Ext. London - 1706

We see a horse carriage carry people down a stone road.

Man: When the sun goes down...

Int. House - 1706

We see a family of four sitting at an old wooden table eating dinner.

Man:(V.O) And the moon is bright...

We hear a loud bang on the family's door. The family gets startled.

Man:(V.O) Out come... the creatures of the night.

Int. Man's house -1706

We see a man and a girl sitting on 2 seats.

Woman: Creatures of the night?

Man: Yes. Vampires.

We see a vampire's face in a window.

Man:(V.O) The army of darkness. The pawns of a little game played by their master.

Woman:(V.O) Dracula?

Man:(V.O) Yes. Dracula.

Ext - alleyway

We see a little boy running down a dark alleyway. He suddenly runs into a vampire. The vampire picks him up by his throat. He begins to choke the child.

Vampire: I love when the children squeal like little pigs. Too bad you won't get to scream at your death.

The vampire gets shot with by a crossbow and drops the child. We see a girl holding the crossbow.

Man: (V.O.) One human, is destined to stop Dracula and his legion of vampires. Possibly a man, a woman, or even an animal. That destined is you.

Int. Church

We see a priest with his back faced to us. A very old man is on one knee crying.

Old man: (crying) Fo...Forgive me father...for I have sinned.

The priest turns around and turns out to be a vampire.

Vampire: Yes you have.

Black out

We hear the old man scream while crying.

Title card - VAMPYR