“In every age, there is a reason to fight…”

Spaceships are blasting through space. Some are smaller fighting ones.

On a planet, Marines in armor are firing machine guns at something.

“There is always an enemy…”

In a spacestation, people in jailbird cloths are walking down a dark hall.

Someone fires at a communications computer.

A group of people are surrounded by other people with guns.

“but this time, the enemy’s more then just man…”

Blackness. Then a screeching sound.

An zergling runs after a person.

A team of firebats fire their flamethrowers at a group of aliens.

A team of marines on a spacestation are surrounded by zerg.

A protoss team is being led towards a group of zerg.

Various scenes show zerg/protoss/human all fighting each other.

“This summer, witness…”



A hydralisk claw slashes down, cutting the title in half.