Halloween: Revival

Screen goes black.  Dr. Kynes speaks from the darkness)

Dr. Kynes: I do believe she is ready......to be REBORN!!

(Halloween theme starts up as Dimension logo shines)

Announcer: Halloween, 1999........The terror begins again!

(POV shows the shape sneek up on two college kids)

Announcer: Haddenfield is about to have a reunion......

(POV shows a hand holding a big knife.  College kids scream offscreen)

(Onward talks to John Tate and Molly Cartwell)

Onward: Dammit!  Michael is here!!  You're in danger!

(Dr. Kynes meets Tommy and Kara)

Kynes: Mr. Doyle?

Tommy: That's me.

Kynes: I need to talk to you about.....Halloween....
Announcer: The prodigal son has returned for one more bloodbath.....

(Michael walks down a dark alley)

(POV shows Sheriff Girard nervously holding his gun and aiming at the
darkness.  A pale mask watches him from out of the shadows behind him)

Announcer: One more night of Mayhem!

(Girard and Onward investigate a roomfull of dead bodies)

Girard: Trouble just seems to follow you around, doesn't it?

(Scene fades as Onward looks at him, horrified by the bloody cadavers)

Announcer: They thought he was dead......

(Tommy and Kara hold each other, terrified)

(Knife flashes from the dark)

(Keri Tate screams as pounding comes from a door behind her)

Announcer: He wasn't!

(John, Tommy and Onward fire automatic pistols in a fire fight at the Myers

John: We'll never make it!

Tommy: Where IS she!?

Onward: We have to give her more time!!

Announcer: They thought she was dead......

(POV closes in on a machine with a human sized tube filled with green
liquid.  Onward, Kynes and Tommy look up at the machine)

Onward: This is my secret weapon.......to send Michael to hell once and for

(POV does close up of familiar female within the tube.  The woman seems to
be asleep, but moves her head side to side as if she were having a

(Visions of Rachel Corruthers flash by, especially her death in H5)

Announcer: She WAS!!

(Music stops abruptly as Rachel opens her eyes, awakening in the tube.  She
screams.  Scene goes black)

(Explosions light up the screen.  Music is Celine Dion's action song "To
Love you More")

Tommy: You made a clone of Rachel Corruthers??

Onward: Not a clone.....a Re-creation!!  Stronger.....faster......smarter!

(POV shows angry Rachel staring at her own tombstone)

Announcer: She's back, and she's got one hell of a score to settle!!

(scene shows helicopter chasing Rachel, shooting missles at her)

Announcer: One man's dream is will give her a second chance at life.....

(Rachel faces her old home for the first time in ten years)

Rachel: I can't do this!

Onward: Yes you can.

Announcer: A second chance for hope.....

(Tommy and Kara embrace.  They are dressed in wedding cloths)

Kara: What if he comes back?

Tommy: He'll never hurt us again.  We're a team, now and forever....

Announcer: A second chance to defeat evil......

(John holds his nephew Stephen, teary eyed)

John: I'll stop him......for you......and Jamie.......

Announcer: But Michael's not the only one who wants her dead again!!

(Pushkin, a large man followed by a dozen armed thugs, rushes down a
hospital corridor)

Pushkin: I don't care what it takes, KILL THEM ALL!!

(POV close up of a malicious Dr. Wynn)

Wynn: I've been looking forward to a rematch for a long time!!

(MIB taunts Danny Strode on a deserted street)

MIB: Kill for me, Danny!!

Danny: NO!

MIB: Kill the baby!!  Kill Stephen!

(Rachel busts down a door, suprising a group of Thorn cultists)

Tommy: That was fantastic!!

Onward: She's everything I hoped for!

Kynes: Don't start celebrating yet!

(Rachel throws a mailbox at the helicopter that is chasing her.  It barely

Pilot: What the HELL??!!

(Dimonaco confronts Rachel and Onward, waving her gun at them)

Dimonaco: You won't get away!  Michael will kill your friends and there's
nothing you or your little monster can do about it!

(Rachel knocks the gun out of her hand and throws her thirty feet away)

(POV on Sheriff Girard, who stares in amazement)

Girard: Well, kick me in the ass and call me silly!

Announcer: Together, they must destroy the boogeyman......

(Rachel rams Michael through a concrete wall)

Announcer: and help Rachel to discover a new life, in a new world......

(Onward tries to calm down Rachel, who is smashing and throwing stuff

Rachel: I'm nothing but a freak!  I have no family!!  I can't stop Michael

Onward: That's not true!   You have the power to end the madness!  You are
the last hope this town has!

Rachel: WHY!!??  Why did you bring me back??

(Wynn holds Danny in front of Onward, Rachel, Tommy, Kara and John.  Onward
shakily points a gun at him)

Wynn: Put the gun away, or I'll kill the boy!!

Onward: I don't think so!

Rachel: William, give me the gun!  We can't take the risk!

(Rachel takes the gun as Onward looks at her in disbelief)

Wynn: Well, looks like your clone has better sense than you, Onward!!

(Music stops again.  Rachel gives him a look)

Rachel: No.......Just better aim!!

(She raises the gun and fires away)

(Music goes into climactic stage)

Announcer: Witness the epic that won 12 academy awards......

(Scene shows armed commandos breaking into the public library from ceiling

Announcer: Including James Cameron for best director......

(John is held by Molly as he suffers a seizure)

John: I can't move.....

Molly: Please, Everything's going to be all right!!  We're on our way to a

Announcer: Best screenplay by Oprah Winfrey......

(Colonel Dekker chases Molly and John through the streets, until they run
into Michael)

Dekker: I have you little brats now!!

(Michael stalks Danny down the dark halls of Smith's Grove)


Announcer: Halloween: Revival, Starring.......

(Montage of actors in dramatic poses flash by)

Paul Rudd!
Marianne Hagan!
John Rhys-Davies!
Max von Sydow!
Josh Hartnett!
Michelle Williams!
Courtney Cox!
Jerry O'Connol!
Gary Oldman!
  Mitch Ryan!
Steve Buscemi!
Jack Palance!
Randy Quaid!
Drew Barrymore!
Jamie Lee Curtis!

(Rachel and Onward hug)

Rachel: Why did you bring me back?

Announcer: ...and Academy award winners Leonardo DiCaprio and Ellie

Onward: Because, I love you....

(He kisses her before she can say anything)

(Scene change to Nick and Serena on a house roof, looking to jump to safety
near some trees.  Michael is hot on their tail)

Nick: Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Serena: No, and neither are you!!

(He grabs her.  They jump, yelling all the way)

(POV shows a bloodied, very angry Pushkin with a BIG auto rifle.  He and a
dozen guards surround Onward, Dr. Kynes and Rachel.  A fire rages around

Pushkin: You didn't really think you could win, did you?!

(Onward responds by kicking him in the toy department.  Pushkin collapses.
Rachel smiles in suprise)

Rachel: Michael's gonna wish he never got out of bed when I get through

with lightning reflexes, she pulverizes Pushkin's goons in a blurred



(Scene shows Onward and Rachel kissing passionately in the moonlight once
more before the music ends and scene fades to black)