Hellraiser : Banishment

"If there is a sequal in the works for this, I certainly look forward to it!!"


From the writer of Resurrection comes a new tale from the Hellraiser Universe…

"His body filled with excitement, after years of praying perhaps this was finally his big chance, his chance to be remembered for all time. He grabbed the phone sitting on the side of his desk and began to dial."

When one Professor discovered the writings he had no idea of the secrets they held….

"I can read it"

Until the man arrived and revealed the dark history of ancient forces…

"When it detached ‘It’ no longer was an ‘It’. It knew it was a Cenobite, the first of it’s kind."

"Elizabeth stared at it in wonder, something about it attracted her to it."

"Damnation. That’s what this is about."