Screenplay written by Thorn - Based on characters created by Victor Miller and John Carpenter

*This script is for entertainment and educational purposes only - not to be sold for profit




YEAR 2006

The night has just fallen, and wind blows wildly ... dead and fallen leaves whirl. Trees above sway. A single light can be seen inside from inside a lone cabin. We see that there is life inside ... movement through the window.


DYREL WASHER a young man of only nineteen ... slender build, dark brown hair. He walks over into, the FOYER of the cabin.


Without a shirt, Dyrel pulls open the drawer held on the wall.


GLEAMING KNIVES sparkle like diamonds ... the reflection of the innocent eyes staring up at us.


He takes a long roasting fork ... the SHARP POINTS facing away ...


Only about ten feet outside, there is a young woman ... DAWN ... eyes a glowing blue, and hair a light blonde. She sits on a filthy log ... holding her hands out by a...

ROARING FIRE ... trying to warm them in the cold fall air. The screen door SWINGS open, and Dyrel comes out with the long roasting fork ... she looks up ... notices him ...

DAWN: Oh my god ... you're going to freeze to death without a shirt on!

Always the "motherly" type, she rubs her hands over his bare back ... trying to get the BLOOD going.

DAWN: Better?

DYREL: Uh huh.

He takes a seat next to her ... reaching into a bag of marshmellows behind them ... jams three onto the fork. He holds it out over the raging fire .. browning them slightly.

DYREL: (cont'd) How you want it?

DAWN: (sexily) Nice ... and hard.

He grins at her ... setting the fork down beside his leg ... he throws his arm around her neck ... and moves in for a passionate KISS.



A single grave stands by itself on the plot. The darkness forbids us from reading the title...

A FLASH OF LIGHTNING illuminates the eroded head stone. It reads:

1946 - 1993

The wind whips the leaves around ... blowing into our path of vision. The raw earth beneath the large stone starts the MOVE AND SHIFT.

LIGHTNING LIGHTS up the dreaded night sky once more ... THUNDER CLAPS, like someone scoring a strike at a giant bowling alley. The untouched dirt still MOVES ... a low, haunting HOWL erupts from the ever-widening hole in the ground ... the howl of the tortured demon JASON VOORHEES.

OUT OF NOWHERE, a ROTTED, biker-gloved HAND PUNCHES OUT FROM the soil... the rotting, festering fingers flex in and out ... JASON HAS RETURNED!!!!



Dyrel is mounted up onto the submissive Dawn ... working his hands feverishly under her shirt ... kissing her like there is no tomarrow. We HEAR A SNAP from behind them.

DAWN quickly pushes her boyfriend off over her ... poses in a sitting position ... a look of worry painted over her young, attractive face.

DYREL: What? What's wrong?

Dawn holds up her index finger ... telling him to shut up ...

DAWN: Sssshhhh....

They both wait ... holding their breath ... nothing.

DYREL: What is it?

DAWN: I thought I heard something.

He starts to kiss and nibble on her neck again ... Dawn looks off into the woods, still spooked.

DYREL: It's just me...

He buries his face into her buldging chest ... and she reluctantely complies ... laying back down.



The place where the undying Voorhees once temporarily rested is now nothing up UP-TURNED SOIL! We ...



JASON VOORHEES, the body-count king : Stands erect ... tall... rotted shoulders wide apart ...

GREEN OOZE AND BILE drips from his massive frame ... the black, evil heart beats in his chest ... the rotted-through biker's gloves cover the almost sekeletal hands of the serial killer.

THE WHITE/GRAY hockey mask is deeply embedded into the hard flesh of the demon ... the dented mask is stained and caked with century-old blood. His EYES are nothing but unseen blackness behind the mask...

JASON VOORHEES - in all his homicidal glory - IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!



Dyrel has his pants around his ankles ... whole-heartily lacing into the moaning Dawn ...


They both yell in suprise. RAIN starts to pour down ... soaking the two love birds.

DYREL: Aaawww .... shit!!

DAWN: Fuck!!!

Dyrel withdraws ... pulling his pants up ... Dawn slips angrily back into her cut off jeans.

DAWN: Damnit! Hurry up ... get inside!

The young man jumps to his feet, and like an Olympic runner, sprints madly to the front door ... Dawn hot on his heels. They leave the dieing fire to be drenched out by the rain ... also leaving the ROASTING FORK behind.


The two kids run in, BURSTING through the door. DAWN'S shirt is soaked to the bone ... making this scene resemble a wet tee shirt contest.

DAWN: Go get the towels outta the over night bag!

Dyrel walks subtely over to the big black carrying bag, unzips it and digs out two new, burgandy towels. He tosses one to his hot girlfriend ... she runs it all over her slender body ... Dyrel watches in sexual stimulation ... mouth open and slightly drooling.

He doesn't bother to dry himself ... he will settle for watching Dawn. She notices ... her view looks down to his ever-growing lump in his jeans. She smiles.

DAWN: Is that a sock in your pocket ... or are you happy to see me?

Dyrel grins like a fool ... half-embaressed, half-excited beyond belief. He approaches her ... with only one mission on his mind.

DYREL: Isn't there some "unfinished" businesse that we need to attend to here?

She quickly loses interest ... walking away from him ... walking into the living room.



The hot Dawn walks in ... semi-dry. She sits Indian-style on a large rug in front of a darkened fire place ... a frown across her face.

Dyrel soon follows like a loyal dog ... also losing interest (no matter how hard it is to believe.)

DYREL: It's cold in here.

DAWN: I know.

She wraps her arms around herself ... rubbing her bare skin ...

DAWN: (cont'd) You know what?

DYREL: What?

DAWN: (sweet/little girl voice) A fire sure would feel good right about now.

DYREL: Hmmmm...

He doesn't catch on ... a usual jock.

DYREL: (cont'd) I'm sure it would.

Her face dullens ... Dyrel notices and then "gets" what she meant.

DYREL: Oh... you want me to make a fire?

DAWN: No... I want to sit here on this rug, dripping wet and freezing cold!

He sighs ... gets up and stretches.

DYREL: But it's raining out.

DAWN: I don't give a shit Dyrel ... just do it!

DYREL: Dawn ... do you know how cold it is out there?

She gives him "the look" and his glance quickly moves down to the wooden floor.

DAWN: Dyrel ... we need wood ... it's going to be a cold night tonight.

DYREL: OKay ... okay ...

The moron just stands there ... eyes remaining in the same spot ...

DAWN: Would you get a move on it?!

DYREL: Huh? What?


DYREL: Alright ... okay ... I'm going, I'm going ...

He turns to the door, and gets ready for the soaking he's about to get ... he runs for it.


Dyrel SHRIEKS like a little girl when the icy-cold water hits his body. He runs nimbily into the thick woods ... the tops of them somewhat saving him from the shower.

DYREL: Ow! Shit!

He curses as he walks ... the pine needles and cones digging into the flesh on his foot. He hugs himself ... trying to retain his small amount of body heat.

DYREL: (mumbling - to himself) Don't know where the fuck she thinks I'm gonna find any goddamn wood that aint wet out here ... stupid bitch.

The poor soul continues on.


DAWN sits on the floor ... cross-legged. She leans forward, warming herself against the imaginary fire ... a floor board CREAKS.

She JUMPS ... is caught off guard.

DAWN: Shit!

The bottom part of the rotted board stands on end slightly. She grabs the end of it ... pulling up on it ... it SNAPS easily. She looks at it ... then gets an idea.

DAWN: Ah-huh!

The vixen grabs more floor boards, bending backwards ... they SNAP off easliy and she tosses them into the fire place.

In a few seconds, she has a small hole hollowed out in the floor ...

DAWN: (looking around) Matches ... matches ....

She straightens out her legs, allowing her hands to burrow in her pockets ... searching.


Her hand emerges from her left pocket, holding a small match box. She takes one and strikes the head on the coarse part of the box ... it comes to life, a small orange flame dances on the end of the stick.

Dawn throws it into the fire place, it bursts into flames ... a raging fire in matter of seconds.

She rubs her hands together, and then extends her legs again, placing her bare feet inches from the flames ... a smile of satisfaction comes across her face.


The frusterated and pissed off Dyrel is walking at a steady pace ... body covered in cold water ... he doesn't even bother to sheild himself from the on-slaught... he doesn't even give a shit even more ... he sings quietly to himself.

DYREL: (to himself - singing) I did it all for the nookie ... the nookie ... so you can take that cookie and stick it up your ... YEAH... stick it up your... YEAH ... stick it up your... YEAH. And I sold out like a chump ... HEY ... like a chump ... HEY ... like a chump ... HEY.

He continues on ... OUR VIEW STAYS for a second ... the woods behind him are dark ... frightening ... haunted by a homicidal maniac.


WE SEE THE MASKED JASON standing in the thick woods and brush ... watching ... and then he TAKES OFF in PERSUIT of the unaware teen.


Dawn sits happily in front of the orange fire ... a smile on her face. She sings silently to herself.

DAWN: (to herself - singing) Say it aint so, I will not go. Turn the lights off, carry me home ... na, na, na, na na. Late night ... come home, work sucks I know. She left me roses by the stiars, suprises let me know she cares. Say it aint so, I wll not go.




still mumbling now ... still pissed off ... still walking in the rain.

He STOPS in mid step ... a suprised look of shock and horror floods his features.



a ROTTEN, MAGGOT-INFESTED RABBIT CARCESS ... his foot right in the middle.

DYREL: EEEWWWWWwwwww..... gross!!

He kicks his foot into the air, ridding himself of the maggots and other parasites.

DYREL: Aaahhhh shit!

In a fit of rage and disgust, he spins around, and PUNCHES the tree ... on the hard bark of the trunk. We HEAR A SNAP ... he punched too hard ... broke his hand.

DYREL: OOoohhhh Fuck! Goddamnit!

He waves his arm in the air in frusteration.

DYREL: Oh ... fuck this!

The angered young man turns around and starts heading back.


The long burned out fire smolders in the rain ... we heard a low pitched GROWL ...

DYERL emerges from the woods ... his torso covered in pine needles ... mumbling to himself. In a storm of anger ... he heads for the cabin door.


Two filthy, rotted through WORK BOOTS plant themselves in front of the fire pit. Mud GOOSES from underneath the owner's boots.


JASON stares emtily and emotionlessly at us ... his gaze slowly moves down ... by the dirty log the two teens were sitting on earlier.


We HEAR a speady BREATHING ... raspy and uncaring ...we look DOWN and our VIEW STOPS ON THE SHARP-POINTED ROASTER FORK.

A ROTTING hand reaches for it ... takes it and turns it around and around in his hand ... admiring the fine weapon.



Dyrel walks in ... face matted mix of hate frusteration and anger ... now seeing the fire, excitment. Dawn looks up at him ... nothing but a grin.

DAWN: Hey.

DYREL: How in the hell did you start your own fire?


Our view scans the place ... we look down to see the gaping hole in the floor.


DYREL: (realizing) Ohh....

He knows there's no reason to be pissed off anymore, so he drops the macho act and goes over to the blazing fire ... takes a seat next to his girlfriend.

DAWN: Cold out there, huh?

DYREL: Uh huh.

He has to bite his tounge, as to he doesn't say anything.

DAWN: You proud of me?

DYREL: For the fire?

DAWN: Yeah!

The enduring young man hugs her tight ... whispering in her ear ...

DYREL: Oh course I'm proud of you baby.

He pecks her one on the cheek. While Dyrel hugs her, see looks over his shoulder, at the hole in the floor she created.



Just slightly out of our view, we can see the corner of an old, tattered, dirty BOOK.


Dawn pulls back ... a little suprised.

DYREL: What's wrong?

DAWN: What is that?

She never takes her eyes off of it.

They both crawl over to it ... curious.

DYREL: Is that a book?

DAWN: Looks like it.

With one quivering hand, Dyrel reaches into the filthy hole ... takes the book out. A SKULL is on the cover ... pages partly ripped.

DYREL: What the fuck is this?

DAWN: Wow.

She amazed. Dyrel flips the pages ... DRAWINGS of BLOOD and murderous activities on each page ... then some words ... sloppily written across the paper in slightly smeared ink. The paper is nearly yellow from age.

DAWN: (intriged) What does it say? Read it.

DYREL: HHhmmmm ...

DAWN: Come'on. Read it!

DYREL: I don't read Greek very well, but I'll try. It talks about how a mortal person can call upon the powers of darkness ... and bring back someone that they love ... but the price is that the person that is brought back will be replaced with a demonic soul.

He flips more pages ... Dawn leans forward, face full of wonder and horror at the same time.

DYREL: What the fuck ...?


NEWLY WRITTEN WORDS cover the next few pages ... written in English print. The book looks so old that it would be impossible to write modern-style in it.

DAWN: It looks like someone just wrote that!

DYREL: Yeah it does.

His face becomes twisted, and distorted. Dawn playfully punches him in the arm.

DAWN: Well .... come on ... read it!

DYREL: (reading) June seventeenth ... nineteen ninety two. Today is a gorgous summer day at the lake. I've been searching for different facts and clues about Jason ...

They look at each other in amazment.

IN UNISON: Jason?!

DYREL: (reading - cont'd) I found out that his father, Elias Voorhees, paid the local undertaker to keep his son's body from being cremated. After Tommy Jarvis hacked him up with his own machete ... the Crystle Lake sheriff ordered Jason's body to be burned, but Elias said that Jason belonged in the earth, next to his mother. At the age of eighty years old, Elias died in the cabin by the lake of a heart attack when coming to visit his son's original resting place. (pauses) Well, that's all I can write today ... I have to begin my training tonight ... I have to start hunting the bastard in his own territory now. May God be with me ... and protect me. Signed, Craighten Duke.

DAWN : Craighten Duke? Wasn't that the bounty hunter they found rotting at the cabin ...

DYREL: Oh, you mean in '93? Thats when that TV reporter went nuts and started killing everyone, trying to make them think that Jason had returned, right?

DAWN: I remember hearing about that. (pauses) Keep reading

DYREL: (reading) June twentieth ... I have been getting myself into excellent shape, for I will need the bodily stength when doing battle with evil itself. I found this book under the floorboards of the old cabin ... written in Greek ... I think that it holds many of the answers I have been looking for about Jason and his past. (pauses) I have my entire arsenal with me on this day ... but none of them bring me comfort. Out of all the bombs, automatics, revolvers, rifles and shotguns, none of them bring me the emotion comfort I will need when I hunt him. I've gotten books from the local library about the Greek laungage, and tonight I plan on reading this thing, cover to dirty cover. Whatever I find out, I will write here in the morning.

Dyrel stops ... wets his lips ...

DAWN: Well ... go ahead ... read the next entry.

DYREL: (reading) Morning of June twenty-first. This book, called the "Necrenomicon" by the ancient Greeks. I now know the unbearbale truth ... I will write it out, and just pray that it isn't as horrifying as last night. After the young Jason drowned in the lake, his mother, Pamela Voorhees, missed him terribly, vowed to do anything to get her son back. After somehow learning of this book, and getting her hold on it, she prayed to the powers of darkness, asking for Jason's return ... she said that she wanted him to never die ... always be with her. When the evil curse didn't happen right away, she went mad, going back into deep despair. This caused her to perform the massacre which insued at the lake. After she was killed, the curse went in affect. The original soul of the innocent Jason still rests in Heaven this very day. The denomic force that controls all that is evil, placed the most wretched, evil, twisted soul imaginable into the body of the boy ... turning him into what we all know as Jason Voorhees today. The book says once the curse starts, there is no stopping it ... ever. But, it says it can be slowed and returned to the darkness from which it came by the mortal who inpisred the curse to begin with. Pamela is dead ... so I will find the next best thing ... her grandaughter, Jessica Kimble.

Dawn is totally mezmerized by the story ...

DAWN: But the book said that it had to be the one that inspired the curse to end it!

DYREL: Yeah ...

DAWN: Maybe Jason had something to do with those murders in '93 ...

DYREL: Come on Dawn. You don't actually believe this stuff, do you?

DAWN: He was a real person Dyrel.

DYREL: Yeah, he was some fucked up retard that lived in the woods and didn't know the difference between right and wrong. I don't buy this voodoo bullshit for a minute.

DAWN: But what if Duke really did send Jason back to hell?

DYREL: Jason has been dead for a long time, Dawn.

DAWN: Just think about it though ... what if he did send him to hell? That would be a mistake ... wouldn't it?

DYREL: Why would it be a mistake?

DAWN: Cause it said that Mrs. Voorhees would have to be the one ... cause in her prayers to the darkness, she said that she wanted Jason back forever ... she didn't want him to die ... so that cursed this whole area. That means that Jason would have to come back, doesn't it?

DYREL: Are you serious?!

DAWN: Well...

DYREL: This was obviously written by that news reporter that killed those people back then ...

DAWN: Yeah ... I guess you're right. But ...

DYREL: Sshshhhh....

DYREL: (cont'd) Jason was just some punk in a hockey mask ...

He reaches over into the over night bag, pulls out a white, clean hockey face-mask ... a bright red triangle on the forehead. He slips the mask on, pearing out through the eye holes ... eerie as hell.

DAWN: Where'd you get that?

DYREL: Bought it at the sporting goods store the other day when playing street hockey with the guys.

Dyrel peels the mask from his face ...

DYREL: See ... thats all he ever was.

She hangs her arms around him ... hugging him tight.

DYREL: (in her ear) Don't be scared ... I'll protect you.

He jumps up suddenly to his feet, the hockey mask in one hand ... he slips it on.

DAWN: (laughing) What the hell are you doing?!

DYREL: (retard voice) Duh ... my name is Jason Voorhees ... I like to kill teenage girls ... hehehe ... duh, mommy? Duh ... duh ....

Dawn laughs uncontrolably at his imitation. Dyrel continues his act, dancing around with the mask on.

JUST THEN: BANG! The cabin door splinters in. BANG! The door is pryed off its hinges! JASON is on the outside ... SMASHING all of his weight into the door!

Dawn SHRIEKS in terror!!! Dyrel throws the mask from his face ... quickly crawls back to the corner by his girlfriend.

DAWN: (hysterical) AAhhhh!!! DYREL ... HELP ME!!!

The shaking and quivering boy reaches in the bag ... his hand emerges with a .45 AUTOMATIC ... shoves in a fresh clip ...

DYREL: (scared as shit) I--i--it's okay ... d-d-d-don't worry.

POW! JASON MAKES HIS TERRORIZING ENTRANCE, ROAST FORK drawn in the air .... READY TO KILL at a moment's notice.


JASON'S attention turns to the two ... WALKS TOWARDS THEM.

WITHIN SECONDS, he is UPON THEM! BANG! Dyrel gets a shot off ... hits Jason RIGHT IN THE FOREHEAD ... it stops him! DARK RED BLOOD gushes from the bullet hole in the festering mask!

Jason quickly throws his hands up to the wound ... too late. He falls backwards ... laying on his back on the floor.

DYREL: Mother fucker!

An extraordinary amount of blood gushes from the gaping hole in the mask ... SUDDENLY, JASON'S HAND twitches to life!

In one swift move, he takes one gloved hand, inserts to fingers into the eye holes ... and YANKS up! He GUNTS slightly ... in very much pain and agony.

DAWN: What the fuck?!

They both try to run for it, but Jason's other arm reaches out ... tripping both of them.


The thin, birddle mask is PEELED away from his face! GOO and OOZE strings of it, connecting the mask to the face ... with one mighty TUG, the mask is freed from the wicked owner.

A FESTERING, GREEN FLESHED FACE ... BALD HEAD, NOSE EATEN AWAY FROM DECAY ... twisted and distorted ... hideous ... BLOOD-stained. A LARGE BULLET HOLE in his forehead from the large calibur gun.


The two young adults lay struggling on the floor ... squirming to get away ... Jason's hold on them is like a vice.

The UNMASKED JASON rises to his feet ... DAWN AND DYREL SCREAM IN HORROR when seeing the face that has been covered by the infamous mask all these years.


reaches to the floor, grabs his .45, points it in Jason's direction when he jumps to his feet also.

JASON moves in on him, STABBING the roasting fork into his stomach ... GURGLE ... CRUNCH ... he moves the blades of the fork around in his insides ... DAWN screams again ... BLOOD cascades down Dyrel's stomach ... he's still alive, however.

HIS HAND pulls up, next to Jason's head with the gun again ... the yellow/green/black eyes of the killer catch the movement, and GRABS HIS HAND ... turning the pistol in DYREL'S direction ...

Dyrel's eyes reflect the horror in his soul ... the realization of death setting in. To finish him off, JASON puts his gloved finger against Dyrel's ... PULLS THE TRIGGER. BANG! A loud report echoes through the tiny cabin.

His EYES become all white, and roll into the back of his head ... he falls to the floor ... dead and skull shattered to pieces.

DAWN yells again ... Jason turns her way ... cornering her by the fire place. She hudles down next to the hole in the floor.

DAWN: No! Jason! Stop please!

A FESTERING HAND reaches INTO the fire place ...not affecting him at all ... he TAKES OUT A GLOWING orange coal ... approaches Dawn.

DAWN: Nooooo!!!

He JAMS the coal into her neck ... the sound of burning flesh can be heard ... similar to that sound of bacon cooking ... she SCREAMS in pain.

DAWN: AAhhhhh!

BLOOD rushes from the smoldering wounds ... she chokes on it ... death sets in ... her eyes go blank.

Jason, saisfied walks over to the corpse that was once Dyrel ... STEPS on his old mask ... CRUNCH ... it breaks like peanut brittle. He picks up the new mask ... admires it in his hand for a minute ... then slips it on over his rotting but everlasting head. He turns around ... looking RIGHT INTO THE CAMERA! A shot that sends a shudder of fear down ever spine that's witnessed the autrocities.



A mix of HALLOWEEN and FRIDAY THE 13TH THEME MUSIC over opening credits..

George P. Wilbur as "The Shape"

Kane Hodder as "Jason"

Opening title card:




The small house is lighted by only candles. Newspaper articles hang on the wall. A man ... TOMMY DOYAL sits in front of a small Sony color TV ... taking hits from his smoke ... flicking the ashes on the floor.


YEAR 1999

A dark colored beard cloaks his face ... his eyes are slightly sucken back into his skull ... a little beer belly.


We watch a local newscast ... the weather is just finishing up.

NEWSCASTER: (mid conversation) ... and thats your weather, Haddonfield. And now, back to Cyndi and Robert in the studio. Cydni ... Rob ...

The image changes ... and the picture BLURS ... bad reception. They are now in the news studio. CYNDI GRAHAM and ROBERT SHANKS sit at a table ... scripts in front of them.

ROBERT: Thank you for that report James ... now, in other news ...

CYNDI: The Summerglen, California police department has recently notified the Haddonfield P.D. that former Haddonfield resident Laurie Strode, under the new name Keri Tate, was ambushed by a madman, dressed as Haddonfield's own, Michael Myers. Myers, as you all remember, was the infamous mass murderer who butchered and slaughtered many people in his hometown, before being returned to the care of Smith Grove's Sanitarium in Warren County. Tate believed that her murderous brother, Myers, had come back for her. In an attempt to save her own life, Keri decapitated the man she believed to be her brother with a fire axe. However, Haddonfield Sheriff Daniel Framer met with the California morgue attendent that performed the autopsy on the man. Scars, including severly burned hands, and a symbol on the wrist that was recorded at the time of Myers arrest in 1989, were not found on the man's body. After unmasking the decapiated head, it was discovered that Doctor Terrence Wynn was indeed the culprit in the recent massacre. Dr. Wynn was the head of staff at the Smith's Grove Sanitarium, where Myers was held. After the death of Myers in 89, Wynn made it his mission to continue in his former patient's tracks. (pauses) The doctor was believed to have dabbled in the occult and devil worship. More on this bizzare case as information becomes avalible to us. This is Cyndi Graham, reporting for chanel four news .... thank you, and good night.



His features are flooded with fear, unbelieving horror, and concern. His face looks almost like the mask of the Shape. Tommy drops his smoke on the floor ... not noticing.

TOMMY: (terrified) God in Heaven ....

He gets out of his chair ... running to the living room of the house.


Reaching into the gun cabinet, he pulls out a .38 caliber revolver ... loads it.

TOMMY: He's alive .... I can't fucking believe this!

Afte shoving some extra bullets into his pocket ... he slams the gun cabinet door ... too hard. GLASS SHATTERS and falls to the ground.

TOMMY: Damnit!

He runs for the door.


The man on a mission jams the revolver into the front of his pants ... jumping into his jeep ... it ROARS to life. It then takes off down the street at a break-neck speed.


The paranoid warrior keeps looking in his rear-view mirror. Sees nothing. He lights up another smoke ... taking fast hits. Turns up the radio.

RADIO TALK HOST: Hey there ... this is Misty Hardings with WKNB radio. Tonight, we are discussing serial killers, and the affect they have on the general public. Caller # 1.... let's hear your thoughts.

The caller sounds like a young man ... New York accent ... stutters a lot.

CALLER #1: Hi this is James. Uh ... I think that these mass murderers and bullshit are nothing but (RADIO BLANK) -ucking little momma's boys. They can't get a real life, so they take others. It's the same with all of 'em ....

MISTY HARDINGS: Well of course .... you have your typical, dumb ass serial killers ... Ted Bundy, Jeffery Dahmer, Charlie Manson, Henry Lee Lucas ...

CALLER #1: Oh yeah ... I just wanted to clear something up. Manson shouldn't get all the attention here. I mean he didn't even kill anyone. I think you should probably kill someone before being considered a mass murderer .... just my thoughts.

MISTY HARDINGS: Anyway ... like I was saying .... you have those quote unquote "real" serial killer pigs ... then you have this whole breed of wierdos. I think Ed Gein should be the first listed ....

CALLER #1: Um ... just to let you all know, Eddy Gein only killed one person ... just to tell you all. He dug up dead bodies, and shit like that...

MISTY HARDINGS: (irritated) Thank you caller .... well anyway ... you have these real unusual killers. Look at all of them ...you have W.E. Sawyer in Texas ... him and his cannible/psycho family with chainsaws ... then in Ohio, there's Fredrick Krueger ... the infamous child murderer ... at that little place .... um (thinking) ... that camp....

CALLER #1: ...Camp Crystle Lake?

MISTY HARDINGS: Yeah that's it .... Jason Voorhees at Camp Crystle Lake. But let's not forget Haddonfield's own, Michael Myers. I mean, this guy is the freakiest one .... by far.

Tommy turns the radio to a different station.

TOMMY: Got that right.

The RADIO BLARES "Teenage Frankenstein" by Alice Cooper.

ALICE COOPER: (radio) I'm a teenage Frankenstien, the local freak with the twisted mind. I'm a teenage Frankenstien, these ain't my hands, and these legs ain't mine.

TOMMY: What the fuck is this?

He turns the radio off ... disgusted.


The jeep whips around a corner in the small town suberbia. Tires squeal and rubber burns. The vehicle speeds on down the road.


Tommy peers out the window like a hawk ... eyes scanning. He looks out the windshield... talks to himself.

TOMMY: (to himself) Lord, please be with me and give me stength. Amen.

After finishing the short prayer he gases it again ... accelerating into the darkness.


White houses with picket fenses and Tommy's jeep are the only things that can be seen in the illusive darkness. SUDDENLY, the jeep comes to an abrupt STOP.


Tommy slams on the brakes ... skidding a few feet. He looks out the window ... a look of staisfaction floods his feelings. He grins like a fool.

TOMMY: It's time ... Michael.

Echoing Dr. Loomis's line from "Halloween 2."


We look out, to see, a white painted house ... abandoned .... in bad shape ... HAUNTED... it's: THE MYERS HOUSE

TOMMY: Okay you sonuvabitch ... time to say goodbye.


Tommy emerges from the jeep ... jacket zipped up in the colder fall time weather. The REVOLVER protruding from the front of his pants. He shuts the door, and looks up to the sky. He does the catholic cross on himself ... closes his eyes. After a second, he opens them ... looking around and possibly reconsidering his plans.

He takes a deep breath and sprints up to the front of the house. Weeds snake their way around the house, beer bottles from local teens litter the yard, the grass is nearly a foot tall... brown and dead. The shutters of the house are hanging from their hinges, parts eaten away from bad weather.

He gets the to front door and looks in the window.


The house is dark and forbidding. We can't see anything. Mud is smeared on the window.


The wind picks up, and the sharp coldness whips through the ward ... blows dead leaves in all directions.


With one trembling hand, he reaches out and rattles the door knob. The wood around it is so rotted that the knob falls right out... falling to Tommy's feet. He sighs, and draws his revolver. He slams against the door ... it gives in and splinters ... pops open.


A single ray of moon light shines through the window, just enough to slightly illuminate the scene. With gun drawn, Tommy procedes cautously. He looks and cocks the hammer back on the fire arm.

TOMMY: Michael?

His voice is calm, and welcoming. Sounds nice enough to even calm the most restless souls. The following scene suggests the similiar scene from "Halloween 5."

TOMMY: Are you here Michael? It's Tommy Doyal. I know you're here.

As he walks forward, a spider web dips down, getting caught in his beard... he shrugs and ignores it.

TOMMY: Michael ... liseten to me. I know you're here. Dr. Wynn has been killed by your sister ... Laurie.

Off IN THE SHADOWS, we catch a brief glimpse of THE SHAPE's white mask ... Tommy doesn't see him and continues in reporting the news.

TOMMY: Laurie is still alive Michael. Wynn dressed up like you to fool her... but she thought it was you and killed him. (waits) Don't you see? You're free now. He doesn't control you anymore. (waits) Michael?! How many more people must die because of your mission?! Huh?! Jamie ... your neice ... you killed her. She had your baby damnit ... and you fucking killed her!



A scene from "Halloween (6): The Curse of Michael Myers." The Shape throws the young Jamie onto the farmer's husker. She looks worrily up at him, arms stretched out ... looking for sympathy and comfort ... he approaches her, and SLAMS her body further down onto the large blade impaling her.


TOMMY: What about your son ... huh, Michael? You have a son ... if your mission is to kill your bloodline, why don't you go after him? I know why. The love you seeked from Jamie ... you want it from your son now. (pauses) Remeber Jamie? Her innocence was taken away from her. What did that cult do to you at the sanitarium?



In the deepest, darkest corner of the whole facility, the tall, filthy CELL stands tall ... the former holding place of the Shape. We see: Michael standing erect behind the large iron bars ... his arms and legs heavily shackeled in heavy duty security chains. It stares out subtley ... slightly pacing to and fro.


We see Dr. Wynn - dressed as the Stranger in Black, hat, duster - and several hooded cult members. JAMIE is in the middle of them. When Wynn speaks, his voice is deep and evil... filled with rage.

WYNN: You stupid little bitch! How dare you defy me to my face?!

He slaps her tender face. Looking to be only around 15, the young Jamie Lloyd screams as dark red blood flies from her lip. She falls to the floor ... the cultists pick her up and hold her.

WYNN: Tie her up!

JAMIE: (screaming) No! Please! No!

Her pleas go unheard, as the members taker her arms, and turn her around ... her back facing us. They strap down her wrists to leather straps hanging down ... she is helpless. Wynn steps forward, and RIPS Jamie's hospital gown from her back ... exposing her bare breasts.

JAMIE: No! Please! Stop!

After exposing her bare skin, Wynn steps back ... reaches into the inside pocket of the duster ... his gloved hand emerges with a BLACK LEATHER WHIP!!! Jamie turns around... her eyes widen in fear, seeing the whip. She starts weeping loudly.

WYNN: Shut up, bitch!

He draws back, and ... CRACK! The end of the whip smacks her supple skin on her back. She SCREAMS in pain. Wynn draws back again ... SMACK. Another lashing ...

JAMIE: Please stop ... I'm begging you!

He shows no mercy and continues in the beating. The other members stand around, watching. Our P.O.V. starts breathing loudly ... disturbed by the sight.

WYNN: Begging is evil! I must whip the evil from you, wicked child!

The skin on Jamie's back is ridged and unnatural. Blood seeps from the wounds. She continues to SCREAM.

In front of our view, two scarred, terribly burned hands reach up and grab the bars of the jail cell ... SHAKING THEM very hard ... trying to dishinge the cell door. It stays. Wynn looks back at us.

WYNN: Ain't this a beautiful thing?

He smiles and the door continues to whack hellishly.


Tommy looks around. Pointing the gun in all directions ...

TOMMY: Why don't you just leave your family in peace? Killing them won't ever help. It will make your anger worse.



THE SHAPE stands tall ... chained and standing erect in the hallway ... mask firmly secured on his face. He stands dormant ... like a valcano. Hooded members escort the Shape along ... down the hall. One of them stops ... they approach a security door ... the member takes his key card out to open it ... as he bends down to run it through ...

THE SHAPE COMES TO LIFE. Filled with homicidal rage, he throws the member holding his arm off to the side, smashing against the wall. Michael takes the huge chains that restrian him and wrap them around the other member's neck.

His eyes BULDGE as he struggles to catch a breath of air. The SHAPE'S hands increase the pressure ... SNAP. The member's neck breaks like a twig. Blood trickles from his mouth. THEN - the Shape goes back: dormant again ...

It ends as fast as it started. The other member gets up and grabs the Shape by the arm ... continuing to lead him down the hall ... very cautous ... dagger drawn.


Wynn sits at his desk ... the member from before sits on a chair in front of the desk.

WYNN: (mid conversation) What?!

MEMBER #1: Yeah ... he killed Willis.

WYNN: How?!

MEMBER #1: We were leading him back to the cell after the impregnating ritual with Jamie ... and he broke his neck with his chains.

WYNN: You mean to tell me that you let Michael kill one of your brother's of the flame? Is that what your telling me?

MEMBER #1: I tried to stop him, but-

WYNN: I don't want to hear it. You know what the punishment is.

The member looks at the floor.

MEMBER #1: (quietly) Yes.

He gets up ... takes a stool from the corner ... and throws a length of rope over a rafter in the ceiling. He makes a noose out of it. The poor bastard sheds a tear, and slowly climbs up onto the stool ... fitting the noose around his neck.

WYNN: You have allowed Michael to kill your brother. I sentence you to death.

The member gulps his last, and tries to keep from crying. Wynn stands up and KICKS the stool from underneath him ... the MEMBER HANGS by his neck ... chokes and his neck breaks withing seconds.

Wynn stands there admiring the work of death in front of him. He smiles evily. He sits back down at his desk, finishing his paper work ... leaving the body to hang.


Tommy stands directly in the light ... gun in hand. THE SHAPE emerges from the shadows, white mask reflecting the moonlight of the night. In his right hand is a GLEAMING BUTCHER KNIFE. He raises it up ... ready to kill at a moments notice. He has had enough ... the memories have triggered the rage yet again.

THE SHAPE approaches ... knife poised in the air .. Tommy turns and GASPS. He FIRES a slug into the Shape's shoulder. It spins him around ... stumbles and regains his balance ... continues.

TOMMY FIRES again ... BANG! A loud report, and the Shape takes it in the chest this time. He Falls backwards ... falling flat on his back. Tommy approaches carefully ... gun aimed at the Shape's heart.


His burned fingers flex in and out. He grips onto the large kitchen knife. Sits up. Tommy FIRES again ... but this time, he is backed up so far, that the bullet doesn't find its mark and slams into the wall behind him. THE SHAPE stands tall ... GRABBING TOMMY by the neck ... lifting him high into the air.

TOMMY STRUGGLES FOR AIR. THE SHAPE JAMS the knife into Tommy's rib cage ... holding him up by the blade. BLOOD streams from the corner of his mouth.


Tommy looks down, at us (into the Shape's face) and seams to almost smile.


Michael drops him ... THUD, his body falling onto the floor. Tommy squirms on the floor ... trying to breath through the punctured lung. The Shape decides to finish him off, moves in on him, and pulling his head back ... exposing the flesh on his skin.

The BLADE CUTS HIS FLESH ... blood cascades down Tommy's neck. He chokes and death sets in.


Michael stands tall ... looking down at the corpse of Tommy ... cocks his head one way, admiring his handy work. The knife drips with the fresh blood of Tommy Doyal.

The Shape turns back into the darkness ... disappearing from view.




We come back to see the sixteen year old STEPHEN LLOYD, the son of Michael Myers. He sits at the kitchen table ... munching on some raisin bread. The now middle aged KARA STRODE sits at the other end of the table, glasses on as she peers over them at an unfolded newspaper in front of her. All is quiet.



Stephen has been adopted by Kara long ago ... never knowing his true identity.

KARA: (not looking up from the paper) So ... how was your day?

He shrugs, and takes another bite.

STEPHEN: Okay I guess ... today Mr. Scrimm made me do push ups because he thought I was talking during his instructions.

KARA: Well, were you?

Stephen smiles guiltfully.

STEPHEN: Maybe ...

KARA: Yeah? How about the rest of your classes .... how were they?

STEPHEN: Not too bad ... oh yeah ... I started my true crime class today.

KARA: True crime? Like what?

STEPHEN: Serial Killers and stuff like that.

Kara looks at him ... suprised.

KARA: Really? They're teaching that in school?

STEPHEN: Uh-huh.

She shrugs and goes back to her reading. Stephen finishes his after school snack and gets up.

STEPHEN: Well ... I'm gonna get going.

KARA: To where?

STEPHEN: The Halloween party at Wes's house.

KARA: Uhh .... hmmmm....

She looks at him, disapproving.


KARA: Nothing. Go, have a good time ... and be careful, you hear?

He smiles, and turns to leave. Throws his jacket over his shoulders ...

STEPHEN: (walking away) Okay .... bye mom.

He runs out the front door.

KARA: See ya later.

The door shuts. We HOLD on Kara for a beat .... she seems paranoid ... she gets the feeling every Halloween. She puts the paper down and stares off into space .... RING. The phone rings next to her ... startling her.

KARA: (into phone) Hello?


We see a full grown DANNY STRODE, sharing almost the same facial features from his younger years ... except for a thick mustach over his lip.

DANNY: Hi ma. How ya doing?


Her face lights up ... she's very glad to hear from her son.

KARA: Oh, Danny, hi. I've missed you so much.


DANNY: I've missed you too mom.


KARA: So, how's the new apartment working out for you?


DANNY: Good ... good. I'm here by myself tonight, Damon and Heather are out going to a concert or something.


KARA: Oh I see. Stephen just left for some Halloween party, so I'm here by myself too.

DING-DONG. The door bell rings. It scares her again ... a little jumpy today.

KARA: (cont'd) Oh honey ... there's someone at the door ... can I call you back in ten minutes? (waits) Okay ... bye.

She hangs up and goes over to the door ... opens it.


We look both ways ... we don't see anything in either direction.


KARA: (mumbling) Goddamn kids. Would cut their own throats just for Halloween.

She comes back inside and starts making herself a cup of coffee. Places the cup in the microwave, and goes to the ...


Neat and tighty. A TV and VCR under it on one side of the spacious room, and a couch covered with a burlap style indian blanket. She sits on the couch, and turns the TV on with the remote.

A MOVIE comes over the screen ...

Alfred Hitchcock's "Psycho." We see the image of Marion (Janet Leigh) taking a shower... the shower curtain is pulled back, as a dark figure glides into the room. Marion SCREAMS in horror as the infamous Norman Bates jams the knife repeatedly into her body.


She squirms and closes her eyes slightly.

KARA: Oh gross.



The small house is packed with about thirty teenagers ... all with drinks and wearing costumes. A stereo BLARES "Living Dead Girl" by Rob Zombie.



Stephen is the only one not dressed in a costume. He stands out from the bunch, while happily sipping away at a brew. WES CUNNINGHAM, 17, with long jet black hair, comes up to him.

WES: Hey Steve. What's up man?

They hit each other's fists.

STEPHEN: Not much. How 'bout you?

WES: Rockin!

Someone turns up the volume of the song ... just as it ends and the tone dies down ... a loud "ah" comes from the crowd of half drunk kids.

WES: (yelling to crowd) Ah settle down ... hold on one fuckin minute ...

He stumbles over to the radio ... pushing some buttons, and replacing the CD with another. He walks back over to Stephen.

The RADIO plays "The Beautilfal People" by Marilyn Manson. "YEAH" is heard from the crowd.

TEEN: Mosh pit!

They all join it ... jumping up and down, knocking shit over and banging their heads in tone with the music ... spilling the beer all over the place.

Wes and Stephen walk into the semi-quiet kitchen.


Pizza, chips, and about everything othe junk food imaginable litters the counters and the floor. A cooler sets on the island in the middle ... empty beer cans in it along with full ones.

WES: What a fucking party!


They look around ... searching for a subject to talk about. The sounds of carnage come from the other room .... the house shakes and rattles with the weight of about 30 teens jumping up and down.

WES: Hey man ... I heard this rumor at school ... I need to know if it's true.

STEPHEN: Well .... what is it?

WES: Sarah told me that your mom was Michael Myers's niece.

STEPHEN: (shrugging it off) Not as far as I know.

They both smile and then break into laughter. The alcohol is finally settling into their systems. They then both walk back into the party ... joining in the mosh pit.



Kara sits on the couch, eyes glued on the YV.


An episode of Crime Stories is on ... one about Michael Myers.

TV VOICE: Myers was captured in 1989 when Dr. Sam Loomis set a trap for the serial murderer in the Myers house ...


She bites her finger nails nervously. A bowl of popcorn sits between her legs ... she pecks at it every once in a while ... never taking her eyes from the screen.




We SLOWLY BACK AWAY, to reveal that a police squad car is parked next to a grave site with a missing tombstone.

A large, over weight man, SHERIFF DANIEL FRAMER stands there, puffing away on his cigar. He looks down angrily and scowls. Two other deputies are with him ... Deputy Morgan and Deputy Crater.

SHERIFF: Brian, who's grave site is this?

CRATER: Uh .... Samuel Loomis sir ....

SHERIFF: Sam Loomis? The shrink that -

MORGAN: Yes ... he was.

Framer spits and looks down again.

SHERIFF: Well boys ... I think all we got here is a little Halloween prank.

The two other officers look at each other ... unsatisfied.

MORGAN: A Halloween prank?

SHERIFF: Yes .... that's exactly what this is.

CRATER: Burning shit on a door step ... yeah, but stealing a tomb stone? Come on.

SHERIFF: What?! You think that fucking Michael Myers did it? Huh? I can't believe this fucking town ... Michael Myers this ... Michael Myers that. (waits) I've had enough of this horse shit ... I'm going back to the station.

He turns and gets back into his car ... drives away. The other two stay there for a second ... waiting for something to happen. Nothing.



Now dark outside, Kara sleeps soundly on the couch ... the TV is just snow now. The bowl of popcorn is tipped over, spilling it everywhere ... but not affecting Kara.


Outside the trees sway ... and we see the outline of someone outside ... hiding ... lurking in the shadows. It's THE SHAPE. The demon of Samhain. He turns ...walking out of our view ... in the direction of THE FRONT DOOR!

POW! There is a thud at the door. Kara jumps up from her sleep ... eyes as wide as quarters ... ears perked out ... listening .... hears nothing. She lays back down.

KARA: Damn cat.

POW! Another pound on the door .... this time Kara jumps up ... stumbles to the door ... unlocks it and opens it ... peers out.


Again, we see nothing in the darkness.


Kara turns sleepily back into the doorway ... suddenly THE SHAPE grabs her by the back of the neck ... the door stays open! She SCREAMS in terror and realization ... realization that Michael has come home, and wants his son.

She kicks her foot back ... striking the Shape in the shin. There is no sign or register of pain ... he lets go of her. She turns around and backs up ... scared as shit.

KARA: (terrified) Michael?

He appoaches her ... the wind outside blows the door shut.

KARA: Why have you come back? What do you want?!

Tears of horror stream down her attractive face ... the SHAPE advances ... is upon her within seconds ... TAKES HER AROUND THE NECK ... chocking the life outta her.



Scene from "Halloween 6" : The Shape has Kara pinned down to a table ... chocking her ... she grabs the bottom of his mask ... but passes out ...


With amazing strenght, The Shape LIFTS KARA into the air by her neck with ease. She chokes and pleads for her life.

KARA: (between breathes) Oh ... please .... stop ... Michael ... what do ... you... want? ....

He keeps her in the air, the scarred hand wrapped tightly around her throat ... darkened eyes scan the walls of the room ... takes his left hand ... taking a picture of Stephen off the wall ... he recognizes him as his own. He holds it out to her ... telling her that he wants him without words or sounds.

KARA: Stephen...? You want your son?

He DROPS her ... she falls to the floor ... the Shape drops the frame as Kara struggles to gain some breath. She coughs several times. Kara looks up at him ... a fury building within her soul ...


The Shape's eyes widen in anger ... grabbing her by the neck again ... walking into the kitchen while choking the life from her body.


With one terriby scarred hand, he reaches over to the butcher's block, taking a large knife from it's slot ... and then SLAMS it into Kara's chest!!! She SCREAMS. Her shreiks are soon muffled by the amount of blood that sprays from the wound.

THE SHAPE RIPS the knife out of her flesh ... raises it up again ... and PLUNGES it into her heart ... piercing it with the blade ... her body goes limp and falls to the floor in a pool of blood. The Shape bends down, taking the knife from the corpse.




By now, everyone has either passed out on the floor or is crammed into the bathroom ... puking like a sick dog. Stephen is seated in a chair ... his eyes glazed over ... breathing heavily.

He looks down at his watch ... then trys to stand up. He looks at Wes, sleeping on the floor.

STEPHEN: Hey man ... I'm gonna go home, okay?

MOAN. The motionless Wes grunts and rolls over. Stephen searches for his jacket and pulls it on over his shoulders. He rubs his face and hair with his hands ... trying to wear the buzz off.


Two BLURED hands are in front of him ... his own.

STEPHEN: (to himself) Oh shit man ....


He closes his eyes tight. And opens them again. He trys jogging in place to get his blood going. He then walks into the kitchen.


Stephen walks over to the frig, pulls out a jug of water, and takes a long, satisfying drink. Replaces it. He looks around again.

STEPHEN: Come on man ... you don't want mom to see ya like this, would ya?

He turns ... ready to leave ... convinced he's sober now. Ha!


Stephen comes walking out ... tripping over his feet several times. He makes it to his truck ... opens the door ... climbs in.


He rubs his face again ... digs in his pockets ...

STEPHEN: Where the fuck are they ...?

JINGLE. He picks them up from the floor ... sticks the key in the ignition, and turns the key. The automobile ROARS to life. Puts it in drive and speeds off down the road.


The truck pulls up, fast ... then slows way down. It pulls into the drive way ... parking and turning it off. He gets out ... makes his way up to the front porch .... still piss drunk.


The door knob slowly turns ... Stephen enters ... keeping his eyes on the floor.

STEPHEN: Hi mom... I'm home.

He doesn't hear a response, so he takes off his coat ... hangs it on the rack ... eyes still on the floor.


We just look up as we see ...

KARA'S lifeless body sprawled on the floor .... DR. LOOMIS'S HEAD STONE is proped up against the wall ... fear builds and so does the disbelief ... he SCREAMS in shock! We look up at the wall ... written in Kara's dark red blood is ...


the blood dripping down the walls! We look over from that ... another message ... :


is also written in blood!!! Next to the grizzly message is the word :SON also scrawled in in the red stuff.


The looks of fear and saddness comes over Stephen's face. His jaw drops and he falls over, next to Kara's body.

STEPHEN: Mom! MOM!! MOM, wake up!! MOM!

He conitunes ... stopping only when he comes to the awful realization that she is dead.


Next to the bloody phrases ... A LARGE BUTCHER KNIFE sticks out from the wall!!!

Stephen lays over his mother's body ... weeping. As he cries, THE SHAPE appears from the darkness of the kitchen ... STEPPING LOUDLY ... LOOKS DOWN INTO THE TEAR-STAINED FACE OF HIS SON.

Stephen looks up at his homidial father ... he YELLS in terror and scrambles to get away from him ... jumping up to his feet with amazing speed. He looks around, grabbing the knife outta the wall ... he looks over at the idle Shape once again ... they stare at each other.

STEPHEN: You killed her ... you son of a bitch! You killed her!

He runs at his dad, jamming the knife into his chest. CRUNCH. He backs up to evaulate the damage done.


THE SHAPE stares emptily at us ... the knife protruding a few inches from his chest. With one burned hand he reaches up, grabbing the handle of the chef's knife ... RIP, like velcro, he rips the blade from his massive chest.


Stephen screams again ... running for the door, seeing THE SHAPE brandishing his favorite weapon. He makes it outside ... the SHAPE in hot pursuit.


Stephen jumps into his truck ... screaming and trying to find the keys again.


He locks all the doors quickly ... rolls up the windows.

STEPHEN: (desperately pleaing) The keys! The keys!

The cursed son of the Shape starts the vehicle and SPEEDS off down the road ... tires SQUEAL.


THE SHAPE has vanished ... he is nowhere in sight ... SUDDENLY ... Kara's black VAN STARTS up, and the large van takes off down the small street in pursuit ... hot on his heals ...


The scared teen floors it ...


The small red needle wiggles uncontrollably between 70 and 80 ...


His face is contorted ... twisted in anger and fear. He finally breaks out, and starts crying. The tears stream from his eyes.

STEPHEN: (weeping) Oh shit .... please .... help me ....

With a sweaty hand, he wipes the tears from his face ... sniffing ... trying to keep his cool.


We slowly ZOOM IN on Stephen's EYE ... CLOSER ... closer ... the dark blue color engulfs the entire screen.


The screen is blurred around the outline of it ... indicating that we are in a memory of Stephen's. He is a baby. When words are spoken, they are giberish ... a foreign tounge almost.


In 1995, at the Haddonfield bus station ... in the ladies bathroom. The warm, loving face stares back at us.

JAMIE: You're so cute ....

She CONTINUES (new footage added from H6 scene) ... we are rocked back and forth ... craddled.

JAMIE: I love you my son .... I pray you never have to go through what I've had to ...

She smiles .... laughs a little .... looks down at us.

JAMIE: I'm afraid you wouldn't like your daddy too much ...

She smiles again ... trying to relieve the stress.



His shocked face frowns .... FAST ZOOM IN ON Stephen. He now remembers ... some how ... his memory dug up this painful fact about who his father was.

STEPHEN: (to himself - not believing) I can't believe this ... I'm his son. (waits) ... the son of Michael Myers.

He laughs out loud ... sadly .... it's true.


We look into our SIDE MIRROR ... RED and BLUE flashers ... sirens scream.


He comes to a sudden stop ...

AN OFFICER approaches ... note pad in hand ... Stephen rolls down the window.

OFFICER: Young man, can I see your -

STEPHEN: Help me! You've gotta help me! My father is trying to kill me! He's after me!

OFFICER: Okay ... alright ... just step out of the car please.

He jumps out quickly ... arms shaking.


STPEHEN: You gotta get back up out here quick! He's gonna kill me!

OFFICER: Settle down son ... now what did you do to make your dad want to "kill" you?

STEPHEN: No, you don't understand! My father, he's -

OFFICER: Wait here just a second.

He walks over to his squad car ... and walks back ... breathaliser in hand.

OFFICER: Now ... if you would ... please blow on this ... just a quick test.

Stephen wraps his lips around it ... doing anything to get the cop to believe him. After a few seconds .... BEEP BEEP. The officer looks down and then back up ...

OFFICER: Son ... I've seen alcohalics that are more sober than you are.



We are at a nutreul position ... about 50 feet away from the happenings of Stephen and the cop ... the bright flashers are merely a dim glow from our view. JUST THEN,

KARA'S BLACK VAN pulls into view ... comes to a stop suddenly ...

The driver must has spotted the scene up ahead ... the van shuts off. The door flies open.... THE SHAPE emerges from the driver's side ... armed with a BUTCHER KNIFE ... GLEAMING in the moon light. He stops ... stares out at the officer. His fingers FLEX around the handle of the knife ... then walks out of scene ... on a mission of blood.


The cop still won't listen to a word he says.

STEPHEN: My father is a maniac ... his name -

Officer stops him in mid sentence.

OFFICER: You said your dad ... you said he wants to kill you, right?

STEPHEN: Yeah! You gotta believe me!

OFFICER: I believe you ... I can understand why your father wants to kill you... did you go home drunk? Huh? Hell, if I were him, I'd beat your behind too! (waits) I got a good mind just to take you down to the station right now!

Stephen grabs the officer by the arm ... trying to get his attention.

STEPHEN: Listen to me!

OFFICER: (ignores) I would be mad enough to kill too if ...

STEPHEN: My father is Michael Myers!!!!

He screams the name ... it silences the cop ...

OFFICER: Uh huh. Michael Myers is your father?

He smiles. Starts laughing ...

OFFICER: Shit boy ... how much did you drink? Hehehe.

Stephen becomes enraged ... SLAPS the officer across the face ... gets him ANRGY to say the least.

OFFICER: Why you little bastard ...

He grabs Stephen, and delivers a stiff right hand to his stomach. The proud cop stands tall ...

OFFICER: Now ...

OUT OF NOWHERE : A BLADE IS FORCED THROUGH the Officer ... impaling him! The BLOODY KNIFE MOVES UP AND DOWN ... SLICING FLESH. The man SCREAMS in agony ... chokes ... looks down at his stomach ... grabs the blade and his arms fall limp to his side ... he's dead.

OUR VIEW backs up suddenly ... revealing THE SHAPE standing behind the corpse! He PULLS the knife from the body ... Stephen screams ... and jumps into his truck ...


The keys were left in the ignition ... he starts it up, and BURNS RUBBER ... going off down the road.


THE REAR-VIEW MIRROR: THE SHAPE is nowhere in sight! He's vanished into thin air! No sign anywhere ...


He swallows ... sniffles ... and GASES it.

STEPHEN: Holy shit ... where is he?!



On the bed of the truck, THE SHAPE crouches down ... looking rather silly... the false hair on the mask whips around wildly in the wind ... the KNIFE cluthed tightly in his right hand ... he doesn't move a cenitmeter.


Stephen scans everywhere with his eyes ... sees nothing.





Darkness still cloaks the daylight ... no sign of the sun yet. Stephen looks like a corpse almost ... eyes sunken into his head ... lips firmly pressed together ... bags under his eyes. His eyes start to shut ... sleep starting to set in. His head falls forward ... he comes to... wakes up ... looks around.

STEPHEN: (sleepily) Fuck ...

He looks off down the road still .... his head starts to fall again.


His eyelids open and close ... very slowly ... sleep is getting the better of him. Finally, on the third opening, the lids close for good. Pure darkness for 10 seconds straight ... the sound of snoring.

Sunndenly, we hear a loud CRASH!


We can see Stephen JERK awake in the driver's seat, just as the truck CRASHES into a large road sign ... the landscape is in the wilderness ... the wooden sign falls to one side, lop sided ... splinters rain all over.


Stephen is fully awake now ... BLOOD seeps from a cut above his right eye. He breathes heavily ... looks around.


The camera BACKS UP to READ the lettering on the road sign ...

Written in red paint ... faded from age ...


The headlights illuminate the sign ... shock sets in.


Stephen slowly, but surely exits the truck. Grabs the door and yanks on it tiredly ... it pops open.


The son of the Shape falls out of his seat ... standing tall in the darkness ... looking around ... he feels safe. Just as he turns around ...

HE GASPS! He comes FACE-To-PALE FACE WITH THE SHAPE. The deathly white mask staring at him ... into his eyes ... into his soul! He SCREAMS and turns to run, but The Shape grabs him by the hair ... raises the knife ... ready to kill!

Stephen screams and tries to pry his father's hand off his hair ... delivers a staggering ELBOW to the Shape's stomach, it slightly dazes him, and he gives up his hold on Stephen. He turns again ... AND RUNS .... FASTER THAN a human can be thought to run.


Around the bend of a corner after the sign, Stephen sprints around us ... legs pumping like there is no tommarow. Looks over his shoulder every half second.

There is no sign of the Shape in pursuit ... his wearabouts unknown.



The old cabin from earlier stands tall ... wind blowing outside like the devil. We hear a heavy PANTING coming up from behind our view ... STEPHEN LLOYD runs into view ... face drained of all color and pale ... he can't get the air into his lungs fast enough ... he keeps running ... his eyes closed ... he TRIPS over a root from a tree ... scrapes his knee.

He stops a second, looks behind him, still no sign of his homicidal father. He looks off into the distance ... spots the cabin about 30 feet away ... he makes a run for it!


The long burned out fire smolders ... a bag of marshmellows behind a log. Stephen runs into view once more ... makes his way to the cabin door.


The darkened cabin is still ... silent ... no sign of the brutalities from earlier. STEPHEN appears in the doorway ... breathing very heavily ... he STOPS before entering ... notices the door that it ripped half way off the hinges. It's no matter, and he walks in slowly ...

STEPHEN: (calling off) Hello?! I need help! Is anyone here?!

There is no anwer ... he turns and runs out of the stuffy little space.


Disappointed and at the end of his rope, Stephen makes his way out the door ... running back, into the "back yard" of the cabin. Runs past the camp site ... goes farther back.


He runs into view ... we follow ... a water pump ... and a TOOL SHED are the only things back here. Stephen turns around, and GASPS ..


THE dead body of DAWN is NAILED to the back wall of the cabin! Flies buzz around the decomposing body, it is a very disturbing sight ...


He SCREAMS again ... his voice now getting rather hoarse from so much screaming. He runs over to the tool shed ... grabs the door ... flings it open ...


JASON VOORHEES stands above the slightly DISMEMBERED corpse of DYREL ... the new mask shaking as Jason SAWS off body parts ... he LOOKS UP AT US ... oh SHIT! BLOOD pools onto the floor ... insects cover the rotting demon known as JASON.

JASON drops the body parts he's cutting the hell out of, and GRABS A MACHETE hanging on the wall! Shreiks of terror echo throughout the small shed.


The hysterical Stephen leaps as far as he can ... trying to eascape the clutches of another killer besides his father. JASON leaps out after him ... grabbing him by the shirt ... it rips and Stephen falls to the ground.


A QUICKLY APPROACHING FIGURE in the darkness can be seen ... about 30 feet away from the cabin ... THE SHAPE is coming!!!!


Stephen turns, runs at JASON ... screaming like a banshee ... JASON SLASHES the large machete blade out ... SLICING FLESH ... Stephen's chest gushes BLOOD! Finishing him off ... JASON JAMS THE BLADE through Stephen's body ... he lifts up and grunts ...

BLOOD drips from the corner of Stephen's mouth ... he smiles ... knows that death is at his door. He looks directly into Jason's masked face ...

STEPHEN: (a soft, dying whisper) Thank you ...

JASON cocks his head to one side ... wondering what the hell his latest victim is thanking him about. STEPHEN smiles ...

STEPHEN: Now I'm free ... he'll be cursed forever ....

HE CHOKES ON HIS OWN BLOOD ... his heart stops beating ... his feet and arms go limp ... he's dead. JASON SLAMS the body off of his machete ... stares at it a moment ... turns and walks back to the tool shed as if nothing has happened ... goes to finish his dismemberment.


The DOOR to the tool shed slams shut ... the steaming, motionless body of Stephen Lloyd lays sprawled out over the grass. OUT OF NOWHERE ... THE SHAPE walks into scene ... KNIFE drawn into the air ... looking to kill his son ... to end the curse.

HE APPORACHES ... closer .... closer ... his focus on the corpse on the ground! As he is upon the body of his fallen son, he puts one boot on the body to keep it still, while he plans on ending the life of his young son ...

After placing the boot on the body ... there is no movement ... SHOCKED , the SHAPE stops ... arm almost stabbing down in a rage ...

THE SHAPE takes a knee ... crouching down next to his son's corpse ... he moves his head to one side ... not understanding ... the hunt is over ... JASON VOORHEES has beat him to the job ...


THE SHAPE's scarred hand drops the knife to the ground ... turning the body over ... looking at the wounds and blood covering his young teenage body. A MOAN emits from the masked face of the Shape ... perhaps the first sign of sympathy ... ever.

He rubs the blood over his palm ... the blood of his slain son on his flesh fills him with a RAGE not known to any living creature.


The large killer slowly turns his head in the direction of ... THE TOOL SHED ... he grips the large BUTCHER KNIFE in one hand ... stands tall ... is now on a mission of revenge!!!

THE SHAPE stands tall ... filled with fury and a thirst for death. He walks over to the tool shed ... drawing his arm back ....



The large JASON is bent over the corpse ... gutting the body ... making a mess of gore all over... insides spill onto the floor, and into Jason. A LARGE KNIFE is stabbed into the wooden door! Shocked, Jason grunts and looks up at the door ... the BLADE extracts ... and is JAMMED into the WOOD again ... pissed off, Jason grabs his trusty machete and walks up to the door ...


THE SHAPE STABS the door repeatedly ... it falls into pieces ... making a big hole in it ... the DOOR swings open ... THE SHAPE backs up, suprised ... JASON walks out ... machete in hand ... mad that he's interupted again.


A classic site that we all thought we'd never see ... MICHAEL MYERS stands to the right ... bloody BUTCHER KNIFE IN HAND ... staring ... standing ...

And on the left ... is JASON VOORHEES the monster of the lake ... holding his machete ... blank eyes looking into those of the Shape.


He hear a familair voice over the soundtrack ... "Paul" from "Friday the 13th 2."

PAUL: ... a revenge that he'll continue to seek if anyone ever enters his territory again ...


We hear TOMMY's VOICE from H6 ...

TOMMY: That's why these people, whoever they are .... are after Jamie's baby ... to make him Michael's final sacrifice.


They still stare at one another. The voices of the films past are haunting.

JASON is the first to move ... drawing the large blade back, looking to dispose of this homicidal stranger ... BUT, as his arm drives forward, Michael's hand SNAPS out with amazing speed ... grabbing Jason's rotting forearm ... stopping the machete blow in mid chop ...


The burned flesh on the Shape's hand FLEXES as he digs his fingers into Jason's festering flesh ... SQUISH ...


Holding Jason's arm, THE SHAPE lifts the knife into the air ... quivering ... and PLUNGES it into Jason's chest ...CRUNCH ... lifts the blade back out ... DRIPS BLACK BLOOD ... JASON grunts in pain.

JASON recovers, his hand covers the knife wound ... he SLASHES out with the machete ... SINKING into the Shape's shoulder. With one hand, Michael pulls the sharp weapon from his shoulder ... blood cascades down the front of his coveralls.

In pure anger, the Shape grabs Jason by the shirt ... displaying his awesome strength, tosses Jason to the side ... throwing him to the ground ... Jason lands with a thud.

The hockey masked maniac raises up, and like a man posessed, tackles the Shape ... laying him out on his back ... he stands up, erect, and JAMS the machete into the Shape's chest ... MICHAEL struggles to remove the large blade, but can't. He stops moving ... the machete has pierced the heart of pure evil.

JASON stands up ... assuming his work is finished. He turns and walks back to the shed ... the SHAPE sits up! Eyes burning, he pulls the machete from his chest ... throwing it to the ground ... Jason doesn't notice ... keeps walking ...


stands tall ... knife at the ready ... walks up behind Jason, and with one motion, slashes JASON's throat ... the gloved hands of Voorhees go up to the bleeding wound ... tries to stop the bleeding ... but loses in the battle of time. He falls to his knees ...then falls over. MICHAEL doesn't take death for granted this time ... and turns over Jason's large body ... STABS it serveral times .... the knife FLYS up into the air ... and SMASHES down into Jason's stomach and chest area ... each stabbing causes a "oh" from the deadly demon .

The moon above shines down brightly onto the two killers ... the knife protrudes from Jason's chest ... he squirms with pain and agony ... THE SHAPE stands above him ... bends down to take the knife out ... JASON grabs him by the front of his coveralls, and pulls him down to the ground too. Jason leaps up to his feet, ripping the knife from his massibe frame .... and throws it down to the ground, landing on top of his trade mark weapon.


The Shape and Jason get to their feet ... looking like ants from the sky ...


Both undying murderers engage into hand-to-hand combat ... Jason throws a hard right hook into the Shape's face ... he flinches, but no other affect is seen. Michael takes Jason by the neck ... hands sqeezing the "life" out of him like a vice ... lifting him into the air ... Jason combats by lifting a mightly, bone-exposed knee into the Shape's stomach ... he drops the huge murauder. Jason lands on his feet. THUD.

LIGHTENING CLAPS above ... the darknees is lighted up more from the moon ... Jason turns and seeks shelter in the woods ... leading the pursuing Shape into the huge maze of trees.


The fleeing Voorhees steps hastily around the trees, and shrubs ... he knows the area by heart. The Shape is hot on his trail, but the brush is slowing him up.

The chase continues for several seconds ... Jason LEAPS into a small clearing of land between the trees.


It is the grave site from earlier! The tomb stone of Jason still standing ... the dirt over turned where he recently rested unpeacefully. THE SHAPE follows, grabbing Jason, and FLINGING his body into a tree with a THUNK.

This doesn't affect Jason however, he turns and lifts a large log off the ground ... SWINGING IT ... and coming into contact with the Shape's skull ... WHACK ... Michael stumbles, tries to regain his balance, but the blow knocked him into tommarow ... and he falls over, landing on the wet brush.

Michael tries to get back up, but Jason is on a roll, smashing the log again into the Shape's head ... WHACK ... his head snaps sharply to the right ... Jason draws back again, going for a third time, but the Shape lifts his work boot into the undead killer's groin ... he GRUNTS and falls backwards, dropping the large log. This gives Michael the chance he needs to regain his footing ... he picks up the log, just as Jason recovers and stands tall ...

The Shape draws back, and SMACK ... smashes the log upside Jason's rotted head ... the log breaks in two, due to such force! He is knocked into next week ... and falls backwards .... LANDING INTO HIS OWN GRAVE.


The still Jason lies on the bed of earth ... motionless and possibly dead for good. MICHAEL takes a nearby shovel, used to bury him earlier by his father probably, and starts throwing large shovelfuls of dirt onto the dead Voorhees.



The last amount of dirt is thrown onto the dead "man." Finishing his mission for revenge, MICHAEL turns to leave, and make his way back to Haddonfeild ... JUST THEN ... the ground RUMBLES and SHAKES with the force of a California earthquake .... a BLUE HAZE rises from the dirt that covers the grave ... is moves and shifts ... a HAND REACHES OUT AGAIN ... repeating the acts of before... but this time, the hand is more human looking ... viens on the hand buldge ... long, dirty fingernails at the end of his long fingers ... and the dirt speards open ... THE SHAPE simpily stands there, watching the events unfold.

JASON VOORHEES once again emerges from the grave ... he looks different, however. This rotted appearence is no more ... he looks like he did in F13 4 and F13 3. The hockey mask is clean and bright white, his eyes peering out of the sockets. His shirt and pants are like new ... his shirt a bright green. The zombie Jason is no more ... human Jason has returned. With strength of a new man, Jason runs at Michael ... throws him to the ground ... suprising him with such agility and speed. Michael retaliates by throwing his fist into Jason's stomach as he approaches him ... they both stand tall ... holding each other by the shirts (The Shape's mechanic's coveralls) and their fists drawn back in a fury of volience ... then ... suddenly ....

A RED FLASH OF LIGHTENING BEAMS DOWN UPON THE TWO bathing them in the red florecent light ... both are frozen in time ... niether can move ... locked in their war of evil ... the red glows around the outside of their bodies, the supernatural happening occuring very quickly ... they don't move an inch ... they don't seem to be alive ... looking almost made of ROCK.

ANOTHER RED BEAM SHOOTS DOWN from the sky! EXPLODING the two frozen bodies, still in the fighting position ...

BOOM! Both are gone ... no sign that they were ever there. All is peaceful again.



The large lake glimmers in the morning sunlight ... very placid and peaceful. After being somehow transported here, JASON VOORHEES stands at the shore, his arm stretched out ... first back ... he unfrezzes ... and slams his fist forward, meeting nothing but air. He stops ... looks around ... nothing. The choas is over and the lake is at peace. We HEAR a snap behind us ... Jason turns his masked head in the direction of the noise ... his shirt is stained with blood.


We see a ZOMBIFIED corpse emerge from the woods ... wearing a blue sweater ... but the presence of the being isn't scary ... it is that of a woman ... a blue glow around the body ... rotted, the woman approaches ... it is ...

PAMELA VOORHEES Jason's mother.


Mother and son look at one another ... both have wanted this reunion all their lives (and deaths)... his mother smiles ... brings comfort to his tortured soul. Losing control of his emotions, the homicidal killer throws his arms around his mother's neck ... embracing her. She smiles and sqeezes his back.

PAMELA: (raspy) Jason ...

He looks into her face ... her delicate, rotted, hand reaches up ... removes his hockey mask ... revealing his hideous, deformed features that only she could love. She looks down at his shirt ... frowning slightly ...

PAMELA: Jason ... you have disappointed mommy ....

Jason's oddly formed mouth frowns ...

PAMELA: Jason, baby. You have hurt a lot of people ... and so have I ... we will always be together ... I'm sorry ...

They continue to hug ... while the lake begins to ripple slightly. More and more ripples appear ... the water starts to wave up ... Jason has his face buried into his mother's neck and she closes her eyes ... they both know what it coming. They grip each other tightly. DEAD CORPSES emerge from the lake! All are slightly rotted, some worse than the others ... THEY ARE JASON AND HIS MOTHER'S VICTIMS FROM ALL TIME!!!

We see Cort, and Nicki from F13 6, Chuck and Shelly from F13 3, Annie from F13 1, and an army of others that were slaughtered by the restless souls ... all the former victims scream in anger ... each armed with a shining dagger ... running up to the beach where Jason and his mother stand ... the still hug as the angry undead mob stab and slice away. The two Voorhees howl in pain ... the army becomes bigger and bigger ... 50 people are upon them ... they are butchered by the victims ...

The Voorhees legacy is over.




The dark house is slightly lighted from the moon. THE SHAPE stands in the middle of the floor, just transported there ... still in a frozen position ... time unfreezes him, and his fist goes flying into the air. He stops... looks around ... doesn't know what happened. We HEAR a sudden CREAK ... CREAK ... CREAK ...

Someone is coming down the old stairs!! The Shape loses all his scariness, and looks up at the person decending the stair well. It is his niece, Jamie Lloyd! Her undead body covered in bloody ... she approaches Michael. He stares emptily up at her.

JAMIE: Uncle Michael ...

She reaches up, and touches his mask ... pulling it up, and off his face. The Shape makes no attempt to keep it on. She looks deep into his eyes.

JAMIE: What happened to you Michael?

The terribly burned face stares at her ... not knowing what to do. She caresses his burnt face with her soft hand ... then shakes her head ... giving him a look of sympathy.

JAMIE: What a shame.

SUDDENLY the rest of the house creaks ... and all of the Shape's victims of past come after him ... daggers drawn ... there's Jamie, she takes a dagger from her side, and repeatedly stabs him! ... Dr. Loomis .... Tim Strode ... Tina ... Rachel ... Bob ... and everyone else that he mercilessly killed ... all jump onto his body, slashing and stabbing ... screaming a horrible scream. He does not fight them ... they all restract their bloody and final revenge ...



Roll End credits