Save Me

I walk outside I look

into the sky...

Out from the rain

Out from my pain

Is it a bird?

Maybe a plane?

Save me I'm not that strong

Save me

I wont last that long

Save me

All my hope is gone

So save me

And I'll stop being wrong...

I dye my hair

out of despair...

What is my fate

I see hurt and hate

There's no one to save me

From here

Oh dear

Save me

It's what I seek

Save me

The world's too bleak

Save me

Or havoc I'll wreak

So save me

And I'll stop...

...I'll stop being weak...

Tomorrow's dark

out from my heart...

I'm falling down

deep in the ground

There's no one to hold me


Oh, no, no more

I dont wanna ask for help

Dont wanna be myself

Cuz that's the worst thing

The worst thing that I could do

Wont somebody please

Save me

Somebody please

Save me

Wont anybody

Sorry we had that little strife

Sorry that my back hurt your knife

And I'm sorry I couldn't stop crying

Sorry that you had to keep lying

And I'm sorry my heart breaking ruined your day

If you'll save me, then save me this way

Oh, save me

And I'll be my own man

Save me

I'll be strong when I can

Save me

I'm your number one fan

So save me

...and I'll stop being...

(dont wanna stop

dont wanna drop

out of my fear...

...yeah, i'm dying here)

Save me

I just wanna see

Save me

I just wanna be

Save me

Yeah, save me

...And I'll stop being me