Halloween 7: The Night of Thorn: By Jeff Geisbauer

All righty then. This little doodad starts right after Halloween 6 and follows Tommy, Kara and the gang as they keep on arunnin' from Michael. This script has a lot to offer for the Halloween fan. It has some pretty great stalking scenes and Michael is one brutal mofo in this baby. 'Specially near the end. We also find out some secrets about Thorn that we didn't already know. It just felt like a Halloween story, good atmosphere and all. I recommend it for those that want a script that sticks pretty close to the format and feel of the movies. It's some good stuff.

3.5 stars

Austin Powers Meets the Real Mike Myers: By Sean Luby

What with the new Austin Powers flick out, I HAD to read this story. It's very funny, especially for fans of the best thing about Austin Powers: Dr. Evil! Yes, the good Doctor is in rare form in this story and had me laughing pretty good. This isn't really a full length script or anything, but a very humorous scene dealing with Dr. Evil welcoming a certain white masked assasin into the Evil ranks. Of course, that wiley Austin Powers manages to get in the way. Groovy baby!

3 stars

Cease To Exist By Cody Hamman

An exceptionatly well written character based script that had my attention so fully that I didn't realize how freakin' long it was. The story starts off introducing us to Ben and his intention to live one more day of life before he commits suicide. Then we proceed to follow Ben throughout the day as he meets new people and catches up with old friends and by the end we don't want him to go through with it. I am very, very impressed with this story. The characters are easy to identify with (there's a little bit of Ben in all of us, I think). Stereotypes and peoples views of stereotypes are turned upside down. This is a story driven by conversations between characters and not much else. However, the dialogue is so good and the conversations so compelling, the lack of action is a very good thing. If ever you wanted to read a very good character driven script, here's your chance. I don't think there's a better one on this site.

5 stars

Halloween: The Slayer By MysterioMan007

Mysterio kicks some major butt with this one. I'm a big Hallween fan and a big Buffy fan and Mysterio merges the two fantastically. The story opens with a bang and never lets up. It's a Halloween story with Thorn that actually makes sense, cause all that Thorn crap is totally at home in the Buffy world. Mysterio has a grasp on the characters that is totally true to who they are. The dialogue and interplay between the Buffy cast is fantastic. I found myself laughing out loud at some of the day to day conversations of Buffy, Willow and my fave, Xander. However, Mysterio manages to balance that quirky Buffy humor with the terror that is Michael Myers. I am amazed at how well he pulled it off. He lets you know right off the bat that no character is safe and Michael has no mercy whatsoever. Also, look for one of the best fight scenes you will likely find on this website as Buffy and Michael go at it, holding nothing back. It's truly an epic story and probably up there as one of my favorites on the entire site.

5 whopping stars

Halloween 8: A REALLY Absurd Notion: By JH

To really understand this little comic gem, it's probably best that you've seen Halloween 8 and K:19, the Widomaker. If ever there was a movie I didn't think I'd ever see teamed up with Halloween, it would be the Harrison Ford Russian submarine flick. However, JH, being JH, pulls it off big time with big laughs. I dare you not to laugh. JH riffs on bad Russian accents, the whole bloodline of Michael Myers thing and 80s TV. And Mr. T. God, Mr. T. The couple of scenes with Mr. T were such that if I were drinking milk as I read them, milk would have spewed forth from my nostrils. Fortunately, that wasn't the case, but it would have happened. I gaurantee it. Also, major bonus points for a cool Raiders of the Lost Ark reference with the Harrison Ford Russian Captain character. By all means, read this bad boy.

4.5 stars

-Dusty Fincher

TITLE: Spring Break

AUTHOR: Big Daniel Hinojosa

PLOT: Lunatic “Richard” escapes from a mental hospital an goes on a killing spree during Spring Break.

REVIEW: An average piece that takes a lot from other horror but fails to give back. Seasoned slasher fans will recognise elements from “Halloween”, “Friday the 13th Part 2” and “I Know what you did last summer”; this isn’t a crime in itself but the fact that it isn’t at all disguised and seems almost forced into one mass means that comparisons will be drawn.

As not to sound negative I’d like to emphasise that it shows a lot of potential. The writer knows his horror and can write suspense quite well when he puts the effort in. “Richard” has no background or history and we don’t get to know the characters that well; elements appear that could be explored more. The script seems like a shell but if the author spends more time on future pieces and better develops the pacing and characterisation then he will produce excellent works of horror.

BEST BIT: The subtle movements of Richard’s face in the hospital.

SCORE: Two Hooks.

TITLE: Trick Or Treat

AUTHOR: Ben Wasden

PLOT: Two tales of terror involving a mysterious young man and strange things afoot in a graveyard.

REVIEW: Fun homage to classic anthology films such as Creepshow where each story ends with a twist and things aren’t always what you expect. These two tales are quite fun to read with some decent scares and though they are sometimes predictable in places they are none the less good short stories.

The second is superior as, though the opening is very pornographic in nature, it takes its time more and lets the horror unfold steadily. Funnily enough the title of the first segment would fit the second very well indeed!

Overall a good, fun piece though rather short. The “third” story that is involved between the two in the background is an interesting idea but doesn’t go anywhere which is a shame. Still, for fans of classic horror anthologies its well worth a look.

BEST BIT: Mr Smith’s fate.

SCORE: Three Hooks.

TITLE: Halloween 8: The Night They Came Home

AUTHOR: Robbie.red666

PLOT: A web cast in the Myers house leads to a group of teenagers learning a lot about each other.

REVIEW: To be honest this will is a difficult piece to review, not just because the writer is a good friend of mine but also because it really is a very different Halloween script. All the elements are here, Michael Myers, butcher knifes, Laurie strode and so on, but the actual product comes across as far more a dramatic piece than your average slasher movie. Not that this is a bad thing, it just means you shouldn’t go into it expecting your typical Halloween fare.

The main character, Vera, is well written and takes the main emotional core of the piece. She troubles and anxieties are realistic and dealt with well and this is where the script’s strengths lie. The other characters are also fairly well done and we even feel we get to know someone who fails to actually appear; the writing is tight and knows what it’s trying to do.

The story plays down the web cast elements to the point that they are redundant; the kids could easily be staying their for a dare. Again, this isn’t a bad thing but does come as a surprise to a reader expecting something else. At the end of the day people will either like or dislike this piece depending on their expectance on something new and different. Michael Myers almost becomes the embodiment of one characters guilt at events and as the body count rises so they loose touch with their mental state.

A few faults that stand out are the lack of a definitive climax and the absence of any explanation as to how Myers survived H20. This script ignores 3-6 but the least it could do is bridge the gap between it and its predecessor. That said, it doesn’t matter too much and the scenes with Laurie are very emotional and done in a unique and interesting way.

In conclusion it is clear that some will dislike this piece for its very different approach of the Halloween mythos (plus it does has some dodgy “explanations” for the events that occur on Halloween) and the lack of Michael but if they look beyond that they will find a well written piece that dares to explore new ground whilst still scaring the reader.

BEST BIT: Laurie’s last line to Michael. Great stuff.

SCORE: Four Hooks.


AUTHOR: Dan Kingston

PLOT: A person contemplates whether they are a killer or not.

REVIEW: Such a short piece yet very affecting. The key word I would use to describe this story is “dark”. We start in the mind of someone who wonders whether what he has done is wrong and via his though processes we understand what he has done and why; the writing is random and flits out into random areas. This is not a criticism, this disjointed-ness is a bonus and helps convey the confused nature of events and actually adds to the horror. By the end we’re not even sure whose Point of View we’re seeing; the world we are glimpsing into is a dark one where nothing makes sense and upon finishing the reader almost feels “dirty” and witnessing these events. For so brief a story it has a lot of impact though future pieces will tell whether this was a lucky accident or acquired skill.

BEST BIT: End description of the person in the cell.

SCORE: Four Hooks.

TITLE: Can Vampires Fall in Love?

AUTHOR: Ryan Young

PLOT: When Nate becomes a member of the undead he has to learn that life as a human and a vampire is very different. Can he still love the girl of his dreams or will his feelings for his sire, Ryan, dominate his decisions?

REVIEW: “This story is about tragedy. This story is about freedom, beauty, truth, and love. This story is about love conquering all obstacles. Even death.” So says the introduction to this piece from controversial writer Ryan Young and isn’t in the least deceitful. Problem is that that pretty much sums up the plot with the storyline taking so many twists and turns no one could keep up with them all let alone try and make sense of it. So let us not dwell on things such as story and instead look at what it’s really about. Love.

Nate loves Neolle. He also loves Ryan. They both, it seems love him. However this isn’t your usual triangle as Ryan is a vampire and, after an encounter with him, so is Nate. The vampiric elements are what make this a horror story though really they are just a backdrop. Basically its hard to review this piece as it seems to come so much from the authors heart, it’s been written with emotion and sensitivity; the problem is, just as we change our minds from moment to moment the story drifts from place to place. If you’re after a straight forward story, look elsewhere. If you’re willing to put plot aside and let emotion rule you then there is a lot to discover here. Not a masterpiece but an interesting window into the authors soul.

BEST BIT: Nate challenges Ryan at the stories finale.

SCORE: Two Hooks.

TITLE: The Massacres at Rumor Hill

AUTHOR: Vic Rodriguez

PLOT: Vince and his friends head to Rumor Hill for a break where he intends to film everything that occurs but they haven’t reckoned with an escaped mental patient.

REVIEW: This is one script I’d love to see filmed. It may be a take off from the Blair Witch phenomenon but it really does a great sense of class and the descriptions of the camera angles are very well done. The movie plays itself to you in your head and you can see events as they unfold.

The idea is a simple one, Blair Witch crossed with a slasher film with a documentary twist; sounds disastrous but it really works. Vic manages to portray a sense of mounting dreads throughout and opens with a number of mysteries that instantly hook the viewer. The interspersing of bloody deaths is nasty (and very Blair Witch 2) but again helps to keep the reader involved and desperate to discover what will happen next.

I’m not one for copying popular ideas but when it is done in such an original and fascinating way as this it is fully justifiable. The script is definitely dark with strong elements of black humour (a character left at the mercy of the killer by another who thinks it’s a trick for example) and this again benefits it greatly. Overall, a wonderful piece that is certainly worth reading.

BEST BIT: The opening montage which really draws you in and allows the author to play games with your fears and expectations.

SCORE: Four Hooks.

TITLE: Full Moon

AUTHOR: Billy J. Burgess

PLOT: Two kids set out scare each other and get more than they bargained for.

REVIEW: Short but sweet is the best way I can describe this story. The writing is average, the characters are given brief personalities and scene setting is minimal. Which is all very well in a short story of this genre; however it fails on one vital thing. The “twist in the tale”, as it were, it obvious from the get go and the story comes above the level that kids tell to each other at Halloween parties. I am sure Burgess is a good writer but this story doesn’t show off his talents and merely comes off as a written down tale that really needs to be spoken at night around a camp fire.

BEST BIT: The brief description of the wood still manages to convey dread.

SCORE: One Hook.

TITLE: Crimson Moon

AUTHOR: Cody Hamman

PLOT: Three brothers on the run from the law find themselves under attack form an unusual kind of wolf…

REVIEW: From Dusk Till Dawn with werewolves is probably the best way to describe this exciting and extremely violent script. It has the “villains as hero’s” aspect as well as pretty much ignoring most werewolf lore other movies take as sacred. This isn’t a bad thing; this film isn’t about transformation or tortured souls, it’s about bloody lethal creatures slaughtering as many people as they can.

The characters are very well written and the brothers are painted in various shades of grey; David and his wife Laura provide decent “good guys” and come across as rather amusing at times. No one is simply “wolf fodder” with even the least important characters at least getting a small bit to do themselves.

The story picks up at pace, starting up slow and gaining momentum as it goes and by the time it reaches its bloody conclusion you’ll heart is guaranteed to leap into your throat. The format is easy to follow and makes for digestible reading; information is presented piece by piece and you never feel rushed into things though on occasion the exposition isn’t that well disguised.

In the end, it may not be the most original work of fiction but it’s definitely fun. Turn your brain off, sit back with a cold beer and let the action, humour and general mayhem carry through.

BEST BIT: Tommy’s single handed shoot out with six cops.

SCORE: Four Hooks.

TITLE: Halloween: The Slayer

AUTHOR: MysterioMan007

PLOT: Tommy Doyle travels to Sunnydale to enlist the slayer’s aid in defeating Michael Myers.

REVIEW: Not many stories can be called epic but this is definitely one that can; from beginning to end this piece has a sense of grand schemes coming together and of an ultimate evil preparing for a final move. The opening is very Halloween and establishes Michael’s power before shifting to Sunnydale where the real story takes place.

All the characters are well written and you can visualise the actors saying the lines; Xander and Willow’s banter is very close to their portrayals in the early season’s of the show whilst Buffy is strong and dependable. Tommy is well done and even Danny comes across as an interesting character.

The story line is VERY Buffy and yet fits in perfectly with the Halloween universe due to the presence of Dr Wynn and the Thorn Cult. Michael’s destiny works well within the Buffy-verse and leads to some truly gripping, well written drama. As it is based after the last complete series the author can use who he wants and you are never sure who will live and die; it’s truly shocking to see your favourite television characters meeting a grizzly end at Michael’s hands.

Of course the part everyone is waiting for is Buffy Versus Michael and this far from disappoints. Though you would expect Buffy to say a few more things during this combat it is thrilling and well written; showing how two such powerful forces balance each other in a clash of such titans. As the world comes under threat and battles are fought in the background everything comes down to these two people, good and evil laid bare.

It isn’t quite perfect however and some elements seem pointless and don’t lead anywhere (Jonathan and Andrew for example). Also Faith’s willingness to fight Buffy seems to go against the “redemption” she was searching for last time we saw her in Angel; still these are minor quibbles. When push comes to shove Mysterio really delivers the goods and presents his audience with one of the best crossovers ever to grace our monitors.

BEST BIT: Though the end fight is amazing I’d have to say Michael takes on a vampire simply because it is laugh out loud funny!

SCORE: Five Hooks.

TITLE: Jason Takes L.A

AUTHOR: David Dunwoody

PLOT: Rival gangs battle it out on the streets of L.A but they have far worse problems as the undead serial killer Jason Voorhees enters the urban jungle.

REVIEW: The Friday the 13th series has never been know for its blinding plots or realistic characters but this piece of fan fiction gives a fair go at adding these elements into the mix. This story is basically everything “Jason Takes Manhattan” should have been, using the full potential of Jason’s new environment. In the later films Mr Voorhees’ became almost an ‘anti-hero’ the audience would cheer on but this piece tries to redress the balance and make him scary again. It doesn’t always succeed in this but the effort is appreciated and does lead to some genuinely creepy moments as Jason appears seemingly out of no where to dispatch his next victim.

So whilst not the greatest Jason outing it is far superior than the dull part 3 or frankly misleading part 8. The kills are imaginative and the characters have realistic personalities making this a welcome entry into the series as well as a great fanfic.

BEST BIT: Jason breaks someone’s neck when he grabs them by the hair and yanks them violently. A really brutal, yet simple, kill.

SCORE: Three Hooks.

TITLE: Carrie 3: Return of the Rage

AUTHOR: Billy J. Burgess

PLOT: Two repressed teenagers get revenge on those who bullied them.

REVIEW: Ideas are a powerful force. They drive the world we live in and allow us, as a race, to progress. Burgess has ideas, some of them potentially very good. The problem he has yet to fully develop his skills at putting them to paper; a story needs to be thought over and must have internal logic in order for the reader to take it seriously. “Carrie 3” has no real form or structure, the author simply tells “this happened and then that happened” and so forth. My advice is for Billy to take more time to re-read and edit pieces; if he does this then his Ideas will get the story they deserve and his writing will develop.

BEST BIT: The homage to the original “Carrie” at the end.

SCORE: One Hook.

TITLE: Crimson Moon 2

AUTHOR: Cody Hamman and Jeff Long

PLOT: An officer investigating the events at the diner is bitten by a surviving wolf and soon the horror begins again.

REVIEW: Sequels are rarely as good as their predecessor and this usually holds even more true for horror. Yet Cody and Jeff have achieved this “holy grail” of films by writing a piece that has all the action and excitement of the first as well as a decent story line.

The original was never a “transformation” movie and the main characters were murderous brothers; this script starts off a little more traditionally. Jimmy is very much one of the good guys and so it is that we feel pity for him as he experiences the effects of being bitten; this is a strong area for the script as it is touching without over shadowing the main thrust of the piece; more werewolf massacres and big battles!

The setting is well used with some decent “fodder” character in the mix; the two prostitutes are particularly entertaining. The pacing is done well and the story mixes element to humour with blood letting scares; the werewolf attacks are all the more violent this time around.

So we have a sequel that lives up to the first, that delivers action and suspense as well as a kick ass ending. If this level of writing can be kept up then another sequel would be more than welcome.

BEST BIT: A werewolf swings someone around like a rag doll within a cell.

SCORE: Four Hooks.

TITLE: Halloween: Shape of Evil

AUTHOR: Cody Hamman

PLOT: After the disappointment of H20 a fan-fiction writer decides to create his own sequel; however things take a sinister turn as events in his script start to play out in real life.

REVIEW: Every now and then a script comes along that truly blows you away, with such class, ingenuity and skill that it cannot fail to impress. This is one such story. Though some may compare it to Wes Craven’s New Nightmare it really is far more unique; the films are just films and Michael is in it but other than that they are completely different.

Cody knows his material and he understands what works for Halloween and thus Michael’s material is very well done; however it is the character of Bruce that really stands out. His key audience are, after all, fanfic writers and we can identify with Bruce and see ourselves within him; this is a key ingredient to any script.

Original, exciting and scary, “Halloween: Shape of Evil” is a must read, not only for fans but anyone whose ever put pen to paper.

BEST BIT: The ending…

SCORE: Five Hooks.

TITLE: Austin Powers meets the REAL Mike Myers

AUTHOR: Sean Luby

PLOT: Dr Evil hires a new assassin to destroy Austin Powers.

REVIEW: The Austin Powers films are a favourite series of mine; completely daft, over the top yet laugh out loud funny. Combining the freak show of characters form these films with Halloween’s Michael Myers may sound insane but it produces this little comic gem.

The “plot” isn’t really important, the main thrust is how the characters we know from the Austin movies react with Michael; someone as far from their stereotype, exaggeration filled world as you can get. Dr Evil’s dialogue is brilliant, witty and in keeping with the character whilst Michael basically plays the ultimate straight guy.

So, whilst its nothing ground breaking this will be make you laugh and is a decent way to spend a couple of minutes.

BEST BIT: Dr Evil tries to get through to Michael.

SCORE: Three Hooks.

-Scarecrow Cenobite

This is MechaChris, with two reviews; one for an new story, and one for an old story.


1- HAHAHAHAHA says it all.

3- Pretty good, getting to a six.

6- All right, it's coming...

66- Almost a triple six, but for now it's really good...

666- 666! Yeah! Good job! Excellent!


by Jeff Long

This was an excellent Jurassic Park. New dinos, Malcolm's return, and the return of the raptors...what more could you ask for? The Carnotaurus played a good commanding dino role, the raptors were even more vicious, the Gallimimus stampede, and setting in Costa Rica fit to a T. But where's the dilophosaurs?? The Lost World and JP3 were missing them. What are they, hiding?

SCORE 66 1/2


by JH

WOW HUMONGOW. The second story I read here! Excellent party, Wayne! Err...JH. Michael's back, and sharp as a tack. Rachel was cloned, Tommy was phoned, John moaned for Laurie. Billy Hill's eyes began to fill, when Jamie was KILLed. Sorry that I rhymed. Overall, it was (CHINESE ACCENT) berry berry gewd. Both endings were just as good as the other. Now, I just have to read The Sun Also Sets in Haddonfield.



The Long Hike by TJ Maxx

I give it two skulls because it seems more like a summary of an interesting slasher idea. The premise is cool, but there is little detail to it. This is a story that could be fleshed out more.

Ultimate Evil by MechaChris

An interesting take on good vs evil. Sort of a Power Rangers/FOTR kind of feeling. God and his companions go against the divine traitor Icthyo with a chosen group of special heroes. The story had such a unique set up I almost had trouble following it. Who were these companions hangin out with god? Once you get settled into the plot, though, the story flowed. Lots of comedy moments with the movie monsters helped lighten the mood. Excellent fight scenes, and I especially like how the story has a sort of "DVD format" at the end. It gets a bit mushy at the end, but mushy is nice. Good casting :)

Two and a half Skulls

Nightmare Dreams by Billy J Burgess

Here is a fascinating series with a lot of mystery revolving around Michael and Eric and a ghost named Abigail. The episodes are spaced very well, providing new tidbits for the story and Eric's destiny. His friendships at school play a bit like Harry Potter, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger in a way, which makes the comeraderie very appealing. The mystery grows slowly, but it makes me VERY curious to see how it turns out!

Three and a half Skulls

Rage by Sean Gushue

Cool narrative in the beginning to the end, kind of like an 8th grade Tarantino thing. Shows the ups and downs of school life, but turns into a deadly variation of "Carrie". Simply excellent and repulsive. The ending is an excellent shocker, all told from narration.

Four Skulls


Jason X2 by David Dunwoody-*** of *****

This is a good script that I presonally enjoyed alot and i thought the concpet was good and the characters were awesome. David Dunwoody is an awesome writer and this story shows.

Splatter Movie by Dan Kingston ***** of *****

Splatter Movie is a great script and very enjoyable. The ending was good and the best part was the fact that my favorite character had survived. Also some of the killings were good and this would make a great and classick movie.

Crimson Moon by Cody Hamman **** of *****

This was similar to From Dusk Till Dawn(which was one of my fav. movies) and just as good. Many deaths and awesome characters. a must for horror fans.

Spring Break by Daniel Hinojosa *** of *****

This is like an 80's teen slasher flick and just as good. I liked the characters and well the killer is being played by the best actor in the world Viggo Mortensen!!!!!!! so this is great.

-Tim Arquette

Teller's Tales Episode 5: Eyes of Misery by Jon Burleson

Wow, that was disturbing. It was a good read, though. Father knows best, that's for sure. A very dark tale of a madman, emphasis on "mad", who accosts his son's girlfriend and, well... you'll just have to read it and find out. This tale did what it set out to do. It spooked me.

4½ stars

Episode 6: Grandma Lives by Cody Hamman

Continuing with the theme of darkly comic stories, Grandma Lives is at the same time hilarious and terrifying. It's hard to pull off something like this one and I was very impressed with this story.

5 stars

Unbreakable 2 by JH and Code Breaker

This is not so much a sequel as it is a 'New Nightmare'-type story, where the movie world is acted out in our world by new characters. A killer is dressing up as movie killers and going around murdering various teens, though the catch is there is a Hero involved, a man who dresses up as Bruce Willis's character in 'Unbreakable' and defends the intended target. This was an entertaining script which pays homage to the horror movie genre in a new way. Jay and Silent Bob are around to provide several light moments as the teens prepare for the attacks from The Killer. Overall, this was a good read and a good way to spend an hour or two. However, don't expect this script to be a direct sequel to 'Unbreakable', because it's not. While the Hero and Villain were easy to decipher, it still made for entertaining reading. Any horror movie fan should love it.

3½ stars

Halloween 8: The Challenge by Dusty Fincher

This story has the same basic plot as Halloween: Resurrection, but it was much more entertaining than the actual movie. Dusty's characters seemed like real people and they were likeable. Tommy Doyle, Laurie Strode, and John Tate are along for the ride as the series' two storylines merge into one. The dialogue was great, the atmosphere great. Everything just worked in this one. Good script.

4½ stars

Cease To Exist by Cody Hamman

This is an exceptionally written piece of work done by Cody about a teenager named Ben Hagen who has decided to commit suicide at the end of the day. It starts with his awakening in morning and follows him throughout the day as he connects with old and new friends, most notably Stacey, one of the best characters ever to grace this site. This is a character-driven story, with unique conversations all-around. Some are dark (not a surprise, considering the subject matter) and then there are scenes like the rapport between Ben and Stacey that had me laughing, the diner scene in particular. The feeling of looming tragedy is felt throughout the script as it gets nearer and nearer to the moment that Ben has decided to end his life. I'll let you discover the rest for this story, but this is not to be missed.

5 stars

Halloween: by Scarecrow Cenobite

Another entry into the H8 Challenge, as original characters line up to be slaughtered in the old Myers Place. A storm adds to the suspense of this entry, and there are several memorable moments, such as a live chat pre-massacre where a familiar voice warns the kids about the hazards of playing in Mikey's house. But, they don't listen and are soon offed one by one. However, there is a finale full of action and suspense as the survivors fight for their lives. Another plus is that the Busta Rhymes character doesn't last long :)

3 stars

Halloween: True Nightmare by JH and Code Breaker

This story has been up a while, but for some reason, I just never got around to reading it. I'm sorry that was the case. This made for an extremely entertaining read and once I started, I didn't really want to stop. Much in the vain of 'Shape of Evil' (though this was written first), it chronicles the life of a young man who writes a Halloween fanfic, only to have that fanfic start acting itself out. Cara Manson serves as the main villain, and though Michael is around a bit, he is not the focus of this piece. Good dialogue and suspense is what keeps this one a great script and interesting read. If you get a chance, check it out.

4 stars

Halloween II: The Musical Isn't Over by Zach Allen

This is a pretty funny spoof on Halloween II as... you guessed it, a musical. While some of the humor I outgrew a long time ago, there were still several laugh-out-loud moments, mostly provided by Dr. Loomis as he smacks Laurie for crying, roasts marshmallows on Ben Tramer's burning body, and causes a gas explosion in a very unique and hilarious way. You should read it. Pretty funny stuff.

2½ stars


The Season: Ohio Football Episode 3: The Swamp

by Jon Burleson

It's the big game, and Burleson makes it exciting in his description as Ohio State takes on Florida. This episode is a good read for football fans in general and OSU fans in particular. The drama is felt on the field and with the commentators, and it works. Burleson speeds through the third quarter of the game, but this helps heighten the tension felt by quarterback Tim Wallace who must help his team catch up when they fall behind. This makes for good sports fiction, and sports fics aren't the easiest to do without the descriptions and images. I only wonder if there is more to this series or if the drama continues in a "second season"?

My score: Two and a half Skulls


Someone's Watching You

by Ben Wasden

An amusing slasher with a touch of "Scream" and "Valentine". Some good suspense mixed in with funny absurd moments. Detective McKnight is a trip, and steals the show everytime he pops up. Some interesting suprises come into play as our Heroine, Amber, discovers the identity of the killer. I wasn't quite sure what to expect when the opening scene showed us snooty Denise and Nerdy Steven. It starts out as a witty teen story, but the real comedy begins and ends with McKnight. Characters are goofy, but it fits well in this goofy comedy that plays with its dialogue like a Naked Gun film. Read and enjoy

Three Skulls



Review by Robbie

The final frame for Two Towers is over… 12 more months before a scene of Return of the king will brighten the dark theatre halls… (20 if you wait for video or live on another planet.) Thus I started reading this script with a certain joy. The characters are back, the story continues and more importantly the adventure grows. Starting with a great scene where Isildur’s sword is forged again, the story remains very faithful to the book and the spirit of the previous movies as well. Per example, the love triangle between Eowyn, Arwen and Aragorn that wasn’t in the books is included in the script to preserve continuity with the movies. Another interesting fact is that Jeff himself told me he would be incorporating the various rumors heard from the current production of Return of the kind to the script. Adding interesting details to the story.

It is difficult, I think, to accept what the characters are saying at the beginning. Since it is being scripted by someone other then the regular team of Peter Jackson etc, you sometimes wonder if the characters might have said something differently. This is not really a complaint, only a remark. I think it is a normal effect on the reader when something familiar is taken into new hands. Something myself I have gone threw as a writer. Speaking of character interaction, a well placed effort was put into Gimli being a funny dwarf . His dialogue is never awkwardly placed, but always awkward. In his usual way of being of course.

Along with the high number of characters, well written motivations come the battle scenes. And there is of course a large number of them. It is safe to say battle scenes are great on film, but tricky on paper. Jeff pulls it off by staying with one character at a time, while never loosing the epic feel. Once the great numbers of Orcs arrive, we feel the suspense and the gigantic nature of the event. Yet when the battle begins, we gradually move from character to character as they fight with many enemies. It allows us to stay focused and not get lost amidst the battle had Jeff written different pieces of different fights and mixed them together. There is a spectacular moment where a horse has to save one of the heroes yet it is faced with an Orc. No need to say more.

The rest of the story follows with the book until the changed resolution, where I felt a change was needed from the book. I was however disappointed with the resolution of the love triangle I mentioned earlier. I do not feel Eowyn’s actions remained plausible in the end with her sudden decision. Her decision is plausible, but not the way she makes it. However I was told by Jeff that he will add another draft to this version, hopefully editing it as well. The spelling errors might become distracting to nitpickers, but I kind of understand the long task of trying to edit a 180 page script.

After the time I spent reading the script, I can say I’m very satisfied. Return of the king is the kind of script that could be described as smile from one fan to another.

***1/2 / ****


TITLE: Afraid

AUTHOR: Jack McVee

PLOT: Aiden, a member of a supernatural detective group, has to deal with increasingly unnatural events as he builds up a relationship with his friends brother, Blair.

REVIEW: I can honestly say I could not thing of a way to start writing this review. Whatever you go in expecting “Afraid” to be you will almost certainly be surprised by events and the way in which the story plays out and that is, perhaps, the greatest achievement of what is, essentially, a love story. Jack McVee seems to have put a lot of himself into this, most likely writing from experience and it shows. The character of Aiden is incredibly well written with reactions and emotions that feel real, especially when accompanied by excellent dialogue. You really feel for him on his journey and the character genuinely develops and we see that development happen gradually, something not that common with this kind of internet fiction. Aiden isn’t the only one with Blair and the rest of the supporting cast also being fleshed out enough for them to be easily distinguishable. It’s a credit to Jack that each has their own way of speaking and, after the first couple of parts, you could probably tell who said what without looking at the names. Again, this is a very impressive and difficult thing to achieve. The story is an odd one which confounds the reader in many ways. The hints of supernatural are just that and its almost as if the story is daring the reader to try and predict what will happen just so it can prove them wrong. Many elements are mentioned that seem important and yet turn out not to be as we realise more and more that events don’t drive this world but the actions of the characters within it. This isn’t to say it’s perfect however and sadly the main problem is in the writers personal tastes. Jack McVee is a fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and this has always entered his works in the past; he’s got better with reducing it but he still has far too much of its influence in places. An emotional scene looses impact when you realise the dialogue is a take off of this show… once or twice is fine but Jack over does it. Still, it’s the only real weakness but a significant one none the less; hopefully Jack will learn to trust even more in his own ideas and jokes in the future as this would make a great writer a brilliant one. Overall this is an emotional roller-coaster of a story which, whilst “controversial” (I hate that word), should move the reader as well as, hopefully, let them assess themselves and how they see others. This story celebrates those who society would see as different and does so without making a deal of it and, in the end, it offers a promise of hope to us all.

BEST BIT: Witchcraft and Bambi. Simply priceless.

SCORE: Four Hooks.

TITLE: Something Sinister

AUTHOR: Zach Hennis

PLOT: Masked killer, Chris James butchers his way through teenage campers in search of something from his past.

REVIEW: Something all good horror films rely on is a level of believability that allows the viewer to imagine how they would feel in that situation. Strongly linked to this is the important notion of “internal logic” where events have reasons to occur and everything makes sense in accordance to established rules. “Something Sinister’s” biggest weakness is its obsession with random twists and introducing elements that had not mattered before. Zach Hennis has a lot of ideas but he hides behind tried and tested formula and smothers his work in elements from pretty much every major horror film. As a writer he has to learn to explore one concept and flesh it out fully in order to make the reader want to continue rather than trying to maintain interest with twists. As a first piece and a test of writing style it works but sadly nothing comes of it in terms of a story. Overall this is a fair first story from Zach and I would encourage him to continue as practise does make perfect.

BEST BIT: Lots of rooms and lots of axes.

SCORE: One Hook.

-Scarecrow Cenobite

Return of the King

by Jeff Long

This one took me a while to read, it's such a grand, huge story. I've never read the books, but this helps bring the characters to life. I've come to enjoy Peter Jackson's screen adaptations, and this story does justice to all the characters. It makes me look forward to the third installment coming soon in theatres. I applaud Jeff's masterful screenplay. To try to explain the story in this review is impossible, except to say that if you've enjoyed the movies so far, you will enjoy this

5 Skulls

H4, H5 The Musicals

by Zach Allen

I'd say that both stories earn an equal rating. Written in the same style, with the same amusing musical moments. Zach makes good parodies with these musical sequals. No complaints or criticisms. These are plain fun to read when you want some chuckles. I look forward to seeing how he treats the remaining sequals. Who knows? Maybe even musical versions of other Franchises could be fun. Freddy with a chorus line of victims, perhaps? :)

Three and a half Skulls


Afraid: The Series

by Jack McVee

Let me just say that Jack has outdone himself with this series. It has everything a reader could want, including a spectacular finale that will make you laugh, cry and more. The comedy and drama are well balanced, the characters are witty at all the right moments. This whole series evokes great emotions. I apologize for gushing my thoughts out like this. For me, it's like watching "Lord of the Rings", or "Legendary Warriors of Zu Mountain" (Legend of Zu is a fantastic Asian sorcery fantasy Epic. If you've never seen it, I highly recommend it. Zu is almost a visual of what "Afraid" does where magic is concerned. You ever fast forward through LoTR to the moments where Gandalf plunges off the bridge, or where Sam and Frodo pledge their loyalty and friendship to each other in the boat? Those are the stirring-emotional--get-out-the-kleenex moments that I feel when I read Afraid. I'm a sap for this stuff, but I happily admit it. That's what makes Afraid a great reading experience, especially the final episode, "Believe". Everything comes full circle, and it's fantastic, sad, and wonderful.

My rating: Hell. Six Skulls.


Halloween 5: A New Evil:

3 1/2 OUT OF 5

Great script, a little predictable and low on deathes, but good job dusty!

Halloween 3: The Fury of Michael Myers:


A great and suspenseful story, one of my favs!

Halloween 4: The Untold Story:


A script with some unbelievabilty in the charcters and a bit of a strange ending, but it works...

Halloween 5: Evil Never Dies:

( I know this is my own but this is not a biased review)

3 1/2/5

I enjoyed reading this after I wrote it, I thought I had good suspense and it didn't have too much or too little body count, for some reason I couldnt even really like it until after I thought about it for a while.. It's my first, but not my last...


Halloween: Evil Never Dies

by Lunchbox Anthems

An interesting variation on H8, featuring Heroine Meggin and a new direction for John Tate. I like how John has grown into the troubled investigator, haunted by not just Michael, but knowing that his Mom has been committeed since the fateful evening of H2O. Good scares followed by a spectacular chase. And a final twist at the end. Good story.


Halloween9: Retribution

by Daniel Hinojosa

Quite a fascinating turn combining the casts of H20 and Resurrection. John Tate is out to stop Michael from killing Sara Moyer. Some interesting plot twists are discovered, with an interesting connection between Laurie Strode and Sara. Good suspense, A shocking death in the beginning and the end to make us sit up and go "OUCH!". Of course, the best reason to read is to watch and see Freddy Harris get what's comin to him!!! :):)

Three Skulls

Halloween 5: Evil Never Dies

by Slifer85@aol

Interesting variation of H5 itself, maybe a bit more ominous. Not bad at all. Excellent chase scenes and excellent climactic fight. There is a little bit of overkill, but That gives the story an action packed punch.

Two and a half Skulls


Halloween 4 Special Edition

by Lenny Farr

A few new twists and additions given to H4, mostly adding new characters and dividing familiar lines among them. Lindsay is given a large part of the action in this version. I like how some of the others are expanded on as well. Kelly and Brady have a little more depth to their situation. Other teens are added to the intense chase in the house near the end. Excellent stuff. A new trend in films now (started by Peter Jackson) is to create special addition versions of films, putting in edited scenes for viewing enjoyment. Reading this reminds me of that trend, and it makes me appreciate this story even more. After all, even if it is too much detail, it adds to the atmosphere and the dire situations created by Michael.

Four Skulls


Child's Play 5

by Ben Wasden

I must say, this story was quite a treat. Witty, funny and some good action scenes. It's a very quick story, and the characters are quirky paradies. Only two things bothered me. Too much detail with Shower scenes and bathroom scenes. Call me old fashioned, but as a 32 year old man it made me squirm with a bit of discomfort to read about Heather's masturbation moment, etc. But, having said that, I laughed my ass off with each encounter. Best lines are given when Chucky grabs Steve's left testicle. Not a pleasant visual, but the dialogue was brilliant. Fun story

My score: Two and a half Skulls


Are You Afraid Of The Boogeyman?

by Zach Hennis

Fascinating prequal "What if?" scenario that puts both Loomis and Wynn together in the Thorn Cult in the 1960s, before Michael becomes a killer. The man in black creates most of the suspense, and the Thorn rune is used in an unusual way in this new series. Check it out and see a different kind of Halloween story

Two and a half Skulls

Something More Sinister

by Zach Hennis

Interesting ghost/slasher story with some basic but interesting characters. Dr Crane and Ashley make a good team in solving the muystery revolving around the terrible house of Chris James. Some cool poltergeist/psychic elements and a neat "Serpent and the Rainbow" fight sequence make this a good story, though the ending was a little abrupt. Excellent elements and a cool manipulative villain

Two and a Half Skulls

Tellers Tale: The Movie Drift and Die

by Cody Hamman and Jon Burleson

Pretty cool startup for the story, with plenty of mysterious characters and a twist at the end. This has a Jeepers Creepers kind of atmosphere, with a lot of great suspense. I liked the Cody/Jon cameo that appears in the second half, a nice touch. The twist at the end sort of makes ya go "huh?", but it worked well, and lets face it, a Teller's Tale isn't complete without a good twist.

Three Skulls

Adam and Me

by Ben Wasden

Very disturbing surreal tale about an evil mannequin and a lot of sexually vivid description. A fascinating tale that was also repugnant. The adventures of the main character is a bizarre trip with bizarre persons. Intense story, but it also sent shivers down my spine. I'm a bit too old fashioned for a lot of this twisted stuff. As much as I wanted to turnm away, it was a fascinating read

Two and a half Skulls


Reality's Illusion

by Jeff Long

Powerful story, with commercial breaks interspersed between segments. This, I'm afraid, is an all too familiar story about "The one that got away" in high school relationships. It is something no doubt ALL of us can relate to at some point in our lives. Jacob is smitten by the new girl in school, but must compete against an older, hostile rival. Though this is just part one of the story, It has entrapped me, and I eagerly wait for the next episode, though I have to say it does bring back paindful memories.

Two and a Half Skulls


New Breed: The Series

by Blair Robertson

Pretty cool series in the style of Buffy, X-Files and Afraid, etc. When I read episode one I was intrigued by two seperate stories that are soon to be linked:

1) Mysterious things happening in a powerful corporation

2) A group of teens getting mixed up with a supernatural danger

One of the things I thought was cool is the "Cast it yourself" style Blair allows, giving us the characters and saying "Fill in with your own actors". The kids are 15 year olds going throug their paces in school when one of them, Zev, becomes "Chosen" as a defender against supernatural evils. Excellent characters with wit and depth, and great fight scenes as Zev battles demons. I look forward to seeing more :)

"My smart-ass comments is all that keeps this fight from being boring" ~Zev

Three Skulls

Batman vs Michael

by Brandon Keith

Well, an amusing vignette. Short and to the point. Who wins? Find out. Very interesting and Original, but VERY short.

Two Skulls

Fast Times at Haddonfield High

by Bug

A sort of goofy "Not Another Teen Slasher" comedy, the hyjinks involve our famous slashers in highschool roles (Jason the black wannabe, Freddy the Bad Boy, etc). Lots of injokes and a few corny moments, but I WAS LAUGHING MY ASS off at Chucky!! He is a HOOT!! I'm curious to see if any more episodes of this pop up.

Two Skulls

Michael Takes Hell

by Scarecrow Cenobite

Wicked and brutal. This is an amazing crossover story that gripped me from beginning to end. Laurie attempts to escape Michael through the Hell raiser puzzlebox. Michael follows her through. Both discover a Hell beyond their wildest nightmares as they struggle against Pinhead. The battles are exquisite, the pain eternally interesting. The end will shock you :):) Excellent.

Five Skulls

Jason vs Leatherface

by Cody Hamman

Another fascinating and Bizaare crossover between two gruesome contenders. I like this story because it doesn't really start like a "Showdown". Jason wanders into TCM territory, and is accepted into the demented family of killers. It seems both sides are more fascinated than antagonistic. It's almost funny to see Jason be adopted by the Sawyers. Things started getting VERY interesting when a vanfull of teens enter the scene. Eventually, the Showdown happens, a battle that has to be seen! Who will win?? Who will YOU root for???

"Can't Forget the Headcheese" ~Orville

Five Skulls

The Killer Within

by Warren Scraper and David R

A thriller, a mystery, an excellent psycho story. Detectives O'Riley and Sommer investigate a series of ritual killings, while struggling with their own inner demons. This story packs on the gore, lots of intriguing clues, and O'Riley's personal despair with his ex-wife and son really grip the audience. A great set of characters, supporting characters, dramatic moments, Horrifying violence, etc. I REALLY liked the symbolism of this story with O'Riley's chess game, revelations by his therapist, themes from Dante's Inferno, etc. A very well planned story with great elements and human touches. READ, I garantee you will not walk away from the computer until you finish!!

Five Skulls


Halloween H20: Twenty Musical Years Later

by Zach Allen

More crazy fun in the grand tradition of Zach's musicals. A nice, irreverent take on H7, and I loved the Jerry Springer bit and the homage to a certain famous Billy Crystal/Meg Ryan scene. Cute Ronny/Wife duet. Excellent story wether you're a fan or a critic of H7.

"Nothing beats a nice pee in the woods" ~Woman

Four Skulls


TITLE: Pin-Head (VS) Freddy

AUTHOR: Brandon Noel Keith

PLOT: Freddy enters Hell and fights Pin-Head

REVIEW: One of the greatest strengths of fan-fictions is it allows us to bring together story ideas and concepts the regular films would never dare to. The crossover FanFic is a perfect example of this; it can put two universes together and exploit the potential.

Brandon obviously likes his Freddy, he references past films and uses elements only a big fan would recognise; he really goes for Freddy’s mad sense of humour and often pulls off a few decent lines. However, the same cannot be said for the “Hellraiser” elements (note Pinhead spelt as Pin-Head). The plot isn’t important, it’s about the fight entirely but, for that to work, the audience need to feel we know each character. I didn’t recognise Pinhead.

In fact, Pinhead came across as a Freddy-clone will less jokes; jumping around, fighting, and turning into monsters. And, in a crossover fight, this is a fatal flaw. The “Hellraiser” mythos is a vast universe with rules and elements most people fail to realise, this isn’t a criticism on the author but a general rule; it’s just the more complex the film series the harder it is to write.

Anyway, the Freddy stuff was done well and it is one of the authors first pieces so, as with all writers, it will never be one of his best works. But the potential is there and he enthusiasm and love for at least half the source material is evident. Worth a look over.

BEST BIT: Freddy comes out of a chest…

SCORE: Two Hooks.

TITLE: Horror House

AUTHOR: Ben Wasden

PLOT: A cannibalistic mother and her son take up residence in an abandoned house, feasting on all those who drop by to visit.

REVIEW: This piece is fairly difficult to review due to its nature. It’s a typical old slasher with modern self-referencing. The story isn’t anything special but then nor are most slashers; it delivers the body count that the opening promises and has the usual interesting deaths.

The format is odd a sit is presented as a script yet where there isn’t dialogue it goes into a more narrative structure. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing but if the author was intending it to be a script then I feel he needs to be more careful in editing.

The dialogue or characters weren’t the best but it wasn’t that bad either. At the end of the day it was rather average but shows potential and, hopefully, the writer can hone his craft in time.

BEST BIT: Talking heads.

SCORE: Two Hooks.

-Scarecrow Cenobite

TITLE: Adam & Me

AUTHOR: Ben Wasden

PLOT: James Herring is a loner and has very few friends until one day he meets Adam… a mannequin! REVIEW: An interesting story this. The plot line and ideas behind it have potential for greatness and, on occasion, the possibilities presented by the premise do emerge and allow for some snippets of excellent story telling. However, the problem lies in an over-simplistic narrative. The POV, character voice helps the story seem that much more personal but it lacks description at times; also the authors handling of dialogue (placing it into script form) is lazy. Either do a script or a story, please, because this mix just doesn’t work.

However, the main character is likeable and the story does, at least for the most part, follow a logical line of progression. An when it derails from this it is intentional and thus not a bad thing; it makes the ending all the more unnerving.

At the end the author seems to have deemed it necessary to give an explanation of events and describe where he got the ideas from. Whilst the background is welcome I would of preferred to have been able to make my own decision on what happened n the tale as, it seems to me, its more about James descent into a growing madness as the world falls apart and reality is lost to him.

Anyway, an interesting read and don’t get put off by the sexual detail at the start, there is some good stuff in here. If Ben Wasden can continue to develop his writing and come up with concepts like this then I imagine he’ll display an excellent talent in future.

SCORE: Three Hooks.

TITLE: Jason’s Demise

AUTHOR: Shimmy D

PLOT: The FBI set up a team to take out Jason once and for all and an old friend shows up to help.

REVIEW: A short and simple story, the premise is uncomplicated and the characters simple; this story isn’t actually bad but it isn’t actually good either. People come, people get killed, people shoot Jason, people run from Jason. Tommy Jarvis appears (the reason for him being there isn’t important) and he helps them to try and kill Jason once and for all.

I hope the author one day tries a full length script with a plot as I feel he has potential if he would just develop his characters more and allow time for a story to unfold.

BEST BIT: Jason splits a Tramp in two.

SCORE: Two Hooks.

TITLE: Afraid: The Series, Episode 1: The Zero

AUTHOR: Jack McVee

PLOT: Aiden Dark is starting a new school year and has to contend with hid friends problems, a stalker and a mysterious haunting force.

REVIEW: A brilliant opening episode to the series spin-off from “Afraid”. Aiden is older now and, following the events of the film, also wiser; however his problems as a young, gay male are still there and these are excellently written. He is very much the outsider, and his character is so well written we feel we know him very quickly.

There isn’t much of a plot for “The Zero”, it’s more of a set up and introduction to characters. However, a mystery is also developed, something I look forward to seeing develop over the course of the series. The witchcraft his handled as great as ever and is simply integrated into the lives of the characters; this helps show it for the safe, normal and totally non-evil thing it is.

In conclusion, a greatly written piece with all the passion and excitement of the film and the same subtle blend of realism and fantasy.

BEST BIT: Aiden breaks down at a message on his wall.

SCORE: Four Hooks.

TITLE: Afraid: The Series, Episode 2: Romeos

AUTHOR: Jack McVee

PLOT: As the possibility of new love rears its head Aiden has to come to terms with his feelings as well as confront a group who are strangely interested in him…

REVIEW: “Romeos” continues the character development of Aiden and his friends as well as introducing a number of new ones who I expect will be turning up again soon. Miguel and Zelda provide some amusing moments and, Zelda in particular, start to show a bit more of their own personalities and layers. Though ‘Assertive!Aiden’ doesn’t appear by name, as it were, we definitely see a more confident side emerge as he interacts with Destin.

The characters, as ever, are the driving point and though the story does have some story there is no real sense of threat, even from the group that want to induct Aiden. Again, this is probably just laying the groundwork but I feel the first episode worked better at, at least appearing to have it’s own story line. Overall, this is a minor critique of what promises to be an excellent series.

BEST BIT: Powerpuff girl. Well, it made me laugh.

SCORE: Three Hooks.

TITLE: Afraid: The Series, Episode 3: Beyond the Grave

AUTHOR: Jack McVee

PLOT: As Aiden and Destin’s relationship develops a dark presence leads Aiden to decide to reform The Dwellers.

REVIEW: Excellent as ever, the characters continue to be very well written with individual voices and quirks; if the names were removed you could probably identify them all anyway. This episode lets us get to see more of Destin and his defence of Aiden against his old friends shows just how much he truly cares for out hero.

The plot develops on and picks up from a number of events in “The Zero” and gives some explanations whilst also raising new questions. The plot takes logical steps and there are a few twists and turns; when Aiden’s mother is attacked we really do feel his fear for her safety.

With more development and a strong narrative this episode works better than the last one and leads to an excellent cliff-hanger that leaves you wanting more.

BEST BIT: The ending… creepy

SCORE: Four Hooks.

TITLE: Valentine 2

AUTHOR: Drloomis4

PLOT: The Cherub regains his urge to kill and follows Kate to a hospital.

REVIEW: This is less of a full length script and more a synopsis really. Elements are told in a script fashion but many parts are glossed over, the author only really taking time to describe the kills in all there gory glory.

The plot doesn’t really have much to it other than killing and the ending serves to open for another sequel; however the Cherub’s motives seem to have changed and are not consistent with the film. Overall, the deaths described show promise for some interesting ideas and writing but the author needs to develop his style and stories further in order to be truly successful.

BEST BIT: Head and paper spike meet in blissful union.

SCORE: One Hook.

TITLE: Afraid: The Series, Episode 4: Everlasting

AUTHOR: Jack McVee

PLOT: Aiden, made comatose by The Infinity, finds himself in a dreamscape where he must try and make sense of cryptic warnings.

REVIEW: Hard episode to review this, a lot of stuff that I’m sure will be picked up in future episodes but, at the moment, it’s very unusual. The “dream” sequences are very well written and quite creepy though at time it invokes “Buffy” a bit too much; in fact I still feel the references could perhaps have been toned down. Still, the ‘shadow man’ and mirror imagery was actually fairly unnerving.

The tension between Miguel and Destin is well written and comes to a good resolution following their encounter last episode; the characters continue to be the series strongest element. Their concern for Aiden is well played and adds a sense of dread to the proceedings.

The story has a good individual tale though we have yet to find out why The Infinity sent him here, whether it is a force for good or evil and what the overall motive is. I look forward to finding out some answers and, for now, “Everlasting” has created a fascinating mystery.

BEST BIT: The wall disintegrating as Aiden touches it.

SCORE: Three Hooks.

TITLE: New Breed Episode 1: Jenny

AUTHOR: Blair Alexander Robertson

PLOT: A group of friends encounter a supernatural force at school which may be only the first of a new breed of threats.

REVIEW: An interesting opening to this series, it does everything a good introduction should; set up the characters, the premise and a mystery which I assume the story-arc will be based around. That said, the characters looks weren’t clearly described making it harder to visualise and define them.

That said, the biggest problem is possibly the lack of detail in the script. With each scene change is should be established what it is exactly we can see in order for us to better visualise it; here little is described. It can result is some confusing parts and a need to re-read that takes you out the story. Another flaw is a plot hole that stands out; these kids have never before encountered the supernatural yet instantly except Sammy’s story; I hope this kind of flaw will not occur in later episodes.

I will try not to sound too negative because it IS a good try and the story had been interested and some of the descriptions we DO get (mainly the girls mouth) help you visualise something quite grim. All in all, a good start even if it is flawed.

BEST BIT: Demon girl screams, revealing her mouth.

SCORE: Three Hooks.

TITLE: Afraid: The Series, Episode 5: From Hell

AUTHOR: Jack McVee

PLOT: As Aiden recovers from his encounter with a higher power a menacing and dangerous force hunts him down.

REVIEW: Wow. One of the greatest things about “Afraid: The Series” is the constant development of the story line, how it almost feels like one long movie and yet also works (most of the time) as individual stories. With this episode things really start to heat up as we are introduced to a mysterious, powerful and, damn it, creepy villain in the form of “Abyss”. Every scene he’s in holds your interest and the line he walks between sadistic and insanity is simply brilliant.

And, of course, we can’t forget the other characters. Though Miguel has little to do he still is as well written as ever whilst Zelda has to confront some emotional issues involving her family. You really feel for her in this scene which leads up to a stunning final moment.

Last, but not least, Destin and Aiden finally move forward and the excitement is shared by the reader; it’s a beautifully written moment in a beautifully written episode.

BEST BIT: The kiss.

SCORE: Five Hooks.

TITLE: Afraid: The Series, Episode 6: Clown House Part 1

AUTHOR: Jack McVee

PLOT: As Miguel celebrates his birthday Abyss sends some surprise guests.

REVIEW: Interesting episode this as, it seems, the show has settled into a traditional format with a villain having been established (Abyss), the hero’s brought together and a “threat of the week” now occurring. Of course, “Afraid: The Series” does it with style and doesn’t forget to advance ongoing story lines. Plus, we learn still more about Abyss and his connection to Aiden.

The story this week involves that old favourite, evil clowns and it’s put to maximum effect and actually creates some creepy moments. Personally, I think clowns CAN be scary but it’s usually down to their appearance, Jack manages to make them creepy through description and their actions. Top marks!

Anyway, it’s all very good but, as AtS is SO damn good, it falls short of other episodes in the series. Enjoyable and exciting but perhaps not as stunningly intriguing as usual.

BEST BIT: Really creepy moment where the unlocked doors handle slowly moves.

SCORE: Three Hooks.

TITLE: Afraid: The Series, Episode 7: Clown House Part 2

AUTHOR: Jack McVee

PLOT: Abyss holds The Dwellers hostage as he seeks to discover which of them is Aiden.

REVIEW: I really feel Jack’s frustration with this. The episode presented here is just a synopsis with small dialogue sections as, upon completing it, his computer lost the file. Which is a damn shame as the episode sounds like it would have been one of the best with plenty of suspense mixed with humour and more insanity from Abyss.

I can’t really rate this as I have the others but it does, at least, clear up how Abyss is the dark side of Aiden and we learn more information about the two of them as well as further proof of Destin’s devotion. I only hope that one day Jack will revisit this story and, with time passed, write the episode up so the world can enjoy its true vision.

BEST BIT: The clown’s laughter heard throughout the house.

SCORE: Three Hooks.

-Scarecrow Cenobite

TITLE: Afraid: The Series, Episode 8: Forever Mine

AUTHOR: Jack McVee

PLOT: Abyss uses a powerful female wiccan to blind Aiden.

REVIEW: An unusual one this, being blind isn’t something many of us can relate to and yet the situations Aiden finds himself in and his interactions with his friends help to sale it really well. This is more of a character piece really, with the action revolving around the emotions each of the characters are feeling; sadly at this stage it seems Miguel has the short straw when it comes to story lines. Still, we get to know more of Huntley that can only be a good thing as he’s developing into quite an interesting and layered character.

Abyss grows more interesting all the time and the idea of the hero not being able to harm the villain in any physical way is fascinating and, I think, perhaps a sly aside to the fact that TV show bad guys usually fight so long yet never kill the hero. Abyss CAN’T kill the hero but his demented thoughts lead him to all sorts of other great schemes. Overall, a decent episode with a emotionally strong ending.

BEST BIT: Aiden regains his sight with help from a familiar face.

SCORE: Three Hooks.

TITLE: Afraid: The Series, Episode 9: Resident Evil

AUTHOR: Jack McVee

PLOT: A cursed console transports The Dwellers into the world of Resident Evil.

REVIEW: Hmmm… Not your standard episode this, not by a long shot. It seems the writer is a fan of Resident Evil and wanted to incorporate that into his “Afraid: The Series” universe. The results are interesting, the reasoning why our hero’s find themselves in the game is nonsense but it isn’t the issue. What IS the issue is that we get to see familiar characters in new positions as different people but with underlying similarities. And, in that, it succeeds, at least to an extent. The zombie action, numerous monsters and encounters with zombies are great fun and very well written; it plays along nicely and reaches a logical conclusion. Problem is it’s all just a bit silly really, a fun piece but nothing ground breaking or new.

Character wise, we DO learn something about David which adds another element to his relationship with Aiden and takes us away from would could be a disturbing reading! A criticism though is how Silver Cross, who only turned up last episode, is suddenly brought into the gang. I like her and think she’s a fine addition but it all feels a bit sudden.

In conclusion this is well written as usual with a nice idea in it but, at the end of the day, nothing too progressive or relevant to the overall series.

BEST BIT: David and Aiden cross a laboratory filled with Zombies.

SCORE: Three Hooks.

TITLE: Afraid: The Series, Episode 10: Ashes to Ashes

AUTHOR: Jack McVee

PLOT: As the Dwellers discuss how to deal with Abyss one amongst them has to deal with his own personal problems.

REVIEW: I really wanted to love this episode, I really did. The writings as brilliant as ever and it has huge emotional impact. It’s the death of a major character which has not only been built but has been set up in such as a way that you believe it shall be avoided. However, for the first time in so many episode, the influence of Buffy is far too clear and, as with the original “Afraid” film when you notice this in an emotional scene it takes you out of it.

Zelda’s reaction is understandable and the scenes where they sit down and discuss their feelings are some of the most moving and best written. However, once you notice it you can’t help thinking that it comes across as a cross of the Buffy episodes “Earshot” and “Tough Love”. Except, at least here, the author goes further in some elements and does produce a well written piece that I’d love to give Four Hooks but unfortunately can only provide Three.

BEST BIT: The Ice cream scene.

SCORE: Three Hooks.

TITLE: Afraid: The Series, Episode 11: Too Human

AUTHOR: Jack McVee

PLOT: Aiden and Abyss find themselves trapped in an underground laboratory where each finds an unusual ally.

REVIEW: Action packed and exciting this story really moves forward at a pace with hints of The Terminator and Resident Evil amongst it. It also has some brilliant character developments that leave you desperate to find out what happens next.

Aiden’s relationship with Bryan is an interesting one that, whilst not entirely original, is written very well with some brilliant thought son humanity and the advantages of human emotions. Abyss’s hatred of Aiden only seems to grow and when he finally gets the opportunity to hurt the boy you can really feel how he relishes every moment.

Of course, the major plot point, as far as the on going story goes, is the interaction between Destin and Silver; her barely concealed desire for him has been building over various episodes and when it comes out here it’s shocking. Aiden’s got enough trouble as it is and how he’ll react to his boyfriend’s betrayal will be fascinating to read. A strong, well written and thoroughly enjoyable episode.

BEST BIT: Bryan’s sacrifice.

SCORE: Four Hooks.

TITLE: Afraid: The Series, Episode 12: We Fall To Pieces

AUTHOR: Jack McVee

PLOT: The Dwellers start to come apart as the situation with Abyss begins to come to a climax.

REVIEW: An interesting story that brings a disturbing element of horror back to the show that hasn’t been that prevalent for the last few episodes. The scenes with Abyss are scary simply due to his utter hatred of life and his actions and the effect they have on Aiden are down right horrifying. Abyss has definitely grown, starting as a unsure, ranting lunatic to a hate filled, dedicated psycho; this transformation has been pulled off perfectly and the story I finally starting to reach a crescendo.

Aiden and Destin’s confrontation is also very well done, we feel the anger of the character and sympathise with the betrayal. And, as things full apart between the friends, we see the strands of various story lines coming together and thus, for long term readers at least, we get a great deal of satisfaction out of it.

Overall this is an excellently written episode that takes everything to the limits (including the Buffy fixation which I don’t mind this time cause it was amusing) and prepares us for one Hell of a season finale.

BEST BIT: Aiden discovers Abyss’s massacre.

SCORE: Four Hooks.

TITLE: Afraid: The Series, Episode 13: Requiem

AUTHOR: Jack McVee

PLOT: In order to break the link between Aiden and Abyss The Dwellers risk unleashing a even more dangerous force.

REVIEW: Here we are, after twelve episode of build up and character development we’ve reached the grand finale; and what a finale it is! Usually I’d complain or comment on Buffy references but not this time, they’re there, except it and move on as it all WORKS in terms of this story.

Abyss’s story comes to a close in a brilliant and unexpected way and yet it isn’t actually unsurprising; Abyss, despite his madness, started off slightly sympathetic with his madness and he is, after all, only the way he was made; it was only later in the series he became utterly sadistic. Now, we see the more light side of him and, as his hatred fades at the end, it makes Aiden’s actions all the more shocking.

Onto our lead himself, Aiden really goes through the ringer on this one; every emotion under the sun, he feels in this episode. His struggle to forgive his friends comes off very real and the betrayal of Destin still hurts him though he is willing to work through it; Destin makes some choices that only cause to make the situation harder for our hero. Of course this all pales in comparison to the final confrontation with Aiden and Abyss where the roles of killer and victim almost seem to become reversed; can Aiden ever be the same again after this? Yet, this also opens the doorway to future stories as we gain a sense of a far greater purpose awaiting him, what this is we can only guess at.

A brilliant piece and a moving finale which would usually just miss out on top marks, as the film did, for its Buffy references but fully deserves them in terms of plot and characters emotions. A stunning piece that ends with a moving moment where we wonder what exactly lies in the future for young Aiden Dark.

BEST BIT: Abyss strikes on Silver – it’s shocking whatever the eventual outcome.

SCORE: Five Hooks.

TITLE: New Breed Episode 2: Normal Existence

AUTHOR: Blair Alexander Robertson

PLOT: Zev has to come to terms with his role as a Defender whilst dealer with two demon brothers.

REVIEW: Following up a first episode is always going to be difficult and a pit many stories can fall into is making everything supernatural (or whatever , depending on the show) suddenly become everyday straight away. New Breed comes somewhere between this and gradual development as Zev is aware and resisting his role whilst his friends aren’t entirely sure. However the opening demon attack seems rather random and off the cuff; surely the body will be discovered and, really, was the monster any bigger a threat than a mugger?

I only pick up on this because for monsters to feel powerful and threatening they should be a challenge, it seems Zev is defeating them easily this soon in the show. Anyway, that is a minor comment as there are some genuinely good ideas in this. The demon brothers make a nice visual pair and the shape-shifter creature is actually quite creepy. Again, mystery is being built for the overall story-arc.

At the end of the day another straight forward piece with some bits of character development and continuation of the story. Worth a read.

BEST BIT: The helpful biker finds things hotting up.

SCORE: Three Hooks

TITLE: Halloween: Return of the Slayer

AUTHOR: MysterioMan007

PLOT: Michael Myers has been resurrected by the Thorn cult and their new leader Ethan Rayne. Buffy must stop them from once again attempting to complete the prophecy and summoning Thor.

REVIEW: MysterioMan’s “Halloween: The Slayer” was one of the most popular stories on the site and even managed to win the top award at the Halloweenies, so it isn’t an exaggeration to say that this sequel was eagerly awaited; however could this live up to it’s predecessor and soar to new heights in the vain of “X-Men 2” or would it follow the path of “The Matrix” and disappoint nearly it’s entire audience? Well, a bit of both perhaps.

“Return of the Slayer” is not as good as the first script. There, that’s said and out of the way and we can concentrate on the fact that it is still a damn good read; it’s well written, well crafted with characters we care about plus plenty of action. In other words it’s everything we’ve come to expect from and love about “Buffy”. Of course, it is also a Halloween story and we get some excellent stalking moments including a very effective and creepy sequence taking place in the hallways of a school which leads to, in my opinion, one of the most powerful and moving kills.

Mysterio has a better grasp of the characters this time around, especially Faith who gets to do some excellent stuff. Oz always makes an appearance and Mysterio manages to capture his attitude very well which is impressive as the character largely hung off Seth Green’s mannerisms. The only person in the script who felt off in any way was actually Freddy Harris who felt more like a parody version than the guy we saw in “Halloween: Resurrection”; still once he becomes a vampire all is forgiven and he teams up with some other familiar faces to make an interesting little team.

The plot is similar to before but it works and brings a strong focus on the characters and action which helps the reader to become totally immersed in what’s going on; there are twists and turns though and they are very welcome. Making Ethan Rayne the leader of Thorn was a stroke of genius and works perfectly in helping to further link the two Universes, there is a lot to praise in how the merging of two franchises is handled in such an excellent and logical way.

Of course, there are some negative points but a lot stem from the fact that this is the middle section of a trilogy and the story has yet to finish; still the threat at the conclusion seems rather easily defeated though it is almost forgiven by Buffy’s great one-liner. However, one thing that’s off, is in the Michael / Faith battle the Shape performs actions I just can’t visualise and, I fell, at times the author has forgotten he’s writing for a cold, methodical force of evil and not a standard vampire; this is only a couple of moments though and don’t ruin the overall story.

So, there it is, the sequel we’ve been waiting for, not as good as the original but damn close; great characters and some shocking yet utterly understandable deaths which only add to the piece. With an inevitable sequel to come I can only hope the high quality will be maintained.

BEST BIT: As the end approaches Willow fights a magic duel.

SCORE: Four Hooks.

-Scarecrow Cenobite

Freddy vs Jason vs Ash

by Tyler Foster

This kind of story ups the stakes on crossovers. The treatment works well, and the fight scenes are awesome. The banter between Ash and Freddy is a hoot

4 Skulls

Something More Sinister

by Zach Hennis

A mystery thriller that sort of plays with elements of NOES. Good characters and intense story work well.

2.5 Skulls

Script of Screams

by David Gunn

An interesting concept that flies by too fast. A girl becomes obsessed with a destructive spellbook and causes mayhem for her fellow classmates. Has a very good introductory set up. Needs a little polishing on grammer. A sort of variation on Buffy in its own way, but a little hard to follow. Has a lot of potential but feels incomplete.

2 Skulls

Drops of Blood

by Tim Arquette

Interesting concept with a large cast. A slasher that presents an interesting killer. Story is okay but needs a little polishing to make it smoother. It sort of feels like all the slashing scenes are grouped together with a little bit of story, but it gives plenty for gore lovers.

2 Skulls

Night of Horror

by Eric Baker

Interesting slasher that takes place in an unusual setting. Good action and suspense and plenty of slasher moments

3 Skulls

Howl at the Moon

by Tim Arquette

Here's an interesting werewolf story that looks inspired by "Dog Soldiers". Not bad at all. The story just needs to be a little polished, but otherwise is quite interesting. Good action scenes keep it flowing.

3 Skulls


by GDawg

Whoa, this is intense in its own way. Nice description of characters, and I like how the Narrator relays the story in a sort of Lovecraftian style.

3 Skulls


TITLE: New Breed Episode 3: Crazy World

AUTHOR: Blair Alexander Robertson

PLOT: Zev and his friends go to the Crazy World amusement park where they encounter a lizard-like creature.

REVIEW: As with the previous episode of “New Breed” there are a lot of good ideas here and some interesting concepts that don’t quite translate well in the script. The setting is an excellent one and the image of people scrabbling across a damaged roller coaster is definitely good for creating suspense.

The problem is lack of description and scene-setting with characters and locations not given any depth or description when they are introduced. Imagine if the author had described how Zev gripped hold of the metal sides as he climbed, trying to keep his balance and the fear and anguish on the faces of the trapped people; it is only when you do this that you realise the true untapped potential of the story.

There are also some unexplained points such as the creatures presence in the teaser and its original motives, tighter editing and some better planning would help it come together as a whole more.

Of course, I still enjoyed it and there are some genuinely well written moments and some touching character interaction. If Blair can develop his writing and learn to take more time in the detail then I can see “New Breed” rising above its currents faults to become a very entertaining series.

BEST BIT: The Tunnel of Love sequence.

SCORE: Three Hooks.

TITLE: Afraid: The Series, Episode 14: The Gatekeeper

AUTHOR: Jack McVee

PLOT: After his battle with Abyss, Aiden is has to contend not only with a group of hungry demons but with his new task as the Gatekeeper.

REVIEW: As the second season of “Afraid: The Series” starts we come to realise a lot is changing and not just for Aiden; following Abyss’ attack at the end of series one, Silver has slipped into a coma whilst Destin, afraid of hurting Aiden, has left. So it is that we rejoin our hero in a state of turmoil which is played out through the episode; it’s an emotional journey but by the end Aiden has come to except and move on though he is still deeply effected by his killing of Abyss.

We also get two new hero’s in Skyler and Ivy but it’s too soon to judge them. At the moment Skyler seems to be an obvious Destin replacement and has yet to find his own identity whilst Ivy, Aiden’s cousin, looks set to be very interesting. Without a doubt one of the episodes biggest laughs comes when, the five main characters having been captured, the three familiar faces question just who exactly this pair our.

Overall an emotional first episode that sets up the upcoming story-arc and raises some questions that the reader looks forward to seeing the answers too; an excellent start to the new season!

BEST BIT: Aiden’s entrance as he comes to save his friends.

SCORE: Four Hooks.

TITLE: New Breed Episode 4: Let’s Do This

AUTHOR: Blair Alexander Robertson

PLOT: Zev and his friends find themselves in a vast dreamscape where they must battle through deadly obstacles.

REVIEW: Opening with some much welcomed character descriptions, the latest episode of “New Breed” wastes no time in getting right into the action. Dream episodes can usually be very surreal or very silly but, for the most part, is simply uses the dreams as a device for some outlandish settings. It definitely works and the visual element of the maze, whilst perhaps not emphasised enough, is certainly intriguing and leads to some wonderful moments.

Sadly, the plotting isn’t too well held together and certain motivations aren’t too clear and it isn’t clear as too how much help our hero’s can get in trying to overcome the obstacles. At one point a demon appears, boasting of a scheme, only to die moments later and leaving the reader wondering what exactly the point was.

This is definitely the weakest episode of “New Breed” so far and yet there are still some wonderful moments in it and the fight scenes are written with a lot of imagination. I was leaning towards giving this a score of two hooks but I found that the conclusion of the story, and Zev’s acceptance of his destiny, was well portrayed and the final moments leant a strong feeling of fellowship to the main characters; because of this I feel it deserves a grade higher.

BEST BIT: A hedge rises up before Zev and Rick who discover it has a wall in the middle of it.

Brilliantly silly.

SCORE: Three Hooks.

-Scarecrow Cenobite

ITLE: Afraid: The Series, Episode 15: Inferno

AUTHOR: Jack McVee

PLOT: Aiden must confront a pyromaniac who likes to get girls hot in more ways than one.

REVIEW: Big Spoilers This Review! “Afraid” has always been a consistently good series with some really stunning episodes; the character development is one of its greatest elements. One thing, though, that long term readers may notice, however, is the formats shift. The authors love of “Buffy” is obvious and yet, early on, “Afraid: The Series” seemed to have it’s own unique format; time has passed and the show has almost developed its formula to be very similar to “Buffy”. Not actually a bad thing as the writing is still really good but something that definitely effects this episode.

You see, this episode is very solid, it has decent dialogue, good characterisation and a strong story. It starts off very well, Dante being introduced as a very creepy and dark character, the opening with him is a highlight, as his interaction with the others. However, this seems, to me at least, to promise to offer an interesting new story about an insane human being, maybe even a serial killer; it was actually a disappointment to me that it turned into yet another “demon” story.

The demon IS very cool, it’s done decently enough and all but it just felt, perhaps, too run of the mill… an episode that seemed to be going somewhere new and exciting transformed into a demon-of-the-week piece. Ultimately, this is just my own personal thoughts and it WAS very well written. I just can’t help thinking it could have been much more. Still, it started so brilliantly and was still very well written I still had to give it a better than average score!

BEST BIT: Dante claims his first victim… very creepy.

SCORE: Four Hooks.

TITLE: Afraid: The Series, Episode 16: Frame of Mind

AUTHOR: Jack McVee

PLOT: Aiden visits an abandoned lunatic asylum on Halloween only to confront spirits of the past and portents of the future.

REVIEW: Yet another great script by Jack McVee, this latest episode really gets back to the horror elements of the series. True, it does start with a fight with an Ice Demon but the actual story line in the asylum is not only very atmospheric but damn creepy, more than once whilst reading it I felt a shiver run up my spine.

The characters, as usual, are very well written and, in particular, Ivy is really starting to develop. She may be one note but the way she’s written allows her to come across more realistic in the moments where she genuinely cares or says something actually useful. Skylar still intrigues and is successfully stepping out of Destin’s shadow to really be fascinating in his own right.

Overall, it’s a well told piece that really furthers the arc plot and sets up what’s to come. If any criticism could be offered its that a fair few characters remain unexplained and the asylum was, perhaps, underused. Not that it matters, this series is consistently brilliantly written.

BEST BIT: The hands in the graveyard, a very creepy visual!

SCORE: Four Hooks.

TITLE: Afraid: The Series, Episode 17: Judgement

AUTHOR: Jack McVee

PLOT: People begin to vanish, murders occur and a mysterious green-haired person causes panic as Aiden prepares for the school dance.

REVIEW: Bloody hell. That’s all I can really say having just finished reading this episode, it is quite possibly the most shocking and yet brilliantly written and emotional episode of “Afraid: The Series” yet. A lot of elements dating back to the original movie all come together here and works absolutely perfectly.

We find Aiden naturally worried about the coming Apocalypse but he’s still trying to live his normal life, getting along with his friends, trying to cope with Ivy and moving closer towards Skylar. And then all Hell breaks lose, a brave move only four episodes into the season, I hope Jack can mange to top it.

The identity of the green-haired figure is shocking and really sets things going and yet has been cleverly foreshadowed; the villains just got interesting and the scenes all sparkle with great dialogue and a sense of dread. Everything about this episode is excellent, the attack on the dance, the sadness felt by David, the emotional impact upon Aiden. And, to top all that off, it has one HELL of a cliff-hanger.

BEST BIT: The revelation of the green-haired figure.

SCORE: Five Hooks.

TITLE: The Magician

AUTHOR: Brandon Noel Keith

PLOT: A dead magician is resurrected by a demon as part of his scheme to de-throne Satan and take over Hell though it soon becomes apparent that The Magician is more powerful than anyone could have guessed.

REVIEW: It’s always hard reviewing a piece where the author obviously put a lot of time into it and considers it one of his defining works; still, as a reviewer, I must be honest about the bad as well as the good.

Let me start by saying this is a far from perfect piece of work and, now with that out of the way, I can say that, despite its problems, it is obvious a lot of thought and creativity went into this. The author obviously has a lot of big ideas and doesn’t go for the small stuff, this is apocalyptic, ‘hellbound’ horror with demons, gore and the end of the world all throw together. The concept of The Magician, Derrick Shaylen, is a interesting one and the character is fascinating though there is some slight confusion with his origin and whether he was always bad or not. Still, his powers leave a lot of potential for decent kills and he always brings with him a strong supernatural presence and when characters flee from him you really feel the fear as he pursues. However, as the limits of his power is undefined you do wonder why he doesn’t just kill them from a distance, not a large problem but something that takes away from the “realism” of the piece.

Another piece that works really well is the descriptive writing, at leats to begin with, which is very good at setting the scene and really evoking the feeling of the locations we find ourselves in. However, as the piece goes on we get less of this and one suspects the author simply got tired of doing it which is a shame as this was possibly the high point of the script, structurally.

So, if this sounds all good, then where does the problems lie? I’m afraid in the characters as, basically, the motivation, dialogue and internal logic for what they say and do is pretty bad. It serves the story, true, but it isn’t realistic with characters simply excepting strange events and trusting strangers with a simple line of how they “feel” it to be true/real. This can work but here it simply feels like lazy story telling. The main problem is they are not clearly defined and we only know what they tell us they are when, in excellent character writing, the script will reveal their identities by showing us who they are.

Overall, there are some excellent ideas in here and the author has potential but he must learn to properly script characters and understand how to write realistic dialogue if he is to improve in the future. Still, in the end, it is a decent attempt at an original script that shows potential for future projects and, thanks to a creative villain, gains a ‘hook’ higher than it would otherwise have obtained.

BEST BIT: The Magician faces Chad and Vinnie.

SCORE: Three Hooks.

TITLE: New Breed Episode 5: The Initiation

AUTHOR: Blair Alexander Robertson

PLOT: Sammy is intent of joining a group of girls named the A-U’s whilst Zev must contend with a pair of demons in his search for a talisman.

REVIEW: Many of the same old problems dog this episode of “New Breed”, the biggest being the lack of description and scene setting whenever the script cuts to a new scene or location in a scene. Right, now that’s out of the way, I can firmly say that this is, in fact, the best episode of this series so far.

The story line of the overall series is starting to build with some interesting mysteries being set up but also, in this episode, we get an internal tale with a few red herrings, especially with the A-U’s who seem to be up to something malevolent to start with. Also, the story with the two demons is interesting and they are far more interesting than a few creatures we’ve seen lately as they have their own unique powers that lets them stand out.

Another great thing is the characters are starting to be more developed, especially Sammy who finally seems to be coming into her own. Before I found her and Vicki hard to tell apart but now they are becoming more distinct and this is only a positive thing. Ultimately, this episode sees the series start to find its feet as well as start to look more into the overall story-arc which seems set to be a fascinating and exciting ride.

BEST BIT: The surprise twist involving the demons fate which poses a lot of questions.

SCORE: Four Hooks.

-Scarecrow Cenobite

TITLE: Afraid: The Series, Episode 18: Into the Sky

AUTHOR: Jack McVee

PLOT: After his capture at the hands of his former friends Aiden must escape the mansion with the help of a mysterious ally.

REVIEW: OK, to start off with I have to warn everyone that from now on my reviews for this show will be containing MAJOR SPOILERS for the previous episodes as, frankly, it’d be impossible to review them without doing this. Now that’s out of the way, onwards to my thoughts and comments.

The last episode was an emotional roller-coaster that ended on a high, so extreme that I knew going in it’d be almost impossible to top. To its credit this episode keeps up the tension and really brings us some impressive villains; the revelation of the relationship between Destin and Geanie is possibly the last nail in the coffin and sets everything up for some brilliant future confrontations.

The character of Zero seems rather inserted at first but does seem to play a role and I hope we’ll be seeing more of him in the future. It’s also good to see more of Silver who quickly became one of my favourite characters, she’s been through a lot and this episode is no exception. It’s all part of events that lead to some major effects on Aiden and we feel his pain throughout.

Put simply, this is your usual high standard “Afraid” episode with a good deal of twists, shocks and emotional battles, it’s a great follow up to the last episode and again ends on a note that leaves you desperate to find out what happens next.

BEST BIT: Probably the ending though it’s hard to say it’s “good” since it’s so depressing.

SCORE: Four Hooks

TITLE: New Breed Episode 6: Incursion

AUTHOR: Blair Alexander Robertson

PLOT: It’s another day in school for Zev but everything is shattered when it’s invaded by a team of Commandos.

REVIEW: New Breed really kicks into gear with this exciting action based episode that really goes all out in its depiction of violence and the threats that Zev and his friends have to face. This episode has some shocking moments and a lot more death than previous episodes and it surprises you quite a fair number of time. Elements from past episodes are brought back up and the story arc isn’t ignored but developed and yet the piece can still be enjoyed as it’s own isolated story.

Not much in the way of character work this time, though we do get so see more of A-U sister Nancy, but this isn’t a bad thing as we get to concentrate on the action and the lengths to which the villains will go to achieve their aims. If there is any criticism its sometimes the characters do not act realistically and I doubt anyone fighting for their very life could claim to be having fun. Still, it’s a decent, solidly written episode which just manages Four Hook status through its excellent fight descriptions, exciting action sequences and solid story telling.

BEST BIT: The Commando leader proves he’s serious much to the horror of the Principal.

SCORE: Four Hooks.

TITLE: Afraid: The Series, Episode 19: Below

AUTHOR: Jack McVee

PLOT: With Aiden gone the Dwellers attempt to combat the forces of darkness on their own as well as trying to prevent the apocalypse.

REVIEW: Recently we have had the most consistently brilliant run of episodes that series has ever seen with fantastic writing, excellent character work and real emotional turmoil. In simple terms, this series has been utterly unmissable and anyone stupid enough to read these later reviews without having read the series so far better get off their asses and go read. Now.

The emotional impact felt by Aiden’s loss is a big one, especially on the part of Skylar whose feelings for him are really beginning to show through. The characters try there best to work through this and do manage some success but its all dampened by the absence of their friend. It’s a credit to Jack that his characters easily hold the episode on their own without the series lead, it shows just how emotionally involved we are with the supporting cast.

The monster of the week is very done with a decent idea behind it though many will find the resolution weak. However, the author could have presented us with anything and what he does give us is done in humour and, in a weird kind of way, really works. However, that victory is off-set with a shocking vision of the future and a cliff-hanger fate for yet another of our characters.

We also get development of another new character in Kai who seems like she may be interesting as well as some intriguing events surrounding Isaac, one of the leaders of the Cult. Where these two things lead I am very interested in finding out.

In conclusion, all I can say, with the brilliant opening and closing monologues, is that this is “Afraid: The Series” at its best, leaving the reader desperately on the edge of their seat, wanting to know what will happen next.

BEST BIT: The opening and closing monologues, as bookends, are excellent.

SCORE: Five Hooks.

TITLE: Afraid: The Series, Episode 20: Points of Origin

AUTHOR: Jack McVee

PLOT: As the Order of Samael search for the 13th perfect soul Aiden must try and regain his path whilst combating a black market in unusual merchandise.

REVIEW: Following the high action of the last few episodes this one actually feels rather tame in comparison. This isn’t actually a bad thing as it gives us time to reflect on events and understand the new equilibrium of characters. It also, as the title suggests, shows a lot of back story for some of the main players including the enigmatic Mystery Man.

The main part of the episode is Aiden’s coming to terms with his destiny and his journey towards regaining his sense of purpose. This is done over a fairly simple yet quite powerful story that takes us back to one of the defining events of Aiden’s life, his father and sisters death in the attacks on the Twin Towers. The scenes where he stands at Ground Zero are very emotionally charged and yet we also get a sense of calmness from Aiden as he reflects on past events.

Overall, another excellent episode that sets up a lot of concepts and ideas and gives a lot of background information that progresses us further towards the final arc.

BEST BIT: Aiden talks with an old acquaintance at Ground Zero.

SCORE: Four Hooks.

TITLE: Afraid: The Series, Episode 21: Dark Tomorrow

AUTHOR: Jack McVee

PLOT: Aiden returns only to find himself attacked and reliving the past where he must again face a difficult period of his life and make a difficult decision.

REVIEW: From the title and previous events readers might speculate that this episode deals with the corrupt future Skylar was thrown into but, in fact, its quite the opposite. The “dark tomorrow” of the title refers to the series present as Aiden finds himself reliving events from the original “Afraid” movie.

This episode gets to the emotional core of Aiden and, as it states, looks at key events that have led him down the path leading to current events, it explores the idea of change and of love. Love was always the key to this series and here it hasn’t been forgotten, in fact its given new urgency especially by the end when Aiden realises yet another person he cares for has been harmed.

Overall an emotional episode that really brings home this series message and shows that, despite all the demons and monsters, this is in fact the tale of one teenagers loves and losses.

BEST BIT: Aiden reacquaints with someone for the first time…

SCORE: Four Hooks.

TITLE: Afraid: The Series, Episode 22: The Legend of Zelda

AUTHOR: Jack McVee

PLOT: When the past catches up with Zelda she has to learn to confront it whilst dealing with her feelings about her mother.

REVIEW: A bit of a surprise this episode, after all the doom and gloom Aiden has gone through and the unrelenting build of events leading to the inevitable apocalypse we get an episode that focuses entirely on one of “Afraid: The Series’” secondary characters. And it is very much welcome.

Zelda has always been an interesting character, there for Aden but with her own troubles and it is only here, now, that we realise just how much she’s lost her shine and enthusiasm over the course of the series. It’s a sad realisation but one that helps us more identify and feel for the character and her situation. This episode deals with her problems and uses the villain, who we learn has a past with Zelda, as a catalyst for change. All in all, it’s a fascinating character study and well told story. BEST BIT: The moving scene in the lesson where Zelda expresses her hopes for the future.

SCORE: Three Hooks

TITLE: New Breed Episode 7: Saved By Death

AUTHOR: Blair Alexander Robertson

PLOT: Zev and his friends are sealed inside their school by a mysterious barrier.

REVIEW: This series is really developing and, as it does, so is the author and his ability to produce scripts of excellent quality and detail. One problem I have had in the past is that the scripts have lacked detail as to the characters geographical location and how they are moving in space, this meant it was harder to visualise the story. I am, happy to say this problem is no more and, by seeing events more clearly, the reader can better follow who is where and what it is they are doing.

That aside now, onto this episode. It strikes me that this is an arc episode, a story designed to move forward the overall story line of the show and introduce more elements and characters. We once more see the series main villain and it is revealed how he has been behind everything so far. This all works nicely to bring everything together and I look forward to seeing what’s next for the show.

However, as great as all this is, it is hung on a weak plot about a boy who gains mysterious powers that he abuses greatly. Whilst this is a good idea it isn’t explored at all, the boy gains no clear motive and the resolution, whilst original, doesn’t quite feel right.

In the end, this episode has some very positive points and definitely raises the bar for the series, however it is let down by a weak and unclear main narrative. Still, it makes me keen to read what is to happen next.

BEST BIT: The ending sequence sets up the story arc in a great way.

SCORE: Three Hooks.

TITLE: Afraid: The Series, Episode 23: Genesis

AUTHOR: Jack McVee

PLOT: The End of Days is approaching and Aiden is unsure whether he can stop the coming of Samael.

REVIEW: The end is coming and it’s coming in a big way, all the characters can sense it and their reactions to the impending doom only heightens the strength of the narrative. This isn’t the end of the world, it’s the end of everything and “Afraid: The Series” begins it’s grand climax with this stunning episode.

The best bit of this series has always been the characters and the readers relationship with Aiden, they are simply written to perfection. Here the threat may be large but we still concentrate o these people we have followed and enjoyed the company of. They have been through a lot and stay strong.

It’s hard what to write about this episode as it is really all set up, all preparation for the coming episodes and in this it succeeds gloriously. It has shocks, surprises, emotional moments and a cameo from and old friend. What more could you ask for?

BEST BIT: The whole sequence with Kai.

SCORE: Four Hooks.

TITLE: Afraid: The Series, Episode 24: Prophecy

AUTHOR: Jack McVee

PLOT: The group must obtain The Lost Prophecy even as Genie comes closer to discovering the identity of the 13th Soul.

REVIEW: Things are really starting to build now as all the elements come together and we really feel the forward momentum as the apocalypse draws yet nearer. The villains continue to plot and move towards their day of reckoning as Aiden and his friends struggle to work out what possible action they can take to stop it.

The main drive for this episode comes from the build up between the characters, the interaction of Destin and Aiden brings out their final, true feelings for each other whilst the scene with David is hauntingly powerful where you feel Aiden’s pain but also David’s utter despair. It also ends on one hell of a cliff-hanger.

I’m not going to go into too much detail, as with the last one, as it mainly is setting up for the big finale. And, you can tell, it will be big. Everything is coming together now and it’s scary stuff. I can’t wait.

BEST BIT: Aiden confronts David over his actions in a previous episode.

SCORE: Four Hooks.

TITLE: Afraid: The Series, Episode 25: Underworld

AUTHOR: Jack McVee

PLOT: Genie traps Aiden, Blair and Ivy in The Crucible where they will be unable to get in the way of her plans.

REVIEW: As ever, Jack McVee loves his references and I’ve said time and again my views on these. However, I cannot review this episode properly without bringing them up though this time it isn’t Buffy but his other big love, the “Resident Evil” series of video games. Like the first seasons episode of that very name, this episode places our characters into a situation very similar to the game.

Sadly, that is the episodes main problem. This is the penultimate episode, building up to the big finale and I, as I feel many readers will feel, want to spend time with the characters we have spent the last twenty four episodes with. I want to see the villains and support our hero’s and, whilst there is some good emotional stuff for Aiden, it’s all the less gripping because we simply want to get to the end of the world.

The threats presented in he episode and the journey isn’t as thrilling as the fact that we want Aiden to escape and confront Genie instead of running around The Crucible. I’d hate this to sound overly harsh, it’s a very well written episode with some very cool moments. But this late in the series life, it seems a distraction that keeps us desperate to see what’s happening with the other characters we know and love / hate.

BEST BIT: The shocking cliff-hanger.

SCORE: Three Hooks.

TITLE: Afraid: The Series, Episode 26: Believe

AUTHOR: Jack McVee

PLOT: The end of the world is here and as Samael unleashes his forces, Aiden must face some of his toughest choices yet.

REVIEW: SPOILERS! I’m not one to use language like this but… Fucking Awesome. I cannot express enough how simply perfect this finale of “Afraid: The Series” truly is. It’s a master stroke, a magnificent combination of everything that made this show excellent, whether it’s the characters, writing, situations, references or dialogue… everything is here done to perfection. Even the last episode comes off better now as it plays into elements of this, bringing everything together so wonderfully well! Ok, I possibly sound a little excited.

From the mildly supernatural, emotional drama of the original movie to an apocalypse on a scale never seen before, this show has evolved and become one of the greatest pieces of Original “Fan” Fiction writing ever. This isn’t the end of the world stopped in a small rubbish dump or underground cave, this is out there, people are seeing this and dying. This is the end of the world as we know it and the threat is very real and you never once get the sense that it can end any other way than badly.

Aiden has come on a long journey and, here, his character reaches the end of a huge arc, one that has seen him change and grow. He’s lost everyone important to him, he has realised his true calling and yet we know that, in the end, he has the support and confidence of everyone whose life he has become involved in. The final moments of the episode are emotional, powerful and ultimately fulfilling.

Of course, we also care about the other characters and their fates are just as shocking and, in some cases, unexplained. Life goes on and not everything is answered, sacrifices are made and many die. The characters aren’t all expected to have a happy ending and, if there is any victory at the end, it isn’t a personal one. The world is a bigger place than these few in it and the conclusion shows that true evil can only be defeated by hardship and sacrifice.

It is hard to summarise my thoughts and it is with a touch of sadness that I write this very last review for “Afraid”, it’s been a long journey and a powerful read. If Jack never wrote anything ever again this would still hold up as a testament to his skill though the fact that he does means that we are all very lucky. Thank you Jack for a great series and goodbye Aiden, it’s been great. I feel the following dedication is appropriate for this series: “Aiden Dark. He Saved the World. A Lot”.

BEST BIT: The shocking opening. The battle with Genie. The city in flames. The emotional ending. What, I have to pick only one?

SCORE: Five Hooks.

-Scarecrow Cenobite