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TITLE: New Breed Episode 16: You’re Welcome

AUTHOR: Blair Alexander Robertson

PLOT: Ken works on cracking the files on C-18 and Zev must confront his feelings about Vicki.

REVIEW: A rather quiet and uneventful episode that works to further the plot by answering some questions and presenting new ones. The writing continues to be of a higher level and the characters voices certainly begin to feel even more distinct. The growing relationship between Zev and Vicki is wonderful to watch and despite how the episode ends you can’t quite shake the feeling that there is more to come. As much as this episode moves things on it does feel rather uneventful in itself and doesn’t stand alone in any way though this really isn’t a big problem, it still means it’s best to read this episode close to your reading of the surrounding ones in order to fully appreciate it. All in all a good episode that leaves you wanting to how things will develop further. BEST BIT: Zev and Vicki in detention. SCORE: Three Hooks.

TITLE: New Breed Episode 17: Bounty

AUTHOR: Blair Alexander Robertson

PLOT: As Terri Novola’s plans continue to move forward he decides to make another attempt to kill The Defender.

REVIEW: Bounty whilst, a well written episode, never quite takes off from being average. Whilst this isn’t the harshest criticism in the world it’s a shame that at this stage the build up appears to be slowing down and the episode becoming a little too run of the mill. Not that it is bad at all, the fight with Will is again very well done and Ben’s injury is quite nasty and helps show the strength of their enemy whilst some of the character scenes are nicely played. However, as touching as Zev and Ashley’s talk was, the way in which all these character are discovering the truth and accepting it so quickly and easily seems to stretch credibility slightly, especially when you consider Ashley never actually saw a demon. Also the scene with Ben and the chickens feels too much like stretching out a joke far too far and if this is going anywhere it needs to get there soon. Again, this criticism is only in context of this point of the show and the fact remains its well written for the most part and still interesting, it just perhaps is starting to tread water and needs to really move forward now.

BEST BIT: Ben’s jaw takes some damage. Ouch.
SCORE: Three Hooks.

TITLE: New Breed Episode 18: Crashers

AUTHOR: Blair Alexander Robertson

PLOT: When three local kids are killed the school mourns and Zev decides to track down the culprits.

REVIEW: Crashers is an interesting episode that takes a brief pause from the ongoing story arc to tell a simple story of a number of a multiple murder and its effect upon the school community. This is done quite well with a sense of sadness leading up to Zev deciding to seek out those responsible, whether demon or human, and punish them. The eventual conflict with the culprits is fine action wise but you do wish more was made on the emotional level since the earlier scenes in the school were rather effective. The other half of the story involves Zev’s birthday and his growing group of friends, we see more of Ashley’s interactions with him and there’s a nice sense of warmth in the scenes between all of the cast. Zev also gets the Silver Blade as a gift with a nice touch and the weapons unique power is a great part of the show and adds something new to distinguish it from Buffy or Afraid… though it could perhaps do with having a more interesting name. Vicki also sees some demon action and it seems follows the shows now established pattern of people accepting things rather easily Though she does claim she will only believe him when she sees it herself it seems only a token effort and not too realistic. It’s a small quibble but one that continues to annoy.
Will makes a brief appearance and a couple of scenes do mention the arc but overall this is a fairly standard monster-of the-week story that’s enjoyable and continues the stories of the individual characters.

BEST BIT: Zev first uses the Silver Blade.

SCORE: Three Hooks.

TITLE: New Breed Episode 19: Into the Night

AUTHOR: Blair Alexander Robertson

PLOT: Terry Novola sends a team of commandos to track down an artefact that will lead him to the Jewel of A’mene.
REVIEW: Things are really starting to build to a climax now as Terry Novola continues to press forward in his operations with seemingly more success than Zev. The fact that, despite his small victories, Zev is seemingly losing the overall war is really starting to make itself truly felt and both the readers and the characters seem to be suffering for it. The story of the episode itself is a little odd and the nature of the bugs and how they came to set up their next is a little unclear but otherwise they pose a suitably disgusting and menacing threat. The battles with the whole gang are well written and rather exciting though it would have been nice to see more of the Silver Blade in action. Overall a well written and exciting episode that builds up the levels of dread and propels us further towards what can only be an epic climax. Whilst some dialogue perhaps was a bit unrealistic in places it’s certainly one of the more enjoyable episodes that leaves you wanting more.
BEST BIT: The climatic fight with the Queen and the commandos.

SCORE: Four Hooks.

TITLE: New Breed Episode 20: The Jewel of A’mene

AUTHOR: Blair Alexander Robertson

PLOT: Zev and Will must confront each other in their attempts to get the Jewel of A’mene, the last component in Terry Novola’s schemes.
REVIEW: Another excellent episodes, almost a perfect Five but let down by a few faults, most notably the coincidence of the school trip to the location where Will and the villains are heading. A few pieces of dialogue are weak and Sue’s “morning sickness” at the start is very odd as it’s something that only comes with pregnancy and thus its inclusion there undermines the episodes final revelation.
However, the reason I start with the negative is that the rest is excellent. We’re really starting to despair for the characters as the heroes really aren’t being cut any slack and Will once again wipes the floor with Zev. The absence of a victory beyond them actually surviving adds a more realistic and harsh approach in this series which makes the threat so much more. The only possible problem with this approach is that it will need one hell of a finale to justify it and you can’t help but wonder how Zev can possibly win in the end.
The caves make a great setting with a fair bit of atmosphere being present and the scene with Zev stalking the commando’s is nicely done. The reappearance and second escape of the bug Queen is interesting and suggests this guardian will play a further important role to come. New Breed has escaped the monster of the week at the moment and is genuinely building to something tense, exciting and even terrifying as we sit in wonder at how Zev can defeat his enemies and save the world…
BEST BIT: The Commando massacre. Gruesome and effective.
SCORE: Four Hooks.

TITLE: Panic! Poisonous Louisiana Leopard Attack

AUTHOR: Manwards

PLOT: An experiment gone wrong leads to the creation of the Louisiana Leopard, an intelligent carnivore that stalks the small town of Hardford.

REVIEW: Louisiana Leopard is a fantastic take on the numerous B-Movie horror films that line the video shelves and follows in the foot steps as such classics as “Vampire Trailer Park” and “The Living Dead at the Manchester Morgue”. The fact that it takes itself dead seriously is a brilliant move in itself, it would have been so easy to right a straight up spoof but by keeping to the conventions it comes across as a very clever satire and a great deal of fun to. The script is expertly written with some wonderful characters who deliberately hit all the right buttons for the standard teenage high school clichés whilst the Leopard himself is a wonderful creation and could easily be seen as a nod towards the upper-class British villains so loved by Hollywood. His lines are a sheer delight to read and the sense of humour during the almost off-the-cuff slaughter he causes is simply wonderful. I’d recommend this script to anyone whose a big fan of horror and, in particular, enjoys a clever and subtle satire that contains everything one would want in a horror film. A brilliant script and something the author would be right to be proud of. BEST BIT: The final showdown.

SCORE: Five Hooks.

TITLE: New Breed Episode 21: End of the Line Part One

AUTHOR: Blair Alexander Robertson

PLOT: Zev, Ben and Sammy must use all there skills to try and stop Terry Novola before he can reach the Temple of A’mene.

REVIEW: Here it is, the beginning of the end for the first season of New Breed and all the plot threads have pretty much come together as Novola prepares to take his demon army and gain immortality whilst Zev desperately tries to stop him. It’s certainly a sorry state of affairs when the only option for the heroes is to break into the offices of the villain and assassinate him before he can complete his scheme; it’s an act of desperation and the fact that it fails only serves to make the situation all the more desperate.
Despite this element of plot the episode is actually quite slow burning with a few emotional storylines though some of these would have worked better had the characters involved been more developed. Still, the quiet moments are rather effective and seeing everyone trying to sleep, the night before the end, is rather poignant and helps to build our sympathies for them.
Overall this comes across very much as the calm before the storm and with everything set up for the finale and all the heroes and villains firmly in place it should be one hell of a last battle.
BEST BIT: The meeting with Terry and subsequent battle.

SCORE: Four Hooks.

TITLE: SAW: Broken Heart

AUTHOR: MichaelVoorhees

PLOT: Jigsaw has captured Mr Duncan and now sets out to punish him for his infidelity.
REVIEW: A wonderful piece of short fiction, this story is essentially one mans encounter with Jigsaw and goes into how he reacts to the complicated task set out before him. The creativity and sadistic nature of the ‘game’ is certainly in keeping with the film and the description of the mans predicament is wonderful.
The story features brief flashbacks of certain characters, again linking it to the film, and we really feel Mr Duncan’s desperation. Jigsaw is well written also and the piece is very entertaining.
What stops it being perfect are a couple of small but important weaknesses. First and most notable is that half way through the writing changes from past tense (common for scripts) into present tense. This is a major grammatical error that sadly took me out of the story for a moment. The other two are less important, that being the end is very similar to the film and I’m dubious as to whether Jigsaw was really playing by his rules at the end when he essentially gives a second task to Mr Duncan. Despite these small faults however, this was an excellent piece of fiction base doff one of the greatest recent horror movies. BEST BIT: The elaborate trap that evokes the films perfectly.

SCORE: Four Hooks.

TITLE: Halloween: Bloodlines


PLOT: Michael Myers returns once more for a final showdown, hunting the final members of his family. Can Tommy Doyle protect Stephen?

REVIEW: A very short script that seems to exist to try and tie up all the loose ends of the series. It features characters from all the films, survivors of Parts Six, Seven and Eight, and their continued efforts to try and put Michael’s reign of terror to an end.
It’s obvious the author cares a lot for the series and there’s some nice set pieces in here but it all really comes down to a string of kill sequences and very little story. That’s fair enough given the scripts short length and we don’t necessarily need time to get to know the characters as we’ve seen them before but it does feel that, perhaps, it could have done with a slower pace. Also Michael’s range of weaponry and style of killing seems more akin to Jason but that’s a minor complaint.
All in all it was a good effort and a nice short read and the author should certainly feel encouraged to continue writing. He has some nice ideas and a creativity that’s obvious in the work that just needs to be developed over time. BEST BIT: Tommy Vs Michael.
SCORE: Two Hooks.

TITLE: New Breed Episode 22: End of the Line Part Two

AUTHOR: Blair Alexander Robertson

PLOT: Terry Novola’s plans are about to reach their conclusion and Zev and his friends must make their final stand to protect the world.

REVIEW: And here it is, the end of the first series of New Breed and it’s one hell of a finale. There’s a lot to talk about so a quick summation is perhaps in order. It can’t be called perfect, there are a few things that are slightly disappointing but the overall package is such quality that they don’t bring it down.
After setting up the journey to the Temple, we get the terrifying church slaughter as Terry Novola and his demon army make their move. Some terrifying and tense moments can be found in an episode which is essentially based around an epic chase and then battle.
The fight between Sammy and Alicia is an impressive one and the shocking moment with Ben is one of the episodes best moments. Sammy’s reaction and aggression is understandable yet also scary and promises to lead to some future twists in the character. Ben’s fate may not be what I would have liked but I’m sure the author will be able to move these characters forward in new ways.
Zev and Will has their final confrontation which is truly epic and the moment we’ve been waiting for all series so it could easily have been seen as an anti-climax. However, looked at from another perspective, we see Zev finally being able to hold his own, causing Will to retreat, which is far more realistic than if he suddenly managed to defeat such a powerful enemy.
Talking of easy victories, perhaps the episodes weakest element is the ease by which Terry is stopped. After all the build up, the power seems too easily removed from Terry, though by this point the episode has been so epic it’s almost a relief rather than an annoyance. We’re just glad the characters managed to win, however they did it.
In conclusion I would say New Breed has come a long way and shown a great deal of development from the author who I’m sure will continue to progress as the future seasons unfold. An excellent story well told with unique and developed characters, characters I can’t wait to meet again for further adventures. Excellent.

BEST BIT: Surprisingly, with so many great fights, Sammy and Alicia probably stands out the most! SCORE: Five Hooks. Silent Hill 2 by Jack McVee

The original Silent Hill script was one of my favorite stories on the site, so I was pumped when I learned that Jack would be writing a sequel. It took me a while to get around to reading it, but once I did, it was a really terrific read. I still liked the first better, but this one is no slouch, as James Sunderland travels to Silent Hill after receiving a letter from his long dead wifewanting to meet him. Without spoiling anything, I’ll just say that James goes on a nightmarish journey that ends in a really haunting climax. The one thing I loved about this script was how serious the situation seemed. There weren’t many jokes to lighten the mood and in this case, that’s a good thing as it kept things extremely dark. The character of James was well done and for a guy who’s never even played the game, I enjoyed the story immensely. The supporting cast were interesting, including a fat guy named Eddie, a troubled woman named Angela, and a little girl named Laura. Most interesting in this script is the fact that it makes us all wonder what we are capable of and what kind of darkness lies within us all. Here’s hoping for a Silent Hill 3.

4 ½ out of 5 skulls

Ceberouse by TB

What can I say about “Ceberouse”? Well, first of all, TB has a good idea and seems to have a clear direction on elements that make a good horror movie. Ceberouse has a genuinely creepy look and is methodical and evil, everything that makes a good bad guy. However, the weakness in the script appears to be in the format, spelling, and dialogue. The characters don’t come across as saying what people would say in a normal conversation and their actions don’t add up as being realistic, particularly in one instance where a cop throws a woman in his police car simply because she’s out late at night. However, the good points are that Ceberouse is just a total nutcase, has no mercy on anyone, and doesn’t fail to deliver in the body count department. There is obvious influence by Halloween, but Ceberouse is much more brutal in his killing than Michael Myers. A truly evil villain who leaves a trail of carnage behind that would rival any movie slasher in history.

2 out of 5 skulls

Ceberouse 2 by TB

Well, the sequel takes a new direction with the series. Ceberouse is back and has targeted Tim’s old friend Lisa. Ceberouse is as violent as ever, with brutal killings and gory results. Still, while an improvement in pacing over the first script, Ceberouse 2 still suffers from weak dialogue and could use a spell check for easier reading. The characters are really hard to like, except for maybe Montego. Lisa’s Dad (no name ever given) is the worst, and the reader is just waiting for him to die. Other than that, the script gains points for the nice twist at the end and the open ending which leaves room for sequels.

2 ½ out of 5 skulls

Ceberouse 3 by TB

This story opens up in the precise moment where Part 2 left off. Ceberouse returns to his hometown this time intent on killing everyone he’s ever know. This is an improvement, both in plot and characterization, over the first two scripts. The series is starting to develop into more than just another slasher series and is gaining a mythology. However, the same problems, though not as ferequent, are still there: The spelling, grammar, and dialogue (too many people talking to themselves). That said, it’s still a fun read and Ceberouse is becoming a force to be reckoned with.

3 out of 5 skulls

Ceberouse 4 by TB

Ceberouse 4 joins the surviving cast of Ceberouse 3 a year later as they get lined up for another slaughter. TB’s writing has improved over the course of the series as instead of strict murdering rampages, we get characters that we really start to care about. Montego has become the series’ hero and a fine one at that. The Mystery Man (aka Mr. Bello) also added a new twist to this installment. Still tough to read for all the English mistakes (I know, I’m not an English teacher), but one which was originally supposed to wrap the series up. However, with it being left open-ended, Ceberouse will be back for me. I look forward to the next installment, which has a new writer’s perspective that will bring fresh ideas to the series.

3 out of 5 skulls

Ceberouse 5: The Reckoning by Scarecrow Cenobite

The latest in the Ceberouse series is brought in by a new author in Scarecrow, this being on of his first efforts into writing. In this installment, a group of high school graduates are traveling on a boat towards the US when Ceberouse returns, intent on continuing his rampage. This is a good addition to the series, with a brief return by Montego, a connection to the first movie, and more reative killings. We get a newer hero in Mitch and a new slaughter. All of these things make this F13 Part 8-like plot all the better. There is room for improvement, however, as know very little about the characters involved. A little more characterization and this one would have been the best of the series.

3 out of 5 skulls

Sonic Vs. Jason Part 1: Crash Landing by Manwards

In what could possibly be one of the oddest pairings I’ve ever encountered in a serious fic, Manwards pulls off a surprise hit with this one. Not being extremely familiar with the Sonic games, it took me a while to get around to reading this one, but after hearing so many good things about it, I decided to check it out. Two worlds are merged in such an obvious but brilliant way and the peaceful characters of the Sonic universe are haunted by the violent and menacing Jason Voorhees. Jason is well done in this script as he is at his worst, having no mercy for anything in his path, whether it be human or not. Sonic is also well done and shows that a little heart goes a long way. The final fight between the two is nicely done and the ending leaves you with a cliffhanger that has you wanting more from the Sonic world.

4 out of 5 skulls

New Breed by Blair Robertson

*Note: After learning of similarities in mine and Scarecrow’s reviews for ‘Afraid’, I would again like to make it clear that I am not reading his reviews before reading the series.

Episode 1 – “Jenny”

New Breed is a new and interesting series with a lot of potential to go in some exciting places. In episode 1, we are introduced to the main character of Zev and his friends Sammy, Rick, and possible love interest Vicki. We also get a glimpse into a hidden world of demons and a corrupt corporation. It’s kind of Buffy and Angel combined into one show. Terry Novola has possibilities to be a fantastic villain if done right. There’s a bit of exposition to introduce us to the characters, followed the introduction to supernatural forces within the universe. What follows is a thrilling showdown with a possessed Sammy/Jenny, where we learn that Zev is chosen as a Defender, much like Buffy was a Slayer.

The characters themselves are interesting, but so far we don’t know much about them. Sammy comes across as my personal favorite for her spunkiness and loyal friendship to main character Zev. As the series progresses, I’m sure we’ll see more development from everyone, so I’m not gonna comment much at this point.

There are a few problems, the main one being Zev and friends’ “Oh, a demon girl” reaction upon learning of Sammy’s encounter in the restroom. I know Buffy and similar shows have that line of thinking, but they didn’t in the beginning and having never encountered a demon before, I have a hard time believing they would just shrug it off like they did.

But, anyways, episode 1 did what it set out to do, establishing the mythos and introducing the characters and premise for the show. And, for that, Blair gets a pat on the back for a job well done.

3 out of 5 skulls

Episode 2: “Normal Existence”

The story is continued with Part 2, where Zev must either accept his destiny or deny it. The main action takes place at a beach, where Zev meets some interesting demon brothers who don’t have much going in terms of a plan, but are a physical threat nonetheless. As this episode goes past, Sammy continues to be my favorite character. Her straightforwardness and brutal honesty are very entertaining in terms of character advancements of others and for some good comedic moments.

Zev is a likeable guy and we get a brief glimpse into his personal life as we meet his father returning home from a trip. However, he seems at this point to be easing into the whole supernatural thing way too easily and the ordeal he’s been through lately doesn’t seem to have affected him all that much. Still, some of his remarks to the demon were funny and he gets points for putting on an entertaining fight scene.

There’s also a developing main arc happening that seems like it could become very interesting. A shape-shifter who takes on the shapes of the people he kills is planning something, though we aren’t sure what specifically that is. I do look forward to finding out. All in all, this is mostly filler, but fun filler nonetheless.

3 out of 5 skulls

Episode 3: “Crazy World”

This is your basic stand-alone episode, which sees Zev and the forming main group of Rick, Sammy, Vicki, & Ben heading to the Crazy World theme park. The one thing I liked the most out of this episode was the villain, which is a strange teleporting reptile creature who speaks like a snake, which gives me the shivers just imagining his voice.

But, in all honesty, there were just a lot of things that seemed a little off. First, I found myself a little irritated with all of the main characters in this one, even the usually sweet “good girl” Vicki. They were disrespectful to authority and came off as, IMO, the bad guys of the whole trespassing scenario.

We’re also introduced to Ben, but so far we know very little about him. Sammy and Ben’s relationship goes to a new level, but since we’ve seen none of the relationship so far, I couldn’t help but feel a little ho-hum about it. Some of the dialogue seemed less “real” and more “expositional” in order to fact-drop, while some of it seemed unimportant—lots of “Hey”, “Bye”, small talk stuff rather than some more meaningful discussions that help with character advancement and storyline.

This is not to say that I didn’t like the episode, but so far it’s probably my least favorite so far, simply for those very reasons.

2 out of 5 skulls

Episode 4: “Let’s Do This”

In an effort to get Zev to accept his responsibility as The Defender, a Being summons him through a demon obstacle course in order for to show him what will happen if he does not step up. This episode had a good plot, with lots of creepy moments and a new mysterious character in Jane VanStar.

This is a mostly stand-alone episode that solidifies the core group, consisting of Ken, possibly Jane, Zev, Rick, and Sammy. Up until this episode, there has been conflict between Zev and Ken, but this episode hints that this may be put behind them.

As for the problems, the same problem is present as in previous episodes, which includes the dialogue that sounds unnatural and characters that joke around in certain situations when they should be terrified.

3 out of 5 skulls

Episode 5: “The Initiation”

In an effort to get the ball rolling in the series, Zev and his friends are quickly drawn into a mysterious being’s messages concerning two demons who claim to be a talisman and three girls’s secret society-like club.

On the plus side, we get to see a little more of Sammy, who so far is my favorite character. Also, Zev and Ken are no longer bickering and are cooperatuing to get their jobs done. We also get to see a little more of Rick, who it seems is quickly growing tired of Ben and Sammy’s relationship.

Jane is still a mystery, but I expect more to come from her. All in all, there’s not much to dislike in this episode other than the same “Hey” and “Bye” conversations that could be cut out and have room made for some more character moments that really let us into the way these guys think.

3 ½ out of 5 skulls

Silent Halloween by Blair Alexander Robertson

Blair kicks off the crossover challenge with a cross between the “Silent Hill” video game franchise and the “Halloween” movie series. I reiterate that I have never played the Silent Hill games, but had no problem keeping up with what was going on. (I did see the movie and have read a couple of great stories by Jack). Anyways, the script itself is one of Blair’s finest works so far, though I think his best stuff is yet ahead of him. Tommy Doyle, Kara Strode, Danny Strode, and Steven Lloyd move to a town to hide from the pursuing Michael Myers and end up settling on the town of Silent Hill. Little do they know what awaits them. Monsters, walking corpses, Pyramid Head, and several lost souls trapped in an alternate universe. The settings were awesome and the war raid sirens and the coming darkness just came me the willies when they occurred. The original main characters, Angela Loomis and Allison Tate, are likeable as they begin to unravel the mysteries surrounding the town’s connection to Thorn and the Myers family.

It did have a few parts I didn’t like. I was disappointed with the early discarding of Kara and Danny as I felt that there things that could have been explored with those two. The only other thing that bothered me was that some of the “chasing” scenes were getting long and the script at times seemed like one long chase scene instead of an exploration of the town’s secrets.

Otherwise, this was a fun script with a little bit from everyone as the secrets behind the town of Silent Hill and its connections to the Thorn cult unfolded. Read it if you haven’t already.

4 out of 5 skulls

Reviews by Blair Robertson Title: Halloween: The Series – Season One

The Authors: Scarecrow Cenobite, MysterioMan007, Screamer009, robbie.red666.

The Plot: After the tragedy at the end of Halloween 5, Tommy Doyle & Co. try to hunt down the mysterious Thorn Cult in the hopes of getting Jamie Lloyd back.

Review: Ok, this review has an entire season to cover. But don’t worry Mark; the other seasons will get an episode-by-episode review! So, let’s start at the beginning. Michael Myers is thought to be dead after a horrific explosion at the police station. The first few episodes introduced us nicely to the characters, including ones who won’t make it past Michael’s rage. The introduction with Lonnie was handled well, I mean, his introduction was both funny and fitting to his character of the original little boy we saw in 1978.

Along the way, the series introduced a number of other evils, beyond Michael Myers, which is clearly needed if you are to fill six years without the main character himself (Myers). From killer plants, to deadly Jamaicans, the series takes you into an in-depth prospective of what the world of Halloween can mean, following John Carpenter’s ideas that there are more evils out there. The writers, each with their own ability to show the horrors of Halloween, coordinated well to make the characters stronger and more ‘life-like’ during the course of the first season.

There are a lot of ‘strings’ left untied that, as I suspected, would come back in later seasons. From Lindsay’s role to the diamonds from Jamaica. Everything comes back full circle, one way or another in real life. And as most people should know, not everything is resolved within a single year. Some things can way overlap. And that’s been proven by this series. Not one of those series, which magically resolves every single issue by the finale.

There were a number of memorable episodes. From screamers Relics of the Dead episode with the hilarious present Lonnie gave to Tommy, to Mysterio’s great devil arc with Lindsay Wallace (which in itself, has boosted my over all season score!). Along with robbie’s solid episode contribution and finally, to the producer himself, Scarecrow, who’s finale left us reeling on whether or not the wrath of Michael Myers had returned to Haddonfield…

I know I’ve been pretty lazy with doing a season review instead of combing through every episode, but I promise that the next reviews will be on each episode. Just that time can be tight at times, as all of you will know & live through yourselves. So, see this as a basic foundation review of what’s to come in terms of my next review.

Personal Favourite: The Devil overtaking Lindsay’s body, causing her to confront the gang.

My Score: 4/5 Daggers.

Reviews by Scarecrow Cenobite

TITLE: New Breed Episode 10: Off the Wall

AUTHOR: Blair Alexander Robertson

PLOT: Zev prepares for a meeting with the informant whilst several relationships around him begin to develop further.

REVIEW: Interesting episode this one, in that nothing much seems to happen and yet you get a strong sense of progression and that something will be coming out of it and soon. It’s mainly based around characters and their relationships and we watch as they slowly develop and, I have to say, it comes across a lot more realistic than the last couple of episodes. Blair has taken his time over this episode and the characters seem more authentic and are developing, if not their own clear personalities, at the very least their own story lines.

Of course there is some action and, again it is better written than some previous pieces and comes at a natural point within the tale. It’s a fairly solid and well written episode and is obviously leading up to some interesting events so I’d like to give it a higher score but the low key of it all means that, ultimately, I can’t really allow myself to do it. However, if this standard can be kept in a more eventful and exciting or powerful episode then I can see the best episode of the series yet being born.

BEST BIT: The intriguing part where Nancy doesn’t get what she wants.

SCORE: Three Hooks.

TITLE: New Breed Episode 11: Convict

AUTHOR: Blair Alexander Robertson

PLOT: When Sammy is attacked by mysterious demons she and Zev must try and discover who is the “prisoner” they seek.

REVIEW: Another solid episode of New Breed that serves to answer the questions relating to one particular story line that has been building for some while. The character of Nancy has definitely been intriguing as far as the mystery surrounding her goes but for the most part her character has never been too clearly defined. However, here she gets some interesting parts and we see some development of character, especially in the scene where a spell seems to be denied. Blair is beginning to better use the devices available to create drama and tension and by having small mysteries and having characters perhaps not acting totally honestly all the time he is creating a more realistic and interesting story.

The opening teaser also has some hints towards the main story arc that has been on a the back burner the last couple of episodes but it serves to remind us that things aren’t going well and, the last time Zev engaged in combat with an agent of Novola, he ended up bruised and beaten. We anticipate a rematch with both excitement and fear.

So, a developing story and better use of characters indeed show the continual improvement in writing by the author though, sadly, the amount of descriptive passages appears to have lessened more. However, though not ground breaking work, New Breed continues to be an excellent source of solid entertainment.

BEST BIT: The failing spell.

SCORE: Three Hooks.

TITLE: New Breed Episode 12: The Jackal

AUTHOR: Blair Alexander Robertson

PLOT: Zev must prepare when he learns that a power and ancient beast named The Jackal will soon rise again.

REVIEW: After a slow start and some plot developing though not entirely thrilling scenes dealing with the A-U’s this episode really picks up to deliver one of the best episodes for some time. What this has and many other episodes lack is a sense of pace and development as the story gains more with every passing scene. Once the Jackal’s existence is learnt of everything is preparation for the confrontation and the gangs attempts to carry on their normal lives are always under-cut with the knowledge of what’s to come.

Zev still doesn’t manage to have things work out in his romantic life, his life as a defender getting in the way though the scenes with the characters at the part are some of the nicest written. This episode succeeds with its use of various events and scenarios with smaller confrontations leading to an amazing last fight. The episode does end on a note similar to a previous one with a powerful villain still on the loose and some dialogue still needs work but overall this is a superior effort for this series.

BEST BIT: The Jackal kicks ass.

SCORE: Four Hooks.

TITLE: Leprechaun vs. Jack Frost

AUTHOR: Brandon Noel Keith

PLOT: The Leprechaun goes to Snowmontown in search of his gold and meets up with the evil Jack Frost.

REVIEW: This is another one of those pieces with little real story or purpose other than to have an amusing fight between two of the least popular (possibly rightfully so) horror villains. Not that that is a bad thing in itself though this piece, whilst having a few nice ideas, doesn’t really do much with the characters other them stick them together and let them made bad jokes and attack each other in turn.

I do understand this is a humorous piece but at the length its presented and with a lack of detail in the battle it doesn’t quite feel worth the time. If the author concentrated on detailing surroundings and adding some flavour to the battle it would be massively improved.

BEST BIT: Snow-plough Jack.

SCORE: One Hook.

TITLE: Aqua Teen Hunger Force vs The Evil Dead

AUTHOR: Max Shrek

PLOT: Something about aliens, fast food and the Evil Dead. Other than that I’m really not entirely sure…

REVIEW: I really don’t know what to say, having never seen or even heard of this Aqua Teen Hunger Force thing I cannot judge how well its brand of humour carries over. If the author has done it well I’d imagine the show as being very, very peculiar indeed. As it is, I did laugh a couple of points and the overall insanity of the piece was fairly entertaining but, really, in the end it wasn’t for me. Still, it’s well presented and written fairly well and I’m sure fans may like it.

BEST BIT: Unexpected decapitation.

SCORE: Two Hooks.

TITLE: Superman

AUTHOR: Dusty Fincher & MysterioMan007

PLOT: Clark Kent and Lois Lane are finally to be married but things don’t go smoothly when a pair of warring aliens arrive on Earth each with a very different agenda.

REVIEW: First let me start by saying I have never really been a fan of Superman, I’ve found him far too powerful and too much of an “ideal” figure to be taken seriously. The original movie never impressed me (spinning the planet backwards???) and the comics were not something I had any interest in reading. That said, I loved Superman II and recently Smallville has re-invented the franchise into something I rather enjoy.

This script, perhaps a combination of old and new, is a fantastic story that could almost form the pilot of an on-going series what with it’s group of interesting and well written characters and the relationship with Lex Luthor. The villain of the piece also interested me as, like I said before, I’ve never really read much of the comics and had no idea how any threats could be found for him to face. Well this enemy is both powerful and somewhat scary in his ambition.

The action is excellent and the characters well drawn though there are, perhaps, a few plot holes and I’m still not a die-hard fan of the franchise. Still, this is very well written, great fun to read and full of action which certainly makes it well worth a read.

BEST BIT: Superman and Lex meet at a Hanger and talk.

SCORE: Four Hooks.

TITLE: Halloween: End of Harvest

AUTHOR: MysterioMan007

PLOT: It’s Halloween 2005 and Michael Myers has returned to Haddonfield to kill his family once and for all.

REVIEW: I suppose I could be accused of being biased when it comes to reading and reviewing MysterioMan’s works but the simple truth is that he is consistently producing brilliant and emotional works that never fail to entertain.

As the title may suggest this is his finale to the Halloween series that aims t answer questions and resolve story lines but, unlike others of this kind, he does so whilst keeping the core story very simplistic and in the style of the original film. This is the pieces greatest strength, it keeps continuity without getting bogged down in it. The characters have room to grow and develop and the atmosphere of Halloween oozes out of every page, Michael is particularly scary and the imagery the script conjures really makes a cold chill run up your spine.

In conclusion Mysertio has produced a superb, if short product, that caters to fans new and old. Whilst perhaps the ending comes quite quickly this is only a minor upset in an otherwise fantastic and, dare I say, scary piece.

BEST BIT: A double kill of an unusual and shockingly horrible nature.

SCORE: Four Hooks.

TITLE: New Breed Episode 13: I Only Have Eyes For You

AUTHOR: Blair Alexander Robertson

PLOT: Zev must hunt down the escaped Jackal whilst Ben must decide whether to reveal the truth about his past.

REVIEW: An interesting, if not spectacular, episode it develops the story well enough but its main flaw lies in the fact that the structure is rather reversed. It opens with the gang planning on hunting down the Jackal and formulating a plan to capture him which take sup the episodes first half whilst the remainder of the episode is drama and plot revelations. This means the second half is much slower and less dramatic masking the whole thing feel somewhat uneven.

That said, the action is well written and there are some excellent moments. We find out some motivations and character developments and the whole story arc continues to develop in intriguing ways. It’s a shame the Jackal element didn’t really go anywhere and seemed resolved rather easily but, that aside, it’s a fair episode that does what it set out to do.

BEST BIT: Ben’s dream.

SCORE: Three Hooks.

TITLE: New Breed Episode 14: Another Day

AUTHOR: Blair Alexander Robertson

PLOT: A dangerous mission into Novola Enterprises puts some of the gang in danger and Zev meets a girl who isn’t all she seems.

REVIEW: From the moment you start this episode something seems different. The devils in the detail, they say, and here Blair has begun to better utilise description and scene setting in order to bring his characters and actions more alive than ever. Whilst still not perfect this improvement itself makes this seem the most satisfying episode of New Breed to read yet.

Add to this a strong storyline that doesn’t fall into the trap of odd leaps of logic and rushed explanations, instead things really seem to build up and, for the first time, we really get a sense of the Messengers as an active organisation rather than them as simply a convenient plot device.

Zev’s portion of the story is very well done as it develops his relationship with his mother as well as telling a rather tense story that’s effect for its element of reality. The conclusion may lose that somewhat but its still successful and I have a feeling this isn’t the last we’ll see of the character of Lucy.

All in all, an excellent and well crafted episode that leaves you wanting more with cliff-hangers subtly installed in every storyline leaving you with a sense of urgency and mystery. It may not be perfect but its such a leap in quality and is well told enough ass to justify top marks.

BEST BIT: Locating the files… what could be on them?

SCORE: Five Hooks.

TITLE: New Breed Episode 15: Infiltration

AUTHOR: Blair Alexander Robertson

PLOT: Zev and his friends travel across country to try and prevent Terry getting his hands on an ancient artefact.

REVIEW: Another excellent episode that continues the pace and excitement of the last episode, again developing both the ongoing plot and character relationships whilst also feeling like a self-contained story.

Zev once again faces Will and we really feel the power of this character, he is almost Terminator-like in his one minded determination to succeed in his task and this makes his by far the scariest villain of the show. The build up to the finale is excellent and when it come sit delivers all the action and suspense you can expect. Details such as Rick and Sammy dodging a flying log lend a visual piece of action that involves you in the tale.

I don’t want to I’ve too much away in this review as I feel this episode really does work and succeed as it aimed to do and progresses things enough to again retain your interest in what’s going on. Again, not quite perfect, the dialogue in places needing a polish but a solid Four Hooks none the less.

BEST BIT: Will versus Zev and Ben.

SCORE: Four Hooks.

Review by Maniac Syndrome

Freddy vs Michael by Dave Dunwoody

Once I started reading this script I couldn't stop. It moved at a fast pace, good dialouge, likeable characters and cool fights. I really like how Freddy wanted Michael's power. Nice. I also like the use of Hypnocil with in the story. I just wish we could have had more of Ian. He seemed like a real cool character. But when all is said and done, a very fun read.

4 out of 5 skulls

Reviews by MysterioMan007

Freddy Vs. Michael by Dave Dunwoody

I clicked on this link by mistake, but I'm glad I did. With Freddy and Michael being my two favorites, I immediately got engrossed in the script and didn't really stop reading until I got to the end. Dave has a very good grasp of the two killers, especially Freddy, and the final battle between these two is classic. The main character of Caitlin is very well done and very likeable. My only bit that I noticed was that we were never really given any explanation as to why Michael wants to kill Caitlin so bad and is so angry with her. Also, no mention was made of Caitlin's father, which is not a big deal, but you would think it would be an issue Freddy would make use of at some point, whether Daddy Holdt's an absentee father or just dead. But, these are minor quibbles and doesn't distract from the rest of the script in any way. It is a very easy read and well worth your time.

4 out of 5 skulls

Jason Vs. The Creeper by Cody Hamman

This matchup intrigued me, simply because the Creeper is a fairly new and I haven't read many fanfics with him in it. Putting him against Jason is a great idea and an opportunity to see two seemingly invincible monsters battle it out. So, I read this not knowing what to expect. This was a fun read. Jason and The Creeper battle each other with all that they got with a few teens caught in the middle. I don't think Cody intended for this to be much more than just a slaughter on paper, so it figures that that is what we got. The teens aren't very developed, but who really cares? They're just fodder to get both monsters pitted against each other. All in all, it was a fun read and the fight at the end was excellent.

3 out of 5 skulls

These are my reviews of the entire Afraid series as I was reading them. Please be forewarned that I included spoilers throughout the reviews, so if you don't like being spoiled, you probably shouldn't read them.

*Note: I reviewed each episode immediately after I read it so that I could view each episode as individuals rather than as a whole in retrospect. I also refrained from reading Scarecrow's reviews so that I would not be affected by them.

Afraid: The Movie By Jack McVee

The original Afraid script, movie-length, brings the reader into a mysterious new world, the world of a young gay male named Aiden Dark who is isolated most of the time, mostly due to his feelings of not having a connection with anyone. Jack gives us a great start to what he planned as a series. Aiden is such an interesting and complex character that you can't help but feel some of his pain, from his being picked on in school because he's different to his longing to find that very connection to someone he doesn't have. Add into the story a ghost-hunting club subplot and the domestic troubles of Blair and Genie and you have a nice character piece with supernatural overtones. This is drama its finest and my only concern for this one is the abundance of Buffy references present in the script. I'm a huge fan of the show, but feel that these mentions of Buffy's world will draw unfair comparisons for this series which should stand on its own two feet…and there's no denying that it can. So, a good script which gets things started off and promises some surprises down the line.

4 out of 5 skulls

Episode 1: The Zero

This episode opens up with a memorable scene which includes a much more likeable Miguel and Aiden meeting up at a college campus while some figures lurk nearby. I'm only guessing that this was setup for later as it's never really explored as to who those figures were. Zelda is also back and we learn a few tidbits more about her and her home life, which seems to be almost as lonely as Aiden's, if not more. Jack does a wonderful job in this episode, also introducing a new character, so far known only as the Rocker Stalker. Jack keeps you in suspense as to where the characters are headed as Aiden shows that his growth in the original script was no fluke.

4 out of 5 stars

Episode 2: Romeos

This episode mostly takes place during a big party that Destin (Rocker Stalker) has invited Aiden to. Miguel and Zelda are starting to show a little chemistry as well, but things start to take a different turn when a group of guys basically order Aiden to join their coven. However, I'm given the feeling that they actually need Aiden more than he needs them. The only thing that concerned me about this episode is there's not much plot and it seems to be more focused on exposition for something to come later. Still, it's a good read and is reeling me in slowly as the series progresses.

3 out of 5 skulls

Episode 3: Beyond the Grave

This episode really picks up the pace as the ghosts that followed Aiden as a child commit an act that drives Aiden to confront them. Miguel's distrust of Destin and Zelda being hilarious add other good points to the story, which ends in a frightening situation for all of our main characters. We get a little possible foreshadowing concerning Aiden's future and hints that these hauntings have been building up since the beginning of Aiden's life. Probably the best episode so far and has me waiting to see what's going to happen next.

5 out of 5 skulls

Episode 4: Everlasting

This episode picks up where Beyond the Grave left off, with Aiden in a mystifying predicament. Again, there is tension between Miguel and Destin with Zelda as the voice of reason. Destin is quickly, at least to me, becoming a tiresome character, but it was nice to see a visit of sorts from Zeus, a character in the original feature-length script. I'm not really sure what the meaning of this episode was, but I have a feeling that if I keep reading, it will all make sense later on. Plus, a mysterious figure arrives from another world. Jack seems to have a plan and know where he's going. The series is definitely picking up steam here.

4 out of 5 skulls

Episode 5: From Hell

This episode focuses on Aiden's first day back at school following the events of previous episodes, In this, Aiden is displaying a much more irritable side to his personality. I laughed out loud at the scene in the library with Miguel and Aiden discussing his new attitude. The mysterious figure begins searching for something and is a very intriguing aspect to the series. He's like an evil Encino Man or something and the way he comes to get his name 'Abyss' is pretty unique and humorous in a way. Aiden gets his first kiss and Zelda gets a little bit more deep. This was a great episode and am looking forward to seeing where this is going even more.

4 out of 5 skulls

Episode 6: Clown House Part 1

Opening with a hilarious scene establishing Miguel's fear of clowns, this episode deals with, you guessed it, killer demon clowns summoned by Abyss to kill Aiden's friends. A subplot involving Miguel's birthday merges with this storyline as the clowns arrive at his birthday party. This episode was again filled with witty dialogue and character development, but this is a 2-part episode and I'm sure will be resolved in Part 2. One thing that does seem odd is Zelda coming up with a strange scenario involving demon clowns being sumoned from hell, only to have that actually happening. Seemed a little far-fetched to me, but it doesn't take away from the episode, as the characters are at their enjoyable best.

3 out of 5 skulls

Episode 7: Clown House Part 2

This wasn't full episode, as apparently Jack had some computer problems that wiped out his copy. Too bad, as it sounds action-packed and has Aiden's and Abyss's first encounter. The light and dark side of the same being. Had this been fully written, it would have ranked as one of the better episodes thus far. Still, he gave enough direction to help the reader get the main points of what happened. Miguel's fear of clowns is f'n hilarious an Huntley seems like he might be an interesting character.

3½ out of 5 skulls

Episode 8: Forever Mine

This episode is pretty emotional, maybe the most emotional episode by far. Abyss causes Aiden to lose his sight, causing everyone to have a bout of depression. Miguel and Zelda show more chemistry together while Huntley is quickly developing into a sympathetic character with mounds of problems one wouldn't expect from the typical spoiled rich kid. Blair from the original movie even pops to have an impact on the story as the friendships look to be strengthening, even in the bleak times. All in all, there's not much wrong with this episode.

4 out of 5 skulls

Episode 9: Resident Evil

This episode takes a new direction as the main cast, including Aiden, Zelda, Miguel, David, Silver, Huntley, Gloria, and Abyss all get somehow zapped into the game Resident Evil. Once they are there, they come into contact with all kinds of nasty creatures. It did have some nice scenes with David and Aiden towards the end, so the characters were advanced a little. Other than that, I wouldn't be honest if I didn't wonder why this episode happened. It didn't really advance any of the storyline, the characters don't remember anything that happened, and most of it takes place in an alternate world. It would have been more suitable for a stand alone script. Still, it was nicely written, as usual, but seemed out of place in the context of the series.

2½ out of 5 skulls

Episode 10: Ashes To Ashes

This episode furthers the ongoing story and mystery surrounding Abyss, the Mystery Man, Aiden, and their connection. Also, Silver seemingly has a thing for Destin and is not keeping it secret. An interesting loophole has Abyss revealing a weakness in Aiden that I can only wonder why it work the other way around, too. These two are the same being, so if Abyss could break Aiden's neck, why couldn't Aiden do the same to Abyss? Anyways, the big shocker of this episode lies with the suicide of Huntley, who was slowly becoming one of the most interesting characters. His suicide scene was intense and thrilling, yet sad. This is followed by Zelda becoming guilty and feeling responsibility for Huntley's death. She takes it upon herself to go after Abyss to place blame, when in reality, Abyss had nothing to do with it. This was a very emotional episode. One of my favorites so far, though I was warming to the character of Huntley.

4 out of 5 skulls

Episode 11: Too Human

This episode starts off with a bang, as Aiden and Abyss come into contact and have a cool sword fight before falling into a compound and running into a couple of robots…er, um, cybernetic beings that have been left to battle each other in this space. There are tons of references int his episode, to The Terminator and of course, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Also, Destin finally gives in to Silver and secedes to temptation. It ends with a terrific battle between Aiden and Abyss. The protagonist and antagonist meeting really for the first time on even ground was awesome. Here's hoping that Aiden and Abyss have that final showdown pretty soon.

3 out of 5 skulls

Episode 12: We Fall To Pieces

This was an excellent episode, where all of the secrets hidden from Aiden come out in a grand confrontation. Though I think Aiden got over the cheating thing a little too quickly, everything else clicked. David has grown into one of the series's most likeable characters and it was nice to see him and Abyss going at it. Aiden's emotional outburst was vertainly warranted, though I felt he was a little rough on Zelda and Miguel, but that's what makes his character interesting. Also, there was a little cameo by Buffy herself. It ends with a cliffhanger that makes you wanna rush to the next episode…which I'm gonna do right now.

4 out of 5 skulls

Episode 13: Requiem

Wow, that certainly was an action-packed finale for Season 1. The showdown with Aiden and Abyss was not disappointing in the least. Also, the stuff in the school with Abyss making everyone face their fears was awesome and really highlighted the entire season. One can only wonder what the results of this episode will be leading into Season 2. Just an awesome episode overall that leaves lots of characters' futures in doubt.

5 out of 5 skulls

Episode 14: The Gatekeeper

This was the season premiere of Season 2 and it was a very good read. Aiden Dark returns from summer vacation with a big chip on his shoulder. We also get new characters in Ivy and Skylar. New character Skylar seems more likeable to me than the departing Destin and Ivy seems like she might have potential to have some funny lines, though she did seem a little too "Cordelia-ish" at times. Anyways, Aiden battles a demon named Grave after opening a rift in the earth and letting demons cross into this world. The cast seems to be naturally forming into a more cohesive and comfortable unit than last season, depsite their rocky start. However, one bad thing about this episode is that it is way overrun with Buffy references and the plot is basically the episode "When She Was Bad" set in the Afraid world. Still, new developments make it clear that the series is still going strong.

3 out of 5 skulls

Episode 15: Inferno

I really liked this episode featuring a guy named Dante who's got a thing for fire and women. Ivy really stood out and grew more likeable while maintaining her bitchiness and ability to be crude and brutally honest. However, the coolest thing about the episode is the villainess. Something about a fire goddess just draws me in for more. As usual, there's a few too many Buffy references, but I guess since the main character is obsessed with the show, I should get used to them. I guess he could have been obsessed with worst things. Anyways, the episode itself is awesome and has a cool villain with a cool ending. This series has now begun the "Monster of the Week" theme that made shows like Buffy and The X-Files popular. That can't be a bad thing.

4 out of 5 skulls

Episode 16: Frame of Mind

This episode goes in a clear separate direction. Taking place on Halloween, Aiden, Skylar, and two others go looking into a mental institution. It is here that the overall arc story really gets going. The Mystery Man is revealed not to have been all he has made himself out to be and Aiden learns from a deranged man named Wilson some hints at what is coming. This was one of my favorite episodes so far, with Halloween cookiness, creepy ghosts, awesome dialogue, startling revelations, and minimal Buffy references (if any at all) Hell, even a reference to Halloween: The Series :) Just plain awesome.

5 out of 5 skulls

Episode 17: Judgment

Wow. This episode takes some twists that you don't see coming. First and foremost, we get Destin's return as a bitter, angry, and jilted man. Though I'm not sure for his reasoning behind his actions, Destin is now a villain and is working under the order of Samael. Add to this a cliffhanger where Genie Rivers (of the original Afraid movie) returns and you have plot twists out the wazoo. Left me hanging, that's for sure. Gotta go read episode 18 and get back to you later.

4 out of 5 skulls

Episode 18: Into The Sky

Well, Aiden, Silver, and Zero fight their way out of the dungeons of Genie's lair while Destin and Genie get it on. Aiden can't trust anyone, it seems, and the death of another character really starts to foreshadow that everything isn't going to be peaches and cream for Aiden and the Dwellers in the future. The end is coming, being led by a delightfully psychotic Genie. This more than likely sets up the overall arc that will find Genie and Aiden on a collision course with the fate of the world at hand. Very nice episode with great revelations.

4 out of 5 skulls

Episode 19: Below

This episode focused not on Aiden, but on the Dwellers as they come into contact with Genie and Destin for the first time since all of the twists. Miguel and Ivy seem to share some love-hate chemistry while Destin and Genie have turned into a mystical version of Bonnie and Clyde. We get a semi-new character in Kai, who has possibilities. Plus, as much as I think Aiden is a good and well-written character, it is a refreshing change to spend the episode with the Dwellers. Fun episode.

4 out of 5 skulls

Episode 20: Points of Origin

This was more of a character episode than anything. We focus on Aiden as he tries to run from his pain back in Toronto. His journey takes him to Ground Zero in New York, where his father and sister were killed in the 9/11 attacks. We also glimpse back into his earlier days, as well as the dark origins of Destin's, Genie's, and the Mystery Man's characters. Even Miguel gets to dote on how he treated Aiden in the past. Amidts all of this, the identity of the 13th soul is reveleaed as David, and the Mystery Man has a deal for him. There is also a vampire who is kidnapping children. In this episode, all of the characters grew and we really got to feel Aiden's pain. It was one of the best yet and I can't wait to see how it all turns out.

5 out of 5 skulls

Episode 21: Dark Tomorrow

A very interesting episode this turned out to be. It all goes back to the beginning as Aiden gets stuck in the past after being conked on the head by a slowly darkening David. He goes through his days with Blair and has to relive the moments before Blair's suicide. It was refreshing to revisit the beginning and informative to those (for some reason) didn't read the movie before the series. The foreshadowing is great, though I'm kind of sad about where I think this is all going. However, the series is really beginning to engross me and I'm really into the ongoing saga of Aiden Dark and The Dwellers.

4½ out of 5 skulls

Episode 22: The Legend of Zelda

In this episode, we get the backstory of Zelda which has been in question since the beginning. We find out the tragic history that happened within her family and Zelda gets to confront the man who caused it all, a man named Kane. Through her confrontation with Kane, she gains redemption and growth. We see a side of Zelda never before seen in another episode. All in all, I really enjoyed this episode and you can't help but tear up at the scene where Aiden gives Zelda a letter from her mother with pictures. Nice emotional episode with a nice fight to go along with it.

4 out of 5 skulls

Episode 23: Genesis

This is the beginning of the end of the series, the four-part series finale. In this, there are a couple of deaths, a ghostly visit from an old friend, Miguel and Ivy share a kiss and maybe more. This was just awesome. David's possession by Samael at the top of Dead Hill was excellent while Huntley's visit gave warning that the end has already begun. Meanwhile, Destin is losing his mind as he kills the Mystery Man before he can giuve the identity of the 13th soul. It looks like things are coming to a head and it doesn't look good. On to the next episode.

5 out of 5 skulls

Episode 24: Prophecy

The finale continues, as Destin and Aiden face off again. David's betrayal of Aiden in previous episodes is also revealed in a highly emotional outbreak of rage from Aiden. Meanwhile, Genie puts her plan into action and goes after the 13th soul. Also being thrust into the fray is new character Blair, who I believe was supposed to be in another series on the site that was never done as a fanfic crossover event. Anyways, the best parts of this episode came in the scenes between David and Aiden. Overall, it continues the finale in a grand way and this is high quality work.

4 out of 5 skulls

Episode 25: Underworld

The majority of this episode is spent in the underground area that Aiden ran into that robot earlier in the series. It is here that he battles super zombies and a big, huge Overlord. He is stuck in the Crucible with no escape, along with Blair Summers, Ivy, and Zero. I'll be honest. I don't see the point of adding a new character in Blair at the last minute in the series. It's not that he's not likeable, but series veterans Miguel and Zelda do not even appear in this episode while Blair gets a huge part. I was honestly a little disappointed with this, but I'll stop being bitchy now and get to the good points. Aiden's interaction with the ghostly Abyss is nice, adding that insecurity that Aiden has about the coming end and his part in it. Aiden has grown as a character big-time throughout the entire run and has become one of the most compelling characters this site has ever seen. However, the truly shocking part of the finale happens at the very end, when we are left hanging at one hell of a moment when the 13 souls are sacrificed to bring about Armageddon. What awaits in the finale? Time to find out.

3 out of 5 skulls

Episode 26: Believe

Wow. What a final episode. The final speech at the end did wonders. While I'm kind of upset about not knowing what happened to Zelda and Miguel, this was one hell of a sad ending. With the exception of the whole Zero twist, everything is tied up and done so nicely. It was excellent to get resolution to most of the characters' lives. All past cast members returned in some shape or form as Aiden's destiny unfolds. Jack really took emotions to a new level with the final moments of the story. When I think of reading Afraid, Aiden's hanging from that gate to hell with the closing speech will be the image that stays with me, that defines what this series was about. A hero who loses everything to sacrifice himself for a world he never felt a part of. That's a hero, alright. RIP, Aiden. We barely knew you.

5 out of 5 skulls

Reviews by Nostromo 563

Halloween: The Destiny of Michael Myers

Score: 5 hooks

Plot: A truly masterpiece of a novel, blending Halloween: TCOMM with their own story, this author creats a superb novel.

Halloween: The Evil of Michael Myers

Score: 3.5 Hooks

Plot: A slightly SCREAM borrowed plot involving Michael pursuing Laurie to College, but still good!

Halloween: The Rage of Michael Myers

Score: 4 hooks

Plot: A short story fictionally sealing the fates of all HALLOWEEN survivors, with great writing and a new Loomis character to root for, this is a CLASSIC!

Ripley vs. Michael

Score: 2 hooks

Plot: Ripley from ALIEN series and Michael face off at a familiar ALIENS location. Great ideas but very short.

Halloween 5: Evil Never Dies

Score: 4 hooks

Plot: Michael returns to Haddonfield to find his Niece, leading to an action packed showdown at the Fair where winner kills all! Awesome writing and an action packed climax power this story.

Halloween '98, the Evil Is Gone:

Score: 4.5 hooks

Plot: Tommy Doyle must protect Jamie Lloyd son from the growing threat of Michael. Written by Justin Morris and recommended by Dusty himself, i found this story to be truly a masterpiece, with direction, writing, and a climax worthy of John Carpenter himself, this becomes a true milestone in writing.

Reviews by Scarecrow Cenobite

TITLE: Halloween: The Remake

AUTHOR: Jennifer Savell

PLOT: In 2003 mental patient Michael Myers escapes from custody and returns to his home town of Haddonfield, Dr Sam Loomis pursues him whilst coping with his estranged daughter, Janet.

REVIEW: Many have said a Halloween remake would be pointless, wouldn’t work, or would sell out on the subtle horror of the original film. This script goes a long way to prove that this is NOT the case and that by simply taking the concepts of the original film a new story can be weaved with new elements and interesting characters.

The first thing I would like to do is congratulate the author on a well set out script which is easy to read, laid out in a professional manner and gives enough detail to set the scene and hold your interest without being bogged down in to much prose. This balance is very difficult to achieve and few fan fictions fully achieve it and I think this one of the best I have come across.

The characters are very well written and each have their own personal journeys to make during the film, the development and set-up is done perfectly and all the actions, twists, turns and events all play out naturally and with the exact right effect. This is timed, precision writing that knows when to reveal information, how to drop hints and when to say the write thing to create excellent shock moments. Some of the deaths are creative but not too over the top as to go against the spirit of the original, the tension and fear is still there and it balances action, horror and suspense almost perfectly.

If there is any criticism it’s that in places information is too easily obtained and that there are a few very minor continuity errors within the script. In the end, this is fresh, well written and fascinating script that is well worth your time reading. Top marks.

SCORE: Five Hooks.

TITLE: New Breed Episode 8: The Seekers

AUTHOR: Blair Alexander Robertson

PLOT: Everyone is searching for something, whether it’s answers to the meaning of events, the killer of a teacher or a scroll that may bring about the end of the world.

REVIEW: Another interesting, if packed, episode that again serves to move forward the overall story arc. It does this successfully in places though it does have a schizophrenic element to it that stops it working as an overall whole so well. Perhaps, this is simply the nature of the episode but it does work against it.

Also of note is the use of a vampire for the first time which, sadly, only serves to make it feel more “Buffy-like” along with the way the main three hero’s are developing. This show needs to try and keep its own identity without simply following a given formula with a different lead of the opposite sex.

On the plus side an interesting mystery is set up with Ben and the characters of Melissa and Paul start to develop into interesting villains. The hero’s awareness of the villains plans are increasing and we get a sense that, soon, they will have to start confronting each other.

In the end, this isn’t the greatest New Breed episode and neither is it the worst, it has some strong ideas and interesting mysteries let down by an overall lose structure and lack of internal narrative.

BEST BIT: The mystery set up with Ben.

SCORE: Three Hooks.

TITLE: Hallow

AUTHOR: Jack McVee

PLOT: Laurie Strode wants to end her life. That is until a mysterious child appears to her and guides her on a new path.

REVIEW: As part of the “Remake Challenge” this story is definitely one of immense interest taking, as it does, the term “remake” in a very loose sense. I’m not even sure if this would be called a “re-imagining”, it’s a complete retooling of Halloween featuring nothing but the basics from the original film. The general idea of Michael Myers is here, character names and relationships remain and yet the whole story is a unique and fascinating new tale weaved out of the elements that made up the original.

As ever Jack’s strength lies in the complex and powerful emotional issues occurring with the characters, the relationships and how they look at the world is at the heart of the piece and leads to some high concept and amazingly powerful and shocking sequences. This is a hard script to describe, it is enough to say it should be read and judged on its own merits.

It may not be what you expect and, by it’s very nature, I don’t think it will win the award BUT, without a shadow of a doubt, it is a powerful, unique and unpredictable script that sucks you and won’t let go into the morbid climax that will leave you thinking about the piece long after.

BEST BIT: The pillow fight sequence.

SCORE: Five Hooks.

TITLE: Halloween (2004)


PLOT: Years after stabbing his family to death, Michael Myers escapes from his hospital and goes after fresh blood.

REVIEW: Another excellent entry into the remake contest and one that sticks closer to the basics than the previous two that I read. This is perfectly acceptable as some things always work and it’s good to be able to imagine the Shape as we know him in this script, killing and stalking in the tradition of the original film.

This script follows, as its main character, a girl named Ashley who, far from being a Laurie substitute, has her own personality and interests and her relationship with her friends seems a far friendlier and natural one than that shared by Laurie, Lynda and Annie. Still, this script doesn’t focus too much on characters and concentrates its efforts on some successful scare sequences and the excellent stalking scenes that really leave you wondering what will happen next and when the Shape will strike.

A solid and well written script that you can easily visualise and would probably form into a successful remake were it to be produced.

BEST BIT: Stevie runs into trouble. Literally.

SCORE: Four Hooks.

TITLE: Jason Voorhees Vs. Sonic the Hedgehog

AUTHOR: Manwards

PLOT: After the events of “Jason X”, Jason Voorhees crashes down into a lake on Earth 2 where mad scientist Dr Ivo Robotnik recovers him in a plan to use him as a weapon against his adversary, Sonic the Hedgehog.

REVIEW: You may be wondering just what kind of insane mind would think up something like this and you’re probably shaking your head in desperation, trying to claw out the very stupidity of such a notion as Jason Vs. Sonic. And yet, if you were to actually put aside these feelings of dread, you would discover a fan fiction that is not only very well written but that works superbly in blending the two worlds without messing with either continuity.

All the characters from Sonic are there, their personalities and relationships to each other, fitting up exactly with their recent computer game outings. There is no dumbing down or “kiddy-fying” of any aspects, these are written as real characters perfectly introduced so even those that haven’t played the games can go who these people are. It may be crazy but it works.

Most importantly, Jason is Jason. An unstoppable killing machine bent on death. He’s as viscous and as ruthless as ever and the way he interacts with this much more innocent world is both amusing and creepy. The climatic battle between Jason and Sonic is simply a great read and, if nothing else, extremely fun.

In conclusion, this piece is well worth your time in reading if only to see how things that sound absurd, when written with a lot of love and care, can turn out to be excellent and enjoyable works of fiction.

BEST BIT: The last words spoken by Denzil. Pure genius.

SCORE: Four Hooks.

TITLE: New Breed Episode 9: Calamitous

AUTHOR: Blair Alexander Robertson

PLOT: A new arrival in town causes problems for Zev whilst Sammy accidentally summons up more than she bargained for.

REVIEW: A tough episode to review this simply because, again, it has a split nature to it with different plot strands what simply aren’t interweaving during the episode but, individually are quite interesting.

Rick’s story, whilst it does have some interesting ramifications for the future, fails on the level that it is based around his father who we do not know well enough to really care for though, on the other hand, its effect on Rick does work to an extent. Seeing how this develops will be the key to knowing if it works or not. Sammy’s story, on the other hand, offer sup some new questions, furthers the mystery with Ben and tells a fairly simple but interesting story. It’s just a shame it’s so self-contained, this episode almost feels like an anthology.

By far the best bit is the introduction of a new character, Will, who is both menacing, interesting and well written. Whilst we know he’s a villain and we shouldn’t like him, to an extent, we do anyway, he’s charismatic and makes a suitable foe for Zev who, until now, has never really fought with anyone directly in contact with Terry Novala, the series overall villain. So, whilst not a perfect episode it is very good and the parts with “Will” alone would have gained a Four Hook rating but it is let down by a “bits and pieces” structure and some occasional bad dialogue.

BEST BIT: Zev versus Will.

SCORE: Three Hooks.

Reviews by Chang Tizon

Halloween: Revival

After Laurie commits suicide, Rachel Corruthers is cloned to battle Michael.

A really well-thought out script. It was suspenseful, and very similar to another grat script, Halloween: 666. My only complaint is tiny. It is unclear as to how Laurie died and how Michael came back. Did she drown herself in the sink? Did Thorn sew Michael's head back on? Anyway, a really good script.


Michael wreaks revenge on Sara, Freddy, and Myles. Only Laurie Strode can save the day.

It was pretty good and suspenseful. The only thing is, I don't see why Michael would continue after these individuals. They were in his house, he didn't want them there. I don't think he would continue after them. But overall, it is a very suspenseful script, and has the atmosphere of the 1st one.

Halloween H2K

Jamie, John, and Laurie are reunited, only in time to stop Michael from killing Jamie's daughter Angela.

I like the fact that it was J.C. Brandy, not Jamie, who died. I also liked the relationship between Jamie and John. A really good script with an extra twist at the end. Gory fun!

Halloween 8: The Myers House

After Michael Myers pays his sister a visit, he comes after a group of teens in his house on a live webcast. Little does he know that one of the teens is his niece Jamie, and she has sworn revenge on him.

While this is mainly good, there are a lot of weak parts. This one totally ignores part 6. It doesn't mention her death or her baby, or anything. Only that her cousins lived there. And the vampire girl in this seemed extremely misplaced. And so does the "New Nightmare"-like ending. But it is mostly better than Halloween:Resurrection. They ignorance of part 6 is not huge. It is really enjoyable, and should have been part eight in the series.

Halloween: 666

Far in the future, the bodies of Jamie Lloyd and Michael Myers are found by a crew on a spaceship, who proceed to clone them.

Actually an enjoyable script, but with a few complaints. On the good side, this one brings back the beloved Jamie Lloyd, Michael is still very scary and intimidating, it's probably what Jason X dreamt of being, and it ignored Halloween H20 and Resurrection. On the down side, the bodies are found thousands of years into the future, but haven't decomposed a bit. A shack holding bodies. The bodies being on Earth 2 when they clearly died on Earth 1. Michael is cloned, and his mask is cloned with him. But as a whole, I hope a Halloween sequel like this one gets made.

Halloween 5: A New Evil

Jamie Lloyd, now evil, joins Michael Myers on a killing spree across Hadoonfield. Only Rachel Corruthers and Sam Loomis can save her!

God, if only this was the Halloween 5 the film productions decided to make.

This is probably the oldest script on this site, that pretty much everyone on this site has read. If the theatrical release of Halloween 5 turned out like this, I would never feel like wanting to skip that one while having a Halloween marathon. This script holds the TRUE Halloween 5 within it. May Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers get on its knees and beg for some respect from this one.

Hallow, by Jack McVee

The teenage Laurie Strode wants to commit suicide because she is a depressed teenager, ever since her father left the household. But a little boy named Michael Myers begins to pay her visits, telling her who to let her anger out on and kill. Soon, she begins to wonder if what she is doing is right.

This is an extremely impressive script. In fact, I actually kinda wish the first movie had turned out like this! I wouldn't be surprised if a film producer comes across this script and decides to pay Jack McVee to put it into productions! Highly recommended.

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