War Without End

We open with a shot of space, all is quiet. Suddenly space begins to ‘tear’ and a organic looking ship flies out of the rip. We cut to see it joining a vats number of these ships; a war fleet has been prepared.

NARRATOR: Mankind has gone beyond the earth…

We see a shot of the earth exploding and a metal structure shooting out into space.

NARRATOR: Now, on a new home, they face new threats…

A shot of Large Metal Ships attacking the Organic ones appear; a huge space battle breaks out.

NARRATOR: Coming Soon… a brand new Science Fiction Series.

We close up on a metal ship with the name ‘Nemesis’ imprinted on the side.

Nemesis: Tom is sitting in his chair on the Bridge when Janice enters.

TOM: Janice! Has he arrived?

JANICE: Yes Captain. Lt.Cmdr Prescott is escorting him to your briefing room.

TOM: Good. Take the Bridge please, Janice. He gets up and exits.

JANICE: sitting in his chair With pleasure.

We cut to an alien ship with symbols on the side, a caption reads "Bellum".

Bellum: Rechry is in his laboratory looking through the remains of CANZ2 and CANZ3. Helping him are PURTNI and D'SHIRDA who hold equipment e.t.c.

PURTNI: Here are your samples.

RECHRY: Pass them Purtni, I need a comparison.

PURTNI: Here. D'Shirda has the others. What have you found?

RECHRY: Amazing, simply amazing. As far as I can tell there isn't a drop of moisture left in the bodies. They're just husks, empty bodies.

The shot cuts back to a space battle.

NARRATOR: This time we get the view from BOTH sides. But who will be victorious, Humans or the Canzoneans? Only the future can tell. Coming soon…