Halloween H2K:The Rage Of Michael Myers

Hey everyone. This is my script for H2K, it takes place where H20 left off. First of all, I dont own the movies or characters. When you're done reading, please write a review and post it up or send it to me. Read and Enjoy =)

Halloween H2K:The Rage of Michael Myers

by SMG

The Dimension Films logo appears across the screen.The Halloween theme plays as we hear faded voices scream and the cast appears across the screen.We then hear quotes from previous movies.


Laurie: Michael!!!..........

Loomis: I prayed that he would go to hell, but in my heart but I knew that hell would not take him.............

Jamie: You cant have the baby Michael, you cant have the baby........

Tina: Jamie run!!....

John: He's dead, Michael Myers' is dead........

Loomis: I shot him 6 times!!.............

Young Jamie: The nightmare man is coming!!........

Loomis: No.....No...No!!!!

The title appears on the screen
Halloween H2K: The Rage of Michael Myers

Subtitle appears on screen- "October 31st, 1994"

We see Jamie Lloyd be impregnated in a room full of candles. Everyone that was in the room exits, leaving Jamie crying on a bed. From another exit,comes a nurse and a woman.

Woman:Jamie Lloyd?

Jamie nods.

Woman:I'm J.C. Brandy, I was sent from the C.I.A. to act as you, while you escape..........Whats wrong? What did they do to you?

Jamie:(still crying)They impregnated me.

Nurse:With who's baby?

Jamie:(still crying)......Michael's.

Nurse:Oh god

Jamie starts having a vision of Michael walking toward the room their in.

J.C.:Jamie.......whats happening, whats wrong?

Jamie starts to rock back and forth with her eyes closed

Jamie:He's coming! He's coming!



J.C:(talking to the nurse)Lead her out of this place.

The nurse nods. They both run out of an exit. J.C. gets on the bedjust as Michael and all the thorn cultists get in.

Wynn:Impregnate her again!!


Wynn:I know...... I have a feeling something is going terribly wrong.

J.C: Dear god, NO!!!!

Wynn:This......is god now, bitch!!

Cut to......

Subtitle appears on screen- 1998 Halloween night

The final sequence of H20 starts to play. Laurie/Keri hits Michael with the ambulance and into a tree. She was able to jump out of the ambulance while this happened. She picks up the axe. Michael reaches out to Laurie .Laurie reaches over to him and they barely touch fingertips. She then swings the axe and decapitates Michael. She hears sirens of Police cars and ambulances up the hill. She starts to walk up the hill. Back down the hill, we close up on Michaels decapitated head. We then see burnt hands reach down and take the mask off of the head. We get a shot of the decapitated head without the mask. We then see the paramedic put on the mask. He takes out aknife. We get a far shot of a person in a paramedic suit holding the knife in a stabbing position. The paramedic is obviously Michael Myers. We slowly fade out.

Subtitle appears at the bottom of the screen. It says One year later, October 30th.

Int. College classroom

Teacher/ Mrs. Halliwell:So, Halloween is just a day away. Can anybody tell me why we celebrate halloween?

Mrs. Halliwell's POV- A brown haired girl is talking to a blonde girl, Celeste Brown, and a red head, Michelle Murphy.

Mrs. Halliwell:(sighs)Ms. Lloyd, I understand you have a very intersting Halloween story from when you were a kid that you'd like to share.

Jamie Lloyd turns around.

Jamie:Yeah, I guess I do have an interesting halloween story.......but not one I'd like to share.

She gives the teacher a sarcastic smile.

She turns back around and continues to talk.

Mrs. Halliwell sighs

Mrs. Hallwell's POV- John Strode/Tate is staring at Celeste.

Mrs. Halliwell:Mr. Tate, I hear you also have a Halloween story you'd like to tell the class

John:Uh.....not actually.

Mrs. Halliwell:Oh c'mon everyone knows that you and Jamie were attacked by the infamous Michael Myers. Why don't you tell us what really happened that Halloween night.

John:Listen lady, my life is none of your god damn business. So, stay the hell out of it!

Mrs. Halliwell:I also heard that your girlfriend, Molly cartwell, was killed by Michael.

John:No........No, that's not true, Molly died in a car accident. Stay the fuck out of my presonal business.

Mrs. Halliwell:You've got a mouth on you. It'll get you in big trouble one day, I'll make sure of that...............(sighs) What time is it? (She looks at her watch) OK class dismissed.

Everyone gets up and starts to walk out the door.

Mrs. Halliwell:Ms. Lloyd and Mr. Tate


Mrs. Halliwell:I want you two to write a paper on what really happened to you on Halloween. I'm DYING to know what happened.

Jamie: Hey!! You can't make us expose our lives to you!!!

Mrs. Halliwell:WATCH ME!! The paper will be graded and read to the class orally. Good night.

Cut to....

Ext. Haddonfield- Myers house

Subtitle- Haddonfield

Thorn cultists are in the Myers house.

The house is surrounded by police.

Police officer #1:(talking in bullhorn) Come out with your hands up!! We've got you surrounded.

A thorn cultist shoots at the police from a window. A police officer gets shot in the head. We cut to....

Ext. behind the Myers house

Tommy Doyle and Kara Strode are against the house, kneeling under an open window.

Kara:Did you bring it?

Tommy:(He takes dynamite out of his jacket pocket)Yea (He hands it to Kara)

Kara lights a match and throws it in the window. The living room explodes, killing several thorn cultists. The whole house ignites on fire. Several thorn cultists run out the front door and get arrested by the police. Two cultists jump out of the window on to the ground. They get arrested. Tommy and Kara run away.

Cut to....

Int. Tommy's house

Tommy and Kara walk in the front door


Danny runs up to Tommy. Tommy picks him up.

Danny:Where were you guys?

Tommy:Um..me and your mother just had to ....take care of some business

Kara walks up to Tommy and Danny

Kara:Hey sluggo (She kisses Danny on the head)

Danny:Hi mommy

Down comes an old woman from upstairs.

Old woman:Oh, back so early.

Tommy:Yea, Thank you for watching Danny and Stephen for us, Carol.

Carol/Old Woman:No problem.

Kara:Speaking of Stephen, where is he?

Carol:Oh, he was right behind me when I came down the stairs.

They look at the stairs and down comes a 4-year old Stephen.


Cut to

Int- kitchen

Tommy, Kara, and Carol are sitting at the table talking.

Carol:So, how'd it go.

Kara:Pretty good

Tommy: Yea, I'm pretty sure that all the thorn cultists that were in the house were either caught or killed.

Carol:Killed?! Isn't that a little extreme?

Kara:They tried to kill us, they're the ones to blame for this...this evil.

Carol: Killing more people doesn't destroy evil! I can't believe I'm babysitting for murderers.

Tommy:Murderers? Who the hell do you think you are!?

Kara:OK, STOP!!!!! Both of you!

Tommy:(talking to Carol)The death of 20, 30, or more people is blamed on these people! They must be stopped! We owe this to Dr. Loomis. I thought you, as his sister,would understand!!

Carol:I'm not gonna tolerate this! I'm going straight to the police with this.

Kara:Carol, you can't stop us!

Carol:Then the police will!!

Carol gets up and walks out of the kitchen into the living room where Danny and Stephen are watching TV.

Danny:Why, were you, mommy and daddy yelling??

Carol:I'm not going to babysit you two anymore.


Carol:You're family deals with unspeakable evil. And now I believe it has had and unbelievable effect on your parents. I pity the future for you two.

Carol walks out the door. She walks down the steps to her car. She gets in it.

She looks in the rear view mirror to see an man in black sitting in the back seat.

He puts his hand over her mouth just before she can scream. He takes his other hand w/ a knife and stabs her in the stomach.

Cut to

Int- Kitchen

Kara puts her head on the table

Kara:What are we going to do?

Tommy puts his hand on her shoulder.

Tommy:This war isn't over yet.

Kara:It will be once we go to jail.

Tommy:Ben Meeker will understand, he's been through this before too. We wont go to jail.

Kara: I hope you're right.

Cut to

Int. College dorm hallway

We see Jamie walking down the hallway, she reaches a corner and she bumps into John. She screams. Jamie drops her purse and everything spills out, her wallet, brush and two pictures- one of Rachel Corruthers(H4 AND H5)and a picture of Laurie Strode.

John:Oh sorry, I didn't mean to startle you.

John bends down and helps her pick everything up. He picks up the picture of Laurie.

John:Um Jamie....


John:why do u have a picture of my mom???


John:This picture...........It's of my mom.

Jamie takes a look at the picture

Jamie:Sorry John but that's a picture of my mom and she died a long time ago.

John:No, This is my mom....Keri Tate

Jamie:No, my mom's name was Laurie Strode. She died in a car accident when I was a little girl.

John: Laurie Stode............. Oh my god


John:She didn't die in a car accident. She faked her death and went into hiding.


John:She changed her name to Keri Tate and moved here, SummerGlenn California. She ran a private school. A private school where my friends were killed by Michael Myers He found us and tried to kill us.

Jamie rips the picture out of John's hands.

Jamie: You know what, that's bullshit! I'm so fed up with people walking up to me and trying to fuck with with my past!! Well guess what you bastard, I'm stronger and smarter than that.

Jamie gives him a look and walks away.

John:(yelling down the hallway)I can prove it to you!!

She ignores him and keeps on walking.

He runs over to her and grabs her arm.

John:Jamie, I can prove it to you

Jamie stops walking and turns around


Cut to...

Int. College classroom

Mrs. Halliwell is putting papers in her brief case, just as the door suddenly closes.

She closes her brief case. She picks up her brief case and walks overto the door, she tries opening the door but it seems to be locked from the other side.

Mrs. Halliwell:Oh give me a friggin break.

She sighs and turns around and bumps into......The Shape! She gasps loudly. She takes a few steps back.

Mrs. Halliwell: .....Mr. Tate, you are so kicked out!!

Michael takes out a knife and raises it. He comes down to stab but shedodges it and the knife goes through the door.

He rips the knife out of the door as she runs up the aisle.

While she's running up she pushes a few desks in Michael's path. Michael throws them out of his way. She reaches a window and has trouble opening it. SHe looks back at Michael walking towards her.

Mrs. Halliwell:Oh god!!!

She finally opens it and starts to crawl out of it. She is almost out just as.....MICHAEL GRABS HER LEG AND PULLS HER BACK IN and closes the window.

He throws her on the floor.

Mrs. Halliwell: (crying)Please........PLEASE DONT KILL ME..........SOMEBODY HELP!!!!!! PLEASE SOMEBODY HELP ME!!!!!!!!!

Michael looks at her and drops the knife. Mrs. Halliwell sighs in relief as if Michael won't kill her.She gets up.

Mrs. Halliwell:Thank you......Thank you

Michael picks her up and shoves her head through the window andpushes her neck through the broken glass. Blood drools out of her neck and mouth.

Cut to....

Int. car- night

John and Jamie are driving in the rain. John is driving.

Jamie:So how long is the ride there?

John:Just about 10 more minutes.......(looks over at Jamie) BY the way,I've been meaning to ask you, when were you attacked by Michael Myers??

Jamie:Oh....back in '88 and '89. Well my mom....and i guess yours too...supposedly died in a car crash, so i was left with the Corruthers. Then when I was 7, he came back to Haddonfield for me. He was then shot by the state police like hundreds of times. He then fell in some sort of mine shaft and it collapsed after he fell in. But then a year later we found out that he escaped the mine shaft before it collapsed... he killed my foster sister and all my friends..........Oh my god........JOHN LOOK!!!!!!

John looks at the road and sees THE SHAPE in the middle of the road.

John........ HE'S COME BACK FOR US!!!

He almost hits him and swerves to the right. THE SHAPE FALLS ON THE GROUND. He stops the car and runs over to him. It turns out to be an old man in a jump suit.

John:......Its not you.....(he runs back to the car).

He gets in.

Jamie:What happened???

John:(takes a deep breath)It's not him

They drive off.

Int. Sorority house

Celeste is sitting on a couch watching "Halloween 3: Season of the witch"

Celeste:(shouting)Hey Michelle, why did you have to rent this retarded season of the witch movie?! It royally sucks!

Michelle walks to the couch with a bowl of popcorn.

Michelle:Celeste, when has there actually been a horror movie that you liked?

Celeste: All horror movies suck! They have extremely stupid characters and the worst plots.

Michelle:Well, I like this one.

Celeste:This one?! This is probably the worst one I've seen. Whats with...

On TV- (singing) "1 more day til' Halloween, Halloween"

Celeste:....That stupid jingle!!

Michelle laughs

Michelle:When's Vanessa gonna be here?

Door Bell rings

Celeste: Guess that's her

Michelle gets up and opens the door. There's no one there. She steps outside in the rain.

Michelle:Vanessa????? You there???

Michelle walks back in side. Lightning flashes as wee see THE SHAPE in a window next to the door.

Celeste: Where's Vanessa?

Michelle:There was no one at the door

Celeste: That's weird.

Michelle:Oh yea, I forgot to tell you. I invited Jason and Freddy over.

Celeste: What!? You invited Jason over?? I look like miss skank america. Im gonna go get changed. I'll be right back.


Celeste walks up the stairs into a hall way until she reaches the bedroom at the end of the hallway. Celeste opens the door, she then shuts it to reveal Michael Myers. She walks over to her closet and takes out a red dress. Michael opens the door, and walks out. She takes off her clothes (wedon't get to see any nudity) and changes into the red dress. She opens hercloset again and gets some red high heels. She puts them on. She sits down onthe bed and opens her purse. She reaches into the purse. She gets a frightened look on her face. She takes her hand out and her hand is covered in blood. She screams and throws her purse down. She runs into the bathroom to reveal.......MRS HALLIWELL hanging from the shower curtain. Celeste screams.

She runs out of the bathroom and out of her bedroom. She runs down the hallway and looks down the stairs and sees Michael slitting Michelles throat as she screams.

The door bell rings

Ext-front of the house

Vanessa is standing by the door ring the doorbell anxiously in the rain. She hears screams coming from inside.

Vanessa:(shouting)Guys, what's going on in there ?!!!? Answer the fucking door!!!!!!

Int- Sorority house

Michael throws Michelle down. and starts to walk up the stairs. Celeste runs back to her room. She opens her window and climbs down a rose grid(the things that are on the side of houses that roses and vines grow on). She runs to the front yard and sees Vanessa still standing by the door.


Vanesaa turns around.


Michael opens the front door.


Vanessa turns around. Michael grabs her head as she screams. He then snaps her neck. He lets go and she falls lifeless on the ground. He bends over and takes car keys out of her hands. Celeste screams and starts to run down the street.

Celeste:Help!!!!!! SOMEBODY HELP ME!!!!!!

Michael gets in Vanessa's car and pulls out of the driveway. He speeds in Celeste's direction.

Celeste:OH MY GOD!!!!!!!

Celeste reaches the college campus. She runs inside.

Cut to......

John and Jamie pull up in front of a house. They get out of the car. They walk up to the door and ring the doorbell. Laurie answers the door. Jamie's eyes widen in amazement.

Laurie:Hello John. Why dont....

Jamie: (cutting her off)But you're dead


John:Mom, can we come in?


They walk inside.

John:Mom, this is Jamie.

Laurie:Hi Jamie

John:Jamie Lloyd.

Laurie:Oh my god, I

Jamie:(cutting her off)forgot about me? forgot that I was still existing? You abandoned me!

Laurie: Oh Jamie I had to. Michael Myers would've killed me and you if I would've stayed in Haddonfield.

Jamie:Michael Myers almost killed ME!!!! He killed my friends and foster family. You put all those people in danger by leaving me with them. I just don't understand why you didn't take me with you.

Jamie falls on the ground as she starts to have visions of Michael chasing Celeste down the street. The vision ends.

John:What just happened?

Jamie gets back up

Jamie:Michael is still alive

Laurie:No he isn't

Jamie:Yes he is!!!

Laurie:No he's not. I KILLED HIM LAST YEAR!

Jamie:No, you didn't because he's chasin Celeste to the college.

Laurie:I dont think so. Even is he was alive, Michael only kills his relatives! Why would he want to be at your college while you or John aren't even there?!

Jamie's eyes widen.

Jamie:OH MY GOD! Angela!!

John:Whos Angela?!

Jamie:My daughter!!!

John:You have a kid???

Jamie:Yes! We gotta go!!

Laurie grabs her keys.

Laurie:We'll take my car.

They run out of the house into Laurie's car. They pull out of the driveway and drive off.

Cut to

Int. college

Celeste is running down a hallway

Celeste:OH MY GOD! SOMEBODY HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!

She turns around and sees Michael walking towards her way.

Celeste:OH GOD!

She runs all the way down the hallway and reaches a corner. She turnsleft. SHe reaches the library doors. She tries opening them but they are locked.

Celeste:OH SHIT!!!

She tries ramming through the doors but it doesn't work. Michael reaches the corner and turns left. She sees him coming toward her way.


She punches through the glass and unlocks the door from inside. She opens the door and runs in the library. She jumps over the desk and hides under it while she cries. She looks under the bottom of the desk and sees the bottoms of Michael 's boots walking towards the desk.

Celeste:(whispering)Oh no

Celeste's POV-She sees Michaels boots standing right in front of the desk. He turns around and walks towards the exit doors. Celeste sighs in relief. He suddenly stops and turns around and walks toward the desk.


He pushes a book shelf on the desk and the desk collapses on her back.

Michael stares at Celeste. He turns around and walks out of the library into the hallway.

Cut to....

Int-Jamie's dorm room

The dorm room has two beds and a bathroom. Angela is in the bathroom.

Babysitter: Angela! Come out of the bathroom right now!!

Angela:Not until my mom comes home!!

Babysitter:(sighs)Sweetie, your mom will be home very soon. Locking yourself in the bathroom won't bring her here any faster!!

Angela:Just leave me alone!

The babysitter sighs. She looks at the door. The doorknob strts to move as if someone is trying to open the door from the outside.

Babysitter:Angela, she's here.

Angela:Yeah Right, you're just trying to get me to come out.

The door busts open to reveal.......not jamie, but THE SHAPE.

The babysitter's eyes widen in amazement. She leans against the bathroom door.

Michael walks to a desk in between the two beds and picks up a pencil. HE walks over to the babysitter who is still leaning against the door. He raises the pencil in the air.

Int- Bathroom

Angela has her ear against the door. She hears the babysitter scream. She backs away.

Angela's POV- The door is pounding.

She moves the shower curtain out of the way and hides in the bathtub.

Michael is trying to get in. His arm bursts through the door and unlocks the door.

Cut to.....


John, Jamie, and Laurie park in the college parking lot. They run out of the car and into the college.

Laurie:Where's your room?


The three of them run upstairs and into another hallway.

Cut to

Int- bathroom

Angela is hiding in the bathtub.

Angela's POV- She sees michael's silouette in the shower curtain. He raises his knife and slashes through the shower curtain as ANgela screams.

Cut to

Int- house 1978

Laurie's closet scene from the first Halloween plays as we cut back and forth with the two scenes.

Cut back to-

Int- bathroom

Michael raises his knife in the air. We hear a loud BOOM and Michael drops his knife. He turns around

Michael's POV- He sees Laurie standing by the door holding a gun. Next to her is Jamie and John.

Michael stands up. Laurie shoots him 6 times as he falls in the bathtub next to Angela.

Angela screams at the top of her lungs.

Jamie walks to the tub.

Jamie:C'mon sweetie.

Jamie picks up Angela.

They walk back by John and Laurie/Keri by the door

Jamie:Now what?

John:I think...

Laurie:Leave......All three of you.

John:.. (sighs) Mom, no. You did the same thing last Halloween and it didn't work.

Laurie: I SAID LEAVE!!!!

Jamie:Don't you get it??! He cant die!!..............EVIL NEVER DIES!!

Laurie:Then I guess somebody has to change that rule.

Jamie sighs.

LaurieJust go. All three of you......I'll be ok.......and take this.

She hands the gun to Jamie. Jamie puts it in her jacket pocket.

John:I love you

John gives his mom a kiss on the cheek.

Laurie:I love you too

They exit the bathroom into the dorm room.

Angela:Bye Nina

(Nina is the babysitter)

We close up on Nina. She's lying on the floor dead, WITH A PENCIL IN HER EYE.

Jamie puts her hand over Angelas eyes.

Jamie Don't look at that.

They exit the dorm room.

Laurie exits the bathroom into the dorm room. She walks over to drawer by the microwave and refrigerator.

We see Michael standing in the bathroom doorway

Michael's POV- Laurie is searching through drawers

Laurie:Where does she keep the knives?

Laurie finally pulls out a knife.

SHe turns around.

Laurie's POV- The room is empty. She holds the knife in stabbingposition. She walks into the bathroom.

Int- bathroom

Laurie's POV- The tub is empty, with some blood on it.

Laurie:Oh no

Michael appears behind Laurie.He shoves his knife into her back twice in slow motion as she screams.He rips the knife out of her. She falls into the tub.

Laurie:(barely living) Michael..............please.........help me

Michael stares at her


Michael stares at her

Laurie:(beginning to cry) Michael...Please......help..

A tear runs down his mask.

He turns around and walks out of the bathroom

Laurie:(still crying)MICHAEL!!!

He walks out of the dorm.

Laurie still cries as she begins to cough up blood.

Cut to

Int- hallway

Jamie, Angela, and John are walking. They reach the library and see thesmashed up window.

John:What happened here?

Jamie look on the library door window. She sees Celeste just wake up(she didnt die, she was knocked unconcious).


Jamie opens the door. John and Jamie run in.


John moves the book shelf and desk off of her back. THey help her up.

Jamie:What the hell happened?????

Celeste:It's that guy u told me and michelle about. Michael Myers.

Jamie:I know

Celeste:MICHAEL MYERS IS BACK!!!!! How can you just say "I know" like it'snothing?!

Jamie: Celeste, don't get pissy w/ me, I'm the victim here.

John:Girls, Stop.

Jamie sighs

Jamie:........Where's Angela?

Cut to...

Int- hallway

Angela is walking down the hallway. She's holding a Barbie in her hands.

Angela:C'mon Barbie, let's go home.

Angela reaches the drom room.

She walks in.

Int- dormroom

She steps over the babysiter's body and into the bathroom.

Int- bathroom

Angela's POV- Bathtub is full of blood.....but no one is in it.

Slow Motion- Angela drops her barbie in the tub

Cut to-

Int- hallway

John, Jamie, and Celeste are just outside the library.

Jamie:Where the hell is she????!?

John:Look at that

They see a trail of blood leading from one hallway to another. They decide to go where it came from. They follow the path of blood.

Cut to

Int- bathroom

Angela has a shocked look on her face. She walks backwards out of the bathroom into the dormroom. She bumbs into MICHAEL MYERS. She screams.

Michael raises his knife in the air, ready to STAB. All of a sudden, he gets stabbed in the stomach w/ a fireplace poker. The poker rips out of him.He falls to the ground to reveal a young college girl.

Girl:C,mon little girl.

Angela runs out of the room, with the girl behind her.

Michael gets up.


ANgela and the girl are outside the dormroom.

Girl:Where's your mom?

Angela screams as she see Michael walk up behind the girl. Micahel STABS the girl repeatedly. Angela screams at the top of lungs.

Michael rips his knife out of the girl and looks at Angela as she screams. HE approaches her. She runs down the hallway. Michael is hot on her track.She makes a right and runs up a flight of stairs and into a storage closet.

Int- storage closet

She sits in the corner of the closet and finds and broken broom. SHe hold against her. She look out the keyhole.

Angela's POV- Michael reaches the top of the stairs. He turns towards the closet door.

Angela gasps and leans against the wall. Michael tries to open the door but its locked. His hand bursts through the closet door as Angela screams.He breaks the door open enough for him to get his upper body in. Angela shoves the broken broom thru him.

He grabs his stomach and backs up. He falls down the flight of stairs.

Angela gets out of the closet and looks down the stairs.

Angela's POV- Michael, takes the broom out of his stomach and he gets up.

The HalloweeN theme begins to play..

Angela screams. He begins to walk back up the stairs.

SHe runs up another flight of stairs and out a door that leads to the roof.

Ext roof-

Angela runs behind a stack of boxes. Michael walks out of the door and onto the roof.

Angela's POV- Michael is walking around the roof. He walks by the stack of boxes and pushes them over. Angela screams.

Jamie John and Celeste enter in on the scene.

John:Celeste go for help!! Hurry!!

Celeste runs in the door.


Michael turns around and walks towards Jamie. He stops and tilts his head in confusion.

Jamie:That's right Michael..........THE BITCH IS BACK!

Jamie whips out the gun and shoots Michael in the head. Michael falls on the floor.

John and Jamie run over to Angela.

Jamie: It's ok sweetie.

Angela gets up.

Jamie:Angela, I want you to go to my room and call 911.John walk her to the door.

Angela and John run to the door. Angela runs in the door.

Michael appears behind Jamie, with his mask covered in blood.

John:Jamie look out!!!

She turns around as Michael punches her, SHe falls on the floor. Johnwalks towards the edge of the roof.

Micahel jumps ontop of JAmie and begins to strangle her.



She charges at Michael. So does John. Laurie gets there just before him. SHe tackles Michael as they both fall off the roof. John catches Laurie's hand just in time. Michael falls off the roof and onto the car windshield of Laurie's car.

Laurie is barely hanging on to John's hand.

Laurie:I'm.....not gonna make it.

John:Yes you are!!!! Don't say that!!!

Laurie:No...I don't want to!!


Laurie:Michael isn't dead.......he'll come back....he always does. It's better with me dead.

John: (begins to cry)No.....

Laurie:I love you John......tell Jamie I'm sorry.........I love u

Laurie let's go of John's hand


Laurie spreads her arms and closes her eyes. She hits the ground.

John:(crying)Noo.........no....no .no.. noo

Jamie walks over to the edge and sees MIchael's and Laurie's bodies.She hugs John.

Cut to-

Ext- outside of college

John, Jamie, Celeste, and Angela are standing outside by all the ambulances and cop cars.

Laurie gets put in a body bag. So does MIchael. They both get wheeled into different ambulances. The one w/ Laurie drives off.

Jamie:You think it's coincidence?


Jamie:That Michael fell on Laurie's car?

John:(shaking his head)No.......(sigh)...........she's right.

Jamie: About what?

John:He's not dead......it's not over.

Jamie:Yes it is

John:No it's not....Today is only October 30th, Halloween is not until tomorrow....The terror is just beginning.

The ambulance with Michael drives off.It drives onto a deserted road. SCREAMS are heard from the ambulance as we see blood fly on the ambulance's back windows.