The Stepfather 5: Like Father Like Son

Tagline: Daddy Would Be Proud.

The poster or video box cover would contain a mug, you know one of those mugs that says "World's greatest dad?"--except the mug is on the table next to a blood soaked knife and there's blood splattered all over the mug and you can see the Stepfathers reflection in the blood.

The movie begins in the Hendel Oak hospital for coma patients. This is where doctors study coma patients and ways to free them from their sleep. It's been 16 years for John Fradsham. We actually get to see one of John's nightmares. In the nightmare (With a cameo of Terry O' Quinn, The Stepfather, and John's father) we see him constantly yelling at his son "Family Values are all that matter son. Don;t dissapoint daddy". And then we see The Stepfather pull out a bat a hit John until he's covered in blood, like he did in The Stepfather 4. The doctors haven't been successful yet...until suddenly John's therapist while sitting with him witnesses John wake a cold sweat..and delerious.

The therapist assures John he's fine. Other doctors rush in and everyone just starts calming him down...they explain the whole story and how he has been laying comatose for 16 years. They help him cope...but he can;t believe it. Looking in the mirror seeing his reflection he doesn;t recognize himself, it's like he's a completely different man. In mind and body...

The next day passes and John starts meeting new people at the hospital while on a program to get back to living a normal life after a 16 year coma. He developes a crush on his nurse. She is his age. Her name is Clare. She and him sit sometimes and talk about personal things...she has a 17 year old daughter,Bonnie. She had her at a very young age. The father never was seen again. She has never been married, just through bad relationships. Over the next few weeks John becomes an intern, and respected. He studies medicine and he's very intelligent, he wants to be a therapist to help other coma patients. Also over the next few weeks Clare and John fall madly in love...he asks her to marry him and she says yes. She has never met a man like him.

John and Clare and Bonnie becaome a family. Unfortunately Bonnie is one of those rebel teenagers going through a phase...a phase that John once went through but must have forgtotten because he's gettong angry at her sometimes for coming home late...he wants the family to be perfect...he sometimes talks to himself...and to his father...who'se dead. He visits his grave every once and awhile.

When Clare begins asking about Johns family he lies...and he offers to pay an older couple to pretend to be his parents...but after they do so he just murders them and hides the bodies in the woods. Things are okay for a bit longer until Bonnie's teacher calls, she has been acting up in school and skipping class...and drinking excessivley, coming to school high...and John has to go talk to the teacher. John look's absolutely insane. And it's then when we see a flashback of "The Stepfather 4" where John's father see's John with drugs...and yells at him...John then calms down...he realizes he's beginning to become his father.

John sits down in his chair in front of the fire, and then Bonnie comes in with a boyfriend. John see's that this boyfriend is high...he throws him out, and tells Bonnie to get to her room. Bonnie tells him off and he grabs her and takes the oppourtunity that Clare isn;t home and shoves Bonnie in the station wagon. he locks the doors and drives away...

We see that John is driving Bonnie into the back woods...close to where he disposed the bodies. There is a cliff close by...(Forshadowing). John says "I want this family to work...I'll give you a second chance". Smiling, he says "Daddy loves you".

Bonnie replies: "I hate you! you're not my daddy and you never will be!". John loses it...he just smiles sarcastically...and bites his lower lip. "Okay.."

He turns on the car. He starts beating his head against the wheel hard. "God damn was right. You can never get it right....why didn;t i listen?" he looks at Bonnie "You'll wish you would have listened too Bonnie".

Bonnie gets scared...she climbs out the windown...John puts the car in gear and drives right into her and kills her--DEAD. "Oh, Bonnie..." he says.

The next scene has Clare pacing in the living room. She hears the car pull in and John enters. "Where's Bonnie? and where were you?" She says. John sits her down. "I have bad news". he says. "There was an accident, Bonnie was killed". Clare is in tears.

"If it makes you feel any better, we can have our own children"...John says. And then Clare backs away, and says "Are you Crazy, my daughter was just killed and you're talking about having children? You must be insane!"

John attempts killing her by strangling her with his bare hands, but she gets free and runs over to get a knife...he struggles with her until she stabs him in the knee..she begins to run for the door, but he locked it from the outside...John gets up and hits her in the face with his fist...he then throws her down and and he walks casually over to the closet and grand some rope...he ties her up. "Hom--" he is interupted by a phone call...he answers the phone. It's Clare's boss asking for her.

"Hi John!" the boss says. "How are things?"

"Oh great, Frank, just lovely" he replies.

"May I Speak to Clare?" Frank asks.

"Oh sorry, she's tied up right now, maybe she can call back...but that's a big maybe"

"Oh alright then...tell her to give me a ring...bye"

"bye" John says and hangs up.

He looks at Clare and says "Frank wants you to give him a ring"(Hey I couldn;t resist).

John carries Clare out to the car and puts her in the front seat. Bonnies dead body is in the back seat. John begins driving and whisteling like his father did in the previous films.

"When's the last time the family went out for a drive?" he says.

"You're fucking sick!" Clare says.

"Oh yeah...I forgot the duck tape..damn."

John parks the car in the woods near the cliff. He tells Clare that his father could never settle down and that he hates failed marriages...he gives her a kiss and starts the car. He cleverly carry's an already dead body(the guy he paid to pretend to be his father) and puts the body in the car. "This way the police will think we all died in an accident..and I'm home faces, new places., maybe I can get a real all american family".

John pushes the car as Clare screams in terror...and the car falls over the cliff and explodes in a fire...

"Till death do we part..." he says under his breathe.

In the next scene John's at home whistelling. He shaves his mustache, and he puts on some glasses, and dresses up in a business suit...He walks out of the house whistelling the same old tune we know and love...


What do you think. Well if you liked it and want to read the last one I got going...Stepfather 6...tell me.