School Wars

This series started out as a joke back in 2001. Each episode was 2-3 pages long, and was just made while messing around while bored over lunch break at school one day. I scrapped the series after the first 5 episodes (The first story arc), and recently found out while talking to some old friends that I havn't in years, that due to its ultimate cheese factor, The School War (Previosuly titled School Wars) was my most remembered series of stories, right after School Day, which really surprised me as I had pretty much had forgotton all about it and nobody I talk to still from back then, up until now, has ever mentioned it.

They said what they enjoyed so much about it, was it's easy-to-read format, its cheesyness ('My name is so and so, and I am a such and such for Wainwright High School', Root Beer in replace of Beer, ect), its totally over-the-top unrealistic yet fun-as-all-hell plot line (Three schools in a small town go to actual war with each other), and the fact that each episode was so short, so they were real quick to read and didn't drag on at all.

So I re-wrote the original 5 episodes so that they match my current writing style and are slightly longer, yet still below the 10-page mark as I feel part of its charm is the short amount of pages that each episode is (Think about it, would the Clone Wars cartoons have been nearly as much fun if they were each half an hour long as opposed to 4 minutes? Personaly, I don't think so), and I plan on continuing on with the series this time as well.

Its filled with lots of little in-jokes and refrences that most people probably won't get unless they actualy went to the schools or lived in the actual town of Wainwright, but it should still be an enjoyible read for everyone else. I hope so anyway.

Episode 1: The Weapons Locker Mission

By: Jeff Long

Episode 2: The Weapons Locker Mission Part 2

By: Jeff Long

Episode 3: The Weapons Locker Mission Part 3

By: Jeff Long