H9:The Darker Side Of Evil


In the blackness we can hear the rhythmic slicing sound of something being stabbed.

JOHN: (V.O) A definition for Cursed means to be persued by a great evil spirit.


MIchael Myers walking down a long dark hallway.


JOHN: (v.o) Well I guess that means Im cursed.

A MOntage of clips from past Halloween Movies flashes across the screen:

Michael walking down a hospital hallway .

Laurie seeing Michael out the window in school.

Myers bursting through a closet door.

Michael rising in an ambalance and killing two paremedics.

Broady being killed by Myers.

Myers chasing Rachael and JAmie on a roof.

Michael chasing Kara.

Myers killing bill with a baseball bad

JOHN: (v.0) Theyve tried to kill him for over twenty years....

Loomis shooting myers out a window

Loomis Lighting Myers on fire in a hospital room

Myers being shot down a well.

Loomis beating myers with a 2x4

Tommy beating Myers with a lead pipe

Laurie throwing Myers off a balcony on to a table

Laure decapitating Myers

Sara electricuting Myers.

JOHN: (v.o) But they have failed

Myers throwing Loomis threw a glass door in a school

Myers grinding up Jamie

Myers shuving siccors into Rachaels back

Michael throwing Laurie off the roof of an Asylum.

JOHN: (v.o) but now its my turn. BLACK SCREEN-

Title card appears

H9: The Darker Side Of Evil