The Stepfather 6: Daddy's Home

Tagline: He's A family madman!

We start off differently than other Stepfather movies. In this chapter The Stepfather is a lawyer in a small town called Wentfield...he's working partners with a female lawyer named Elaine Harrison. She lives in a big house, a family house, and she has 3 children, Tiffany(16), John(12), and Sue(6)...and she has a husband, Luke. The Stepfather's new name is Sean Johnson. He has been a laywer for a little over a year now...and he has become great friends with Elaine. They know everything about each other and Sean wants to marry her but she's already married.

Soon...Sean sneaks into Elaines home when nobody is around and puts poison on Luke's toothbrush. The next morning Elaine finds her husband dead. And who comes to comfort her? None other than Sean...who has been around for a long while, a long time friend with the family and a wonder with the kids. He tells them he'll take care of everything...including the funeral arangements.

Meanwhile we switch scenes...this time to a much older woman in her late 60's. She is boarding a bus. She sits down and the bus starts rolling. She then pulls out a few newspaper clippings. We see one of "Keith Grant-aka The Family Killer finally dead-Body Dismembered by Wood Chipper". The next article she pulls out reads "John Fradsham and family killed in Car Wreck-Bodies Identified". The woman is reading them. All awhie the bus driver says over the intercom "Okay Passengers Sit tight, enjoy the movie and we'll be arriving in Wentfield in 3 hours and a half-enjoy the ride.".

We switch back to Wentfield and Sean...who is in Elaines house cooking dinner. They are all saddened, even Sean-who is faking it plays along.

Later that night Sean offers to stay the night to comfort Elaine...and he does, he sleeps on the couch...and he plays with the kids to get their minds off their fathers rcent death.

Next we see the elderly women getting off the bus and she goes to a motel.

Over the next few scenes we keep switching back and forth between Sean and Elaine...and the elderly the scenes with the elderly woman "Mira" she is talking to people showing them pictures from the articles and such. Also, Mira has a large scar on her face--we'll explain later.

It's been awhile since the death of Luke. About three weeks. Now Sean is very close with Elaine and the kids...he even has begin to kiss and hug her. And then he pops the aged old question--"Will You Marry Me?"--and amazingly Elaine responses with a big "Yes!". Sean is going to get a brand new family.

Wedding plans are set. Pretty much everyone in the small town is invited...everyone knows each other in this town--especially Elaine because she's the big "Laywer of the town". And this brings us back to Mira. Mira finds out about the wedding and about Sean Johnson...she spots his picture and suddenly she wants to meet him.

Meanwhile at home Sean is eating his dinner with the family. Elaine is accross from Sean and she says "John(Her Son) will you pass the rolls please?" and then Sean slips up and says "Sure honey--" and stops when he spots John giving a roll to Elaine.

"What dear?" she responds.

"Hold on. Oh right...Sean..not John" he chuckles. "Eat up family"

They laugh along. And then there is a knock at the door.

Elaine gets up to answer it...and when she opens the door it is Mira. "Hi dear--I am looking for a Sean Johnson",

"Oh right this way Mrs." and Elaine offers her to come in.

Mira gets in a gets one look at Sean--and she realizes it's the man from the picture.

"Sean, you have a visitor dear"..and then John walks over to Mira

"Hi!--I don;t believe we've met"

Elaine goes back into the kitchen.

"Oh my god.." she says.

"what" Sean asks.

"I'm your grandmother"

Suddenly Sean drops the expression on his face. "uh Ma'am you must be grandma died years daddy told me so"

"No--I gave your father up for adoption. And I tried to track him down...I found out he married into families and killed them...then he died and I found out about you...and now I have to put an end to all of this mayhem"

Mira pulls out a pistol. And the cops step in the door.

"Excuse me officers, what's the problem?" He plays innocent.

The officers sya "It's him. John Fradsham"

Elaine walks into the room, "What's going on?"

"Nothing dear--go back into the room, I'll settle this"

Sean then grabs his grandmother and puts her into a locked position...and he grabs the gun.

"Sir--leave her alone..just come on coming with us"

"Back off--get your own sandwhich" he says deleriously.


Sean has completely lost hold of reality. He's laughing. " I knew I would get caught one day but I didn;t know when!"

Suddenly Mira manages to grab the gun...and there is a struggle with it...until Sean is shot in the head...and he falls down dead.

"My God!" Elaine screams.

"It's Over!" Mira says. "It's Finally over"

We show one more shot of Sean...lying in his own blood...and we fade out.

I didn't put much effort into this one...the last half may seem a bit odd...but I wanted to kill off the stepfather...he's had enough...thanks for reading.