In this section you'll be able to read stories that are written like TV shows,with seasons and episodes. Thanks to Scarecrow Cenobite and Screamer009 for the idea to create this section.


Afraid: The Series

By: Jack McVee

Jason Takes Manhattan: The Series

By: Brandon Noel Keith


By: Brandon Noel Keith

Halloween: The Series

Produced By: Scarecrow Cenobite

Active and/or open to submissions:

The Punisher: The Series

By: Brandon Noel Keith

HtS: Summer's End

Produced By: Scarecrow Cenobite

HtS: The Rogue's Path

Produced By: MysterioMan007

HTS: Haddonfield Tales

Produced By: Scarecrow Cenobite

HTS: Beyond Halloween

Produced By: Scarecrow Cenobite

Slushie Bandits

Produced By: Jeff Long

New Breed

By: Blair Alexander Robertson

The Teller's Tales

Produced By: Cody Hamman

The School War

By: Jeff Long

On hiatus:

Gothic Cycles

By: JH

Watto's Junkyard Bluelight Specials

By: JH

The Watchmen

By: Max Shrek

The Adventures Of The Masked Crackhead

By: John Pritzlaff

Farscape: Dreamer

By: Codebreaker

Big Brother: Slasher Edition

By: Scarecrow Cenobite

Grim High

By: Project X

East Of Paradise

By: Jon Burleson

Gothic Cycles: Ravenloft

By: JH

Amity Tales

By: Zach Hennis

Leon: The Series

By: Elliott Butler

Cross-A-Thon: The Series

Produced By: Blair Alexander Robertson, Brandon Noel Keith, and John Pritzlaff

The Watchful Eye

By: John Pritzlaff

Stepfather: The Series

Produced By: Elliott Butler