“Someone once said…”

Captain Brick is talking to Private Jack Sheldon, but we can’t here the words.

“That in space…”

A fleet of battle cruisers and Wraiths are flying through space, headed for a planet, which is visible.

“No one can hear you scream…”

A bunch of Firebats are walking around on a planet, a couple trees close by. One of them starts to look behind themselves.

“They were wrong!”

on a Spacestation, a group of people in jailbird cloths are screaming as they’re firing guns.

One of the firebats are in a tree, clutching his eye, screaming.

“This Summer…”

an alien is heard screeching as a zergling bursts through the floor of a base on a planet.


a person gets pulled under the ground.

“The War!”

a team of Protoss are surrounding Captain Brick, a yellow beam comes from a device on one of their heads and hits the captain.

A hydralysk’s claw is about to connect with a marine.

A queen roars as it looks at the person in front of it.

The Protoss leader is walking fast towards Jack Sheldon.

A Protoss is digging it’s energy blade into a zergling.

Jim Raynor is fighting Infested Sara Kerrigan.

There’s an explosion.

“From the writer of the School Day series comes a story based on the hit game, Starcraft.


Coming June 27th (Or when ever the site gets updated after that) to this Fanfiction site.