Scream 3


I've got four words for this script: First Attempt At Writing.  That's right, this script was my very first foray into the wonderful world of writing.  Therefore, you should be warned of a few things....

FORMAT: The format kinda sucks, but it's readable.

SPELLING: Spelling REALLY sucks, so bear with it, please ;)

That and in my opinion, the second part is much better than the first.  So, I think if you can make it through the first part and some of that dialoge, I think you may enjoy it :)  Admittidly, it's no Halloween 5: A New Evil, but hey, I'm proud of it.    

Also, it's linked to another server, so just click your back button to get back here when your're through, if you make the decision to actually read it :)  Without further ado....