Friday The 13th 10

The Screen is black. In the darkness we can here the familiar "CHI CHI CHI CA CA CA" sound.

We Fade In to see-


A beautiful mountain landscape. Pine trees, snow-capped mountains and a clear blue, lovely lake nestled amidst it all. CAMERA PANS down to reveal an old wooden sign that says “CAMP CRYSTAL LAKE.”

NARRORATOR: (V.o) For nearly a decade Jason Voorhees has been missing and the people of Crystal lake have lived in peace but mabey there peace is a little premature because this summer Crystal Lakes favorite son returns ONE MORE TIME.


(Suspensfull music plays as a MONTAGE OF EVENTS rolls)

Jessica looking at a black and white picture of a young Jason Voorhees.

Mike examining a butcher knife.

Paul jumping out of a window.

Mike hanging on a meat hook from his neck.

Jessica hitting Jason with a WHITESTONE.

Tommy and Trish Jarvas driving in a truck.

Jason Voorhees standing infront of a projecter with the images projecting on his hockey mask.

FBI agents kicking open the front door and running into the Voorhees house.

Jessica swiping her hand agains a dusty table.

Sherrif Mclelland standing in the middle of a busy police station.

Megan and Tommy having a heated argument.

TOmmy standing face to face with Jason.

Jason chasing Don down a long hallway.


The title card FRIDAY THE 13th 10:Return to Crystal Lake flashes across the screen in bloody red letters.