Black Screen-

The Dimension film logo flashes across the screen.

NARRORATOR: You thought the terror was over...

A clip of Sidney shooting Roman at the end of Scream 3 flashes across the screen and then slowely fades out.

NARRORATOR: You thought you had woken from the nightmare...

A clip of Sidney walking away from the open door at the end of Scream 3 flashes across the screen.

NARRORATOR: But that was only the beggining.

A Montage of events from the film quickly flashes across the screen-

Debbie Screaming.

Ghostface jumping on the hood of a car with a shotgun in his hand.

Ghostface being thrown down a flight of steps by Jason Cobain.

The outside of Woodsborrow high.

Ghostface lunging at Gina Merro.

The outside of Jason 's house.

NARRORATOR: This summer see the movie the LA times claimed is the best SCREAM since the original.




NARRORATOR: Scream Again

Titlecard fades out.



Pamala Paulshock- Rachael Lee Cook

Jason Cobain- Ashton Kutcher

Alexia Handcock- Mila Kunis

Kevin Koshland- Josh Heartnett

Gina Merro- Danielle Harris

Gale Weathers- Courtney Cox

Tim Annexk- Saijge Eneargy

Sarah Kelly- Julia Pursens

David West- Mark Moshlive

Debbie Chappele- Jenna Jamison

Detective Malloy- Patrick Dempsy.