The company rides into some mountainous territory as the sun goes down
over the horizon.

Madmartigan brings the group to a halt.

                Okay, it's getting late.  We need
                to set up camp.

                Good, cause these bones ain't used
                ta all this ridin'.  It's been years.

                Yeah, but it's been more fun than
                you've had in a long time.

                Can't much argue with that.

                We'll get a few hours of sleep and
                when we wake up we have to come up
                with some sort of plan.  We'll be
                able to think clearer in the morning.

He leads them back from the road aways, over a hill and down the other
side until they see a group of old huts together on the side of the next hill.

                This is an old encampment the army
                uses sometimes in times of war.  It's
                sure to be empty unless some vagrants
                taken up in them.

                We should check them out first,

She dismounts from behind Madmartigan and draws her jagged sword.

                That's what I love about you.

He follows, pulling his own sword out.

                You're willingness to cause a little
                damage when necessary.

He turns back to the others.
                You guys wait here.  This'll only
                be a second.

The others wait in silence as Madmartigan and Sorsha go in and out
of the five or six huts.  They finally come out of the last one and
give an all clear signal, then go back in.

Elora rides over to Ginner and Willow.

                Could you tell Madmartigan that we'll
                join them later.  Liam and I have
                something to discuss.

                Of course.  Just make sure you get
                back in time to grab enough sleep.
                We have a task before us which is
                almost impossible.

Elora smiles.

                I know.  See you in a bit, Willow.

She rides off and motions Liam to follow her.

Ginner and Willow dismount and lead the horse over to the huts.
Sorsha walks out towards them.

                Where are they going?

                They said they had to talk about
                something.  I think she has eyes
                for him.

                That may be.  But I'm not sure I
                could say the same for him.  He's
                been a bit distant around her the
                whole trip. 

                Young love.

                Yeah.  Maybe we shouldn't wait up
                for them.

                Probably be a waste of time to.

                That's what I was thinking.

They grab their supplies and enter the hut.


Liam and Elora's horses stand grazing the grass as their two riders
sit on the bottom of the hillside.  They haven't said a word yet.

                What is bothering you?


                Please don't lie to me.  I can sense
                it.  I think everyone can.  A day
                ago you were telling me how you thought
                of me and today you're spending your
                time ignoring me.  Is it Madmartigan
                and the rest?  Do you not want them to
                know your feelings for me?  If so, why?

                It's not that.  I just...

He lets it hang and lowers his head between his upraised knees.

                Things *have* changes since this morning,
                haven't they?

                That they have.

                Is that the problem?

                That could be part of it.  You're
                a princess, Ta... Elora.  See, I still
                call you by Tara.  If only you were
                only Tara.

                What does me being a princess have to
                do with anything.  I'm the same person
                you knew yesterday and the day before.

                But a guy like me... There's no way
                it would be proper for a loner like
                myself be a consort of a princess.
                Especially one like you.

                One like me?

                Great things are expected of you, Elora                   
                Danan.  Many suitors may come who may
                be more than I can ever wish to be.

Elora walks over to him and sits right beside him.

                That will never be.  You make me
                feel something inside myself I've
                never known.  And I know that no
                one else can make me feel it.  Only
                you.  That's not something you simply
                dismiss because of one's station in
                life.  I have feelings for you, Liam.
                Nothing can change that.  A few days
                ago, I didn't even know you and now
                it's hard to even think about being
                away from you.  That's a powerful
                impact.  Not even a princess can ignore
                something so right.  I will rule the
                land, this is true.  But no law or
                creed will tell me who I can be with
                or who I can love.  That decision is
                mine to make, as a human being, not
                as a ruler.  If you are not comfortable
                with who I am, remember that girl you
                felt so drawn to this morning and know
                that that is the very same girl who
                is talking to your this instant.  Nothing
                has changed. 

She reaches over to embrace him.  He embraces her back, but not as fully as one might expect.  He kisses her on the cheek and pulls back,
looking at her fully.  His hand reaches into a pouch around his waist.

                I'm sorry.

                Don't be.

                No, I'm sorry for this.

He raises his hands, which are cupped as though holding something, in
front of her face and blows into them.

A cloud of DUST flies from his hand into Elora's face.  Elora sits
there a second, her eyes losing focus.


                Just relax.

Her eyes flutter until they close and she falls forward into Liam's arms, asleep.

Liam stands up, picking her up in the process.  He walks over to her
horse and lays her limp form over it's back.  He then mounts his own

He grabs the reigns of Elora's horse with one hand while holding his
own reigns with another.  Then he silently rides off into the darkness,
leading Elora's horse right next to his.



The morning sun shines down on the huts as morning comes over the land.
Madmartigan walks out of one of the huts, shirtless and stretches his
body as he lets out a monstrous YAWN.

Sorsha walks out beside him and throws a shirt over his shoulder.

                Get decent before we wake the
                rest, huh?

Madmartigan puts the shirt on and calls out.

                Rise and shine!  Come on, guys,
                time to wake up and figure out
                how to beat the bad guys!

He beats on the sides of each of the huts.  From the middle one comes
Ginner, looking as old and craggly as ever.

                No need beatin' the house down
                around me, ya fool, I ain't deaf
                quite yet.

Willow comes out of the one on the far left, yawns and stretches
and looks at his companions.

                Good morning.  I don't suppose
                you serve a decent breakfast
                around here.

                Looks like we'll have ta put up
                with berries and stream water yet
                again, Willa.

Willow grimaces.

                It's times like these that I really
                miss Kaiya.  Or even the brownies.

                They do make delicious eggs and bacon.
                Where's Liam and Elora. 

He goes and checks the huts.

                They're not anywhere around.

                I, uh, I don't think they came
                back to camp last night.

The implications sink in on Madmartigan.

                I will destroy that kid.

                They're both adults, Madmartigan.

                That's what scares me.

Sorsha puts a hand on her husband's shoulder.

                Liam's a good guy.  After all...

A mischievous twinkle comes to her eye.

                ...You're the one who told me he
                reminds you of you when you were

Madmartigan stops short, a look of absolute horror flashes across
his face.

                Forget what I just said.  THAT'S the
                part that scares me. 

                Regardless of WHY they didn't come
                back last night, we should go try
                to round them up so when can be off
                as soon as possible.

                And when we're through "rounding" them
                up, I'm gonna have a heart to heart with
                that boy.  Then that girl.  And maybe both
                of them together.



Ginner kneels where we saw Liam and Elora talking the night before.

                I'm catching a sense of somethin' here.

The rest of the group quickly comes up to the old man.  Ginner closes
his eyes, reaches out with his senses.

                I'm gettin' a scent of some kind of
                non lethal poison used...

He opens his eyes and studies the ground.  He walks around a bit,
mumbling to himself as the others watch impatiently.

He stops and mulls the situation over in his head for a good bit
before turning to the others.

                Best I can figger is there was   
                some kinda abduction.  But I don't
                get no sense of anyone else bein'   
                here.  Both horses rode off thataway,

He points in the direction he is talking about.

                ...and not in too big a'hurry, far
                as I can tell.  What I figger is the
                boy used some kinda drug on the girl
                an' took off with her last night.

Madmartigan's features contort into a mold of anger.

                How far could they have gone?

                Pretty far.  I'd wager they've been
                ridin' the whole night.

Madmartigan yells his anger into the morning air.  He calms down, gathers himself.

                You have to track him down, alone.
                We need to start coming up with some
                kind of a plan.  If he's gone where
                I think he's gone, we have to go on
                as if nothing's happened.  But I need
                you to confirm it, Ginner.

Ginner nods his head in understanding.  Madmartigan looks to Sorsha.

                You should go gather the troops and bring
                them back here.  By then, Ginner should
                be back with their location.  While you
                all are doing this, Willow and I will come
                up with a plan.  When you come back, we
                will be ready to go into action.  We'll
                get her back and I'll take care of the boy
                myself.  Then the so-called Dark Sorcerer
                King will discover what happens when he
                toys with and infuriates the likes of us!

They all start going about fulfilling Madmartigan's plan.



Establishing shot.  The castle looms over the land as the sky is overcast.


Only three people occupy the Dark Sorcerer King's Throne Room.  Liam
stands off in a corner as Urwainean stands over Elora, who is bound and
gagged to keep her from trying to cast any spells or anything.

                Elora Danan.  I know what you must
                be thinking.  This evil... thing has
                usurped your rule.  It must seem this
                way to you.  But I tell you that my
                rule was usurped long ago, and I had
                to reclaim my throne.  So reclaim it
                I did.  Unfortunately, there were those
                that didn't see it that way, so they
                tried to stand in my way and stop me
                from reclaiming what was rightfully mine.
                I couldn't allow that.  Not a second

Elora merely glares at him from her seat.

                Now what to do with you?  My advisors
                tell me that you are the only threat
                to my rule.  Personally, I don't think
                you would stand a chance.  I could set
                you free to do what you wish, and still
                I would never fear you.  Yet, you and
                your friends are an annoyance.  If I show
                all that their one true hope has as much
                of a chance as they do of defeating me,
                then maybe they would finally accept my
                rule fully. 

Fear comes across Elora's eyes.

                But to simply kill you.  My, my, such
                a waste of power.  Because, while not
                enough to unseat me, you definitely wield
                much power.  I can sense this merely by
                being in your presence.  So, Elora Danan,
                I must take that power and add it to my
                own, and God help your friends if they
                try to help you.

The door to the Throne Room opens and GABRIEL strides in.  He walks and
stands to Urwainean's side and looks down at Elora.

                M'Lord.  I though this Elora Danan did
                not concern you.  That you would let her
                go about as she wished and you wouldn't
                so much as give her a second thought.

                Of course that's what I said.  No one
                must have known I was seeking her.  No
                one, including you.  Spies have ears,
                Gabriel, and the safest course was not
                to divulge my secret.  Only one loyal
                spy knew of my plans.

He indicates Liam as he speaks.

                And he has done well.

                You trusted that one?

                He owes his very life to me.  His
                sense of loyalty runs deep and he
                would do whatever necessary to repay
                the debt.  I immediately recognized
                his skills and set him upon this
                mission months ago.  Now, the trees
                bear fruit. 

                What do you plan with her?  A public
                execution would speak volumes of your
                power, M'lord.

                Indeed it would.  But to have her very
                power as my own would secure me even
                more.  To drain her life-force and join
                it with mine.  Such a defeat nobody could
                deny.  No one would stand against me.

                When would you perform the ritual?

Urwainean turns to him and smiles.

                Why, what better time than now,

                I would suggest, Sire, that it would
                be in your best interest to do it away
                from here, in a place that is secret
                only to you.  She will be searched for.

                Let any opposition come.  I would crush

                You would be venerable during the rites,
                Sire.  As they say, better safe than

Urwainean considers this.

                Such a ceremony would require time and
                uninteruptions.  You advise well, Gabriel.
                I am in no rush.  I will take her someplace
                safe and perform the rites.  You, Gabriel,
                I charge with the safety of this castle if
                and when her friends arrive.

Gabriel bows.

                Yes, M'Lord.

                Now, go and round up a dozen of my best
                men to accompany me.

Gabriel bows once more and then leaves.  Urwainean turns back to Elora.

                Well, my dear, I do hope you are up
                for some traveling.



Willow and Madmartigan sit on the grass outside the huts, gazing
up at the blue sky.

                It's an insane plan.

Willow nods his head.

                It has to be.

Madmartigan looks at Willow seriously.

                You've helped more than enough. I
                feel bad about asking you to come
                along on this.

Willow shrugs.

                I asked for your help before and
                you ended up giving it.  I could
                do no less for you now.

Madmartigan considers this.

                Maybe next time, Fate will choose
                someone ELSE to save the world.

Then he smiles.

                But part of me hopes not. This is
                when I feel most alive.  Most useful.

Willow smiles at his friend's brashness.

                You can have it.  I, for one, fear
                I will never see my wife and children

Madmartigan's smile disappears.

                If you truly are having second
                thoughts, Willow, I won't...

Willow interrupts.

                Then I think about what might
                happen to them if we don't stop
                this thing.

They sit silently for a second, thinking.

                Whatever happens, you can have
                the Dark Sorcerer King.  Just leave
                me the betrayer.

Willow frowns.

                I still don't understand that. I
                never sensed any malevolence about

Madmartigan snorts.

                He's a gifted actor.

                Well, he's yours.  I'm afraid I
                wouldn't have much time to worry
                about him anyway.  I'm sure the
                Dark Sorcerer King will not prove
                to be an easy challenge.

                You still have your doubts about
                beating him.

                He easily defeated Raziel.  Even
                with her wand, which has proven
                useless to me so far anyways, I'm
                hardly a match for him.

                Maybe she meant for the wand to be
                used for that one single purpose.

                Perhaps.  If not, then I guess I
                won't have to worry about living
                under his rule, now will I?

Madmartigan tries to lighten his friend's mood.

                You pecks are the worst defeatists
                I have ever seen.

Willow smiles, turns it back on Madmartigan.

                Who was the defeatist when we first
                    (deepens voice)
                "You're crazy, peck!"

He sighs.

                Defeat or victory, I have no choice.

                We'll at least make it as difficult
                as possible for them.

At that point, Ginner rides up to the mountainside on his horse.
Willow and Madmartigan stand up.

                You were right, Mad.  Tracked 'em
                all th' way ta Tir Asleen.

                Good.  When Sorsha returns with the
                troops, we'll be off.

                We're just gonna walk on up ta tha
                castle, grab the girl and save the day?
                Just like that?

Willow smiles and tries to match Madmartigan's brashness.

                Don't' worry.  We have a plan.

Ginner narrows his eyes at Willow.

                Th' way you said that makes me
                very nervous, little friend.

He dismounts and Madmartigan claps him on the back.

                As well it should, old timer.  Let's
                tell you all about it, if you're still

Ginner snorts.

                Madmartigan, I'm not th' same
                reckless fella you knew all them
                years ago.  I'm startin' to care
                about a lot more 'n just m'self.
                I don't see how I never noticed
                the darkness startin' ta surround
                this Land over th' past few months.
                Too busy sittin' on my rump in my
                little hole out where no one would
                bother me.  All this darkness and
                all this pain.  This ain't fun no
                more, Mad.  It's stopped bein' about
                fun.  I ain't gonna sit around and
                let this darkness fold me up in it,
                not while I can still do somethin'
                about it.  'Course I'm still in.

                That's good to hear.



Urwainean leads a group of soldiers down a rocky slope.  Six soldiers
ride in the front of the group, six at the tail.  In the middle, Elora
rides, guarded by Liam, a ways back from the front of the group.

Elora is free of her bonds, with Urwainean there, there's really nothing she can do. 

They ride in silence, every once in a while Elora casts a glare in Liam's direction.  Liam notices it, but he ignores it at first.

Eventually, he speaks.

                I didn't want to do this, you

                That didn't stop you, did it?

                I had no choice.

                Everyone has the right to choose.
                And you chose.  People who care
                for one another usually try to
                avoid bringing pain to each other.

                You don't know him.  He sent me
                to find you and I couldn't deny

He sighs.

                If only you were simply Tara. Then
                this whole thing could have never
                happened.  We could have been together.

                But I am who I always was.

                No.  Tara was a carefree girl who
                rode on her own whim.  One who, I
                think, started feeling for me.  Someone
                I could have had at my side until the
                end of days.  Elora is the sorceress
                princess and therefore a thorn in
                Urwainean's side.  And there is no way
                I could be with someone who was a thorn
                in his side.

                Don't you see what he is?  I thought
                you for better than him.  Defy him.
                You say you love me.  Isn't that
                something more powerful, with more
                hold than such a dark being.

                You don't know of which you speak.  To
                defy him would be to bring about my
                own death.  And a horrible one it would
                be.  I have seen the things he has done
                to those who oppose him.  Whatever you
                do, where ever you hid, he always finds
                you.  Besides, I owe him.  When he said
                I owed him my life, he was not lying. That's
                something I simply can't ignore.

Elora's words are harsh and angry.

                You would betray me, someone you claim
                to love, but you will not betray that
                thing up there?  In a way I pity you,
                Liam.  You can't even make your life
                your own.

Liam doesn't reply, merely looks ahead as they continue on.



The sun sets over the castle.  Guards march across the catwalks and
crossways among the towers. 

Two guards stand sentry outside the castle walls at the bridge
leading inside. 

The fortress is well guarded indeed.


Shelves of books.  A nice cushioned chair here and there.  Dark
ornaments hanging around.  Just the sort of place you would expect
a dark being such as Gabriel to reside.

KNOCK KNOCK from the door.

Gabriel, sitting at a desk going over an ancient scroll, gets up
and heads impatiently towards the door.

He opens it to find himself face to face with a guard who has
a hand on the back of Willow's neck.

                I found this peck outside trying
                to sneak his way in.

Gabriel looks Willow up and down.

                I will deal with him, Guard.  You
                may go.


With that, he shoves Willow into Gabriel's chambers and shuts the door
as he turns to go back to his post.

                Is the Dark Sorcerer King too
                busy to deal with a small little
                peck like me.  Had to bring me
                to you instead?

Gabriel smiles.
                I am a trusted advisor to our
                King, Urwainean, and thus matters
                such as these require my attention.
                He can't be bothered with every
                attempt to break into the castle,
                my small friend.

                I demand to see him.

                I apologize, but that is out of
                my power as of right now.  It
                looks as though you will have to
                deal with me.

                I refuse to speak with an underling.
                Then I suppose you will not speak
                at all.  I'm afraid the King has
                left the castle on some business.

Willow's face briefly shows his shock, but he quickly covers it up.
Gabriel, however, notices it.

                The king is gone?  When will he

                When he is good and well ready, I

                I need to speak to him.  It is urgent.
                I'm sure it is... Mr. Ufgood.

The shock on Willow's face doesn't quickly disappear this time.

                It took a moment, but I recognize
                you, Willow Ufgood.  How could
                I not?  I was there when you took
                the kingdom away from our beloved
                Queen with the help of the cursed
                witch.  You come seeking Elora Danan,
                no doubt.  I'm afraid I must tell
                you that you are too late to do any-
                thing for her.

Two HEAVY, LEATHER-BOUND BOOKS float up from a bookcase behind Willow.

                As it is for you, too.

At that moment, the two huge books SLAM onto Willow, but BOUNCE OFF
before they can touch him, as if they struck a force field.

                It has been many years since you
                last knew of me.  And I have grown
                more powerful in that time.

He raises his hands before him and Gabriel SHOOTS into the air until
he is stuck on the ceiling.  Willow walks to a point right underneath
him and looks directly up at him.

                Where is Elora Danan?

Gabriel merely smiles down at the halfling.

                And you are a fool to think that
                I would be so much a pushover as
                you seem to.

The small RUG that Willow is standing on ZIPS out from underneath his
feet, causing him to lose his balance and fall down.

Gabriel floats effortlessly to the ground. 

The rug, meanwhile, WRAPS around Willow, wrapping him good and tight
in it.  It then FLOATS into the air and SLAMS against a wall.

And UMPH! is heard and it SLAMS against the wall again.

The rug comes to the ground and unwraps, sprawling Willow onto the
ground, writhing in pain.

Gabriel stands over him, smiling.


We pan around the castle and see the woods at a fair distance.


We follow a path through the woods and branch off until we reach
a clearing.  In the clearing stands some fifty silver clad soldiers
on horses and fifty on feet. 

Sitting on their horses at the front of the group is SORSHA and

                Do you really think Willow
                can take out Urwainean?

                If he can't, I don't know any
                one else who can.  Besides,
                all he needs to do is detain
                him long enough for us to storm
                the castle.

                This is really one of the bravest
                things we have ever attempted.

                Our specialty.

                And one of the stupidest.

                You can't have one without the

                Madmartigan, you fool.  I do love
                you.  You know that, don't you?

                I know.  And you know how I feel
                for you.

                I don't pretend to understand you
                completely, dear, but I would like
                to think that it is the same.

Madmartigan smiles over at his wife.

                You had better go ride forward    
                to wait for Willow's signal.

                Yeah, I'd better.

He gets his horse as close to Sorsha's as he can.  He then leans
over and pecks her on the cheek.

                Is that all I get?

                Think of it as a promise of
                what is to come after the battle.

                Of course we might not make it
                through the battle.

Madmartigan smiles crookedly.

                Then look at it as extra incentive
                to survive.

With that, he urges his horse onwards, away from the others.

Gabriel's arms are crossed as Willow stands against the wall, two
torch holders magically WRAPPED around his body, holding him there.

                Now, now.  I suppose I should
                deal with you myself.  The King
                would only consider you a nuisance.
                So, how should I begin?  Perhaps
                ripping your fingernails off...

Willow starts screaming in agony.  We CU on his hands and see the
fingernails on the verge of peeling off.

They stop and Willow quiets down.

                No, that would be too messy.
                I know...

Willow closes his eyes and the torch stands slowly start coming
unraveled and straighten up to their former position.

Gabriel looks at Willow in shock.

Willow raises his head, glares daggers at Gabriel.  He mentally
reaches into himself.

An ENERGY BUBBLE forms around him as he advances towards Gabriel.

Gabriel raises his hands and BEAMS OF ENERGY flow from his fingertips,
but they bounce off Willow's protective shield.

The shield goes down and Willow raises his hands. 

Gabriel FLIES against the wall. 

Willow starts muttering under his breath as he pulls out his WAND.

He points the wand at Gabriel who tries to utter a spell, but Willow
flicks his wrist holding the wand and a GAG forms over Gabriels

Gabriel is stuck and can't move.  It seems he has underestimated the
short sorcerer.

                Now for one of my more favorite

He starts chanting a spell again as he waves his wand around in the
air.  He comes to a stop and points the wand at Gabriel who flinches.

Gabriel's eyes grimace in pain as he starts to MORPH.  He shrinks as
his body changes shape into something more animal.

He morphs through a few phases from a dog to a cat to a mouse back up
to a duck and finally stays in the shape of a SMALL MONKEY.

                That should be adequately

He flicks his wrist again and a COLLAR AND A LEASH appears on him,
binding him to the wall.

                Now stay put.  I have something
                to do real quick.

The still gagged Gabriel the monkey jumps around in agitation, but
can't do much as he's tied up.

Willow walks over to a window and throws it open.  He points his
wand to the sky and starts muttering.

Sparks gather at the end of his wand and then SHOOT out into the


Madmartigan sits on his horse at the entrance of the woods, giving
him a clear view of the castle in the short distance.

A light STREAKS from the castle into the sky EXPLODING into the
shape of a large BIRD.  Then it fades away.

Madmartigan looks at it curiously.

                That was quick.

He pulls the reins on his horse and heads back into the woods.


Willow steps away from the window and walks back to the monkey-ized

He flicks the wand and the gag disappears.

                Now.  Can you tell me where
                Urwainean is?

Gabriel's voice comes from the monkey.

                You will pay dearly...

                The question I asked didn't
                call for a response of that
                kind.  So please stay on the

                I won't talk.

                You'll talk.  You're doing it
                now.  I just won't be able to
                trust what is coming out of your

He gets a sly smile.


He points his wand back at Gabriel.
                Comchee, aramane, huptra.
                I need honesty.

An energy pulse seems to zap Gabriel across the mouth.


In the fields between the castle and the forest, the forces of
Madmartigan and Sorsha CHARGE toward the castle.


A castle on a LOOKOUT TOWER notices the charging troops and starts
sounding the alarm bells.


Willow walks up close to the monkey.

                Okay.  Where is Urwainean?

                He has taken Elora Danan to
                the Caves of Agony, where he
                was trapped for thousands of
                years to perform a ceremony
                that will combine Elora's power
                with his own.

Gabriel pauses.

                Why did I just tell you that?!

Willow smiles.

                All I asked is where he was,
                not what he was doing as well.
                This spell works better than
                I thought.

The ALARMS sound throughout the castle and Willow looks over at
the monkey.

                I forgot to tell you.  I invited
                some friends along.  Thanks for
                your help by the way.  I'm sure
                we'll meet again.

Willow starts out the room.

                Wait!  Turn me back!

Willow considers.

                Maybe after we retake the castle.

                Even if you do take the castle,
                Urwainean will not let you keep
                it when he returns.

                I mean to see that he does NOT

Madmartigan's troops hit the entrance of the castle to find the
gate raised, blocking their entrance.

Ginner rides up beside Madmartigan and Sorsha.

                We could always do the' whole
                ram a tree inta th' door thing.

                No.  We'll wait a bit.  Might
                wanna stand a ways from the door

The group splits up on either side of the door.  Madmartigan looks

                Might wanna get our archers
                ready, too.

The camera PANS up the side of the castle to find quite a few black
clad troops standing on top of the walls, readying their arrows.


We see the troops from inside the castle gates.  One FLIES back
and falls to the ground.  This causes the others to look back in

Two more FLY from their positions and fall to the ground with a


Madmartigan's troops let the arrows FLY, taking out a majority
of the stunned troops, knocking them off their perches.

A loud RUMBLING and


The castle door FALLS to the ground, allowing Madmartigan's troops
to enter.

And enter they do.


The two armies CLASH in the center of the courtyard.  Madmartigan
takes out two perched on his horse before he jumps to the ground
for unhorsed combat. 

He looks around and sees a small figure standing at the top of some
stairs to a room in a tower.

He salutes Willow with his sword and smiles.  Willow waves back.

No ordinary wave either as a black troop trying to get the drop
on Madmartigan from behind flies away.

Madmartigan looks around, annoyed that he let the man sneak up
on him.

Sorsha takes on two at once, her jagged edged sword a blur.  A
horse soldier comes charging up in front of her.

She swipes at one of the foot soldiers with her sword, reaches
in her armor with her free hand, pulls out a knife, throws, imbeds
it in the horses neck and brings the sword around to block a blow
from the second foot soldier.

The horse REARS up, knocking it's rider to the ground.  Ginner
steps up and puts a finishing blow on him as Sorsha takes care
of her two problems with a duck and a jab, then a spin and a

Willow walks down the stairs to the floor of the courtyard.  Two
soldiers charge up the stairs to take him out.  He raises both of
his hands and both soldiers FLOAT into the air, kicking and screaming.

He pushes his hands forward and the soldiers fly into a couple of
horse soldiers, dismounting them.

All around the courtyard, the two armies battle it out.  Sometimes
a silver troop goes down, but more often than not, a black soldier

Madmartigan fights his way over to Willow.

Willow uses magic to disperse a few more, Madmartigan uses good
old sword fighting techniques to tear a couple of more down.

Finally, Madmartigan makes it to Willow.

                Where's Elora?

                She's not here.  Neither is
                The Sorcerer King.

Madmartigan shakes his head in disbelief.

                Just can't catch a break, can

                We have to find them, fast.
                Urwainean's taken her to the
                Cave of Agony to take her power!
                No one really knows where the
                Cave is!

                I know someone who can find

He nods towards Ginner, who's got a one on one going with a dark
soldier.  Ginner's pretty spry for his age.  His sword blocks and
parries, then drives the attacker back against the wall before
making the killing blow.

                He's a good man to have at
                your side, isn't he.

                That he is.  Come on, let's
                help end this battle.

Willow and Madmartigan CHARGE back into the fighting.  The two fight
side by side, Willow using magic, Madmartigan the sword.

Sorsha and the rest are holding up pretty well, too.  Without the power
of the Dark Sorcerer King to empower his troops, the frenzied attack
of the rebels are overpowering them.

Willow burns a man to a crisp as he's about to jab Sorsha while her
attention is turned away.

Madmartigan nods his thanks for saving his wife's life.  Willow nods
back and flinches as Madmartigan swings OVER WILLOW'S HEAD, taking
a soldier behind Willow out.

                I always enjoy returning a favor.

From here on out we kinda fade in between scenes as the battle progresses.

We see archers taking out troops as they try to regroup.

We see Sorsha astride her horse cutting a path through a tightly
clumped together group of soldiers.

Willow uses his magic to turn a couple into pigs.  Madmartigan seems
to think this is really funny.

Ginner takes on a couple of soldiers.

We see a OVERHEAD view of the castle courtyard as the battle turns
one sided.  The silver troops far outnumber the black troops.  Most
are ready to turn and run. 

Finally, the battle is over.

The soldiers all raise their hands in victory.  Madmartigan raises
his sword higher than the rest and lets his emotion come forth in
a loud roar!

All our heroes group with each other, clasping their friend's arms
and wrapping them in hugs.  Tir Asleen has been retaken. It's almost as if you could believe the dark times are over.



Willow, Sorsha, Madmartigan and Ginner sit around a small table.

                I'm positive I can find them.
                It's what we do once we find
                'em that worries me.

                We can't let him take Elora's
                power.  That would be the end.

                It could be too late.

                We can't take that chance.

                I know.  It's just that I'm old
                and this battle's wore me out.

                We're over that hump now, old friend.
                One last leg, that's all we like.  Then
                it will be over.  For good or bad, it
                will be over. 

                True that may be, but that don't make
                it any more appealin' to do.  But of
                course I will.  You 'member what I tol'   
                you earlier. 

Madmartigan nods.

                That settled it then, settles it now
                and settles it for all time to come
                far as I'm concerned.


                I still have doubts about my ability
                to wield the wand.  I think I would
                have a better chance with my own, but
                I know better.

Madmartigan points back at the gagged monkey.

                Worked pretty well against him.

                He's nothing. 

He narrows his eyes at Gabriel.

                Merely a lackey.  One who follows
                whoever is in power.  He has no
                real power of his own.

He sighs.
                But I guess we will find out for
                good here soon, eh?  Let's get
                this over with.

                I agree.  Let's get a bit of
                rest and be on our way.  Just
                us.  I have a feeling that's all
                that'll be use to us anyways.

They all nod their heads in agreement.



We start at the very top of a cliff face and slowly PAN DOWN to the
bottom, where we find Urwainean's party stopped, a vast cornfield
behind them.

Urwainean and two soldiers stand at the head of the group next to the
solid cliff face.  The rest hang back a ways.

The Captain of the guard approaches Urwainean.

                Where do we go from here,

Urwainean merely smiles.

At the rear of the group sit Elora and Liam.  Elora looks over at

                It is not too late to help me.
                However, I sense that it soon
                will be.  Reach down and find
                that love for me, Liam.  I think
                that you would find it stronger
                than you think.

                It is too late.  If we were to
                break away now, they would re-
                catch us just like that.  Besides,
                I wouldn't be much help to you
                anyway.  You're the Sorceress
                here.  Why ask my help when it
                would do you no good?

                I don't want to leave you here.
                I simply want you to come with
                me.  Is that reason enough?

                He is too powerful for you, Elora.
                We would never escape.

With that, he rides away from Elora.  She looks after him, confused
emotions playing in her eyes.



Ginner leads the small company as they ride hard over the open plains
by moon and starlight.  A village can be seen off in the distance.

Willow rides to the front of the group and calls for a halt.  Halt
they do.

                What's the deal, Willow?  We're
                kind of in a hurry.

                I know, but we can't just go
                rushing in unprepared.

He dismounts his pony.

                Yes, we can.  We have no choice
                in the matter.  Elora...

                I know. This won't take long. I
                don't know why I didn't think of
                it before.  Give me you sword.

Madmartigan looks at him curiously, but trusts his friend enough to


Sorsha, then Ginner gives Willow their blades.

Willow lays them on the ground and pulls out his wand.  He mutters a
spell under his breath and the sword blades gleam with light for a few

Finished, Willow puts away his wand and gathers the swords.  One by
one, he gives them back.

                Now if you come against something
                of magic, the swords will still
                be effective against them.

                That could be useful.

                I feel a bit better 'bout this
                business now.  Thanks Willah.

                I can almost feel the extra power
                gleaming through me.  Well done,

                It should help.  We'd best be off
                again, then.

Willow mounts his pony and off they go.


We pan around a VAST CHAMBER cut into the rock of a cave.  Drawings are
carved onto the walls.  Drawings of incredible tortures and all kinds
of unpleasant things.

We pan around until we come to the center of the chamber.  Elora lies
on a slab carved to look like the WIDE OPEN MOUTH of some unimaginable

She lies still without any binds or anything to hold her down.  Her
eyes are half shut as she stares straight at the ceiling, as if some
evil trance.

The 12 soldiers are covering all possible exits.  But they all look
uneasy.  About the only one who looks in complete control of himself
is Urwainean.  He stands over Elora, looking down at her.

The captain of the guard walks up.

                The men are uneasy, Sire.  When
                will the ritual begin?

He looks up at the Captain.

                The men serve me.  They will wait
                in these caves as long as necessary.

                That they will, M'lord.  But they
                complain of hearing screams inside
                their very minds.

He hesitates.

                I myself can hear them.  As if
                someone's soul was wrenched from
                their body against their will.

                These are the Caves of Agony, Captain.
                They possess that name for a reason.
                Millennia ago, men and women and yes,
                children were tortured to the very end
                of their lives here.  The Caves have
                magic.  The screams of all the victims
                have been captured in time for all who
                enter to hear.  You are all my soldiers.
                Ignore them, as I learned to do for
                thousands of years in my exile.

He looks back down at Elora.

                As for the ceremony.  It requires the
                sun.  So we shall wait for sunrise.

                How will the sun penetrate here, Sire?

                Do you forget who you serve?

                Never, M'Lord.

                I am the master of these Caves.  I
                made myself their master, as I made
                myself the master of the entire land.
                If I need sunlight, the Caves will
                allow it.  Now, leave me be, Captain.
                I must prepare Elora and myself.

The captain bows, dismissed.

As he walks back to his post, he passes some of his men.  As he does this, we can kind of hear the screams they hear in their minds.

We pan around the chamber once again and find Liam sitting in a far
corner, looking over at Urwainean and Elora.

A soldier walks past and looks down at him.

                Can you hear the screams?

Liam nods his head and looks up at the guard.

                I fear they will drive me
                mad if I must hear them much
                longer.  I admire our King more
                than ever now, seeing as he had
                to put up with this for thousands
                of years.  Do you fear your sanity?

                I have far worse things warring in
                my mind than the screams of those
                long dead.

With that, he looks back over toward the Dark Sorcerer King and his



The company make their way through a path in the cornfield as the huge
cliff face looms far into the sky a ways ahead of them.  The ears of
corn sway gently in the cool night air.

They have abandoned their horses to travel the last bit on foot.

                Are you positive we are almost

                That's the sense I get.  The trail
                goes on ta the end of the cornfield
                and I don't get much of a sense of
                it after.  That might change when
                we get there.

They stop short as the ground in front of them begins to quake a bit.

After stepping a few feet, the ground in front of them erupts.
A DEAD PERSON emerges from the hole.   

                    DEAD PERSON
                You'll never make it!

They look horrified into the face of the thing, that was once human.

he dead guy LUNGES at Madmartigan, who brings up his sword and slashes
down as the guy is on top of him.  The Dead Guy disappears in a flash of light as the sword strikes.   

                What was that?

                We MUST be almost there.  Legends
                say the Caves of Agony are guarded
                by the dead.

                Let us trudge on, then.

Trudge on they do.  Soon, the cornfield gives way to a sheer cliff face, seeming to go up and up and up with no top in sight.  And no way to scale it. 

DAWN is swiftly approaching.

                Where do we go from here?

                This is the last sense I get
                from 'em.  Even their physical
                trail has stopped here.

Madmartigan pounds on it.  Nothing.

He lets out a cry of frustration.  Then he looks down at his feet.

A crack where the face of the cliff meets the ground.  Madmartigan immediately unsheathes his sword and starts digging at the dirt with it.

Nothing happens.  Angrily, Madmartigan slams his sword into the the ground, blade down, where it sticks.  The ground begins shaking as the crack in the cliff gets wider and wider.

Soon, it widens into a doorway big enough for him.  Madmartigan hesitates for a second, then, as if drawn by some force, he opens the door and enters.

The others follow.


They find themselves in a narrow corridor.  At the end of the corridor
stands a simple stone door.  There is a small, circular indention in
the center of the door.  Leading out from the indention are several
curvy grooves, each going from the indention to a point on the edge
of the door.

Madmartigan walks right up to the door and touches it, as if to open
it.  He FLIES back, landing on his rump.

Annoyed, Willow walks past him to the door.

                You can't just open it, stupid,
                it's magic.

                I suppose you can, then.

Willow stands in front of the door and pulls out his wand.  He points
it at the door and mutters a spell.  Magical energy FLOWS from the wand
into the indention and fills it up.  From there, it courses down the
grooves to all points on the edge of the door.

The door comes open.

                That was a bit simple, wasn't

                Millennia ago, when the door was
                put here, such magical locks were
                closely guarded secrets.  Over the
                years, however, it has become common
                knowledge.  Any sorcerer worth his
                wand knows how to open one of these
                ancient locks, it's simple child's
                play.  The first barrier is a far
                more effective guard and the likely
                reason these Caves have gone
                undiscovered, but by a few.

                Thanks for the history lesson, Willow.
                Can we go now?

He leads the way through without waiting for an answer. 

He comes back through seconds later, his hands holding his head.

                The screams...

                Dear husband, if there's one
                I haven't been able to put into
                you in our years, it's patience.
                I was going to tell you before
                you went barging in like some
                hero out of legend, the stories
                of the Caves of Agony tell of
                the screams of all the victims
                tortured and killed inside these
                walls still linger, and can drive
                people insane.

Madmartigan shakes his head as if to clear it.


                What we need is a spell of
                protection.  Everyone gather


Urwainean stands at the foot of the alter holding Elora Danan.  He
lifts his head to the ceiling of the cave and chants a spell in some
ancient language.

As the words come out, the ceiling of the cave starts to disappear,
revealing a sky turning from night to early day.  The sun is not
far away.

We pan around and SWOOP through the cavern to a small passage cut
into the wall that is guarded on each side by soldiers.

As we enter into the passage, we find Madmartigan, Willow, Sorsha and
Ginner making their way forward.  They stop short of the opening and
stay in shadow, watching the goings on in the chamber.

Madmartigan has his sword at the ready.  He motions that Sorsha should
give him her sword for a second.  She does with a questioning glance.

He gives her a "Trust Me" smile.  She returns it by rolling her eyes "Yeah, Right".

Madmartigan RUSHES into the chamber, stopping just past where the two
guards stand sentry.  He takes a sword in each and and THRUSTS back.

Both guards fall to the ground.

He drops Sorsha's sword so she can pick it up, yells a battle cry
and RUSHES Urwainean.

Urwainean holds out his hand in Madmartigan's direction and Madmartigan

The rest of the company come out, Sorsha picking up her jagged sword
on the way.

Willow chants and Madmartigan falls, free of The Dark Sorcerer King's

All the soldiers attack and try to keep them busy so Urwainean can
continue the ritual. 

A group of about four converged on Madmartigan and Sorsha, who fight
back to back, blocking blows and trying a few of their own.  They
are holding their own. 

A couple of more guards take on Ginner, who is fighting them off as
best he can.

Willow avoids a couple of soldiers coming his way and heads straight
for Urwainean.  Liam notices from his corner and starts that way as

As Madmartigan ducks a blow and Sorsha kills the man who dealt it, Willow pulls out RAZIEL'S WAND.  He stands before the Dark Sorcerer
King and points it at him.

The Captain of the Guard rushes Willow from the side, but Willow
turns on him and forces him away with his own magic.  He turns his
concentration back on Urwainean, once again bringing Raziel's Wand
to bear.

Back in the battle, the Captain of the Guard gets up by a wall and
finds himself face to face with Ginner.  They trade blows for a few
minutes, blocking and attacking.

Sorsha swings her sword and takes down another soldier, while
Madmartigan does the same with his back turned to her.  They both
spin around, making sure the other is all right.

Willow is chanting a spell and Urwainean stands as if he's not
concerned.  The sun starts spilling into the chamber through
the disappeared ceiling.  Liam watches the face off at a short

Ginner drives the Captain of the Guard back against the wall and
goes for the killing blow.  The Captain ducks and drives his sword
into Ginner's side.

Ginner grunts in pain and goes down.  The Captain goes for the killing
blow, but Madmartigan rushes him from the side, knocking him away.

He hacks at the Captain, but the man is quick to block.  Sorsha runs
to Ginner to check on him.  Another soldier attacks her from behind
and she dodges out of the way before bringing her sword to bear.

As Willow comes to a close on his chanting, MAGICAL ENERGY starts
forming in his wand.  Willow, hopeful, finishes the spell.

The power DIES out before the wand can release it.

Urwainean smiles.

                A worthy try, my good peck.
                But nothing more.

He raises his hands and Willow BOWLS over in pain, clutching his stomach.

Urwainean puts his hand down and Willow can breathe again.  Urwainean
advances on him, chanting under his breath.  He raises both hands as
if to bring forth his power on Willow. 

And then Liam is there blocking his way, his sword drawn.

                Back off, Urwainean.

                So, now you are a traitor.

Willow takes this opportunity to get up and scurry back.  As Willow
watches the two stare each other down, he glances at Elora.


as some sort of REALIZATION comes over his features.

Liam brings his sword toward Urwainean, but of course it doesn't do
any good.  Urwainean raises his hand and the sword goes flying.

He raises his other and Liam CLUTCHES his chest.

We hear the steady BEAT of a heart over the soundtrack and listen to
it start to grow WEAKER.

The heartbeat sound continues as Madmartigan furiously takes on the
captain.  The captain knocks Madmartigan's sword away, then swipes his
as if to take Madmartigan's head off.  Madmartigan ducks, reaches up
and grabs the captain's hand.

He pulls the captain down and KNEES him in the face, sending him
sprawling.  Then he takes the captain's sword and DRIVES it into
the fallen man's chest.

The HEARTBEAT grows ever weaker as Willow stands over Elora and chants,
holding his hand over her head.  Soon, her eyes come fully open, then
blink as if she's been asleep.

She looks up.


Willow takes out Raziel's Wand.

                Shhh.  Take this.  YOU must
                use it.  It's the only way
                to push the darkness away

Elora takes Raziel's Wand and looks at it.   Then, as the HEARTBEAT
sound fades into nonexistence, she looks over and sees Urwainean
standing over Liam's NOW DEAD body.

Elora's body seems to become a bit brighter as if some kind of extra
power flows through her.

                I understand now.

Urwainean looks over at Elora and sees her standing there, a bright
GLOW about her.  His face skewers in RAGE as he sees her standing

                You little upstart!  You are
                NOTHING!!!  Do you hear??!!!

With that, DARK BEAMS OF ENERGY shoot from him towards Elora.  They
merely pass over and around her as if diverted by some other kind of
energy.  Meanwhile, Elora turns brighter.

Sorsha and Madmartigan, kneeling over the injured Ginner, look back to
see the face-off.  Both slowly stand up.

Urwainean, screaming in RAGE, unleashes more dark power towards her. 

                Matched against the power of
                PURE and unpolluted goodness,
                it is YOUR meek powers that
                are nothing...

Then he adds with sarcasm.
                ...Your Majesty.

Finally, the POWER BUILDS to a point in Elora then BURSTS FORTH,
filling the entire chamber with PURE WHITE LIGHT.

The remaining guard of Urwainean FALL OVER DEAD.  Only Elora, Willow,
Madmartigan, Sorsha and Ginner are not aversely affected. 

Urwainean SCREAMS as a BLACK FORCE is YANKED out of his very body by
Elora's magic.  It FLOATS into the air but COMPLETELY DISSIPATES before
it can go anywhere.

The light finally fades out and Urwainean kneels on the ground, exhausted.  Willow, seeing his chance, walks to a fallen soldier,
grabs his sword then goes up to Urwainean.  He RAMS the sword into
the man's chest.

Urwainean, now ever mortal and no magic left, grunts in pain.  He gets
slowly, painfully to his feet and turns to see Madmartigan.

Madmartigan smiles at him, then LOPS his head off.  Urwainean's body
falls to the ground, the head landing beside it.  His evil is finally

Ginner sits up and looks down at his body.  The sword wound is GONE.

Sorsha rushes up and gathers Elora in a hug, but the younger woman
gently pushes her away and walks over to Liam's dead body.

She sits down on the ground and takes Liam's head into her lap.  She
closes her eyes and places her hand on his face.  She starts to sing
softly, the words unheard, but the voice pure and full of so much life
that all the others simply watch in awe.

A light power come through the ceiling and descends upon Liam. 
It goes into his body and his eyes open.  

Elora smiles down at him as he looks around, blinking his eyes.
He sits up and everyone gasps.

Elora stands up and everyone instinctively bows before her.  The true Ruler of the Land has returned.



We pan around the castle and find that it has been restored to it's
former glory.  The darkness has lifted for good.


Elora sits on her throne, alone in the room save for Madmartigan who
stands before her.

                As happy as I am that you have
                been restored, I still have
                reservations about Liam.

                Forgiveness is the greatest
                gift you can give someone,

                That may be true, but I still
                don't trust him.  I'm sorry I
                trusted him enough in the first
                place to bring him along and
                get you in this mess.

                There's no need to apologize.
                Liam saved Willow's life. Willow
                then saved my life and gave me
                what was needed to destroy the
                Dark Sorcerer King forever.

A twinkle crosses her eyes as she smiles down at her mentor and father

                Besides, didn't you fall for
                someone who wanted nothing more
                than to kill you.  And look how
                that ended up.

Madmartigan, seeing the truth in her words, smiles back.

                Point taken, Majesty.

He offers his arm to her.

                Now come on, your celebration
                feast awaits.


A HUGE table sits in the middle of the room and right now, most of
the chairs are occupied.  As we pan around, we can see Ginner, dressed
up nice for the first time since we've met him.  A few others and then
there's Willow and his wife Kaiya sitting with their two grown children.

On the table in front of them stand the two brownies, FRANJEAN and

                What is taking so long? My
                stomach is calling out for
                a good mug of ale!

                You swam in a barrel of beer
                before we even came.  If you
                don't watch out, you'll lose
                control of yourself.

Rool laughs merrily.

                When have I ever had control
                over myself?

Franjean shrugs his shoulders.

                That is a good question.

We turn back to the door as Madmartigan enters and takes a seat
near the head of the table by Sorsha.

After Madmartigan sits himself, Elora Danan comes out, dressed to
the hilt as a Queen should be.  Liam, all decked out in the finest
warrior clothing, comes from the side and takes her arm to escort
her to the table.

As she approaches the table, all stand and CHEER!

                Long live Queen Elora!

                May she rule forever!

Kaiya wraps Willow in an embrace and whispers in his ear.

                If this is the result of all
                those days you've spent in danger,
                then it was all worth it.

Willow smiles as he looks up at the newly declared Sorceress Queen.

                Yes.  Yes it was worth it.
                Every single bit of it.

As everyone sits to eat, we pull back and...


The End