My Worst Nightmare MWN20:20 Years Of Suffering In These Movies

Hi everyone! I thought the "My Worst Nightmare" series was hilarious, so I'm gonna pay my respects and write a sequel to it =) But first I should write this little disclaimer thingy. I dont own the character or the movies yada yada yada. OK. Here it is- enjoy.

My Worst Nightmare MWN20: 20 Years of suffering in these movies.

We close up on Dusty who is sitting on the couch in the meyers house in H6. The dead bodies of everyone he killed are lying on the floor. He holds up a bloody knife, rady to kill himself.

All of a sudden flames appear in front of the couch. It appears to be the devil.

Dusty:(sighs) What do u want now Joe?

Devil:> No actually it really is me, the devil.

Dusty: Oh

Devil: I feel really bad for you, so I'm gonna free you from this movie.

Dusty: REALLY!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?? YES!!!!

Devil: No actually I'm not the devil, this is Joe. Mwa hahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahh Mwahahahhahahahhahhahahhahahahaha.

Dusty: Damnit, but you're letting me go????

Joe: Pssh, Yeah Right........But I have decided to have a little more fun.

Dusty: Whatta u mean??

Joe: Well remember your friend SMG??.................He's trapped in H20.

Dusty: Oh My God!!!!!! You are the biggest friggen fool alive!!!!!! H20 was a good movie! Why don't you put him in something worse like Halloween 3????

Joe: Well , as much as I enjoy watching you people suffer in these movies....I just cant bare to watch that movie.

Dusty: Oh

Joe tosses the tape to Dusty

Joe: Have Fun

Joe disappears.

Dusty runs to the VCR and puts the tape in.

Close up on screen

Keri has her little flash back dream and she wakes up screaming.

John: Mom, calm down it was just a dream.

SMG comes running through the door

SMG: Who the hell are you people?!

John: Shutup, dumbass.


SMG: huh?????? That piece of crap isnt my brother.

Keri: Stop acting like that, you two are brothers, act like it!!!!

SMG: Hey, wait a sec. You guys look like Jamie Lee Curtis and Josh Hartnett.......(He realizes that he's in H20)......Oh My God, somebody shoot me!

John:What are you talking about?


John exits the room. SMG is about to leave the room.

SMG: Oh yea, Keri...........Laurie, whatever u wanna call yourself. Michael is coming.

SMG exits

Keri screams.

Cut to

Ext- outsicde of school

John and SMG are walking. Molly comes running towards them

Molly:(talking to John)Hi sweetie

SMG: Oh shutup, you ugly bitch!

Molly:Whats with the attitude.???

SMG: Why are you still talking????

Molly: Ugh!!

SMG: Do you realize that nobody likes you???? Ever look in the mirror lately, you're an ugly bitch. Did anyone ever tell you that you look like a duck!?

Molly runs off crying.

Sarah and her boyfriend (sorry i dont remember his name) come walking towards them.

Sarah: Whats wrong w/ Molly?

SMG: One of her acts of PMS got her into trouble again. By the way, your boyfriend has a HUGE nose.

Sarah's Boyfriend: Hey!! That was rude!!!

SMG: Did anyone ask you to talk?!!?!?!?!

Sarah's Boyfriend:No

SMG: So dont!!!!

Michael Myers walks over to all of them. He stabs Sarah's boyfriend and walks away.

SMG: Hey, Sarah your free now!!!

SMG grabs Sarah and makes out w/ her.

Sarah: Wow, I'm over him already.

She starts to touch her breasts

Sarah: Wow, I feel!!!!!

Cut to-

Int- Basement of dormitory

John, Molly, Sarah, and SMG.

Sarah: I'll go get the corkscrew , Be right back.

Everybody says OK.

Sarah goes into the Kitchen.

Sarah:Where's that corkscrew????

She's ripping through the drawers

The Shape appears behind her. He raises his knife in the air. All of a sudden SMG appears.

SMG: NO!!!!!!!

Michael puts his knife and looks at SMG. SMG grabs Molly and throws her at Michael..

SMG:Here, take the vapid whore!!!!

Michael stabs Molly as feathers of a duck fly everywhere. SHe starts to quack like a duck. Her skin rips off to reveal a duck.


Michael stabs the duck repeatedly as it quacks.John walks in.

Sarah:We have to leave!!

The three of them run out and run into Laurie/Keri.

Laurie:Michael's here isnt he?

SMG:No! We're just goin for a midnight run!!!!!!!

Laurie:Get outta here! and make sure u lock the gate b4 u leave!!

They all run away.

While running SMG trips John.

SMG: I hate you, Josh Hartnett!!!!! DIE!!!!!!!!

John falls and SMG kicks him repeatedly then pulls out a gun and shoots him in the back. Then John explodes into pieces

SMG:So sarah, wanna go to my place and make sweet sweet love?


Dusty punches the TV.

Dusty:I've had enough of this porno!!!!!!!!!!!

Joe Chapelle appears

Joe:No!!!!! Your gonna miss the sex scene between Michael and Lauire!!!!

Dusty:Good Lord, thats Nasty!!!!!!!!!

He throws the tv at joe and joe screams in agony. Dusty runs out of the house just as it collapses on Joe Chapelle. Dusty suddenly vanishes and reappears on a street in front of a house.

Dusty:Yes I'm finally free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A cop car pulls up in front of him

Deputy:WHat ya doin there? (DOINK)

Jamie Lloyd and Tina come running down the street.

Jamie:Tina. cmon!

Tina:Coming, Jamie

Dusty screams as he realizes he's been sucked into Halloween 5!