Hi all. Here's a teaser preview for a script I'm writing called Silence, Enjoy = )


Black screen

We hear a fading voice of a little girl in the backround singing

Little girl
The silence is killing me,
The silence won't let me be,
Not even the sound of a shoe,

We see a little girl standing at the end of a hallway. We start to get closer to her as we hear...

Narrator: Do you know what the deadliest weapon existing?...........Yourself.

Cut to-

We see a doctor holding a patient in the hallway

Doctor: What's wrong?

Patient: She's here!!

Doctor: Who's here??

Patient:The little girl I dream about! She's trying to kill me!

Doctor: There is no little girl here. No one is trying to hurt you.

Cut to-

We are getting closer to the little girl in the hallway as we hear.....

Narrator: In 1959, a little girl used to be kept here, an extremely psychotic, homicidal little girl. Around the age of seven or eight. She brutally murdered one of her doctors, she was kept in a cell with padded walls for months. One day, a doctor found her in the cell.......dead. No one knew how she was killed or how she killed herself.

Cut to-

We finally get a face shot of the little girl in the hallway, her face completely demented.

She puts a finger over her mouth.

Little girl: Sshh.

Fade to black

We see the title appear on screen.

Little Girl: Silence

We fade out