Okay so this is my second Halloween 8 treatment, it was made quite awhile ago like back in September of 99. This one I like better because it explains more, and I liked to wrap things up with Tommy, John and Stephen. Hopefully you all might enjoy as much as I had while writing it. This one is the third H8 thing I have written(I wrote a script when I was like 11, got up to 50 pages, but that don't count) and hopefully you guys will enjoy my other treatment which involves every character I put into the first two treatments, it's short and has little to none dialogue, but I just give key specifics to each scene. Well there you have it, my entire three treatment H8, all enjoy, and have a good read.

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HALLOWEEN, after the years that pass Michael Myers is back and now wants his last two family members, and nothing can stop him, except a new face comes in, DET. JOHN HOLMES. Now with Myers coming to Haddonfield it's up to some of his old friends to stop him for good.


After the final scenes of H20, Laurie was knocked out and dreamt the ending. As she wakes up she is killed by the shape, and is set on fire with the coroner's van. The shape calmy leaves the scene to be unoticed.

NOVEMBER 1, 1998

Morgue. Night, in a secluded and small morgue a ambulance brings in the remains of Laurie Strode, with the people thinking it's the shape's remains. Inside is DET. JOHN HOLMES, a man that now is the hero to help stop Myers. He and two other people perform an autopsy on the body.

While checking it out, the men noticed that the body is to different from a man, and that it has no real evidence proving it is Myers. After checking it more it is found that the body is not Myers but yet, Laurie Strode's.

LIGHTS GO OUT, after a minute or two someone or something approaches the people in the autopsy room, it is the shape. The shape manages to kill the two doctors but merely gives Holmes a severe flesh wound. The shape breaks some propane tanks, and begins to pour some gasoline around the room. The shape lights the room and leaves the scene, but it doesn't notice that Holmes is alive and that he manages to get out.

As Holmes is barely makes it out of the morgue, it burns down and with no evidence proving the body was Laurie's. Thus later covered up, and never shown to public.



OCTOBER 29, 2000

A crisp nice day approaches as JOHN STRODE, returns to Haddonfield, now an alcholholic and depressed like his mom before. He goes to the graveyard to visit his dead family. There he encounters TOMMY DOYLE, looks strange as before. The two converse about Myers but they leave off on bad terms.

On a highway, Det. Holmes drives through going to Haddonfield. He begins to talk to DR. HOFFMAN, which they talk about Myers and about the cover up. Holmes drives on to Haddonfield.

In Haddonfield everyone is introduced on good terms, KARA STRODE, DANNY AND STEVEN STRODE, we find out that they live togethor and have got on with their lives. Danny is being ridiculed by school mates at school, but Steven lives a happy child hood with his past unknown by him. As for Kara she is in a happier state because she can do what she wants to do, become a psychologist(she's the town's psychatrist).

Kara and Steven are seeing the shape around the town and get scared, but don't mention anything. On the otherside of town is SHERIFF LINDSEY WALLACE(H1), has been trying to calm matters down by enforcing people that go out for Halloween to go to a school carnival. Tommy comes in and they talk about the shape's arrival but Linsey has more doubts on it. She and Tommy get in an arguement, but they get a call from Dr. Hoffman, he tells them the truth of what happened in the events of H20. This leaves Tommy and Lindsey in astonishment and they decide to make this Halloween the shape's last one.

On the quiet sunset of Haddonfield Det. Holmes' car strolls in past the Haddonfield state limit. A sign reads:


ACT TWO: The Reunion

OCTOBER 30, 2000

Open morning with a gloomy prescence. A hotel room is seen with John sitting on his bed, he sorts through pictures of his dead family members and begins to cry. He begins to talk about how he wanted to meet his sister, and how he wishes that the shape is finally dead, but he admits that he thinks the shape is still alive. He leaves the scene and walks out of his room. From the background someone watches him, it's unclear to who it is but it walks closer to his room.

In the town of Haddonfield Det. Holmes is walking the streets he looks around and notices the place. He walks around and looks in front of house, the Myers' House. He looks at it and stares at the front of it.


The scene where Tommy and Laurie Strode go up to the Myers plays. "Lonny Elam says it's a spook house" and other dialogue from that scene is spoken.


Holmes gazes at the house and TOMMY DOYLE taps him on the shoulder. Tommy talks about his past with Myers and Holmes begins to talk to him about the shape being alive, Tommy and Holmes interact and decide to help eachother stop the shape. The two begin to inspect the Myers house finding some strange things like, a dead dog, pumpkin found in Judith's room, and the word "nephews" scrawled on a wall.

In the psychatrist work office of Kara she talks to a man who talks about problems with nightmares on Charlie Bowles his uncle. She begins to reflect on her past with Michael and she has dreaded feelings. Danny when going, in, and coming from school has seen the shape around, he gets really scared but thinks it's in his head. He begins to act strange around people.

In the outskirts of town John drives around trying to find Tommy to talk about his problems, but he doesn't find him nowhere. He drives around and doesn't know that he is being followed by a station wagon. John visits Tommy's House to find no one there, he decides to leave.

Right after John leaves Tommy's house Tommy and Det. Holmes drive in and begin to talk about Halloween and what is happening. On the subject they try to find a way to kill Myers, this brings up H5-6, thorn and Wynn, but it completely debunks it untruthful. They decide to end it where it all started the Myers house.

When Kara arrives Tommy introduces her to Det. Holmes and they begin to tell her the truth and talk about that they plan to kill the shape once and for all, Kara gets really scared and realises that the shape really was following her the entire time. This brings on the subject to Danny and Stephen, and later Tommy informs John with a letter, that really brings John down to Earth, now he knows he has to stand up once and for all, for his family.

Everyone from Tommy, Kara, Det. Holmes, Sheriff Wallace, and John show up at the Doyle house to plan to finally stop the shape. From the darkness outside, they don't notice that the shape watches them, and hears their every word.

OCTOBER 31, 2000

The gloomy morning opens with an establishing shot of the town while, "It's A Beautiful Day" plays on. After, Tommy is shown in his room getting ready for the hunt, gets his SMITH & WESSEN, and Sam Loomis' trench coat. As he approaches the day he and John play it safe by acting around for the shape to catch their scent, but nothing, the shape is nowhere to be found.

Later on during afternoon, Dr. Hoffman comes to Haddonfield to help support the town once and for all. He and Lindsey team up on making a way to have the streets cleared up fast and still keeping an eye on things. Holmes on the other hand desperately looks for the shape in sorts of places such as Vincent's Drugs, graveyard(where he finds Jamie Lloyd's grave missing), and various other places.

During all this comotion, the shape is yet to be seen or heard of. During this time John takes his chance to visit his nephew Steven and takes joy in him, with Danny along to help fill in some gaps that John isn't sure of. The three bond as a family and Kara watches them and she goes off to her work.

As she goes to work she doesn't notice that a station wagon follows her.

It is later on where we find Tommy and Holmes seeking refuge with eachother, during this Holmes squeals why he wants to nail the shape for good...

TOMMY: Why do you have a flame for Myers? Why? I've encountered him and now, I am just trying to stop him, his evil. But why you? You could live the life of a normal detective.

HOLMES: Because like you, I've encountered Myers in the past, yet my grief is always there, I feel it's my fault he's put on society like the way he is now.

TOMMY: How did you know Michael? Tell me.

HOLMES: On February 27, 1970 I started working in Smith's Grove. I couldn't graduate my psychology course so I started working there to see if they would give me a chance after a while. For eight years I worked with Loomis and Myers, like a second string, I thought it would help me, but it drove me to believe Michael was evil too. For years Doctor Loomis and I worked with Michael but we had found nothing, near his twenty first birthday Loomis was going to ask Wynn again to move Myers to a maximum security, of course Wynn didn't want to hear it so Loomis went to the court. He needed another word to help them consider it and he counted on my word to send him there, but I never helped him.

TOMMY: Why didn't you testify?

HOLMES: The day before Loomis was going to testify, Dr. Wynn told me that if I testified I would lose my licensee and I'd have to leave Smith's Grove. With that threat I never showed up, Dr. Loomis was ashamed and put me out of the Myers' psychiatric work. For showing my graditude I was allowed to have patients later but the guilt never left. Finally on October 30, 1978 Michael Myers escaped. To this day the guilt never left, that's why I'm a cop now. I have to know that the world has rid of him for good, and other sick people too. Well that's my story kid, what's yours?

The two talk on but we can't see what they're saying. From the background a figure watches them sitting in the park. The figure constantly breathes hard and grinds his fists.

It's the middle of the day, the sun is lowered quite a bit, yet it's still not night. From the shot of streets, cops are shown patroling the main ones, they look around and notify walking padestrians to go to the highschool gym for a bulletin.

The sun is setting and by now the streets are empty, at the highschool figures are shown hauling in. Inside the large gym is an aundience of people with children. On the main platform stands Lindsey, Deputy Carpenter, Tommy, and Holmes(group). They have a discussion about "safeness and awareness" about Halloween and then a frustrated Tommy tells the truth to people about the shape. They are about to rush out but Lindsey alerts men to close all perimeters of the school. Finally people give a rest and they comprimise to stay and just be safe. The group leaves the scene and gets ready for the long night.

It's completely dark now and all the streets are empty. No one is around. Tommy watches the streets through his car, Holmes patrols through foot, and the entire police squad are placed around town in units. The hunt is on.

ACT THREE: The beginning of The End

Office, night. Kara is done sorting through papers and decides to leave. She is about to leave when she remembers to save some file on her computer, she goes back to it and begins to tranfer a file, FLASH, the moniter and lights go blank.

Kara gets scared and looks around, there is a strange noise coming from the basement. She goes down to inspect it then a police officer comes inside. He tells her he has to follow her around to protect her. The guy waits outside while Kara goes downstairs to check the basement, she looks around and finds nothing out of place. She looks closer and sees something sticking through the swtich box, she looks at it and there is a knife sticking out of it. Kara turns around to see the basement door swing open with the leaves blowing by.

She bolts upstairs and sees the cop waiting at the front of the door, Kara rushes to the door and opens it. The officer has his throat slashed and falls over Kara, Kara tries to get up and rushes outside of the house. She looks around and hears some creak, she rushes to the squad car and gets in and bolts out of the place. While she drives, the shape comes from behind and strangles her to death. Kara's head plops over and the horn rings.

Doyle house. Night. John, Danny, and Steven are in the living room watching TV, Deputy Carpenter watches the room inside the house. In the room John and the kids converse a little about the movie they're watching, "Friday the 13th Part 2".

In the streets of Haddonfield a drunk kid runs along the street in a white mask and a jumpsuit. He almost falls and but maintains his balance on something, the kid looks at it and jumps when he sees the shape. He laughs and jokes around with the shape then tries to walk away, the shape steps in front. After this the shape grabs the teenager and drags him into the bushes.

In his car Tommy patrols the area and sees Holmes on the street walking. Tommy stops and gets out to talk to Holmes. They discuss about the shape and how to stop him, Tommy says he's covered parts of the Myers house in gasoline, but he needs to lure the shape into it. Holmes talks more with him, but they don't notice a station wagon pass them by. Holmes tells Tommy to look more and they split up.

Inside the station is Lindsey and Hoffman, Hoffman is eating and talking to Lindsey about how the shape was during his stay at Ridgemont, revealing some unknown things. Lindsey just stares outside her window and sees something watching them, she looks close and sees the shape. She pulls out her gun slowly and begins to follow it.

Outside Lindsey sees the shape pass by some bushes and trees, she follows his noises and shadows, this leads to cat/mouse game, leading Lindsey around while the shape goes for his target, Dr. Hoffman. Inside Hoffman is eating, then something loud booms from the backroom. He knows it's the shape so he takes ot his gun and walks up to the back room. He talks to the shape a bit and asks for him to take his life, after a minute the window is left open with the wind blowing inwards. Hoffman takes a closer look and sees that an ax is gone, and the radio has been broken in.

In a cop car a guy tries to talk on the radio, but he only gets static. This was caused from the blow the shape did to the transmitter.

From the streets of Haddonfield the station wagon is shown parked. The shape is nowhere to be seen, from shots of the town, it's all empty. Then in a shot of the Doyle House attic a window is open with wind blowing through it, creaks(like footsteps) can be heard.

From downstairs, all the lights are turned off. John sits in a rec room with Steven and Danny who fall asleep. John walks out to Dep. Carpenter who sits on his rocking chair. John asks if they could leave but Dep. Carpenter just shakes hi shead slowly. John leaves and begins to make coffe. He waits awhile and goes into the room and sees Danny and Steven. From a view near Dep. Carpenter, John is seen walk in the kitchen.

From upstairs, all the room's doors are wide open as if they'd been searched in.

Downstairs the coffe machine turns off as it finishes. A hand picks it up.

Inside of the living room Dep. Carpenter sits in the chair with a shotgun. Only his shillouette is seen. A tray is seen bring in some coffe and it sets it on the table. John gives the coffe to Dep. Carpenter and he takes it, now Carpenter's face is shown he takes the coffe, then turns to John to find it's THE SHAPE. Carpenter goes for the shotgun but it's too late, the shape strangles him then slices Carpenter into the door. He goes for the room where the kids are and sees their figures under the cover. He looks at the sheets with firey eyes and stabs at the sheets. He throws the sheets to reveal that they are pillows. The shape grabs the pillow and holds it with a tight grip.

On the empty streets of Haddonfield John, Danny, and Steven run down the street. They hide into the darkness and trees.

At the Police Station Tommy, Lindsey, Holmes, and Hoffman meet up. They talk about nothing happening, and that there is no sign of the shape. Lindsey begs to differ, and they begin to re-think their plan, until they notice that the shape must have known something, so they decide to do something unexpected.

Later on, all of them dissapear into the night, they all hide in the shadows un-seen. Tommy and Holmes sit in the bushes. From a far distance the shape is on the street looking for them, from the back Tommy and Holmes have an inside luagh. They see the shape begin to walk in another direction so the two follow him from the shadows.

After a fair walk the shape dissapears. Holmes and Tommy are puzzled then they notice the station wagon pass them. They figure out that they have seen it before, then they notice that it goes in a strange direction, to the school.

Tommy and Holmes rush to school and and begin to search for the shape among the vast crowd. This causes a distrubation and everyone begins to panic and leave the place in a rush. But this was only a distraction, the shape isn't even at the school he is on the streets and sees John, Danny, and Steven on the streets near the school looking to see what is happening. The shape spots them, and almost gets them but they run. The shape begins to chase them down.

The shape goes head on for the kids and gets closer and closer. The kids run and run, then John turns and sees the shape gone. They stop and look around, he's gone. From a surprise attack the shape slices Johns leg, and the kids run in the yard of a house. They run around the side and see that the backyard is a greenery. John hides the kids and grabs a gardening tool to dig.

He walks around behind some little trees looking for the shape. The shape's shadows are seen around. John sees a coverall and stabs at it, but it's a gradening suit. From behind the shape grabs John but John retaliates and stabs the shape on the shoulder. The shape pulls the tool out and holds his shoulder in pain, he slashes at John merely giving him a small cut.

John and the kids run around to the other side of the house, and John grabs a shovel off the gardening rack. The rack falls over and it falls on John, the shape stands over it and steps on the rack hurting John. The shape gazes at John and it looks at John. BAM! From behind Danny gives a severe blow to the shape's head. The shape stumbles over as Danny gives him another whack sending him on a knee. This gives Danny enough time to help John as they barely escape the shape. The shape now pist goes after the kids and really begins to chase them. As the kids get closer to the end of the block, the shape grabs John and hauls him over to the floor. The shape grabs John and chokes him, then stabs him in the shoulder.

From behind Danny hits the shape and the shape lifts Danny and begins to crush his head, Danny almost dies, then BAM! A bullet is fired and the shape stumbles forward, from the b.g. is Tommy holding a gun. The shape manages to grab Tommy's gun as he stumbles over, then throws it away. It hears sirens coming, then it turns and runs into some bushes.

Tommy looks at it in confusion then all the cops come. They postition themselves around the bushes, and call out the shape. The shape actually comes out, but it shakes it's head and puts it's hands out. The cops scream at it and it comes closer so the cop draw fire and begin to kill the shape. The shape resists but finally falls and dies, the cops check the body later, and he is dead.

They remove his mask and see his horrible disfigured and cut up face. The men turn their faces. The Meds bring him in the ambulance and set out to a more better morgue out of Haddonfield, the state police leave the scene shooting shotgun rounds into the night for their celebration of the shape's death.

Tommy, Holmes, Lindsey, and John stand in disbelief of what they have just witnessed, they all go homes, and settle by a fireplace, hoping for new beginnings.

In the ambulance one MED check's a small pocket in the ambulance. He takes out a wallet and stares at it, he opens it and looks inside. It looks as if to be a teenager's wallet. He looks closer at the ID it's the picture of the kid the shape knocked out earlier, they have the wrong body.

The MED shows it to the driver, he stops making all the State Police brake fast, one officer gets out and inspects the ambulance, he goes in shock and the MEDS begins to wash off the face of the body.

Now only cuts are seen, but it's clear, the face of that body, is the face of the boy in the picture. They all gasp and head back to Haddonfield, having only an hour to get there in time.


Doyle House. Night. It's 10: 45, and everyone it asleep, they all sit by the fire place. Tommy is trying to stay up, he goes to the boy's bedroom to check on them, they're asleep peaceful and quiet.

He walks back to the living and finally gets some rest. He begins to sleep, when he sleeps, we see the back door opening, a little a leather boot steps between it. Tommy sleeps more and then he wakes up in a sudden urge. He looks around and sees the people sleeping. He wonders to himself where Kara is and how late she is working. Still thinking he goes to the kid's room, he sees that they are asleep, but the window is WIDE open. Tommy walks to it and closes it. That's when he notices something, Stephen isn't asleep. He rips off the covers and it's a pair of pillows. Tommy gets blitzed and turns on the light, he turns to the wall, in blood it reads: HoME.

Tommy screams and sees that the blood is leading downwards to Danny's bed. He rushes to it and sees Danny's throat slit! Tommy falls back, and begins to almost cry, he screams loud, making everyone wake up.

Holmes rushes in and sees the kid, he notices Steven is gone. Tommy gets up:

TOMMY: It's time . . .

HOLMES: What are you talking about? We have to find him!

TOMMY: I know where he is, he wants me to come. . .

HOLMES:But your son, where is he?

TOMMY: He's not just my son, he's HIS son too! But I have to and get him back!

HOLMES: Kid, don't go, let me, I won't let you waste your life like this.

TOMMY: Don't you he took everything from me, my son, and I'm not even sure my wife made it. He's been playing me all along, it's his game and I know where he wants to play it.

HOLMES: I understand, (holds Tommy's back) it's your time now . . . end it for us . . .

Tommy steps out of the room Lindsey and the rest rush to him but Holmes puts them back, he tells them to calm down. Now the night ends.

Well that's all I had in me, if you want, any of you guys can write an ending to this story, the best will be posted up. And BTW I just liked leaving it endless so you guys could come up with your own thoughts . . .