, full of darkness and angst. Looking forward to reading more of these.


Halloween: The Series

By Scarecrow Cenobite

I give this three stars. I find it to be exciting, dramatic, traumatic, well written. The continuing adventures of Tommy Doyle open up a whole world of possibilities, and with this being a series, ANYTHING is possible. Chapter 2 glued me to the screen as we wondered if Tommy and friends would be able to rescue Jamie from her predicament. The characters are excellent, and Tommy is in great form. I look forward to seeing this series develope further.

The only reason I give it just three stars is because it is an ongoing project, and who knows how many episodes we'll be seeing!


A Review by Scarecrow for

Divergent Paths

By Michael K. Donavan

I’ve read a lot of Buffy the Vampire Slayer fanfic in my time but I have to admit that this is possibly one of the best; the characters are dead on, the atmosphere echoes the TV show perfectly and the it fits snugly into the later half of the Third Season. Michael easily invokes the humorous lines and the mixture of comedy and horror that makes the series so successful. His portrayal of all the regulars are definitely of a high standard.

Not only are the regular series characters well portrayed but the invented ones that the author himself came up with also fit in nicely and all have various character traits that mean they come across as very well rounded.

The piece isn’t challenging and complex but would really make a great episode of the TV show and therefore fans of Buffy should really enjoy it. In the end I give it a score of Four Hooks.

Look Out For: The scene where Angel gets jealous!

A Review by Scarecrow for

School Day: The Remake

By Jeff Long

As with most people on this site I have greatly enjoyed the School Day series of stories, scripts and spin-offs. This latest entry wipes the slate clean and, in true Tim Burton style, gives us a "Re-imagining" of the classic horror story. Some characters and ideas are the same as is the image of the killer but the story itself is essentially new and far superior to anything that has come before.

The characters are also far more developed than other entries with their individual personalities helping us to remember who is who. The hero, Jeff, seems the same but after the numerous other stories we all know this guy pretty well.

What’s extra special about this is the larger roll of Dillon. Originally a very simple character who became the recurring villain he now has his own personality and traits that make him unique.

Once again Jeff’ writing skills have also improved greatly with more detail going into introductions and character work. He still does very little description and at times this can annoy but as we all know what a) a school and b) a mall looks like its generally not a problem.

With that the only real criticism I can definitely give this piece Four Hooks but I have debated over whether to give it Five. As I don’t give half marks I thought a long time over this but in the end went for a solid Four leaving Jeff plenty of room for improvement. And, you know, based on this I bet the script version gets that extra hook! Recommended!

Look Out For: All the characters from the original version!

-Scarecrow Cenobite

Halloween: The Madness of Michael Myers

by Jeff Griesbaur

A pretty good start up. We have the scene set with Tommy Doyle and Kara, with Stephen and Danny. Michael appears here and there. The Shape is more of a tormented soul in this story, as is Kara. I suspect the story is much incomplete, so I give it two Skulls as a starting grade. We have the set up, and a cool dream sequence. Now we just need to further the story along.

Two Skulls

Halloween 8: The Darker side of Evil

by Tim Bello

Fascinating story!! This H8 variation picks up with Lindsey Wallace, along with relatives of familiar characters (Patty Loomis, Julie Corruthers, Adam Wittington, etc) plus a cadre of high schoolers about to be unwittingly involved in a new Halloween bloodbath!

Excellent work with several intertwined storylines. The characters are great. There are a few suprise twists and the suspense is pure Carpenter. There are a few goofy moments, but otherwise it is well done

Three Skulls

Urban Legend III

by Alex

Well, here's a creative spinoff for the UL series. It's rather quick, with some interesting characters. It almost reads like a parody in some ways, and may seem somewhat predictable. Still, I want to use this review to welcome one of our newest writers, Alexis. I hope to see much more from this new member of the group. This story has a good set up, and uses some pretty good legends to freak out the reader. The killer's motives may seem farfetched, but are entertaining. My Grade:

Two Skulls

Massacre at Rumor Hill 2 by Vic Rodriquez

A good start to the sequal, we see a lot of the aftermath of the first big massacre. This looks like an incomplete story. I'd like to see more. It's mostly exposition and a quick shootout. The killer at large with a very Boogyman-type ability. I can't wait to see more

Two Skulls (a temporary grade for being short and leaving us hanging)

Camp Gore by Derrick Gadomski

An interesting premise, and an interesting killer. Sometimes, the best part of the story is the killer and his evolution, his history. It is no different with "Jake", the killer in Camp Gore. This story is different from other slashers in that we know who the killer is without all the "Whoddunnit" stuff. The only thing that I'd want to see more of is a developement of other characters (ie the victims), but then this story IS about Jake, so the others aren't a necessity. There are a few suprises in who lives and dies. Overall, an intriguing story that promises more (A franchise perhaps?). This will certainly rival the F13 series and Urban Legend.

Two Skulls

The Executioner by

A really neat story, though I'm not sure who the main hero/heroine would be. Candice is seen often, so at the moment I will assume it is her. She is an unusual, ditzy character, but that makes her unique in the Scream Queen world. But this story is not entirely about Candice. The REAL Protagonist is the Executioner, who has built his rep on an eerie Urban Legend style history. The story is incomplete, but its build up of mystery and tension are well done. The Killer is well done. I see this becoming a good contender in several non-Halloween award categories

Two and a half Skulls

Lover's Lane by Alexis Rogers

An interesting start. For the moment, since it is only an epilogue, I can't give more than two Skulls. I'm looking forward to seeing more :)

Scream 4 by Bill Fowler

Interesting start, but I know this is incomplete. Still, it's interesting to see the traditional "offing" at the beginning. I'm intrigued, so I'm giving it a bigger grade despite it being very short

Two Skulls


I have set upon the task of reviewing Halloween: The Series. Here, I examine the first three episodes. I'm listening to the Planet Of The Apes soundtrack, which is putting me in the mood for a good dark story! Without giving away spoilers, here are my thoughts:

Episode 1: The Search for Michael Myers part 1

This sets up the story, and introduces our main cast together: Tommy Doyle, the survivor; Debra Loomis, the new generation defender; and Detective Pete. This episode introduces each character in seperate scenes and brings them together with a common goal: To find Michael Myers. Haddonfield is the backdrop, enriched with numerous minor characters to breathe life into the familiar town. The atmosphere is especially apparent when a contemptuous Sheriff Cody ignores Debra's warnings about Michael. The flashbacks give good exposition and set up the story as it picks up where H5 left off. The aftershock of Halloween 1989 is still being felt. The episode ends in a cliffhanger, leaving you grasping for more! Good setup and an intriguing storyline.

Three Skulls

Episode 2: Search for Michael Myers part 2

Ep 1 set up the story, Episode 2 continues the mystery as Debra, Tommy and Pete follow clues after resolving the cliff hanger. Their search leads them straight to Jamie Lloyd, but before any rescue happens, Michael and Thorn reappear! A heart pounding race ensues, and suspense is high as Michael's presence brings devastating results! The characters continue to develope, though some of their actions seem out of place as Michael chases them. I wonder how much sympathy they will get for abandoning Jamie to Thorn's clutches. As much as we shout for Tommy to turn around and save the day, the scenes work well, and the glimpses of Jamie Lloyd's character show that she is a continuing factor in the series. The reader will be glued to the screen as they jump out of the frying pan and into the fire! A good, suspenseful episode.

Two and a half Skulls

Episode 3: Arrival of a Rogue

Fate plays its game, causing Debra and Tommy to end up in Jail. There, they runs into Lonnie, Tommy's old tormenter. Revelations are made as Lonnie cries for H5 victim Samantha. Lonnie is the best developed character of the episode. His inner turmoil is balanced by his abrasive personality, his chauvinistic behavior with Debra, and his dealings with his own Dad. The turmoil in Haddonfield is felt as the town meeting commences later on. Cameos by Richard and Darlene Corruthers reminds us of all that has happened and builds the despair of the people. Debra's presence at the meeting rekindles the familiar animosity between the town and Dr. Loomis. Thorn interferes again, causing some excellent tension to build between Debra and Lonnie. The rivalry between Tommy and Lonnie is VERY obvious, leading to some great scenes. They are brought together by one goal, yet their seperate, diverse personalities keep them from being completely buddy-buddy. This tensions creates some great dialogue, especially from Lonnie. The Episode ends under VERY odd circumstances, and the trio discovers that there are other horrors in the night besides the boogeyman!! It seems odd at first, cuz I never expected them to do battle with an unusual supernatural creature, but it is a fantastic way to conclude #3. Excellent episode.

Three and a half Skulls


Reviews for Halloween:The Series

Episode's 1 and 2: The Search For Michael Myers

The Two Parter Pilot: The search for Michael Myers was full of suspence and mystery. A good introdution to our heroes, Tommy, Debra and Pete. I was afraid that having another Loomis character would merely be replacing the good doctor with another female version, but I was wrong. Debra is quite her own character and her friendship with Tommy is believable. Like I said, more than enough suspence to keep you going and with a couple of stalk scenes with The Shape himself, you can't go wrong.

3.5 stars

Episode 3: The Arrival of the Rogue

The Arrival of the Rogue was very good, too. Lonnie turned out to be not another butt head "I'm a jerk and that's it" character, but had a bit of depth and background to go along. It's fun watching him banter with an annoyed Debra and you really do feel Tommy's hatred for the guy. A little more searching brings them to a closing in a graveyard you don't really expect. Nice atmosphere here and a good addition to the cast to boot.

4.5 stars

Episode 4: Route 666

Route 666 is a great Urban Legend based episode. No, not on any legends you may have heard, but one that's part of the small town's culture. These are always fun reads and it was no difference here. Lonnie becomes more likable without losing his rogue-like qualities. A nice stand alone story that's real fun to boot.

4 stars

Episode 5: The Dark Cloud

Mysterio sets us up with a meeting with a haunted house for this creepy stand alone story. The story opens with a creepy scene with two reporters creeping around the said haunted house. Very good atmosphere here, neck hair tingling stuff. Eventually, our characters find themselves on the trail. Every stone uncovered, as they say. On the way they meet some mysterious folks that add to the character of the town they travel to. The talk between Debra and Lonnie continues to be hilarious, though Tommy seems to be tiring of it. When finally they reach the house, the creepiness hits the fan. If you read this late at night, be sure to have a light on as there are many scenes that make the goosebumps pop up. Very effective stuff here. This story if full of great stuff from the phone call that Lonnie recieves to a catfight Debra finds herself involved in that some of you might enjoy. Lonnie sure did :) The story also gets points for having a great backstory and a shocker of an ending. This is surely a great one for Haunted House enthusiasts and a good continuation of Halloween: The Series. And remember, the key word of this review seems to be: creepy :)

3.5 stars

Episode 6: Stillness in the Days of the Pheonix

TB collaborates on this truly disturbing tale of the final day of 1989. Tommy has run afoul of many a phsychopath in his adventures, but none like this. This one has a mission. This tale is pretty dark through and through with Lonnie bringing in some much needed light moments, yet not enough to make the story less dark than it needs to be. I'm VERY impressed with this episode and like the rest of the characters, I am wondering what the 1990s will bring them. I fear to give too much of the story away, it needs to be read to be fully enjoyed, so I'll stop now and move on.

5 stars

Episode 7 & 8: The Seed of Evil Two Parter

This is nothing bad to the authors, but I've never been a big fan of evil plant stories. They just aren't my thing. But when you've got characters you care about set against that backdrop, it's not so bad. It was good seeing the characters growing with each other. They're getting along better now, not being so annoyed with each other. The banter is still there, but now you're starting to feel a friendliness behind it. These people are beginning to care for each other after all they've been through. This is really Debra and Lonnie's story with Tommy a bit out of the main action except for at important parts and it's good to see those two together. Another thing that kind of lessens the whole "Ugh. A Plant Story" is the fact that it's been sprinkled with a dash of John Carpenter's The Thing and that's always a good thing. So, while this may be my least favorite storyline of The Series, that doesn't make it a bad one.

2.5 stars

Episode 9, 10 and 11

All these are being reviewed together simply because they are all part of one massive story arc. The first part of the story introduces us to Lindsey Wallace, Tommy's girlfriend back in town. She also brings a history back from Chicago that's interesting to watch unravel before your eyes. This part also sets up a mystery in various small subplots that come to the forefront in the later episodes. In the second episode, the plot thickens, so to speak and some things are revealed to be something totally different from which we thought. A couple of zingers that shocked me, that's for sure. A prophesy is unvieled that could have disastrious consequences for Haddonfield and in the third one... well, did you like the movie, The Exorcist? It also keeps you hanging on for Episode 12, which I can't wait for. This is now my favorite arc in the Series. The presentation of the characters are strong, even the small supporting ones. The mystery and suspence are built up well, waiting to explode. The suprises are such that when they happen they actually suprise you. I found myself having to slow my reading down as I started skipping over some dialogue and narrative to see what happens next. There is a great story here with sufficiently shocking and brutal scenes of violence and death spread about. Look for a scene of three crosses in the Myer's front yard. A story of Biblical proportions with forces of God and Satan getting involved that makes you want to get down on your knees and pray for the good guys. I breathlessly await Episode 12.

A 5 star arc

-Dusty Fincher

Halloween: The Series reviews

Episode 4

If there's one thing that fascinates me about horror stories, it's the mythology that goes into creating them. This story revolves around the legend of the Axeman. The mystery ensares our leads, and soon Lonnie, Tommy and Debra find themselves battling the legend itself! Great chemistry in the trio, and the final confrontation is fantastic. Probably the only thing that puzzled me was the Axeman's outfit. Chainmail armor? It sounds out of place in a small Illinois setting, but such a detail is trivial compared to the the story and the characters. This kind of episode breaths new life in the series. It doesn't have to be "Chase Michael" all the time even though that was the trio's original goal. Just a touch of Scooby Doo meets X-Files, with good results

Four Skulls

Episode 5

The series continues to impress with a Haunted House themed story. Our trio run up against a malicious ghost cloud that likes to torment and kill, and run into a crazy chick with her stuffed crow. The scares are excellent. The suspense is terrific. I can't say or critique much more with it. The characters have reached a sort of zenith in their developement. Lonnie is as great as ever, Debra plays off Lonnie's commentary and Tommy is the glue holding the trio together. Their experience in the Haunted House is good reading

Four Skulls

Chapter 6

All I can say is WOW!! The saga goes in a whole new direction with this episode! It starts out with a hint of Halloween, showing glimpses of Jamie Lloyd, but the main thrust is of this segment is when Tommy confronts a madman. Intense, dramatic, and quite a diversion from Tommy's usual escapades. Debra and Lonnie are not seen as much, but the situation is very appropriate. Nice cameo of sorts from Barry Simms. What looks like an adventure with Thorn plays into a demented scene involving a psycho out to kill Tommy because the madman feels "it is God's Will".

Two and a Half Skulls

Chapter 7: The Seed of Evil part 1

The series takes on all sorts of new challenges, like in this latest segment. Going from Halloween to supernatural phrenomena, H:TS now tackles a touch of the Sci-Fi with this take on the "Alien Pod Creature". A relative of Debra's informs her of a dangerous plant pod found in the Antarctic. This time around, Debra and Lonnie get all the action while Tommy is out for most of the story. Lonnie is slowly developing into the kind of character you can truly sympathize with. This is part one of a two part adventure, ending in a cool cliffhanger as Debra is forced to confront the living Pod!!

Two and a Half Skulls

Chapter 8: The Seed of Evil part 2

Part two of this adventure concludes in a big way. The Pod soon becomes a creature of Titanic proportions, giving Debra, Tommy and Lonnie a run for their money! A fitting homage to "Day of the Triffids", "Body Snatchers", "The Thing" and an old episode of "Doctor Who" I haven't seen in a while. Once again, Lonnie and Debra get their moment in the sun.

Three Skulls


9) The Girl Next Door 10) Prophecy 11) The Beast Within 12) Deliver Us From Evil

I'm going to review all four chapters with equal admiration and prejudice, because they flowed like a four part story. In Episode 9, Tommy is visited by his old flame, Lindsey. Strange things start happening in Haddonfield. A bizarre murder, a creepy old man, the devil, and several arson mysteries make these four episodes a thrill. The appearance of a beneficial stranger makes this even more intriguing. Lindsey has a secret that could doom all in Haddonfield, and it takes every ounce of courage of our gang to fight the forces of darkness. Complications arise when Lonnie is framed for a crime he didn't commit, and another boyfriend who knew Lindsey. Who is the mysterious stranger helping Tommy and Lonnie? Why are the Priests of Haddonfield nervous? What's with Lindsey's dizzy spells and blackouts? Has Debra stumbled upon something that could destroy the whole town???? I'm giving these four episodes an equal rating of three Skulls. This is a compelling story of good vs evil, and tested the friendship of our three heroes, leading up to an incredible showdown. I have no real complaints or concerns about the progression of the storylines. Everything was just well done.

To say anymore would reveal the humdinger plot twists that are peppered throughout the four episodes. Read and judge for yourself.


Halloween: The Series

Episode 13: Past Mistakes ~ Debra comes face to face with an deadly opponent from her early days. Not only must she stop this mysterious killer, but she must try to overcome her own guilt and sense of failure. An interesting parallell to her Uncle and his woes with Michael.

Two and a half Skulls

Episode 14,15: Terror In The Tropics Parts 1 and 2 ~ Tommy follows up leads on a friend's death outside the US. This story is less supernatural, but no less dangerous as he goes up against a vicious crimelord. Debra and Lonnie get caught up in a treasure hunt that proves to be equally hazardous as a storm complicates their lives. Some very touching moments in these episodes which lead to great character scenes. This is what leads to great characters in any story or movie.

Four Skulls

Episode 16: Soul Parasite ~ A creature is killing people in a small town where not everyone is what they seem. Their investigation leads to an incredible discovery, a revelation that could spell doom for Lonnie if the gang doesn't work fast enough!

Three Skulls


Reviews by MysterioMan007

709 by Project X

Just when you think you have it all figured out, you find out that you were wrong. This story, about teenagers breaking down on the mysterious highway 709, is a real mind bender. The main character is Barry Stockwell, a teenage author with a recent success story after writing a book on several disappearances that take place on the aforementioned highway. The characters and setting are great, as well as the suspense. When the characters get stuck in the same exact situation as in Barry's book, things start to happen, and not what you would expect. Great story with an intriguing plot and twists that leave you baffled. Telling anything more would be a spoiler, but this story leaves you haunted at the end.

4 stars

Halloween: Vendetta by Jordan Santos and Justin Field

John Tate is the main character this time around. However, this isn't the same John we knew in H20. This time, he's out for revenge on Michael Myers for killing Laurie. Unable to cope with college life on Halloween, John heads to Haddonfield, hoping to track Michael down to put an end to him. The character of John is very well-written,and develops over the course of the story. Of course, he eventually meets up with Michael and engages in a showdown. Will John get his revenge? Read and find out. Very enjoyable story.

3½ stars

Halloween: The Darker Side of Evil by TB

A different kind of Halloween tale that picks up in the city of Haddonfield. The atmosphere and suspense are good, as are the characters. Sheriff Holdt was actually somewhat likeable in this in a 'love to hate him' kind of way. Several plots are running simultaneously, and we see several relatives of past victims. Lindsey Wallace serves as the main character, and the Shape's presence is felt throughout the entire town, giving you the feeling of dread that could come up at any minute. A plus in the script is that it explored the softer side of Michael, a la "Halloween 5".

3 stars

Halloween 7: Night of Thorn by Jeff Geisbauer

This is a story that picks up where "Halloween 6" left off, on the same night, actually, as Thorn tries to track down Tommy and Kara before they get away with Steven. The characters are good, the atmosphere is terrific, and there is a twist involved that you will never see coming. Another story that also went into exploring Michael's human side, which is something I always enjoy reading.

3 stars

Freddy Vs. Jason: Dream Demons by David Dunwoody

Fans of these series' will be thrilled with this script. Intelligently written and stays true to both Jason and Freddy. We also see Tommy Jarvis and Alice get involved, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. David connects both series together without changing any mythologies. It follows an FBI agent involved with the assassination of Jason Voorhees in "Jason Goes To Hell" as he gets assigned the Springwood murders, but he soon learns that there may be a connection to his previous project. Both demonic serial killers are at their best as we learn shocking revelations throughout the story. Great epic crossover.

5 stars

Halloween: Shape of Evil by Cody Hamman, Starring JH

Sort of a "New Nightmare" meets Halloween-type story, where the Halloween universe is all a movie, but Michael Myers manages to get into our world and wreak havoc, acting out a previously written fanfic by the main character. It is the main character's mission to stop Michael and send him back into the movie world. Very enjoyable read and well-worth your time.

3½ stars

Halloween: Evil's End by Dusty Fincher

Dusty brings us the second installment of his highly acclaimed sequels to Halloween 4. In this one, Tommy and Rachel are preparing to be married shortly after Halloween. But, Michael survived "A New Evil" and is coming back to finish what he started. One thing about this one that I liked was the atmospheric scenes in the church, especially the discussions between Gary and Thurman. There was also some excellent death scenes and a final showdown that ends the series once and for all. I felt that the script went a new direction with the sequel. It was very different from "A New Evil", with seemingly a darker tone. I actually don't think it was either better or worse than its predecessor, just different. Very entertaining and a good time.

4 stars


Tell Them Lies

by Project X

This is a stunning, shocking tale that hits in all the right places. A young woman is set up by several twisted characters, nearly falling into a deadly trap. Several of her friends end up murdered, and she tries to solve this mystery before she falls victim to a most foul fate. Ending is very haunting, and I would say the tale is a repulsive kind of horror, the kind that could almost be found in today's headlines. It is a compelling story with a twist ending. Very well done, though I must admit, I could never bring myself to watch a movie like this were it a film. There's "regular" horror, and then there's the kind of thriller, like this one, that sends TOO many chills.

Three Skulls

Come What May

by Jeff Long

Fascinating, intelligent, charming. An excellent story with a musical background. If you've ever seen the original "Rock And Roll High School", you can see the energy, feel the life Jeff has put in this story. My only regret is that I'm not completely familiar with all the songs (Loved the Queen selections!), so I must envision tunes that fit the scenes. Other than that, it is a clever, in some ways heartwarming story of high school friendships, love, and turmoil when good things must end. EXCELLENT

Four Skulls.

Can Vampires Fall In Love?, REVAMPED

by Ryan

An interesting variation of "Buffy The Vampire Slayer", where the main characters are the vampires and the "villains" are slayers. Great fight scenes, but the real action is in the drama and turmoil involving Nate and Ryan. It is quite an intriguing soap opera as they struggle with friendships and the pressures of being undead teens. Revamped is a clever way to adjust the original story. A reader may be confused by some of the plot twists, but the energy and conflict of the characters are well done.

Two and a Half Skulls


Crimson Moon 2

by Cody Hamman and Jeff Long

This is simply an incredible story. Picking up where the first one leaves, a new set of characters must survive the curse lingering in the rubble of that doomed diner. Great dream sequences and plenty of Gore! Has a touch of "Black Dog" as well. Great characters (That Hodges guy is a hoot), good story, and a thrill ride at the jail. Fantastic tale of wolves running amuck!

Four Skulls


At this time, I wanted to review the songs and poetry by Ryan. Most of these are stunning words to recite, lyrical and in several cases filled with despair. These works are equally good, so I feel that they are all Four Skulls in their ratings. Each work fills me with sadness, a despair that I just don't want to face, but they are well written. I try to imagine how the songs would go musically, which is a bit difficult. I also try to interpret each piece to the best of my ability. Excellent stuff :)

Destiny~ This feels like a story about "growing pains" and uncertainty. It is filled with despair, and it makes clear to the reader the struggles of adolescence

Judge Me~ This calls out to the reader with a challenge, daring the reader to slip away from the comfort zone of judging people from afar

Rainy Days~ A song of lost love, calling out to a special someone to end silent, emotional torment

Ryan's Song~ Expresses the pain of a "crush", silent feelings for a person who is oblivious to the writer's feelings

Tyler's Song~ A song of friendship and intimacy, a longing to strengthen a relationship

Kelsey's Song~ Much bitterness, and it reminds me of the bitter poem I wrote not too long ago. Really, there's not too much to this one at all, but I can sense the feelings of frustration, the kind that can build in any of us. I imagine this as a heavy metal kind of song, with a lot of shouting in the lyrics

Jarret's Song~ A song of sympathy, platonic friendship, and gratefulness

Jaclyn's Song~ Regret fills this one, as if it talks of the mistakes made in a friendship and the irrepairable damage done.

Cody's Song~ Another friendship song, this one seems to feel like a dance song of sorts, kind of like the "Party" song by Pink (at least, that's what I feel when I read it)

Up In Smoke~ Sad and despairing, it is filled with regrets of secrets revealed.

Fear~ Expresses the continuing struggle against the unknown, the fear of an uncertainty and a cry for friendship

Untitled~ A song about love, true love. Very touching and youthful.

Taunt Me~ A song of strong rejection. Nothing hurts more than to be rejected by someone you have feelings for.

I'll Fly Away~ Love can be a painful thing, especially when putting that love into the past. This song speaks of that pain with eloquence

Blue~ A sad love song that feels like it deals with the pain of rejection and loss.

Everything I Want~ A love song with hints of lust and a need for intimacy

Here With You~ Another song of Love and devotion


First reviews so far...

Favorite Halloween script on the site:

Would have to be Halloween True Nightmare... By JH and Code Breaker.. This to me is one of the best ideas i've heard of and they pull it off perfectly..

Halloween The Evil Returns.. A very entertaining script that stuck pretty close to the atmoshpere of Halloween....


Favorite: Halloween Quantum MysterioMan007.. he must be a big quantum Leap fan to remember the goat and to actually have the story make sense...very entertaining..

Ash Vs. Jason: By Manwards... an entertaining yet slow script... I think I read it on another sight?

Chiller By JH.... I love it its kinda funny and i like the overall idea... When are you going to finish it?


Silent Hill by. Jack McVee... Very good script with intresting characters...

Scre4m Again: by TB.. A entertaining script with funny moments as well as a good plot outline...

JasonX2: By. David Dunwoody.. A likeable script and a good effort at a sequel to Jason X.. IT rounds out the future thing very well... I also like that you had the Duke in it...


Favorite: The Hunt... A great idea...and seemed to capture it in a good way...

School day 1-5 (haven't read the others yet)...I like them...Dillion is almost equal to Jason and Michael in the way of lives..


Favorite: Highlander: Fight for Survival...By Dusty Fincher.. Im a highlander fan...the very first fan fiction of the series i've read...

Jaws 5: undertow...By.. Cody Hamman... So far a good script when are you going to finish it?


This is question.. When is the next season of Halloween The Series going to be done... Can't wait...

Expect more reviews soon... Keep up the good work...

-Eric Baker

Teller's Tales Reviews

Episode 1: Giving Thanks by Cody Hamman

The debut of the Teller's Tales proved to be entertaining. It plays as kind of a demented version of "A Christmas Carol" taking place on Thanksgiving. A Scrooge-like boss gets a lesson in how you should treat people. Good lesson and an ending with a twist.

3 ½ stars

Episode 2: Together Forever by Jon Burleson

The second episode sets us up with a few friends getting together for a reunion from their high school days. Anyone who has ever been to high school should feel sadness after reading this one. One thing I liked about this one was that no one in the story had the life they envisioned in their youth. Ain't that the truth!

4 stars

Episode 3: Speed Freak by Vic Rodriguez, Jr.

This is a strange one, especially considering the 9/11 coincidence. It's about a guy named Sam with an unusual power of running faster than the speed of light. I'm not a big comic book fan, but those who like comics should enjoy.

3 stars

Episode 4: Gutterball by Cody Hamman, based on an unpublished story by Stephen King

Bowling fans will get a kick out of this one. It's a short story about greed, stations in society, and not judging a book by its cover. It also has an underlying message that you should be nice to everyone, no matter how rich or poor they are. Another good lesson and interesting story.

4 stars

Halloween: The Madness of Michael Myers by Jeff Geisbauer

In this follow-up to "Night of Thorn", we're treated to the continuation of Michael's story after the previous installment. There are a few surprises along the way. There is a good atmosphere here and Thorn is not present. We also go deeper into Michael's mind and see the world through his eyes. The scenes dealing with Michael's psyche and Kara's melancholic feelings towards the holiday are good stuff. My only complaint is that the other characters maybe could have used a little bit more development. Other than that, "Madness" is an entertaining script and a very good time.

3 ¼ stars

Friday the 13th: The Curse of Jason Voorhees by David Dunwoody

Another installment of the "Friday the 13th" saga, this one taking place in the dead of winter. There is much to enjoy in this script, including a great exploration into the origins of Jason and what could have happened on the night he drowned. We also meet several new characters with distinct personalities before Jason shows up and picks up his old habit. Jason's specter-like presence really adds to the atmosphere and takes the stakes up a notch. Only a couple of things left me scratching my head. The opening scene was extremely memorable, but we're never given any real motives behind it. I also wondered about the circumstances surrounding Ethan's father's death. Overall, though, this is a very entertaining script which is an easy one to read and is just entertaining the whole way through.

3 ½ stars

Michael Myers vs. The Doughboy by Cody Hamman

A crossover of sorts as Dr. Wynn makes a new enemy in the Pillsbury Doughboy, who just wants to help him bake his cookies. But, things get ugly when Wynn pokes the Doughboy in the belly one too many times. This was one of the funniest stories I have ever read. A pissed off Doughboy is no one to mess with.

4 ½ stars


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