( Dimension Films Logo Appears)

Narrator : You thought The Terror was over....

(Cut to a few scenes:)

Scene 1 : A hand appears on Amy's shoulder and Amy's turns around quickly

Scene 2 : Brad walking home from school than looking at the Myers house

Scene 3: Greta screaming

Scene 4: Nancy running to the phone

Scene 5: Nurse Janet screaming while running down the hospital hall

Narrator: ...you were wrong! In the town of Haddonfield, a legend haunts this town. Michael Myers!

Lorelei Chase (news reporter): Michael Myers who is famous in Haddonfield, especially on Halloween, escaped last Halloween from the cororner's office. Since than he has been at large. No comment from the police if more security will be in effect.

Nurse Zoe: Michael died last year... god

Cut to: Nurse Zoe running from Michael in the storage room

Cut to: Brad dancing in his friends house with Jennifer

Cut to: Brad falling from the window of the Myers house

Narrator: True Evil Never Dies.

Cut to: Michael raising a knife

( As the knife comes down, the Words: Halloween: The Wrath Of Michael Myers appear)

Halloween: The Wrath Of Michael Myers