The Dark Sorcerer King
Willow II

First off, I do not own Willow.  That would be Lucasfilm, and they are not supporting this story whatsoever.

That out of the way, welcome to Willow II.  I've always been a big fan of the movie Willow, thought it was a fun time indeed.  Here recently, I got it on DVD and the day after, while I was at work, this story kind of came to me in the monotony.  So, I started writing on it.  Then I saw Lord of the Rings and thought no way anything I could write in fantasy could be that good, so why even try.  Then I thought, because it's FUN!!!  Besides, I've always wanted to write a fantasy story and this is the perfect chance.  Those who love the movie, like I do, I hope you find it true, even if it's sometimes not as lighthearted.  Though I think the movie's audience grew up with it, as did I, so I think you'll find the tone to be good.  I didn't go out all dark in it or anything and I tried to keep it in the fun spirit of the movie, so we should be all right.  Brownie fans, sorry, but I've kept Franjean and Rool's role to a minimum, as I don't think I could have written them well if I had to stretch their characters across the entire script.  Besides, I think their funnier in small doses anyway, that way their humor isn't spread so thin.   Anyways, enough of my endless prattling, on the the script.  Below is a CAST LIST for those who haven't seen the movie.  And if you have, a cast list for the newer characters that I came up with as well.

Have Fun


Willow Ufgood: Warwick Davis
Madmartigan: Val Kilmer
Sorsha: Joanne Whalley
Ginner: Paul Newman
Tara: Natalie Portman
Liam: Josh Hartnett
Urwainean: Michael Wincott
Gabriel: Sam Neill
Rool: Kevin Pollock
Franjean: Rick Overton
Cherlindrea: Maria Holvoe
Kaiya Ufgood: Julie Peters
Ranon Ufgood: Mark Vande Brake
Mims Ufgood: Dawn Downing
Fin Raziel: Patricia Hayes
Captain of the Guard: Ray Park