Scream 3


shimmers in the background. "Dewey's Theme", that mysterious, everyone's favorite, light-weight Broken Arrow-esque music plays in the background.


On Hollywood. Busy and perky as usual. THE HOLLYWOOD SIGN in the visible background.

NARRATOR: This is Hollywood, California.

CUT TO Daniel Strickland and Jack McVee on the set of Stab 3 - Return to Woodsboro.

NARRATOR:..where a group of slasher loving movie fans are filming one of the most anticipated horror movies of all time.

CUT TO J. Smith peering down a dark, empty hallway.

CUT TO Gale Weathers reporting live on the streets of Sunset Blvrd.

NARRATOR:..but one of these movie buffs...

CUT TO JH, Jack, SMG, Daniel and Cody in different clips, but all of them are picking up a ringing phone.

JH: Hello?

SMG: Yes?

DANIEL: Mr. Strickland speaking.

CODY: Who is this?

CUT TO J. Smith looking around fearfully with a cordless phone in her hand.

MAN (V.O.): Do you like.. scary movies?

NARRATOR:... has taken their love of scary movies..

CUT TO Joshua Davidson running into a GHOSTFACED FIGURE

CUT TO JH turning around to see a knife coming toward him

CUT TO Jack being thrown down a set of stairs

CUT TO A large hook hanging on a chain from the ceiling swinging toward someone dangerously

CUT TO A phone ringing, with a group of people surrounding it, everyone deathly afraid. JH finally answers.

JH: Do I wanna die?? (silence) Did I steal your line??


CUT TO J. Smith running frantically from our scary villian.

CUT TO JH in a room filled with Ghostface manniquins

CUT TO SMG looking over a balcony when suddenly Ghostface pops up from it

CUT TO Someone being thrown out of a window

CUT TO Someone being shoved into a pile of broken glass

CUT TO Daniel looking around a darkened long hallway

NARRATOR: In order for them to survive the future...

CUT TO Everyone huddled together in a room.

DANIEL: Nobody panic!

The lights go out, everyone jumps together and screams.

NARRATOR:... they must look into the past...

CUT TO a body 'crucified' on a fake cross in a Hollywood set.

NARRATOR:..because the most terrifying scream..

CUT TO More quick shots of the cast screaming, jumping, stabbing, running, etc.

NARRATOR:.. is ALWAYS the last!

CUT TO Cody screaming

CUT TO JH screaming

CUT TO J. Smith screaming

CUT TO SMG screaming

CUT TO Jack screaming

CUT TO Everyone else screaming

CUT TO Ghostface running from the dark shadows.


S C R 3 A M

Welcome to the Final Act


Daniel kicks Ghostface in the balls. He topples to the floor.

DANIEL: Beat that, Mother pussbucket!!!

A second killer appears behind him, knife raised.


NARRATOR:Scream 3 - Welcome to the Final Act.

RATED R For EXTREME excessive swearing, and bad usage of a buck knife and a couple of cell phones.

Coming Soon.