HalloweeN:A Time For A Change

by J. Smith

Haddonfield, Illinois
October 27, 2055

The sun was beginning to lower as evening skies swept over the Haddonfield terrain. A slight chill could be felt in the air as residents walked towards their houses wearing jackets. When the wind blew, dead leaves fell from the old trees planted in the lawns. For every other town in Illinois, a very special holiday was approaching, exciting all young and old. But this joy was not for Haddonfield. Most of the residents didn't know why it was banned, especially the younger lot. For them, Halloween was a time for other towns.

Crossing the borders into town, Dr. Sandra Lloyd whistled to herself as she looked fondly at the houses dotting the sides of the roads...this was the very town in which she grew up. The town where her family still lived. She stopped at a red light in the middle of town, staring at all the businesses she remembered seeing while in high school. She smirked, knowing that some things never changed. Her expression then subsided, No, some things will change.

Sandra glanced at her radio clock; it digitally read 6:52 p.m. She was on time, a good thing since her father always disliked tardiness. When the light flashed to green, she drove quickly to 112 Orange Grove Avenue. She parked her car on the side of the road, and stepped from it. The cold wind blew into her face, almost as if to tell her to stop what she was doing. She smiled, Nothing can change my fate...my fate is to change fate. It's as simple as that.

The front door of the house opened, and Sandra could see her father's figure in the doorway. She could see his smile, glad his daughter had finally come home. Laughing, Sandra ran up the front lawn, tromping over dead leaves, up the front porch, and fully embraced her 59-year-old father in a stong bear hug.

Stephen Lloyd laughed weakly at his daughter, "Sandra! I...I'm so glad you came."

Sandra broke the hug, and flung her just-passed sholder-length auborn hair behind her back, "Oh daddy, you only turn 60 once." She got a good look at her father. His hair was now totally white, but his blue eyes were still as stong as ever...like cobalt.

"Well come in," Stephen said, motioning his only child to enter his household. She did, and saw he was not alone. The rest of her family was there, an unexpected surprise. Sleeping on the old wooden rocking chair was her great uncle John. Sitting down on the couch were his two children, her older cousins, Gillian Tate Kennedy and Clark Tate. Both Gillian and Clark stood and Sandra smiled coily as she walked to them, hugging them in a happy reunion.

Gillian laughed, "God Sandra, your only five years younger than me and I still think of you as being only twenty!"

Sandra broke the hug and tilted her head, "It's only been three years since I saw you last."

"I know," Gillian said looking over to her brother, "well?"

Clark grinned, "Not now, Gill."

"What?" Sandra looked at them both.

"There excited," Stephen said as he slowly sat himself down on his easy chair, "to hear about the new projects you've been working on."

"Oh," Sandra said laughing, "it's classified. I cant really say much."

Gillian gave her cousin a shocked look, "Do we look like Australian Intelligence Agents to you? Or spies from the El Salvador Minion League?"

Sandra grinned as she shook her head, "Seriously, there's really not much to tell."

Clark sat back down on the couch, and picked up his can of Pepsi-Perfect, "You've been talking about how the government may be excited about your quantum mechanical theories for years. You even said that a strain of subspace superstrings are running right through Earth, caught in our gravitational pull. I hardly think you'd have..."

Clark was interrupted by the sound of childrens' voices from the hallway. Clark's two sons, Jordan and Fred Tate. Jordan was sixteen now, and he looked just like a younger version of his father. His dark brown eyes were lit with excitement, and his longish brown hair was wavy. Fourteen-year-old Fred took more after his mother, Carol, with his blondish spiky hair and shimmering blue eyes. Both boys ran to Sandra, almost knocking the woman in a hug. Sandra laughed and ran her hands over the boys heads, feeling the silky smoothness of their hair.

"Looks like they're glad to see you too," Sandra turned to see her great uncle John was now awake.

Sandra smiled, "Hi John...I'm glad you're here."

John nodded once, "I bet you are..."

Gillian noiticed the slightest bit of an edge in both Sandra's and her father's voice. Did they have a disagreement once?

Clark smiled, "Boys? Where's DeLoris?"

Sandra smiled at her cousin, "DeLoris is here? I haven't seen her since she was...thirteen!"

Jordan stood, "I'll go get her. I think she's still plugged in."

Fred smiled, "We were all plugged into Escape Way...I was winning like always."

Sandra shook her head, "Escape Way...is that the new..."

Clark frowned, "It cost five hundred and thirty dollars, and it took them three days to beat."

Gillian chucked, "Whatever happoned to our old Virtual Reality games? I bet they'd get a kick out of them."

Clark grunted, "Like a hole in the head." He then smiled at his son, "How did you say it son? If it was made before you were born, it has to be stupid?"

Fred blushed, and shrugged loosely.

Sandra sat down on a green plastic sofa, and proceeded to slip her high-heeled Boots off, "If DeLoris is here, where's her folks? I haven't seen Brent in awhile."

John turned slowly in his chair, keeping his gaze fixed on Sandra, "Brent and his wife are visiting Danny in the hospital."

Sandra turned to John and saw his eyes locked on her. She momentarily lost her sense of reality as she saw his face. He was...was it anger? "Oh, I uh...what....what's wrong with Danny?"

"He had a mild stroke," Stephen said silently.

"Well I hope he's okay," Sandra said glancing to her father.

John's shaky hand raised and he ran it through his silvery white hair, "That remains to be seen, doesn't it? One day you can be fine, the next day....is always in question."

Sandra blushed, and looked to the floor. It was obvious John was speaking directly at her. She couldn't answer him back, and kept silent.

DeLoris Strode entered the livingroom, and smiled. "Hi Sandra. Long time since I've seen you!" DeLoris was now twenty, and was a fully proportioned woman. She had golden blonde hair, a curvy figure, and dark green eyes.

Sandra smiled at her distant cousin, "Wow, you've changed...how's college?"

DeLoris sat on the floor next to Fred, "Pretty good...lotta studying. I have to write a thesis on President Onward's new CENTAURIN project..." she looked up to Stephen, "Have my parents called yet?"

Stephen took a sip of his Pepsi-Perfect, "No...but don't worry, if anything goes wrong they'll call."

DeLoris looked unevely at the floor.

John picked up his feet as he placed a footrest in front of the rocking chair. "When I was your age, a stroke was something to worry about. Not like today though. Your grandpa should be rite as reality by tomorrow night."

DeLoris nodded slowly, then looked up to Sandra, "I have a boyfriend."

Sandra flashed her teeth, "Do you?!? You used to be such a tom boy. What's his name?"

Jordan rolled his eyes, "Nyla, she's been on and off the net with him all day. If I have to see his face on the picture phone one more time...."

DeLoris lightly slapped her cousin on the arm, "Shut up! Don't be such a max hole!"

"Nyla's wierd," Fred shook his head, "All he ever talks about is saving Canada....like we have any power over the war."

Sandra lightly laughed to herself, for she once had a boyfriend who was determined to stop the fighting in Denmark...back before Denmark and Germany formed the Alliance.

Clark glanced at the lamp-clock, "Kids, I should be leaving soon...you still want to stay the night here?"

Jordan looked over to Stephen, "Is it okay Stephen?"

"Yeah," Fred said smiling, "Is it?"

Stephen kindly smiled, "Sure, just don't keep Sandra too busy...I need some time to spend with my daughter too!"

Gillian stood the same time as her brother. She looked at DeLoris, "You want us to give you a lift home, dear?"

DeLoris stood, "Sure. I left all my books home, I should really study."

Clark looked at John, "What about you dad?"

John looked up to his son, "I drove myself here, I can drive myself home."

Clark smiled and raised his hands in mock-defense at his stubborn father.

Stephen looked at them both, "I was just about to start dinner, you sure you don't want to wait?"

Gillian shook her head, "Nigel gets home from work in a half hour. I have to start dinner for him."

"Okay," Stephen smiled.

Sandra stood and gave Gillian and Clark both large hugs. She then gave DeLoris a smaller one, "Make sure you call when you hear something on Danny...I really hope he feels better."

They all heard John grunt loudly. They all ignored it, except Sandra. She blinked, looked at John, then blinked again and looked back at DeLoris.

Everyone said their good-byes as Gillian, Clark, and DeLoris left.

Stephen stood, "Well, I'll start dinner."

Sandra smiled, "Need any help?"

Stephen looked oddly at his daughter, "You know I hate old-fashioned cooking. Dinner's only going to take ten seconds!"

Sandra smiled.

Stephen wasn't lying. He placed Corn, Roast Beef, and Garlick Bread Sticks in the Black and Decker Hydrator C2, and ten seconds later it was ready.

After dinner, Sandra escused herself from the table and walked slowly into the livingroom. She had avoided John all through eating, but knew he was going to get his word in before....the night was over.

She sat by the mantle, and stared at the old pictures her father always kept. The only new ones were of Jordan, Fred, Gillian, and Clark. Also Sandra's senior picture was in the center. All the rest of the photos, to the left, were much much older....all taken long before Sandra was even born. The most recent of those photos was one of her father and late mother Janet's wedding. All the rest were from when Stephen was a child, and even beyond. There were pictures dating back to the late-twentieth century. There were pictures of her great-grandmother Jamie Lloyd, her great-great grandmother Laurie Strode. There were pictures of her great uncle John with Laurie. There were pictures of DeLoris' grandfather Danny when he was only a child, with his young mother Kara. There was one picture of Stephen when he was fifteen, on a camping trip with John and a man named Tom Doyle.

Sandra stared at the pictures from so long ago....relatives she would never have the chance to meet....due to the passage of time, or for other reasons all-too-explained to her since she was young. Her father didn't have much trouble talking about it, but uncle John was another story. He had to live through the nightmare, and he regretted talking about it a lot. She stared at Laurie and Jamie's pictures...I wonder what it was like being them? Having to live with that fear? Why cant John see I'm ultimately helping them? They'll never have to be afraid in the course of history again. Yes, it's a sacrifice, but I know it'll work. It's my life work...my legacy in life.

As if he was reading her thoughts, John spoke, "You try to reason what you're doing by staring at those damned pictures."

Sandra turned her head and watched John walk slowly into the room, sitting himself down tiredly in his rocking chair. She pursed her lips, "You know as well as I do that in the end it will have done much better than anything else."

John grunted at his great neice as he fished a pack of cigararettes from his pocket. He withdrew one, lit it, and blew out a puff of smoke. "In a lot of ways, you remind me of Billy...god rest his soul..."

Sandra bit her lip, "Who's Billy?"

"Billy," John looked off, "was a close friend. He was close to my sister, or so I was told anyways. I met him long after she had died. If he were here now, he'd be supporting this rubbish."

Sandra turned her body, "This rubbish is based on your own theories."

John looked her coldly in the eyes, "I regret ever telling you any of it...unless your so heartless you cannot understand why."

Sandra sighed, "My only real regret is it has to happon tonight. Daddy's birthday is on the 30th, and I was actually looking forward to spending the day with him."

"Then do it," John said softly, not wanting the others in the kitchen to hear.

Sandra frowned, "No..." she trailed off.

The elderly man took a long inhale and blew out the smoke unevenly.

"Besides, my team is setting up right now. I leave in one hour."

John took another long drag of his cigarette, "I had hoped.....hoped that seeing all your family....people who loved you would change your mind...I didn't think it would....but I hoped...."

"John, I'm putting an end to pain. Your pain. Danny's pain. Jamie's pain. Your mother's pain.....it's all relavant."

"It's all bullshit," John shook his head sadly, "Who gives you the right to play god?"

Sandra looked back at Laurie and Jamie's pictures, "Me."

John looked over to his offspring's photographs, "I love my children.....Gillian has been trying so hard to have children still....and Clark...his children....my grandchildren....they're both.....so..." John almost cried, "....beautiful.....Jordan's so talented, so smart and loveable, and Fred is....*sob*....so full of life. He's kind....compassionate....a romantic, and your going to rob him of growing into a healthy young man who could change the world....a world for both of them to explore.....with friends....lovers.....families of their own someday.....I've always wanted the....best for my children....Stephen included.....and I want the best for Jordan and Fred too.....including you...."

Sandra felt sad, but she made sure to keep her depression minimal, "I'm sorry John, I really am."

John wiped away his tears, "I could have called the government, could have told them what you were going to do....they would have stopped you."

"Then why didn't you?" Sandra bit her lip, staring at the old man.

John looked down to his lap, "God forgive me..."

Jordan entered the livingroom, gorged on dinner, and plopped lightly onto the sofa. He streatched, yawned, and grinned at Sandra, "Your dad always has the best food!"

Sandra laughed, and went to go sit next to her cousin, "So...Jordan, tell me about what you've been doing in school."

Jordan smiled, "I've been thinking about asking this girl out in my Environmental Awareness Club. She and I recycle every day together, and I kinda think she's hot."

Sandra smiled, tossing her hair back, and shaking her head.

"Also," Jordan grinned, "I'm writing poetry. Did my dad tell you two of my poems were submitted into Mosaic?"

"Congratulations!" Sandra smiled happily.

"Thanks," Jordan smiled sheepishly. He even blushed, obviously modest about his accomplishments. "I think I want to become a writer someday....I just love creating things that people enjoy, you know?"

Sandra nodded.

Suddenly, Fred entered and sat down on the other side of Sandra. He yawned tiredly, "Sandra, will you take Jordan and me to the Corka-Mall tomorrow?"

Sandra looked at her beautiful cousin, stared at his young frame, and nodded sadly.

John looked at his grandchildren as well, trying to grasp what was soon going to happen. A tear fell down his cheek.

Jordan smiled, "Come on Fred, we should go get ready for bed." He then looked at Sandra, "We have to get up tomorrow early because we both have paper routes."

"But we brought out hovertreads," Fred cood happily, "So it wont take long, then we can go hang out!"

Sandra laughed and nodded, "Goodnight boys."

Jordan and Fred both stood, and smiled, "Night!" they said in unison.

Then then gave their grandpa John a hug before trodding off to the bathroom where they would shower for bed.

John watched them leave, then looked at Sandra, "I hope you think about them when you murder them."

Sandra felt a cold, icy tingle up her spine, "It's not murder."

"It is, it's a terrible sin against God and man."

"It is not, John. Enough." Although, Sandra too felt the imprints of both Jordan and Fred in her mind....she truly loved them, and had to admit she was having second thoughts.

Sandra looked at her watch, and stood. She grabbed her parka, and went into the kitchen. Her father was slowly cleaning the table, "Daddy, I have to go out for awhile."

"You do?" Stephen said, "At this time of night?"

"Yes, but I'll be back soon...I promise."

Stephen smiled, "Okay honey."

Sandra walked to her father, and gave him a long hug. "I love you daddy." She then gave him a kiss on the cheek.

"Love you too, hun." Stephen then happily broke the hug and returned to his cleaning.

Sandra went to the door, looked at John and said, "This is for all of my family, including Jamie and Laurie and Judith....who's coming home at last."

John watched her leave, and wanted to cry out. He looked over to his mother's and sister's pictures....re-burning their images in his mind.

Sandra drove to the outskirts of Haddonfield, to an old abandoned building just off Scotsville Road. She parked, and went inside. Her eyes widened as she saw the shimmering multi-colored lightning flashes in front of her. They already started it.

Dr. Delaney McIntyre ran up to Sandra, "Dr. Lloyd, it's all set. Exactly to your specifications. Were ready when you are."

Sandra's hair was flowing behind her, caused from the winds of the space rupture. "Are you sure?" She yelled, the wind very loud.

Delaney nodded. Sandra ran to the portable controll booth and looked over the kronometric data....everything seemed to be set correctly. The small digital display read October 27, 1945.

Sandra removed her jacket, and placed a pair of safety goggles over her eyes. She nodded to her small science team, who then backed away towards the wall.

Back at the Lloyd house, John entered the guest bedroom and sat down next to a sleeping Jordan and Fred Tate. He stroked their hair, then widrew his wallet from his pocket and rested his other hand on the bed. Inside were pictures of his mother Laurie Strode, his sister Jamie Lloyd, he nephew Stephen Lloyd, and Danny Strode. He stared at all four pictures while crying silently.

Jordan's hand slowly grasped over his grandfather's. Jordan looked sleepily up to his father's father. "It's okay grandpa."

John sniffed, "Yes Jordan.....it's all okay...." he had to muffle his cries, "please Jordan....go back to sleep..." he didn't want his grandson to face the end awake.

Jordan smiled to himself as he drifted off back to sleep, leaving John to cry silently.

Sandra stared in wonderment at the bright white light, which has small electrical lightning bolts of all colors shooting out of it. She held her breath as she walked closer...and closer....she could now feel the light. She looked back to her science team and screamed, "I'm coming home!" She then lunged herself into the light.....

Haddonfield, Illinois
October 27, 1945

Sandra awoke slowly, her head was spinning. She looked around the old abandoned building....but it was no longer abandoned. It was full of seed and fertalizer supplies. She slowly stood, feeling cold as ice.

She reached into her pocket shivering, and withdrew several items; a small gun, a map, and a sheet of KodakScan, which showed pictures of all her relatives and ancestors in order; Judith, Michael, Laurie, Jamie, John, Stephen, herself, Gillian, Clark, Jordan, Fred, and even one of Danny and Kara.

She began making her way to her destination, going through a very different Haddonfield that was over 100 years ago.

Three hours later, Sandra arrived at her destination: 45 Lampkin Lane. The Myers house. She peered into the window, and saw a young couple sitting in the livingroom, listening to the radio. The young woman, who Sandra knew to be Margaret, was pregnant with her first child, and knitting.

Sandra gulped, and went to the front door. She knocked three times, and waited for an answer.

The door opened, and Peter Myers smiled warmly at the woman....who in actuality was his great great great granddaughter. "Hello, can I help you?"

Sandra pursed her lips as she help up the semi-automatic weapon.

Peter's eyes went wide as the red beam from the gun flashed between his eyes. The silencer worked, and Peter was shot between the eyes. He fell to the floor, blood dripping down his face.

Sandra walked quickly inside, and saw Margaret Myers sitting in shock. She frowned, "I'm sorry Margaret...I'm so sorry...you cant possibly understand, but I'm saving us all..." and with that, she shot her in the head. Margaret fell over with a small scream escaping her lips.

Sandra threw down the gun and picked up the KodakScan. Judith Myers was gone. Michael Myers was gone. Laurie Strode was gone. Jamie Lloyd was gone. John Tate was gone. Stephen Lloyd was gone. Kara was there, but Danny Strode was gone. Gillian Tate was gone. Clark Tate was gone. Fred Tate was gone. Jordan Tate was gone. They're not gone...they never exsisted. They were never born, and they'll never have to die. Sandra's picture started to fade away.

Sandra Lloyd smiled warmly as she felt herself fading from exsistence.

From nothing, the futuristic KodakScan, with just one picture of Kara Strode by herself, fell onto the dead body of Margaret.

For sacrificing her family and herself, an infinite amount of other people's lives changed for the better.

'To my family...I'm coming home.' ~Sandra Lloyd

The End.