The Stepfather 4: The Beginning

It starts off in the 1950's. 1958 to be exact. And the "Stepfather-to-be" is just a child. He is 8 years old. He sits in front of the television watching "Leave It To Beaver". His Original name is Thomas. (Thomas Fradsham). We learn this when his mother is thrown into the room, beaten, bruised up and has a bloody nose. She is screaming for him to go to his room so he doesn;t have to witness his drunken stepfather beat his mother in a drunken rage many times before. Thomas is scared to death. Especially when the tyrant stepfather comes in and starts yelling at him and his mother. "Why aren;t you outside playing with your friends boy? Kids your age don;t watch tv! They play! GO and play or you'll be next!"...Thomas is see an odd look of fear and vengence in his eyes like he wants to do something...He runs over and smashes the man...the man thrashes him back against the wall...his nose then gushes with blood...

Flash forward...1968

Thomas is 18. A teenager now. We see him in a foster home...he didn;t have the family he wanted like The Beavers...he wanted something so different than what he got...he just gets shifted from home to home. But something is different about this...he falls in love for the first time with Beth. She is his age and they are completely in love. They want to run away and get married. Thomas tells her that he wants to have the perfect family and that he wants her to bear his children.

Flash Forward to their honeymoon 1 month later...

Thomas and his wife lay in bed...Thomas tells her he always dreamed of his wife and his wedding day...and he waited so long and kept his virginity. They make love.

Flash Forward 1969

It's been 9 months...and Thomas and Beth are in the delievery room. Beth is about to give birth. All is falling into place for Thomas...first comes love then comes marriage then comes the babay in the baby carriage. How perfect! They have a son. They name him John.

Over the next few months we see clips of how everything is perfect...we see Thomas and Beth having a wedding anniversary...their son blowing out his birthday candles for his 5th birthday....the family camping...all the things an all american family should do. Including the family getting a dog, Sparky ( How all american is that?)

Flashforward to 1985

John is not almost the age of his father when he got married. Yet he has no job, he's doing bad in school, he's into the drugs, and he's having premarital sex...and Thomas catches him doing this. This angers Thomas very fact he actually snaps a little bit for the first time since he hit his stepfather when he was 8. He YELLS at John, something John has never seen him do, and he takes a baseball bat to John....

Thomas yells "You had to ruin this for me didn;t you? Evrrything was so damn perfect I had it all lined up. You were supposed to be getting a girlfriend and marrying her by now...supposed to be giving me and your mother a grandchild...but no You're such a screw up to this family! You've ruined everythin....Didn't you know it was a sin to have premarital sex?!, Daddy's very upset!"

It's then when John tells Thomas what else is going on "Oh yeah? You should be bithing at mom...she's been getting a little extra loving from your friend Ted, that's right, mom's cheating on you!"

Thomas then just gets a weird look in his eye...(Like on The Stepfather 1 when He says "Wait a minute...who am I here?") and he leaves the room...and John is stunned.

Over the next few days things are not the same in the Fradsham family. Things are falling apart and Thomas hasn;t spoken a word to his family. They eat silently at day when Beth returns home from work he just locks the door and throws her up against the wall...she screams in terror...and he asks her why hshes's cheating on him. At first she denies it but then when he takes a knife to her she tells him that He's too perfect...he's too old fashioned and things have changed between them. He slices her throat and waits for his son John to come home.

When John comes home Thomas is sitting in the living room...he's lost his touch with reality...watching old reruns of "Leave It To Beaver" on his VCR...and laughing. Beths body just lays dead on the living room floor in a puddle of blood. John screams...but the Stepfather hears him and he gets up...

"I'm dissappointed in you son. You were supposed to carry on the family name, but I can;t let you be a disgrace to this family. It's time to say goodnight"

John and Thomas struggle...but Thomas gets the final word in: "Remember son. A perfect family is hard to come by. A wish you would have made be proud but you let me down!"

Thomas grabs the metal baseball bat from behind him and smashes John several times in the head until blood flies...John drops...presumably dead.

The next scene has Thomas in the bedroom looking in the mirror, he has let his beard grow out since last night...he puts on a wig and a set of glasses...and dresses up in a suit. He then leaves...(Setting it up for "The Stepfather" part 1, which takes place in 1986).

Immediately, the paramedics arrive in the house, after Thomas left. The neighbours reported screams. John is still slive, but in a coma. They decide to keep him on life support.

And thats my version of "Stepfather 4". Ofcourse we'd have to have Terry O'Quinn return as the Stepfather for the last half of the movie but we don;t need him for the first half because it's about his younger years.

I have made this to ressurect the franchise and make a new Stepfather.Please tell me what you thought of "Stepfather 4".