The Universal Studios logo flashes across the screen. Screen goes black.

The screen appears. We hear a combination of the HALLOWEEN, FRIDAY THE 13th, NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET, SCREAM, CHILD'S PLAY, and TALES FROM THE CRYPT themes play as we zoom in and through a large gray temple with a cloud background. The themes fade and then we se a round, stone table with five GODS sitting on their stone chairs. We see that they have their names carved in front of them.

CAMERA moves in toward the names. We see JUPITER, ICTHYO, ETHEL, TRITA, and close-up on the final word, GOD.

NARRATOR: Deep inside the reaches of Heaven, a god, has betrayed the counsel.

FLASH CUT to ICTHYO hovering above the other gods and firing beams of light from his hands, destroying the area.

NARRATOR: ICTHYO, the god of life, has the powers to revive or create any people of monsters. And what do you know, he had to choose the sadistic six!

We see ICTHYO sitting down and chanting to six movies,

ICHTYO: Arise, MICHAEL MYERS from HALLOWEEN, and GHOSTFACE from the movie SCREAM. CRYPTKEEPER from BORDELLO OF BLOOD, CHUCKY from CHILD'S PLAY, JASON VOORHEES from THE 13TH OF FRIDAY (sorry, I had to make it rhyme). Next we have KRUEGER, FREDDY, summon them all and I'll be ready!

NARRATOR: The gods must choose their army. No, not adults, but children. Why? Just watch the movie.

We see GOD talking to the other three.

GOD: The children we need here are CHRIS BARRETT (that's right, ME!!), JOSH ANDERSON, CARA PITMAN, KIRSTEN MENEFEE, and TANNER STEC. ETHEL, go to 789 CENTER ROAD and retrieve DAVID WALLACE.

The next scenes are flash cuts from the movie.

The HALLOWEEN Theme plays as CHRIS BARRETT opens a door that leads outside and sees MICHAEL MYERS standing there.

The F13 theme plays as JOSH ANDERSON jumps from his roof to another roof, with JASON VOORHEES in hot pursuit.

The NIGHTMARE ON ELM ST. theme plays as CARA PITMAN runs into her room and locks the door.

CARA'S P.O.V. shows the door being ripped apart by FREDDY KRUEGER'S GLOVE

The SCREAM theme plays as KIRSTEN MENEFEE runs through a vacant parking lot with GHOSTFACE on her tail.

The CHILD'S PLAY theme plays as TANNER STEC jumps into a pool, followed by CHUCKY, with a pair of scissors.

TALES FROM THE CRYPT theme plays as CRYPTKEEPER frightens DAVID WALLACE in the basement.

NARRATOR: But what is ICTHYO planning? What children will he bring out the evil within and train to be stronger than the gods?

We see four children, but it is too dark to see their faces.




FADE TO BLACK. We hear CARA say,

CARA: What you're basically telling me is that we're up against a guy who has breathing problems, a hockey masked freak, a burned dream demon, a grim reaper with a knack for horror movies, a crazy doll, and a vampire. (CARA sighs) Talk about psycho enemies.

R Strong Horror Violence and Gore