HalloweeN 8: The Attack of Michael Myers

By The Shape (Some scenes may change in the finished script)

The Dimension Films logo appears on screen. The screen shows the infamous Myers mask.

NARATOR (V.O.): Twenty-one years of terror.

CUT TO: The shape jumping up on the station wagon from H1.

CUT TO: The shape walking down the hospital hallway covered in flames from H2.

CUT TO: The shape on the roof in H4.

CUT TO: The shape chasing Jamie Lloyd in the car in H5.

CUT TO: The shape in the sanitarium in H6.

CUT TO: Laurie cutting the shape’s head off at the end of H20.

NARATOR (V.O.): The world celebrated after his death but he’s come home again. But there are people waiting for him.

CUT TO: The shape walking across a bridge on fire.

CUT TO: Laurie Strode slicing the shape’s throat.

CUT TO: Molly running away from the shape who is carrying a massive machete.

CUT TO: Loomis looking just like he did in H2 (it will be explained in the script) chasing Wynn.

CUT TO: Tommy Doyle and Kara Strode running through a lab from the shape.

CUT TO: The shape coming towards Stephen Lloyd.

NARATOR (V.O.): Moustapha Akkad, Dimension Films and Massacre Productions present HalloweeN 8: The Attack of Michael Myers.

SMASH CUT TO: Darkness.

NARATOR: Coming soon.